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Feng Shui Resources!!!

List of Feng Shui
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Gameplan for Sacamento
and Hilton San Diego Resort
Greening Followup

Date:   8/31/2005 6:24:16 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 4373 times

This is the list as of this morning
of all the Sustainable Living Innovators
and Feng Shui Consultants who were so
supportive of the Enchanted Garden Activities
at the International Feng Shui Conference.

As you can read below,
from this list I will compile Recommended
Resources to be added to the Green Lodging
Program for the State of California.

I am off this afternoon to link up with the Slow Food
San Diego movement.

Much love,
and catch you later tonight.

"Who at the Chocolate?"

Don't miss reading this delightful story
recording by JeSuisButterfly

your enchanted gardener


Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener
6008 Arosa St.
San Diego, CA 92115




If links do not work for you.
These will all be on Leslie's site
within a week. Go to Http://www.lesliegoldman.
com and link to

This e-mail is also on the PlantyourDream Web Blog that can be reached
via Http:// See link at top of page to Plant Your Dream Blog.
There are in the entry called "Feng Shui Sponsors."

To find out more about all the Enchanted Garden Activities, see Leslie's site. You see List of Local Growers, Sponsors. Leslie plans to compile a list of Sustainable Living Feng Shui Consultants that will be recommended to the State of California and Green Sustainable Living Business Networks
in two weeks.

Lots of stories about Enchanted Garden
Activities at the International Feng Shui Conference are on this site:


On the morning of August 5, during the opening Ceremonies of the International Feng Shui Conference,Leslie Goldman, AKA Your Enchanted Gardener, thanked us each for making the wise decision to invest in ourselves. He said that in coming to the Conference we were each ensuring a bright future not only
for foods, but we were expanding the very definition for what it was to be a Feng Shui Practitioner in the 21st Century.

While Opening Ceremonies at the Feng Shui Conference welcomed the presence of more than 400 attendees including 60 Sustainable Living Presenters from around the world, In another part of the property, Rosario Marin, Chair, of the California Waste Management Board, former U.S. Treasurer, met with Matthew J. Hart, President and Chief Operating Officer, HIlton Hotels Corporation. On that historic morning, the HIlton San Diego Resort announced that it would be a major player in the California Green Lodging Program.  

"Organic Celebration at the Hilton!" was the name for the Enchanted Garden "Greening" of the Hilton. We had a stunning Enchanted Garden Altar where we each Blessed each other's Seed Dreams and handed out heirloom seeds. The Altar appealed to Hilton guests and conference attendee's alike. We had the premiere of the "Organic Celebration" photo exhibit . This gallery exhibit of Leslie's photos was sponsored by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine; it will go on to other conferences. We had an opening night of biodynamic wine tasting, a gift from the Frey Vineyards, and we had organic watermelon and Ugly oranges from local organic farmers; To top all this, we had three "Enchanted Gardener lunches and a ribbon cutting ceremony. We EVEN had a Closing Ceremony where we fed each other CHOCOLATE and had a 75-50 person Puppy Pile complete with giggles, laughter, and lots of “touchy feely" California-type Feng Shui love led by Leslie.

Many participants at the Conference signed on as Cosponsors of all the Enchanted Garden activities to make sure that Leslie's more than 300 hours of labor in our behalf would be rewarded. The list below includes not only the initial partners, but names of Cosponsors who have made financial contributions.

The final list can include YOUR NAME and will be posted with delightful Conference photos at
Be sure to sign the Declaration of Interdependence on the site, as well as join the Enchanted Garden Club so you too can be be a Sponsor.

The Sixth International Feng Shui Conference was ALL that it was billed to be and MORE! It goes down in Feng Shui history a landmark event: locally grown organic and biodynamic foods supplied by local farmers, and ingredients from heart and soul inspired Natural Food Companies was prepared by award winning Hilton Chef Hermann Schaefer. Not only this, but plans are in the making for Leslie to further inspire an actual Enchanted Wine Garden at the Hotel, enhance Chef Hermann's herb garden that already exists, as well as head for Sacramento in September to meet with Agriculture Committee members and heads of the Green Lodging Program. There he will lobby that the future of food be organically grown, and distribute articles from Feng Shui Practitioners and reports. California is a benchmark state. They want our help. They need our help.

So What can you do to help now????

1. Add your name to the list of Sponsors below. Send Leslie a contribution of $100.00 more or less to support his ongoing Enchanted Garden Activities and PR in our behalf.

