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Leslie Speaks, Part 3: Angels & God

Continuing the week-long communication with Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie Goldman, after he transitioned. In part 3, Leslie answers questions about Angels and God.

Date:   11/26/2020 12:58:14 AM   ( 24 mon ) ... viewed 785 times

Leslie Speaks, Part 3:

June 21, 2020 11:50 PM Sunday:

(Leslie, are you here? can you talk to me?)

Yes, Dear One, I can still "hear" you! I am far away, I am near, I Am with you always. Do not grieve for me, I AM FREE! I am expanded, is wondrous, as I told you earlier...harder for me to concentrate on the earth plane, it is a lovely place, to be human, yet such a small, albeit important part of all of the "Universes of Creation" ---so many worlds, so many planets, so much LIFE!   LIFE in all its myriad forms--did you know on some planets cats are the "dominant" life form? Amazing. They're sentient beings, just as intelligent as humans...yes, like Star Trek---all of the life forms evolving from primordial "ooze" like on Earth---evolution taking different paths---so many fun creatures and civilizations and eco-systems and planetary histories---so much to explore! Did you know that the soil on one of the planets is purple hued? It's because of the soil organisms in it---beautiful---imagine planting Seed Dreams there! Amazing! Astounding! I had no idea! ---all of the COLORS! so many hues, greater than the earthly rainbow.

I'm taking a "sightseeing" trip now, looking around---it's fun! exciting! So much to see, to learn, to experience---some of the planets I've been to before, as bio-beings ensouled there---some are familiar, others new. Each its own plants and "trees"---although on some you'd hardly call them "trees"---on some the "trees" are sentient! Like in that movie---Lord of the Rings---the ENTS---like that! Only these "trees" don't walk, they stay rooted where they are...imagine! The "trees" "talking" to each other! Some planets are in harmony, others in chaos, some like Earth are evolving, others going "backwards" if you can call it that. Like giant clocks ticking in all directions---"time" is like that---it's different everywhere you go---there's "sections" of the Universe that are "in sync" with each other, others run on different "rules"---you'd call it physics but then I was/am not a scientist yet it's all becoming clearer to me...

(Is this really Leslie I'm talking to? )

It's me, yet not me, it's ME---we are all connected, so you and I and all humans are connected, even when we're not in our bodies...we share consciousnesses---there is a cohesive consciousness, yet there are "facets" to it that are more or less "individual" but there is no individuality! hard to explain in words---we merge, diverge, merge into each other, like a multifaceted diamond---all one, yet not, yet so...we feel so separate when we're in our bio-bodies, yet when we're not in the body we are our True selves---we can be in many different places at the same "time" doing many different things yet still aware of all we are doing....all at once.

(Have you met, talked to, communicated with, other "souls" or "beings" or...?)

Yes, I have, with many parts of MYSELF---all merging together----it's sort of like a "class reunion", all of ME telling all of ME what All of ME has been, is, will be doing---when "I" was in the body I was blind and dumb to what the "rest" of ME was involved with---so All of ME is getting "me" "up to date"----it's sort of an "integration" process---it's hard to explain.

(I get it, sort you meet different BEings---like "angels" and all of that?)

Well, I'd hardly call US "Angels"---it really is one BIG US so when you ask that question it's like "me" and "them" but there isn't that kind of separation; it's US with extensions off of the WHOLE---like hairs on an amoeba---all ONE "Creature", all ONE CREATION.

(so, what about this thing humans call "God"---what is it? Have you met it?)

Well, there isn't a "God" like humans call it---some Being separate from US; I guess you'd say US is "God" but that's misleading...there is ONE BIG Consciousness, and all of US is part of that...I guess that would be "God"---"soup of souls" is a better analogy---think of this "SOUP" as encompassing everything that IS, that EXISTS, and It's constantly expanding---not in a "random" way as human scientists say---it's all Planned out in thought forms---IT is intelligent, creative, curious, loving----DID I say LOVING? No human notion of "Loving" even comes close! Overwhelming it is, it would probably fry a poor human's mind to really "see" and "know" this Intelligence, Creator, that is US. Remember, facets on a diamond, hairs on an amoeba---yep, that's a good one you are thinking---waves from an OCEAN---an OCEAN of LOVE...PEACE is not some concept, it IS. Hard for me to explain--- "I" was skeptical, or at least my "human element" was skeptical of this "God"-THING" but it's not like what all of these religions tell you---"God on High" and a separate Being from humans---no---human's feeble attempt to explain Creation. no. We, you, US---all together make up the Creator....WE/US are the Creator! It's not some BEing or machine cranking out Creation---WE really are all in this together!

(WHY do bio-beings have to go through this reincarnation cycle again and again and again--- If "we" are Creator as you say, don't we already know everything there is to know? experienced everything there is to experience?)

You're asking me the "WHY" of Creation. There's no one good answer. It just IS. It's the WAY of IT. Every planet has its own collective "soul"---Gaia is connected with human consciousness---She and humanity decide Her course...each planet with sentient Beings has its own on Earth, Gaia and humanity's "soul" work together to decide what happens on the planet. So "we" humans designed the "set-up" before "we" ever incarnated on the Earth as "humans".

I don't know the "Universal WHY" of it, just that it IS; it's the nature of the Universes to be ever expanding, creating new systems, galaxies, planetary systems, each with its own bio-beings upon them. It's been this way ALWAYS. FOREVER. It's the WAY IT IS---you could call it the Creation's "personality" if you want---grow, expand, experience...WHY? Just Because. It is So.

(Leslie, you sound different)

It's the "expansion" process "I" Am undergoing...again, my human consciousness, all that I was on Earth, will stay with Gaia. This is the part of "ME" you will be able to communicate with. The "expanded ME" is my Universal SELF, my expanded state, consciousness, awareness----whatever verbiage you want to use...

so we end for now.

Love Love Love!

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