Blog: Parasites Now: the importance of Diet
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parasite - the importance of diet

the importance of diet to control parasites.

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Parasites Now - Don’t give up
This blog has four sections 1. My storey 2. Quotes 3. The diet 4. Treatment 5. Other

My storey
I believe i’ve had parasites for a number of years. How long i don’t right;y know. As a child i had a poor immune system and i suffered a number of childhood illnesses and in addition i was exposed to cats - cats may carry parasites. A common cat parasite is toxascaris. So possible i had parasites since i was a child.

I became particularly ill after visiting southern italy. I had extreme pain in my intestines and this pain migrated to my liver and was followed with bouts of yellowish diarrhea that carried on for about 6 months. About 5 to 6 years after this “illness” i was diagnosed with fatty liver and gallstones. Both these conditions “may” be attributed to a parasite infection ( )
About a year or so after my liver and gallstone diagnosis i realised that i could feel movement in my bile duct. It was at this point that i first realised that i might have parasites. To confront this i took a megadose of ginger. This action moved the parasite infection from my liver to free roaming parasites in my body. At this point i felt the parasites attack my lungs. I would not advise taking megadoses of ginger!.

This infection was characterised by movements from my liver to food in my deodorium. In addition i had been diagnosed with night time teeth grinding, further i had a pot belly which was unrelated to the amount i ate,

For the last three years i have been fighting this supposed infection. I did go to the doctor - several times - but the medics were not able to confirm the infection. The stool tests came back negative even though i could see eggs with a magnifying glass in my stool and on one occasion actually saw hatched parasites. Liver scans came back with mixed results: new areas of the liver were identified as shaded or marked however the consultant brushed these off as fat deposits. In addition an endoscopy procedure found a lump in my deodorium, however the consultant identified this as undigested food despite there being no evidence that i had poor or interrupted digestion.

I had to attempt to sort this infection out for myself. I knew my body was ill. i started of trying anti parasite herbs. Some of these herbs seemed to work well at first however the herbs worked less well as i extended use over time. This was also true of pharmaceuticals. I also tried various restrictive diets. Restrictive in terms of fat and carbohydrate intake.

The following section covers some general quotes about parasites. Then i detail the diet i finally ended up with. And the last section lists the herbs i took in addition to the diet.

The body can become overwhelmed by parasites. Research has found that “Large groups of worms can overwhelm the immune system and kick-start a self-perpetuating cycle that nearly guarantees their survival, whereas smaller groups and lone worms cannot.”

Parasites will hide in the liver where the immune system leaves them pretty much alone. “The liver is an immunotolerant organ and therefore an ideal place for parasites to hide from the immune system. “,life%2Dcycle%20of%20these%20parasites.

Sushi could be a source of infection “Wriggling Roundworm Found in Woman's Tonsil After She Ate Sashimi”

It is normal for hosts to be co-infected by parasites.,confounding%20attempts%20at%20parasite%20control.

Co-infection of individual hosts by multiple parasite species is a pattern that is very commonly observed in natural populations.

The incredible amount of genetic diversity in parasites means humans are often infected with multiple strains, which could make infections worse and increase the prevalence of the parasite over time.

Parasites can cause vitamin absorption problems “Giardiasis—A cause of vitamin B12 malabsorption”

Cancer and parasites:
Fats and parasites
Fats play an important part in parasite survival and reproduction. Fats can be split into long chain fatty acids and short chain fatty acids. Parasites can make use of long chain fatty acids. However short chain fatty acids, might, but not in all cases, stress parasites.

Long chain fatty acids
Apicomplexa... The replication of these parasites within their target host cell is dependent on both salvage as well as de novo synthesis of fatty acids.

toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites are highly dependent on fatty acid biosynthesis and/or salvage pathways in order to sustain the synthesis of new membrane and high proliferation rates..

Palmitic (C16) and C18 (stearic) acids were the chief components among the fatty acids.

Cestodes have lost their capacity for de novo synthesis of lipids and have become entirely dependent on their host.

Cestodes do not use lipids normally as energy reserve; instead these are being utilized for reproduction.

