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Hip Bath/Sitz Bath

Louis Kuhn is one of the the founders of hydrotherapy including the hip bath and the true sitz bath. These 2 styles of hydrotherapy are some of the most powerful healing methods ever used. It works on expelling stored mucous and toxins as well as retoning the nervous system quickly. This procedure is a must have in the tool belt of healing methods and can be used in almost all cases of aquiring better health..

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"Louis Kuhne of Leipzig was impressed with the fact that diseases are all caused by morbid accumulations in the system, and on that theory he built up his system, which is substantially as follows:

Two steam baths weekly (15 to 30 minutes' duration), taken in a steam bath cabinet much like our present-day vapor cabinets.
Then from one to three hip baths daily, except that in gynecological cases Sitz-baths are taken instead of hip baths. Temperature of water should be about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Hip-baths" differ from "Sitz baths" in that the former are given with the patient sitting in water up to his iliac spines, whereas in the latter the patient sits on a stool, the seat of which is on a level with the surface of the water; the water then being lifted up and rubbed vigorously about her hips with a coarse linen cloth. Vigorous friction is used in either case, using the linen cloth. This bath is continued from 5 to 20 minutes. After the bath, the patient is warmed by exercise, or, if too weak, by being put to bed.

Louis Kuhne used this method for every disease, and people came to his sanitarium from many parts of the world. To the Naturopath who has the true pathology of disease well in mind it is very evident why this method should be applicable to all classes of diseases, and I personally regard Kuhne's system as among the most valuable of hydrotherapeutic methods."

~ ~

Taken from: Kuhne, Louis. The New Science of Healing

The hip-bath.

The hip-bath tub, is filled so far with water to reach to
the thighs and navel. Water is taken at 77 ° to 64 ° Fahr., and
the bather, half-sitting and half-reclining, should then rub the
entire abdomen from the navel downwards and on either side
incessantly and energetically with a coarse cloth (jute, coarse
linen). Continue this washing until completely cooled. At first
a quarter of an hour will suffice; later, the baths may be
somewhat prolonged. For very weak persons and children, on
the other hand, a few minutes are enough. It is highly
important that the legs, feet, and upper part of the body
should not be cooled with the rest, as they usually suffer from
want of blood; they should therefore be wrapped in a woollen
blanket. After the hip-bath the body must immediately be rewarmed,
this being best effected by exercise in the open air;
should warmth return too slowly, a woolen bandage may be
bound upon the abdomen.
After bathing one ought not to eat before the normal
warmth has been regained.
Such hip-baths can be taken from once to thrice daily,
according to the patient's condition at the time. In many cases
friction sitting-baths must be taken instead. In such cases the
latter yield quicker and more thorough results than are
possible with the hip-bath. By this means the bowels and
kidneys are urged to the highest pitch of activity without any
over-stimulation. At the same time a cooling effect penetrates
directly to the inner parts of the body, which are parched by
feverish heat in these cases. Yet the patient in the bath does
not feel cold, as only a very small portion of the body is
cooled, but rather a pleasant warmth.

The Friction Sitting-bath. (Sitz Bath)

