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MEGA Love Cures!!!

Follow Ups from the MEGA
Book Marketing University, April 15-17, 2005

Date:   4/23/2005 1:56:26 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 6183 times

This is my log of events at MEGA Marketing.
I will follow up on these leads during or after the Passover week.
It would have been sacre-religious to not get at least this much down
in print before taking the week off.

I am writing this down nowso I can reread this later and follow up
with all the opportunities and to Do!

The MEGA event was the Coming Out Party for The Seven Love Cures!

Book Marketing University


I had a major breakthrough last week with Mark Victor Hansen
at his MEGA Marketing Book University, April 15-17

Here is the tip of the iceberg. More to write when I have time..

Mark gave me space at a VIP luncheon, and announced my book was being
published by his publisher. I had a minute. I had peppermint in my hands.
I rubbed my hands together. You can change your whole world in 15 seconds
when you breathe this in. Just imagine what we can do together now in a minute.

I would like to heal the relationship between men and women, I said.

I had the men say one of The Love Cures,
"Your Creation," to the women. I said the words,
and asked each man to look into the eyes of a woman in the room.

The men did as I asked. Mark was standing to my left.
I had a headache most of the day. I was beyond weary,
but this was my moment and do one would have known
that I had been breathing into a bag of lavender all day
and taking headache homeopathy to be there at all.

I was not going to miss this opportunity.
I could feel the enthusiasm in the room and the full support
from Mark who was standing to my left repeating the words.
I could feel how much he was enjoying himself, as well
as the other men.

It gave me all the strength and energy I needed.

When I came to one of the llnes that sounds like a double entendre (sp?)
with sexy overtones, "I feel so much beauty in your seeds,
in your seeds of imagination,
Your seeds of uniqueness,
your Seed Dreams that give me so much hope."
Some of the men giggled like little boys.

I said, "Men, this is alimony insurance.
These are the words that men need to know and women
want to hear. Are you with me?"

Then they continued on, repeating the words after me.
It was a hoot.

When the men finished, I asked all the women to stand up and
give the men a hand for being so enlightened. They did.
It was so much fun.

Everyone was stunned. The whole energy in the room was enlivened.

I never made it around the room to hand out
business cards. I really needed your help.
Next time, will you be my assistant?

I was stopped at the first table and hardly got beyond that.
Wendy Kurtz, A PR and marketing expert from Orlando
read a few of The Seven Love Cures.
She and Erica Watkins, who was sitting
next to her said, "I cracked the code!"
meaning I understood women;

I called Erica Watkins today.
Erica said she was still talking about me all the way to Ohio.
She talked about the poems she heard to those on the plane.
She said, she could not understand why I was in hiding
because these poems would be appreciated by every man and women
'in the world"

It turns out that Erica is employed getting collections of art together
for corporations. She is enthusiastic about helping me get a collection
of my photography together. She says that corporations support artists this way
and use art as collateral. It is a world I know nothing about, but Erica does.

Peter Miller, one of the top agents in the industry
was also enthusiatic. I had him repeat "Your Creation" into the ear
of Lynn Rose, a very talented and beautiful favorite at the MEGA.
He wrote, "I loved the poems. Good luck bringing them into the hearts
and minds of lovers around the world."

I took photos of the episode. I will put some photos up when I have a chance.
Peter wanted a set of The Seven Love Cures.

Peter and I really hit it off. At the VIP luncheon, the staff had special instructions
to ask anyone without a VIP badge to leave the room. This was getting a bit
humorous, considering I was on the program. To remedy the situation, I asked
Peter for his badge before he left. It said "Agent" and "VIP." I liked those credentials
and the staff had nothing else to say.

When I told Mark, he said, "That Sounded like a good idea!"

Lynn Rose said,
"I was blown away by the power of experiencing Leslie's poems. They
moved me to my core and had me experience love and the moment at a deeper level.
These should be a must for wedding ceremonies, strengthening bodys of love
or pur inspiration. Thank you for the gift!!
Lynn Rose

David C. Nelson, Vice President and Publisher
with Beauford Books Said,
"Leslie, send me Love cures. I think its publishable"

Eric M Kampmann, president of Midpoint Trade Books
wrote, "You are the most unusaual gentleman I've ever met."
I liked his book too. It was called The Tree of Life.

Dahlynn McKowen, author of "Chicken Soup for the Fisherman's Soul,"
and a number of other Chicken Soup book projects said, "Your Poems
are wonderful....would love to see them in print...especially in Chicken Soup!"

Jesse, who "keeps the office running smooth" for Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup Series,
and "asists with trainings," said,
"Leslie, thank you for bringing beauty and enlightenment into our lives.
Thank you also for sharing yoru work and passion with us." Love Jesse.

Tom Antion, one of the MEGA speakers, spoke on "How Authors and Publishers can Sell a Million
Dollars a Year on the Internet." He wrote me a note...and made a sweet comment about my "Demeanor."
He joined the Enchanted Garden Club, my international network of support.

I had a wonderful time in the bar Saturday night at MEGA with
Kit Marchel. She said "She teaches women how to move up in a man's
world without losing their feminity."

I had two men sit on both sides of her and read "Your Creation" into her ears.
I also asked her to read "My Goddess Prayer for you!," one of The Seven Love Cures.

"When I read it, I felt my inner Goddess speaking to me." she said.

She said that this line in the poem really resonated strongly with her:
"You cannot possess me, therefore I can never leave you."

She said, "It feels like the Goddess Prayer is more than just a woman's
Prayer to a man. It feels like powerful Goddess energy for all being--men and women."