Stanford Medicine researchers have found that feeding roundworms monounsaturated fatty acids — the kind found in olive oil, nuts and avocados — stimulates a fatty buildup that appears to extend their lives,appears%20to%20extend%20their%20lives.

We show that fatty acid synthesis is a crucial determinant for T. gondii infection. We also show that the parasite selectively uses these pathways to generate specific products that are necessary for continuous growth and thereby for establishing an acute infection.

Short chain fatty acids
The results from this study demonstrate that SCFA (short chain fatty acids) and LA (lauric acid) have a significant negative influence on established O (Oesophagostomum dentatum).

Coconut oil is composed of 48% lauric acid, 18% myristic acid, 7% capric acid and 0.5% caprylic acid. The administered solution of short chain fatty acids alleviated the formation of histopathological changes in the intestine in response to the parasite’s presence, and lowered the intensity of T. spiralis invasion after infection with a higher dose of larvae.

Dodecanoic (lauric) acid (500 and 700 mg/ml) induced highly significant reduction of viability of Blastocystis hominis cells in culture after 2 hours incubation (p < 0.01). Higher concentration (1000 mg/ml) caused rapid death of the parasite and no viable cells were detected after 30 minutes incubation.

Our studies have confirmed that the MCSFA, dodecanoic acid (C: 12) (common name: lauric acid), is anti-giardial, with an LD50 concentration comparable to that of metronidazole, the drug of choice in the treatment of giardiasis. Dodecanoic acid appeared to induce trophozoite death by accumulating within the parasite cytoplasm resulting in rupture of the cell membrane.

I found that diet was critical in controlling my parasite infection. The diet slowed parasites down, and appeared to improve the outcomes of taking medication (alternative and chemical).

The rules of the diet is as follows:

Eat any vegetable with less than 5% carbohydrate.
Basically this limits you to eating green vegetables. Typical low carb vegetables are courgettes, greens, cabbage, spinach, okra, green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber etc. there are lots of nutritional sites on the internet that list carbohydrate values - i tried to check every food i ate. i only steam or boil vegetables and i don’t use the liquid as some carbs will collect in the water and would provide, if eaten, an easy to eat food source for parasites,

Eat meat with less than 5% fat.
Lots of supermarkets sell meat with the fat content stated. I have found frozen chicken (6 meals) with less than 3% fat, turkey slices (4 meals) with just 3% fat and minced beef (3 meals a week) with supposedly less than 5% fat. i grilled the meat to a well done state so as to drain and burn off as much of the remaining fat as possible.

Eat coconut oil and only coconut oil.
I didn’t cook the coconut oil i just melted it in the cooked vegetables. You’re using coconut oil to provide all of your energy requirements.

That’s it. No sugar, No carbs, No long chain fatty acids. I check every packet/food to ensure that manufacturers had not added sugar.

I just had two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. I did not bother with lunch.

Soya protein? Soya has too many carbs. About 20% or so. OK if you cook it and drain the water there are less. in the end i found it to work less well than low fat meat.

No sugar means no fruit. No long chain fatty acids mean no nuts or oily fruits like avocados.

A previous diet had included eggs and goats cheese - it did not work. Though i did not try goats cheese without eggs.

Eggs have a high percentage of long chain fatty acids. So i didn’t include them. Rice about 10% carbs - so no rice. similarly no flour products.

It took me about five or six weeks following the diet before i got a reaction. What reaction: a number of things! came out of my liver. This left me (?) with a few very mature parasites.

Warning: Coconut oil is a hard white fat which might spell cholesterol. I got my cholesterol measured a number of times and i tried to monitor my cholesterol levels. from my reading opinions about coconut oil and cholesterol are divided so it seemed a good idea to monitor cholesterol levels. I also exercised daily while following the diet. Any restricting diet is a bad diet.

Treatment 1
In addition to the diet i took herbal and chemical treatment for my infection. The following is my treatment schedule and if you adopt any part of this it is important for you to research the treatment, the risks etc.

I found that a gap between doses for me was more effective than taking a treatment daily,one week between doses good more of a gap better.