This is taken by women in
the following manner:
In the hip-bath the patient lies in water up to the thighs;
whereas a special feature of the friction sitting-bath is, that
she sits high and dry so as not to touch the water with her
body. To this end, a foot-stool or the board seat constructed
by me is put into the same tub, in which the hip-baths are
taken, and the tub filled with water, so as not to rise quite to
the upper edge of the stool or board seat, the seat thus
remaining dry. The bather then sits down upon this perfectly
dry seat, dips a coarse linen cloth (jute or a rough towel) into
the water beneath, and then begins gently to wash the
genitals, always bringing up as much water as possible with
the cloth. I lay stress on the fact, that only the outer part, and
never the inner parts, of the genitals are to be washed, and not
by roughly rubbing backwards and forwards, but by gently
laving them with as much water as can be brought up. The
water for these baths is always taken as cold as Nature gives
it (45 ° to 60 ° Fahr.), though in special cases a somewhat
milder temperature, up to 66° Fahr., may be taken.
The colder the water is during the friction sitting-baths,
the more effective they are. But never take the water colder
than the bather's hands can bear it. In the tropics and hot
countries it will not be possible to take as cold water as we
do; let it simply be taken as cold as it is to be had, for the
relation of the water there to the temperature of the air will
very nearly agree with that here, so that the effect will be the
same in both cases. This opinion has been confirmed in every
way by reports which I have received from tropical regions.
"Where no hip-bath tub is to be had, any wash-tub
whatever can be employed for the friction sitting-baths, if it
be only large enough for the reception of a stool or some
other convenient seat, and contain at least from 30 to 40
gallons of water up to the edge of the seat. If too little water is
taken for these baths, it soon grows warm, thus rendering the
bath less effective.
Soft water is preferable to fresh spring - water. Where
only spring-water is obtainable, it is well to let it stand a
while, taking care that it does not get too warm.
In almost all superior families a similar process of
washing, simply "for the sake of cleanliness, has long been
known; although not with such cold water, or in the manner
and length of time prescribed by me.
For men the arrangement as regards the vessel is the same,
but in their case the outer edge, that is, the end, of the
foreskin is to be washed under water. The bather holds, most
conveniently with the middle and forefinger, or the thumb
and forefinger, of the left hand the foreskin drawn over the tip
of the glans penis, so that the latter is quite covered, and then
gently and continually washes the extreme end or edge of the
foreskin so drawn down, under the cold water, with a jute or
linen cloth of the size of a handkerchief, held under water in
the right hand.
This bath, too, is so simple, that I cannot conceive why it
is so often wrongly applied, in spite of the most careful
description. In most cases the washing is wrongly performed
above water, the cloth being merely dipped in; whereas the
washing should be done continuously under water. In other
cases the person in question had taken hold of the penis
properly, and held the end well under water; but then, instead
of washing the tip-end of the foreskin under water, he had
bathed the whole penis from the left hand up towards the
body. When improperly applied, the friction sitting-baths
cannot have the effect otherwise peculiar to them;
consequently I counsel all those who are not quite sure about
taking them properly, to have the same explained to them by
an expert, or to consult me, rather than waste time and
trouble. The duration of the baths, according to age and
strength, is from 10 to 60 minutes.
In the case of patients having inflamed or gangrenous
places in the interior of the body, the inner inflammation is
very soon attracted downwards, frequently after the very first
bath, and then reappears in the spot rubbed or in its
immediate neighborhood. In Part II, Cancer, I shall treat of
this phenomenon more in detail. In every case it is a favorable
symptom, which should not deter any one from continuing
the baths.
It may appear inexplicable to many, that just this part of
the body, and not some other, is chosen as the place for
applying these baths. The reason is very simple. The effect of
the friction sitting-baths is a double one; firstly, purely
mechanical, as thereby the interior of the body, in which in all
forms of disease excessive heat is generated, is normally
cooled in a manner peculiar to these baths and hitherto
unknown, without needlessly chilling the rest of the body, so
that during each friction sitting - bath a peculiar warmth is
generated in the exterior skin, which latter is too cold,
especially in all chronic diseases. Through this effect,
peculiar both to the friction sitting-bath and to my hip-bath,
the abnormal temperature of the body induced by disease is
rendered normal, that is, all further fermentation of the
foreign matter in the system is prevented. For, as I have said
before, all fermentation is prevented or forced to retire by this
cooling process.
Secondly, by means of the friction sitting-baths the
nervous system, and thus the vital powers of the entire body,
are strengthened in a manner hitherto unexampled. At no
other point in the body is there a junction of so' many
important nerve-extremities as in the one which just
indicated. These are, in particular, the branches of many
spinal nerves, and of the nervus sympathicus, which are the
principal nerves of the abdomen, and through their
connection with the brain are capable of exerting an influence
on the entire nervous system. In a later work I shall speak in
greater detail on "the essence of life", and many will obtain
thus a clearer notion concerning the reasons for the influence
exerted by the friction sitting-baths. It is only at the genitals
that the entire nervous system of the human frame can be
influenced. Here is, in a sense, the root of the whole tree of
life. By washing in cold water a marked invigoration of the
nerves takes place, or, in other words, the vital powers of the
whole body, down to the minutest part, are thus stimulated.
Exceptions occur only where the nerve-connection is
After this explanation it will be plain to all, how it is that I
successfully treat diseases of the eyes and ears with the same
remedy, with which in other cases I cure scarlet fever, smallpox,
cholera, etc. The vital powers of the entire body are
stimulated, and at the same time there is no possibility of one
member's being more excited than another unless, as said
above, the nerve-connection is interrupted. How heightened
vital power manifests itself is, however, quite unknown to
most people; for its tokens are often external phenomena,
which are utterly opposed to the patient's expectations. If for
instance smokers can no longer bear their cigars after the
baths, they are inclined to think that their stomachs are
weakened, whereas just the contrary is the case. Before, their
stomachs had not strength enough left to offer effectual
resistance to the poisonous nicotine, while now they have
regained vigor enough to do so. And many like cases.
Wherever the nerves are still - capable of being strengthened
by these baths, the system recovers the power of expelling the
foreign matter gradually collected in it through the natural
organs of secretion.
Yet no one should suppose that this remedy will infallibly
cure every patient; as I have observed before, I can cure all
diseases with the same, but by no means all cases. For where
the vital powers of the body are already broken down, and
individual organs in great part destroyed, this remedy can, it
is true, afford relief and alleviate pain as no other can, but a
complete cure is impossible.
I think that no one can name any other part of the body
whence the entire organism can be influenced in the same
manner. Just as nobody can alter the fact that all life proceeds
from the reciprocal action of the sun, air, and water, neither
can the above arrangement be altered at all. The sun
influences our whole earth in one and the same manner, yet
the outward manifestation of this influence differs in every
climate. Where its operation is most intense (in the tropics)
the development of life is most abundant and diversified,
while in the North vegetable and animal life grow rarer as we
advance. In like manner, the operation of the friction sittingbaths
differs with the constitution of individuals and their
actual stock of vital power, which differ considerably. But
they are the best means known to me for effecting a lasting
animation and invigoration of the entire organism."

