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Crystals: Cleanse+ Recharging Tips

There are many ways to cleanse, recharge and program your crystals.
All of them are quite easy to do, though some require a bit of care,
concerning the softness, hardness, or coloration of a crystal.

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The ancient old way of cleansing and purifying anything was to burn sage, cedarwood, sweetgrass or hay.
There was a reason for this:
The smoke from these herbs has the potential to seize positive ions from the air, adn extract them.
Positive ions are the ones that are harmful to you.
Negative ions are beneficial.
After a good electrical thunderstorm, the air is super charged with negative ions.
That is why you are so invigorated after an electrical lightning storm.
Negative ions are also present in coniferous forests,
and at or near the sea.

Indians would burn these herbs to purify themselves,
their crystals, before making love, to purify sleep spaces before sleeping, before going to war, or after war, and esp around
sick or elderly to help promote good health in them.

It is of great importance that you cleanse and purify a room before using your crystals to eliminate the positive ions.
You must also make sure you open a window or door
to allow the positive ions to be carried out by the smoke ,
so they do not remain trapped in the room.
When you utilise this method not only do you get yourself
in a healthier environment, but you also will find
that your crystals will work with much more power
to do the work you are focusing on at that time.

You can cleanse a crystal by burning a bit of these herbs
in a small shell, and passing the crystal thru the smoke several times, or gently blowing the smoke over your crystal.
When you use a shell such as abalone, you have all 4 elements in harmony:
shell for sea, match (to light herbs) for fire,
smoke for air, and herbs for earth.
You may use one herb or all 3 it does not matter.

It is good to purify your house, in this way,
esp if you are newly in a home, to drive out all the positive ions that have been trapped there by other residents prior to you,
or even just years of accumulated harmful ions.
Esp open drawers, closets, corners, dressers, etc.
Make sure every area is purified.
This would be a good regime to do personally
for your home every 3 months.

another way of cleansing and purifying a crystal
is by using a saltwater overnight soak.(a pinch of seasalt in water)
This is an area you must take great caution on
concerning the fact that many crystals are water soluble
such as the flourite, iolite, aquamarine, sugalite, calcites,etc.
The softer a stone is, ( if you choose to use this method )
the greater risk you take with your crystal.
Make sure you know that it is in fact a good method for your particular crystal.
some folks bury the crystal in sea salt, I myself choose not to
use this method.

Others find that burying it in ground is best.
If you do this, I might suggest you get a clay pot,
and bury it in natural dirt, and keep it in the house,
to avoid losing it to critters who might dig it up.

Many crystals love the sun, and cleanse and recharge well
by sitting in sunlight for a day.
Again it is most important should you do so, that you know
your crystal.
Many crystals will lose their color from direct sunlight,
Some can crack if overheated.
If you use this method, you might consider choosing
an open, screened window sill, since an outside bird or squirrel
might decide they like your sparkly too, lol!

Another method is under the moon.
Most crystals delight in this.
Put on screened, opened window sill
where they can soak up the moons gentle light energy.

You can cleanse a crystal under running water.
Hold terminated point down and let water run from base down
to point, while focusing on the crystal,
and releasing it, washing away all the negative energies.
I greatly urge you, if you do this, (inside or out by a stream)
to hold a strainer under the crystal, incase it slips
from your hand, or it is bye bye baby 8) *smile*

You may also use your own natural energy,
simply by rubbing hands together brisky,
til your energy builds up in them, and then holding hands close
to the point of the crystal and focusing on your energy filling
the crystal with pure white energy,
driving out the negative.
Indians did this even over the food they ate,
to energize the food to be of health to them..
the thought was focused: to bless, to heal, to enerigise,
to bring health and healing.

There are 2 other means that I find of most importance,
One is having a crystal cluster that is self recharging,
to lay other crystals upon to cleanse, purify and recharge them.
Some of the crystals you may choose
to be your *charge station beds* for other crystals might be
a quartz crystal cluster, an amethyst cluster,
citrine cluster, or any of the kyanites.

You may also use your clusters in meditation or healing needs
aside from recharging and cleansing your other crystals.
These crystals mentioned above are self cleansing,
and self regenerating..

The last form of recharging and cleansing
is probably the strongest of all.
It is placing your crystals into and under a pyramid structure.
This type of structure will lend cosmic energy
to anything placed under or within it.

When I first obtain a crystal, I immediately water cleanse it,
and focus on clearing it with my mind,
releasing all programs done to it priorly.
Just natural cool/tepid water is best.
I then pat the crystal dry and look at its aura.
I then put it on a cluster I have for *newbies*,
and leave it there for as long as I feel it should be there
based on my initial view.
Minimum : I always leave it there a full 24 hours first
before using it for any reason.

After 24 hours, I review it.
Most crystals will have dramatically recharged
and their aura will be much brighter, stronger, and beautiful.
I have had a few that I recieved, that I know were meant to be here,
but they arrived in horrid aura color state *(.
One took a month to put out a beautiful aura again,
the other was fine after a week.

Anytime you use a crystal, you should recleanse it afterwards.
More esp so, if it was used for healing or on another person,
or even after a meditational use,
since it may have absorbed old negative traumatic emotions,
that you may have resolved and released during your meditation.


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