2. Leslie wants to get numbers of the products and locally grown food into the HIlton on an ongoing basis. Please send him a personal note: Mention that you stayed at the Hilton. Give your personal raving review of the wine! Thank the Hilton for their innovative effort in our behalf, bringing in the organic foods! Encourage them to go Organic on a regular basis. Thank them for being a leader
in the Green Lodging Program and for buying local. Thank Chef Hermann for stretching to include so many organic ingredients. Address a note to the Hilton San Diego Resort, telling them you will recommend the Hilton to other's because of they are supporting sustainable living. Write a note, giving sharing your expertise, and welcoming the State of California to use you
and your services as part of their list of links. Should you not be listed as a Green Resource for Green Hotels? For the links already on their site see:
and read Leslie's blog called: Green California here:

3. Take time to visit the sites below of our Sponsors. Please spend some time e-mailing or visiting the sites. See how you can use these products and services. Let the Sponsors know you appreciate that they made our conference all it was!!!

4. If you did not write out a Seed Dream to be Blessed by our Feng Shui Community,you can still do this!!! Just create an e-mail and mail it to Leslie:

Today I am Planting My Dream. Today I am planting a Beautiful Tomorrow.
This is my Seed Dream that will grow as this Seed Grows;

This will be placed with the other Seed Dreams from our Conference,
sprinkled with life giving grains, and then, after the seeds are growing,
all the seed dreams will be giving back to the Earth.
Leslie will send you heirloom seeds to grow!!! Use the Paypal
at in place of a Red Envelope.

Thanks for all you gave to make our conference so very great!!
Until we meet again...

Much love from all of us,

Roger Green, Marise Hamm,
Leslie Goldman, AKA, Your Enchanted Gardener

SPONSORS of “Organic Celebration!”
Enchanted Garden Activities
at the International Feng Shui Conference

Your Sponsorship is gratefully appreciated.
Please look at the list of Sponsors below
and e-mail or call Leslie Goldman
to add your name to the list.
Call 619.582.9669

(Contribution request goes here!)

Leslie's address is

Leslie Goldman
c/o Enchanted Garden
6008 Arosa St.
San Diego, CA 92115

There is also a paypal on the his main site
and on the Join the Enchanted Garden Club Page
in the left column top.

Sponsors of "Organic Celebration at the Hilton!"
are requested to sign the World Peace Celebration
Declaration of Interdependence and join the Enchanted Garden Club
(See Bottom)


"Lettuce Grow Together!"
Rodriguez family (*)--fourth generation farmers--Joe Rodriguez,
Jr., and Joe Rodriguez Sr., elder of the family.
Six varieties of lettuces so fresh it does not know its been picked yet.
Find the Rodriguez Family at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market.
Their Farmers' Markets are listed on the Friend of the Farm Website:

Dennis Stowell (*)--Tom King Farm, heirloom tomatoes and basil.
Other special melons. Hillcrest Farmers' Market.

Tierra Miguel community Supported Agriculture, (CSA)-
Delivers biodynamic food to neighborhoods in four counties including San Diego. Rob Farmer,

Wright Poultry (*)-the finest antibiotic, hormone free, range free,
happily well Roostered Chickens on the planet.

Cahuilla Mountain Farms (*) (also owned by Wright Poultry)
Fine quality sweet onions, garlic, swiss chard, carrots,
chiogga beets, and spinach will be included in our meals through
their generosity. See them at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market.

Steve L White Farms (*) --Transforming the American Palate one ugly orange
at a time. "Ugly on the outside, the sweetest you ever tasted inside." Your EG.
See him at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market.
Avocado, citrus, and subtropical fruit. Agricultural consultation services.

(*) These local farmers can all be found at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market,
9 AM-1 PM, Sundays at the DMV parking lot,
3970 Normal St, is a happening place.

For additional Farmers' Markets served by these local farmers,
please see the Friend of the Farm website at

SPONSORS of “Organic Celebration!”
Enchanted Garden Activities
at the International Feng Shui Conference

The Hilton San Diego Resort
1775 East Mission Bay Dr, San Diego 92109.;jsessionid=Q1MMWMTIO4XNQCSGBIY...

Feng Shui Seminars with Roger Green, Developer
of the International Feng Shui Seminar,
Enchanted Garden Mentor and Collaborator in shared
Roger Green

Marise Hamm, International Feng Shui co-creator,
Capture the Chi Consultations, 1.917.969.9989
"Marise L. Hamm"

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine--
The Pacific Symposium November 3-6, 05

Sponsors of the Photo exhibit.
Al Camanda, maintenance Manager of PCOM, printed and framed
the photos. Al graciously went
beyond the call of duty, giving many hours of service beyond the
budget provided by Pacific College. Many Blessings, he printed
and framed most of the artwork in the “Organic Celebration!”
photo exhibit.