"Louis Kuhne, a naturopath from Leipzig, Germany -hailed by his contemporaries as "a genius in the Art of Healing"- was a pioneer of the detox concept back in 1883. His doctrine of the Unity of Diseases stipulates that all diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins in the body. He devised an ingeniously simple healing panacea based on hydrotherapy -specially featuring his famous friction sitz bath- accompanied by a wholesome, strictly vegetarian diet. Using these simple methods, Kuhne achieved phenomenal success in healing a wide spectrum of previously incurable diseases, and helping his patients recover and maintain good health.

According to Kuhne, internal body heat, -generated by movement, digestion, stress or shock- pushes excess fat and toxins out to the body's periphery where they deposit and can no longer be eliminated. The Detox Bath working principle is to cool down the core area of the body, i.e. the groin and genitals by applying cold water for ten to twenty minutes daily, or at least 4 times a week (depending on your initial condition and the results you seek to achieve). This action provokes a vibration in the fascia, (interconnecting tissue covering all internal organs) which produces a roll- back effect driving excess fat and toxins back into the intestines, where they can be eliminated.

The Detox Bath is a simple, free home hydrotherapy technique that offers a natural alternative for maintaining disease at bay by strengthening the body's inherent ability to flush out waste deposits. It uses nothing but water to help eliminate fat and toxins and maintain a healthy, fit and toned body."

~ ~

My thoughts...

To kick this method up a notch you can try the following. Juice 8 lemons and add to a 1 gallon jug and top of with warmed up, distilled water (100 to 110 degrees). Run a hot bath (105 to 110 degrees) deep enough to cover your body, legs and arms with just your head sticking out of the water. You may have to lay down depending on your tub length and depth.

Take your lemon juice to the tub and get in and submerge yourself for 1 hour. If you need to add hot water during this time period do so. During this time drink your juice (spaced out) over the duration of the bath.

The purpose is to heat your body core for the next part of the procedure.

Now you can drain the tub and run cold water on your genitals (about 45 to 55 degree water) you just want to hit the lower abdomen, genitals and butt. The contrast will signal a strong drawing reaction within your system. The purpose is to draw out toxins so they can be expelled via intestines/colon. If you have an extended flexi shower wand this will work well. You can also rub with a rough cloth the same areas as where you apply the cold water.

This procedure works best on a clean vegetarian diet and will help clean your body of trapped mucous/toxins quickly. Be prepared for strong healing reactions (purging).

*IMPORTANT* Always use a shower/bath filter that removes chlorine (they are inexpensive) because your skin absorbs a very significant amount of water when bathing and showering. I use a KDF filter.


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