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What You Should Know About Raw Fat

by Dr. Douglas Graham

Published in JEAA, Vol. 2, #3


You’re Likely to be Consuming Too Much Fat If You…

* Have candida, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or chronic fatigue.

* Suffer from heart disease, cancer,
or any digestive disorders.

* Break out in acne, whiteheads, or blemishes.

* Experience skin problems such as psoriasis,
eczema, or dandruff.

* Eat—or even desire—complex carbohydrates
such as bread, pasta, rice, corn, or potatoes.

* Crave sweets after dinner.

* Finish a meal and then desire heavy, concentrated foods
such as nuts, seeds, or avocado.

This is a brief overview of some concepts
from my upcoming booklet entitled Fruit or Fat?:
What Raw Fooders Don’t Know Could Kill Them.

This introductory piece gives you a glimpse
into an essential and controversial raw-food issue—
the fact that the average raw fooder
consumes an astonishingly unhealthy amount of fat.

To discuss the many questions you will surely have
after reading this article,
you can join my online discussion group at (click on Raw&Sport/Graham).

Also, check my Web site,,

from time to time. I’ll announce the publication
of "Fruit or Fat?" sometime in 2004.


Confusing Advice About Fat

Most mainstream and raw experts assert that eating fat
does not make us fat.
They tell us that refined isolated fats and oils
should be considered “health foods.”

Many raw-food leaders teach that consuming fat
won’t harm us as long as it’s raw.

Some even insist that eating up to 80% of calories from fat
is perfectly fine.
They say that the unstable fats in nuts and seeds
can withstand the heat of lengthy dehydration
and subsequent room-temperature storage
without degrading.

They even go so far as to classify refined oil as “juice,”
suggesting that we drink it as a daily health practice.

You would do well to question all of this advice.
Consider the following:

Myth: If It’s Raw, It’s Okay

Despite the marketing hype from the vendors of olive,
flax, borage, hemp, grapeseed, and other “healthy” oils,
these products are stripped of their carbohydrates,
protein, and fiber.
That means oils are refined foods
—no longer the whole foods we all know our bodies
were designed for.

Worse, we consume quantities of fat as oil
that we would be unlikely to eat as whole foods.


Here are some important facts about fat.

• Cooked or raw,

higher-than-healthy levels of fat in the bloodstream
force fat to precipitate and adhere to arterial walls,
a condition known as arteriosclerosis.
A variety of vascular disorders are related
to excessive consumption of dietary fat.

• Cooked or raw,
increased fat in the bloodstream reduces
the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells,
predisposing us to cancer
and adversely affecting all cellular function,
including brain-cell function.
This results in impaired clarity of thought
and decision-making, and may set the stage for senility
, memory dysfunction, and learning disabilities.

• Cooked or raw,
increased fat in the bloodstream
requires an increased adrenaline response
in order to drive the pancreas to produce insulin.
Following excess stimulation,
adrenal exhaustion sets in,
the precursor for conditions such as Epstein-Barr virus,
chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and myofascial disease,
to name just a few.

• Cooked or raw,
increased fat in the bloodstream
results in increased demand for insulin.
The resultant continuous drain on the pancreas
eventually leads to pancreatic fatigue
and chronically elevated blood-sugar levels.
This predisposes us to a group of lipid (fat)
metabolic disorders, mistakenly referred to as
“blood-sugar metabolic disorders”:
hyper- and hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinism,
candida yeast, diabetes, and others.

Whether you eat cooked animal fat
or raw vegetable oil,
too much fat is too much fat…
and we must recognize its health-destroying potential.


Fat, Not Sugar Is the Culprit

Here lies a key
and an often-misunderstood physiological fact:
In the presence of fat,
our bodies require significantly higher-than-normal
amounts of insulin to transport blood sugar
across the vessel wall and the cell membrane.
It’s the fat—not the sugar—in our diets
that is a primary cause of candida, diabetes,
and other blood-sugar problems.

In Fruit or Fat?, I discuss this at length.

So, How Much Fat Should We Eat?

The percentage of calories that we consume as fat
is an essential consideration for all of us,
cooked or raw.

The Pritikin Longevity Center,
which holds the finest health-regeneration record
of any organization in the U.S.,
recommends a dietary fat consumption of 10% or less.

Keeping your fat consumption down to a maximum of 10%
of your calories is by far the most healthful practice.

SAD, Veggie, Vegan, Raw…
Fat, Fat, Fat, Fattest?

Here are some numbers that may shock you.
It is a well-known fact
that those who eat the standard American diet (SAD)
average a whopping 42% of their calories from fat.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that vegetarian
and vegan diets tend to contain approximately 42%
of calories from fat, as well.
Vegetarians tend to consume a high amount of dairy,
and vegans generally increase their use of oils.

Most unexpectedly, I have found that the average raw fooder
eats even more fat
than those who live on standard American fare.
The oils,
nuts, seeds, coconuts, avocados, olives,
durians, and other fatty fruit
in the overall diet of raw fooders
add up to an astonishing 60% of calories
(often much more) from fat.

Fruit or Fat? will step you through the numbers in detail.
For now, I’ll give you just a brief illustration


A large green salad,
including an entire head of romaine lettuce,
some tomatoes, and a variety of nonroot vegetables
would contain about 100 calories,
some 15 of which would come from fat

. A dressing that blends three tablespoons of oil
(375 calories),
an ounce of pine nuts (178 calories),
and some cilantro, salt, and lemon juice
would supply about 550 calories—
about 530 of them from fat.

Dice in a small avocado (250 calories—85% fat),
and the resulting 900-calorie meal
would provide about 90 calories from carbohydrates,
about 55 from protein,

and more than 755 of its calories from fat—
that’s 84% fat!


80/10/10 for Optimum Health

When I’ve done this math on full meal plans
with thousands of raw fooders over the years,
they see for themselves:

the standard raw diet is extremely high in fat.

In Fruit or Fat? I’ll take you step by step
through the math,
showing you that a low-fat, high-fruit raw diet
that contains 80% carbohydrates (from fruit),
10% protein, and 10% fat is by far
the most healthful and sustainable raw-food approach.


For more articles such as the one above
see Frederic : HERE

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