Frey Vineyard-- Wine Tasting.
The oldest Non-Sulfide, organic wine in the USA.
Katrina Frey was instrumental in the passage of the first
law in the country outlawing GMO foods in Mendocino.
Frey wine was featured at Thursday night event, Gathering with the Teachers
Katrina Frey

Seeds of Change, 1000 packets of heirloom quality organic
seeds for the Enchanted Garden Installation at the Feng Shui

Whole Foods Market--Onnelee Brabant used rare and special
Costa Rican Flowers to enhance the Enchanted Garden Installation.
She helped with the set up of the Enchanted Garden and gave incredible
support. See her at the Hillcrest Whole Foods Market, University Ave, one block east of 5th St, Hillcrest. Send thanks to:

The Whole Being Weekend, September 9-11, 2005
Buckhorn Camp in scenic Idylwild, September 9-11, 2005.
Register online at

Rodriguez Ranch flowers, (*) source of fine locally grown
flowers available weekly at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market
and other Farmers' Markets through Southern California.
Order their holiday wreaths here:
Goyo Rodriguez, made a special trip down to deliver flowers.
For special flower needs, and to say thanks
and write Joe Rodriguez, Rodriguez Ranch, 31030 Rodriguez Rd
Escondido,, CA CA 92026, USA, or call 760.749-0439

Patricia Bragg, Bragg organic vinaigrette salad dressing, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, They sent lovely

French Meadow Bakery, Fat Flush Tortillas, Lynn Gordon,

Goldmine Natural Foods, source of fine organic grains, online catalog,

PiMag Nikken, water filtration system for the kitchen for use during
the event from Joan Spear. Joanie Spear

TSI Tape Specialty--underwriters of the "Lettuce Grow Together"
slide show...CD's, labels, DVD cases... Stu and Steve Feldman
are them for all your CD reproduction needs!!!
TSI manufactures CD's for Steven Halperin, Etherean, Jonathan Goldman,
Soundings of the Planet, and Your Enchanted Gardener.

Davis Farms--Worm Castings...Home of the happiest toxic
eaters I know...Cure for landfills...

Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery, Steven Spangler. He is bringing tropical fruit trees
to the Hilton San Diego Resort for the conference. (760) 724-9093
Steven is the Source of the highest quality exotic trees in Southern California.
P. O. box 160. Vista, Ca 92085.

Mail Boxes Etc, Michael, Mona and family,
The UPS Store, 3707 5th Ave,San Diego CA 92103 (619) 291-5678
Currently, the local "publishing" house for Your Enchanted Gardener

Joan Spear, Nikken PiMag Water filtration system on loan
during the event to the Hilton Kitchen,

RIki Newell, "La Ventana, and "Translation." Among the CD's
to be played in the Enchanted Garden Installation.

Joan Spear, "Artifacts" Among the CD's to be honored and played
in the Enchanted Garden Installation.

The Szekely Foundation, Sarah Livia Brightwood

The Neo Essene Community, Inc, Dr. Emanuel Winocur, Senior Teacher,
Enchanted Garden is a ministry of the Neo-Essene Community, Inc.

This list is Dynamic! New Names are being added!!! Please
add yours through e-mailing Leslie @
$100.00 sponsorships from each person is appreciated to cover 300 hours of work
for the conference, and/or barters of services/products.

Barry Gordon, is co-owner of BTB Professional Feng Shui Training, and has been an
international Feng Shui practitioner and educator since 1984.
510.526.3599 e-mail:

Melanie Ferreira is Health Educator, Writer and Nutritional Consultant Melanie Ferreira has been a pioneer in the Culinary and Healing Arts for the last 30 years and has devoted her life to the relationship between food and its effects on health.  She can be reached at 914-772-4982 or by e-mail at Read her Blog here:

Marianne Bruno, 941.751.9599.

Evana Maggiore, FASHION FENG SHUI, INTERNATIONAL13 Wheeling Avenue Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 569-0599 Fax (781) 933-8044 Empowering personal appearance since 1999
Evana, was among our Chocolate Sponsors!!!

Shelly Whizin, Chocolate support and more!!!

