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Sat, 12 Mar 2005 16:32:35 -0000
Subject: {Conscious Burrito} Yellow Resonant Star

Oh what more could you ask for??!!
A day of tuning into your inspiration to create something artistic!
The seventh tone of any wavespell is the tone of attunement and
inspiration. The Star is the first archetypal interaction of the mind
with the infinite, through the creative power of beauty and artistic
So, for today's burrito, if you feel inspired today in the margins to
doodle, work that doodle, out into the center of the paper and
embellish and allow your hand to fly through the creative process. Now
I speak metaphorically here, most of us don't draw! So it is with any
creative process today, just work it!
Our sun is actually a star and it shines on us, warms us and allows us
to grow. Be inspired by the power of the sun and allow the channeling
spirit of the sun, bursting with energy and creative juices to wash
over you and gulp it down! Art is in everything you do. And, as a
matter of fact TIME IS ART!

In Lak'ech,
(I am another yourself)
Monkey scribbler

(for Saturday March 12th)


Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:40:20 -0000
Subject: {Conscious Burrito} Blue Rhythmic Hand

In all of the time management programs the authors speak about short,
mid, and long-term goals. What are you going to get done between then
and now in order to ACCOMPLISH your goals? This can be a very HEALING
process, especially if you are not used to planning. It can place
one's mind in a great space, and not have to worry about losing the
magic of spontaneity that can be an asset to our lives. Getting
ORGANIZED is a stress relieving process. It helps to make you feel
more BALANCED and actually frees you up to do more in your life than
you thought you could.
Ok enough with the pitch. On to the burrito!
The forces of nature are very well organized as are the laws of
physics. Don't forget that there is a lot of leeway as well. Take a
leaf for instance. It has a definitive structure and shape, yet when
it slowly floats to the ground, there are an infinite number of paths
that it can take as it swoops to the ground.
IF you can find the EQUALITY between structure of being organized and
allowance of the unfoldment of the process, then everything changes.
There will be a deep KNOWING inside of you and your own personal
floating leaf will soar into the wind and be carried off to new lands.
So, while getting your poop in a group, know that if you do a little
planning and get things organized, you will discover that your life
will run a lot more smoothly. Oh, by the way, you will never be
finished with being organized.
It too is a practice.
The perfection of the practice is in the practice

In Lak'ech,

(this burrito for friday March 11)

Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:19:03 -0000

Subject: {Conscious Burrito} White Overtone Worldbridger

In a world of duality we see situations as wither/or yes or no and
even black and white. In a NON dual world, and a world of possibility,
there can be immeasurable possible choices, outcomes and results.
Today can be such a day to explore a NON dual perspective. A dear
physicist friend of mine gives talks on Quantum, and uses the precept
of `as viewed, so appears' stating that nothing is truly objective,
and that all aspects of a situation must be accounted for and has a
plausible impact.
So, today can be a bit of stretch if you are solid and `rational'
thinker. Because the Worldbridger teaches us the value of possibility,
and that there are times when our minds just can't figure stuff out
and logic breaks down, sending us hurtling into a realm of wonder that
is staggeringly beautiful and limitless. If we only empower ourselves
to view, then consider, and maybe even implement ways and methods that
we may find implausible, and even ludicrous, our lives change
I invite you today to radiate possibility, and seek out thoughts and
ways that you would not normally consider. Rather than excuses, find
opportunities. Instead of feeling powerless, be empowered to become an
equal participant and vital component of this awakening process we
call life. How? Ask yourself what is possible rather than what is
practical. Fascinating instead of predictable. How can you be
unreasonable? And by unreasonable, I mean instead of coming up with
reasons for why not to do, toss out the reasons why not to. Now get to it.

IN Lak'ech,

Wed, 09 Mar 2005 18:32:25 -0000
Subject: {Conscious Burrito} Red Self-existing Serpent

Ohh this is such a juicy wavespell. Watch how this unfolds…
So we are in the wind wavespell, experiencing the power of how our
spirit communicates with us and the world. Today's tribe is about
getting in touch with our primal wisdom, our INSTINCT as it were. Not
like the instinct of an animal's nesting or propagation needs, but the
instincts inside of us for love, and PASSION for life. In this
passionate sate inside our bodies, we are today MEASURING this
internal BODY WISDOM. DEFINING our spiritual connection by how much we
are connected to and enjoying that connection is what today is all
about. So in burrito terms, what do we do? Check in today around how
much joy and passion you are living your life with. Are you in the
grandstands of life, are you out on the field, or have you not even
left the locker room? IF you are not out on the field, don't bother
beating yourself up for not being `in the mix' just get out there and
start playing! Now the key is what FORM is this in the game
perspective taking? What truly makes your heart sing and body quiver,
and soul scream for more? If you're not sure what does it for you try
some activities on, walk a particular way, or speak in a fashion that
you have always wanted to!
Show yourself what it is to be completely in the game

By the way you are making up the rules, and you already have
permission to get on the field, you are not a substitute, or second
string. NOW, get in there and Play like your life depends on it!

…Because it does!

In Lak'ech,

(for wed March 9)


Tue, 08 Mar 2005 09:34:24 -0000
Subject: {Conscious Burrito} Yellow Electric Seed

If we are constantly on the move,
there is little time to nurture our own gardens
that are our souls.

In this wavespell of communing with and exercising
the power of our spirit,
if we simply permit spirit to
show us how to plant the garden of our dreams,
then the garden will blossom and flower
and then ultimately fruit…our dreams.

So, today dear burrito reader,
bring your awareness to the dreams
that truly make your heart sing,
and allow the power of spirit to activate those dreams.

There is really little else to do.
You have dreams, and if they are dusty, wipe them off,
and dream deeper and more extravagantly
than you have ever though imaginable,
and bring your awareness to their manifestation.

Every garden needs watering.
Water yours every day…
Beginning with today.

In Lak'ech,
Monkey Scribbler

(for tues march 8)



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