Blog: Mayan Galactic Alchemy
by Wrenn

Cycles of your Earth Family

There are 5 earth families to which we each belong. The Star Glypths
within our family will rotate each year on our birthday, and additionaly influence us through our yearly birthday cycles.

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The Earth Families are comprised of the 20 Star glyphs,
broken into 5 families.
These Families are in units of four
and will ALWAYS recycle in the same pattern,
beginning and ending on your personal birthday.


The five earth families and the cycle pattern
within their own group are as follows:
(this pattern will NEVER change )


Earth Family : GATEWAY :

Star Glyphs of the Gateway family are:



Earth Family : SIGNAL :

Star glyphs of the Signal family are:



Earth Family : CORE

Star glyphs of the Core family are:



Earth Family : CARDINAL

Star glyphs of the Cardinal family are:



Earth Family : POLAR

Star glyphs of the Polar family are:



OK . Remember our example person ?
from the first Where to Start message?

We had determined that the person born 1-21-1964
who we also know is currently being influenced by the world wide
Seal of the year BLUE STORM (from the 2nd message : Yearly Seal).

What we will look at now is to determine
which star glyph of his earth family
is also influencing this person
based on his current yearly PERSONAL birthday.

to do so , we would enter into the birthday
1-21-2005 (his birthday in the year 2005)

if you goto the link below and enter in that date,
you will see that the Seal of the day (Destiny )

this person is in the earth family : SIGNAL
and until his birthday in 1-21-2006
he will be under the additional personal influence
of this WHITE MIRROR glyph.

when he has his next birthday (1-21-2006)
he will cycle within his own earht family to the next glyph.

Look at the units that are within the SIGNAL family.
see where he is at now? White Mirror?

he will recycle to BLUE NIGHT at his next birthday (2006)
then to YELLOW STAR (on his birthday 2007)
then to RED SKYWALKER (on his birthday 2008)
and back to where he currently is, WHITE MIRROR (in 2009)

do you see how the rotation within his SIGNAL family works?


now lets figure yours out.

If you found your signature already from the 1st message,
then you already know your earth family.

Look at the glyphs that share your earth family unit.

now to determine where you are currently at,
enter in the date of your birthday for the year 2005

write that down.

have you already had your birthday?

if so , then the middle glypth
in the signature that pops up,
(the seal of the day : destiny )
is the current earth family influencing you
until your birthday in 2006

at which time you will rotate to the next glyph
on your family group pattern .

If you have NOT yet had your birthday in 2005,
then the glyph that pops up as the seal of the day , destiny
will be the one you will enter into
WHEN you have your birthday THIS year.
and will continue to affect you to 2006 birthday.

If you have not had your birthday for 2005,
then enter in your birthday from 2004
that is the personal Family Glyph
that is influencing you currently.
and will rotate to the next glyth
within your family unit on your birthday 2005.

work with this following the example person,
as i showed you and it will become clear,
how to apply it to yourself.

once you understand the rotation of glyphs
within your own family ,
then you can easily figure on paper projections
forward (or backward)
by cycling thru your family clan
at each birthday you have,
going each year forward, you rotate forward,
and to figure each year backward, you would rotate backward,
within your family unit.

Work with this a bit.

Our example person , birthday 1-21-1964,
we now know is and will always be signature: destiny:


currently under the world Seal of the year: BLUE STORM

and personally also being influenced
by his earth family , SIGNAL

under the glypth WHITE MIRROR.


play around with this awhile
and esp learn to cycle yourself on paper
following the rotation of your family unit.

it will reveal itself to you
that it really is a simple process.
with just a small bit of practice.


The Guide Power
everyone needs a coach or a mentor or a guide to help them stay focussed and on their path. this is the function of the guide power for a signature. That is why the guide power is the same cardinal color as the signature.

Guide Power Defined:
The power of another signature that brings a signature into focus. Provides alignment and additional perspective. Guide power is found through the value of the tone.

In the chart of the oracle powers of a signature, the blank above the signature is where the guide power is placed. Here's how you decode the guiding power for a day or a signature:
Tones 1-6-11 Guided by their own power, or themselves (Spectral Hand's is Hand)
Tones 3-8-13 Plus one tribe of the same color (Electric Earth's guide is Dragon)
Tones 2-5-12 Minus two tribes of the same color (Lunar Storm's guide is Monkey)
Tones 4- 9 Minus one tribe of the same color (Solar Human's guide is Star)
Tones 5-10 Plus two tribes of the same color (Overtone Wind's guide is Dog)


Here's another way to do it, based on the wavespell, its for more visual and pattern thinkers.

Tone 1
is guided
by its own power

Tone 2
-2 Tone 13
Tone 12
Tone 3
+1 Tone 11 is guided by its own power
Tone 4
-1 tone 10
Tone 5
+2 Tone 6 is guided by its own power Tone 7
-2 Tone 8
+1 Tone 9

you will see a pattern develop, and it goes like this:

minus plus minus plus AND 2 1 1 2

So if the signature is Yellow resonant Seed, you will count minus 2 =Warrior! remember, in order to do these calculations in your head, you will need to memorize the numerical values of the tribes and also some of the relationships of the tones.

the colors

Cardinal Colors/Direction
As a myth, each of us has a direction that we come from

and head towards...

your direction is your source,
...and your destination

Now, you begin the journey into your signature.

These colors and directions are

the source of your purpose
and your intentions
your perennial function as a being, as a myth

and your source fountain of etheric and practical power you move through your life.

This is why the signature always begins with the cardinal color.The color and direction are very powerful for determining not only what colors look good on you (yes, its quite remarkable), but also in relating what grander elements and discernment you are revealing in this life.

Holding the power of the northern regions and the powerful winds of change and purity, White tribes are purifiers, and shine light into dankness, the light of truth. Often people of deep integrity, White tribes will assist in the calibration of others, and grounding.

Truth, clarity, unification, timelessness, order, spirit

Utilizing the power of the shadows, the dankness of night and the dreamtime, the playful mythos of the west are always the ones to stir things up and move things around. The mythos of the blue tribes transform their worlds, by one person at a time or in large groups. Blue tribes move the world and shake things up!

Transformation, intuition, energy, vision, magic, healing

Contained within the mythos of the red tribe is the power of inspiration, enrolling and the power to lead. Red tribes often spark new ideas, communities, and have a bit of flash about them. Red tribes are rather deft at sharp wit and sarcasm.

Initiation, beginnings, passion, flow, exploration, evolution

This mythos are the ones who expand, and enhance. Yellow tribes help with the follow through, completion and balance out the teams. Yellow tribes are the idea givers, and the inspiration. Able to speak their minds, yellow tribes have honesty as their greatest asset

Growth, expansion, influence, power, fearlessness, beauty, enlightenment

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