Anne Mansfield, president, International Feng Shui Guild, 11830 SW Kerr Parkway Suite326
Portland, Oregon, USA
503 721 0990 Chocolate Support and More!!!

Lynn Palmer, dowser and Simon Lebuis, couple to bring forth into the world practical
applications of earth awareness and sacred geometry. Lynn can be reached at and Simon at

Asgede Ogbia, The Bug House, 619.264.2144, 619.263.6000
5855 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92114 Enchanted Garden Sponsor,
Declaration of Interdependence Signer. Recommended honest car mechanic.

Bonnie Lee Peters Space Cleaning and Feng Shui Consultant,

Bruce Stewart and Lou Danielson Stewart, Co-authors of Your Way Home, The psychology
of Place Inside and Out. Http:// 985.892.6460.

R.D. Chin, Architectural Designs with Feng Shui
Space Alignment · 308 West 30th Street · New York, NY 10001
tel. 212.695.2147  ·  fax 212.465.8690

Shawn Dean & Sherri Lewis. Soothing Style. Spa. Home. Self.
LIfestyle Consultants, Http://www/ PO Box 534 Hermona Beach, CA 90254

Nancy Holbrook, Spice of Life, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky,
, 859.578.0099

Nancy Golwitzer, Hudson, IL 61748 USA Serendipidy Interiors
25509 Eagle Pointe (Spring, Sum, Fall). 309.747.4363
355 Second St. S, Naples, Fl 34102 (Winter) 239.403,3845

Holly Ziegler, MA, Ed, The Feng Shui-Real Estate Expert,
Author, Buy Your Home SMARTER with Feng Shui, Sell Your
Home FASTER with Feng Shui, http://www.hollyziegler,com.

Janus Welton, AIA,BBEI, Architect, EcoArchDesignWorks,
architecture, planning,eco&healthy building design.feng shui,
author of The Living Elements of Healthy building Design,
Buy book :

Dream Vision Marketing, 47705 Camelia, Valley Village,
CA, 91602.

Constance Nagi,M.D. San Diego,

Ariella Shira Lewis, Crystal Cradle,To support the arrival and thrival of the new Children, (626) 966-3994

Anthony Vonarx, New Brighton, MN.

Christian Kyriacou riba mcsd - is a Chartered Architect, Feng Shui Consultant, Musician, Composer and Teacher. He is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Chartered Society of Designers and the Performing Rights Society.
Willowe Studios, 133 Latchmere Lane,Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, kT2 5NX

Alison Wilson,12 Amiens Rd Clontarf, NSW 2093, AUSTRALIA

Libby Dubin, 108o6 Whiterim Dr.. Potomac, MD 20854,

Riki Newell,Sound Paintings, PO Box 30875, Tucson, AZ 85751,
(520) 290-0859 CD's here: (520) 290-0859

Victor, landscape department, Hilton San Diego, Resort,

Jane Bock, Idylwild 714.963.6983 Feng Shui Design Solutions, Creating Harmonious
"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us." --Winston Churchill.

Rev Lorie L. Newell, Mc/MfcT Ph.D, 520.290.0993 Soul Life Makeover (TM]
Phone number is (520) 290-0993. Listed on the Spiritual Response Association's website as one of their Board Certified Consultants. That website is:

Susana Bastarrica, ,NYC, 212.989.4278 Peace Vigil in Central Park

Manu butterworth, Golden Gate School of Feng Shui, 415.388.8166



The Light Connection

Reggae Makossa 91 X Radio,
24 running--run every sunday on 91x from 8 to 10 PM


Julie Deife,
310.601.7914 fax 323.908.3860
LA Yoga Magazine,122 Lincoln Blvd Ste 202,Venice, CA 90291
A lovely magazine, full of spirit, published eight times a year.
Subscribe on line:
Yoga Journal published a full page ad of the Feng Shui Conference
and is a great place to advertise your Feng Shui events.


The International Feng Shui Conference, August 5-7, will offer “Organic Celebration at the Hilton!” paving the way for organic and biodynamic locally grown foods, and heart and soul inspired products to find their way into the HIlton network. The free vendor/exhibit area will feature the premiere of the long-awaited photo exhibition “Organic Celebration! Lettuce Grow Together!" This is a showing of Farmers’ Market foods and activity, images from various Enchanted Gardens, and expressions of Heart and Soul in the world. The exhibit makes a statement that The Future of Food, and the future of the people eating food, will be Organically grown. We shall come to live in a Sustainable World in harmony with Mother Earth.

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