Dr. Chavanna King, of Newport Beach, wrote,

"Dearest Leslie,
I know you are the man who has these very important and sacred words
to offer women. Leslie, you are the One who helps bring Oneness,"
Love Chavanna

Artist Rosanne Frazier said, "I can see your wonderful wrods with your photography sold on cards
and framed as Art."

In my weariness at the end of the day on Sunday, a woman offered to give me some massage.
I put my cards and notes down from the final day, and they were misplaced.

I will never forget one woman who came up to me at the close of the VIP lunch and said
I was the highlight of the whole weekend for her.

Another woman, Suzannah Crowder, is author of Damaged Goods.
She said that any man who could write those words was a man for her.
I wrote that sorry in my Blog called Damaged Goods:

Mark was said I did great.
I had asked him for a set of the tapes.
I wasn't in the room that much during the three days.
The tape people did not have any more copies when I asked,
but he made a special request on his own initiate.
I, of course, received a set, as well as an invitation from
Barry Ackerman to participate in a Children's Book Festival October 2
at Orange Coast College in Orange County.

Highlights Friday eve included spending time with
Patty Aubery, President of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I brought her a bouquet of flowers Saturday morning from Pappa
Joe of the Rodriguez Family, as promised. Patty suggested that
The Seven Love Cures be licensed as greeting cards, and other uses.
We made a very strong personal connection. Russ Kamalski,
Chief Operation officer for Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises
was also a special ally. He was filled with suggestions for my work,
and suggested I offer some photos for a new line of supplement products
The Chicken Soup folks are about to produce.

Debbie Lefever, Executive Assistant to Mark took some wonderful
photos at the whole event. They were turned into a slide show for the
Closing Ceremony. I have enjoyed knowing two other of Mark's assistants.
Debbie is a dream player. She told photos of me when I was at the VIP
performance. The reading of my poem was also professionally videotapes
thanks to Mark.

My favorite Trade Show exhibitors included:

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, of Red Hot Copy. She lives in Studio City.
We talked about taking some photos of her and her sweetheart.
She is a copywriter consultant.
I feel beautiful energy looking at her picture on her card, enough to keep going now,
even though it is 11:29 PM Friday night.

I also had a wonderful heartfelt connection with francine Ward. She has written
the book Esteemable Acts. She wrote me a personal blessing that I find
the love of my life, and that it is not too late to have a child if that is my desire.

I did some Seed Dream work with her that was very powerful.

One of my favorite connections was with Jamie Bieberstein of KidsWealth.
They are putting together a very special collection of items for kids that teach them
financial savvy. We talked about adding my Job Tears seeds to the product line.
He promised to send me a sample kit. I feel my friend AriellaShira will find this helpful
for her work with children.

One of the follow ups I need to do is sending Ted Squires his photo with Mark.
Ted is executive vice president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest maker of
Bibles, if I am not mistaken.

One of the noteworthy Seed Dreams I planted was with Jadeine Shives.
She has a project to and book called Digging A Well to Heaven...
She is putting in water wells in India. I need to send her a photo. She paid for it.

One of the deepest energies of the weekend were my short but brief meetings
with Jack Canfield, CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. I have
known Jack for more than 25 years. Jack is a real mentch, a real man.
He is very authentic. He gave me a copy of his new book, The Success Principles
and the Audio. I am going to use this to propell me from "where I am now
to where I wnat to go." I really believe in Jack. We have a heart connection.

One of the real finds of the weekend was meeting and spending quality time
with Walter of Walter Maksym Publisher. When I lost my final days cards, I went around
looking for them. Walter was in the bar with Suzannah Crowder, author of Damaged Goods.
We spend about 30 minutes together. Walter has published the book the One Hour Orgasm.
He had some interesting ideas about a 28 cycle of sexua| preference for women.

It did not match my experience. I will get into his ideas later. Walter is going to send
me copies of some of his DVD's. He asked me to send him a box with a self-addressed
label. He was enthusiastic about publishing some of my erotic works.

I had a very interesting idea for a book that came up with him.
On what grounds does a woman welcome a man into her 'flower garden.'
I am going to do that survey on the CureZone sexua| forum before long.

Another favorite at the Trade show was Ann Mcindoo, who offers a seminar
called, "So, You Want to Write!' I will be writing more about her wonderful program.
She promised to send me a while hat that says, "Author!" I can't wait to get that.

I also want to remember to send the photo of Sandra Herron to her.
She is a minister with the Crystal Cathedral.

I also want to get Peter Vegso, president of HCI, the publisher of Chicken Soup,
copies of The Seven Love Cures, as he requested.

Mark announced at the VIP lunch that HCI would be publishing my book, so I better
get the Love Cures to Peter to get that in motion.

One of the sweetest notes I received was volunteered by Victoria Olivadoti,
The "homework Dr." She wrote,
"Leslie, You provide the words to warm every woman's hart and make her fall for you.
Every man who loves a woman needs these!
I had a man read one of The Seven Love Cures in her ear.
She wrote: "You have no idea the feelings that were evoked in me when that man
said those words to me."


Thank you God for allowing me the strength to get this down
in writing. It is the first time I have had a chance this week to go through
my papers and cards.

I would not want to have left tomorrow for the Passover week without at least doing this much.

Let's see if I can upload one photo at least for this Blog.

PS. Send Mark copies of the Photos on a CD.

Your Enchanted Gardener,

(L-R) Mark Victor Hansen, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, and
Jack Canfield at the MEGA Book Marketing University, April 15-17, 05 in Los Angeles.
This was the Coming out Party for The Seven Love Cures, and what a hit!!!!

For more on this and future MEGA events see:

To see The Seven Love Cures go to:

To see more photos and join the campaign to Spread The Seven Love Cures,
sign up here:

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