Neem tea - once a week first tea dose 5am in the morning and three or four tea doses on the same day.

Gentian root - once a week first tea dose 5am in the morning and three or four tea doses on the same day.

Lemon grass tea - once a week first tea dose 5am in the morning and three or four tea doses on the same day. With one or two of the tea doses add three or four drops of citronella oil - this oil carries a health warning (look it up and read about it).

Horsetail - once a week first tea dose 5am in the morning and three or four tea doses on the same day.

Hyssop - once a week first tea dose 5am in the morning and three or four tea doses on that day.

Nettle/ olive leaf - once a week three or four tea doses on that day.

Rue tea. I had one dose once every two weeks in the morning. I alternated this tea with penny royal tea. both teas carry a health warning - look up why if your interested.

Betel nut. I boiled halved and grated nuts for about half an hour. The nuts are easier to grate after boiling/soaking. I took the tea once a week: 5am and subsequently throughout the day.

Wormwood. I soaked wormwood (about a 30/50 grams) in alcohol for six weeks and had a swig of this mixture once a week some time during the night.

Black Walnut tincture. Green hulls are best but you can use leaf as well. i soaked cut leaves (about 30 to 50 grams) in a litre of alcohol for at least six weeks. First dose a teaspoonful of walnut tincture in half a tumbler of water about 5am, second dose in three spoonfuls of “zero” fat cottage cheese or zero fat quark (alternate) at about midday. Third dose in two teaspoons of water about 4.30pm. On the day i had black walnut tincture i missed breakfast and so had a mini fast.

Myrrh - I soaked myrrh in alcohol for six weeks and had a swig of this mixture once a week some time during the night

Ozonated oil. I bought an inexpensive ozonator off the internet. I 20min ozonated either olive oil or sesame oil and took one teaspoonful once a week at about 1am. One week olive oil the next week sesame.

Lauric acid - i had about 5/6 capsules once week throughout the night.

Caprylic acid - i had about 5/6 capsules once week throughout the night.

Cyperus Rotundus (nut grass or nagarmoth) - i bought this as a powder and filled capsules and took 4/5 capsules once week throughout the nights.

Genestien - i had about 5/6 capsules once week throughout the night.

Black seed oil - i rubbed this into the area just below my right rib cage - the bile duct tube lies just below this area - and occasionally to the stomach area. About once every two weeks.

Castor oil - i rubbed this into the area just below my right rib cage and occasionally to the stomach area. About once every two weeks.

Iodine - 15% 3 drops in half a tumbler of water once a week daytime. Between meals.

Ginger root - concentrated tablets have about twice a week.

Co-enzyme q10 powder - about three to four grams once a week daytime. Between meals.

Chemical anti parasite drugs. When i got hold of these i took a dose every three or so weeks.

Treatment 2
The following are links of parasite herb treatments, NOTE it is not a comprehensive list. The reader should distinguish between in vitro (in a dish) and in vivo (in the body) research,

I get crunch noises as a result of taking medication. Usually i get crunch noises coming from my liver/bile duct tubes. More recently i get crunch noises coming from my abdomen and now from the intestines. I surmise this crunch is a result of parasites collapsing perhaps the outer shell is slightly hard and when it goes it goes with a bit of a crunch. But i don’t know for certain.

I couldn’t understand why at least once when i shared a meal with friends i was the only person to get food poisoning. Looking back i was probable acquiring another parasite.

I think parasites can sense when their colony has been hit and respond by laying eggs. That is in response to a lethal medication parasites lay eggs. Parasites are egg machines. You can up the game by taking medication to kill eggs (ginger, cloves and others) but you are not 100% sure of the optimum time to take these to kill all the eggs. And when exactly are they laying? further parasite(s) responds to this by laying more eggs but this time under a biofilm cover. You can go on and take biofilm busters - but you'll lose this battle.

Not all parasites will be threatened by coconut oil. Some will be affected more than others, coconut oil has a small percentage of long chain fatty acids. further the quality of coconut oil is not guaranteed - ok you can buy cold pressed, virgin etc but you are not sure what’s been taken out. A lot of the oils i see seem unnaturally white. Unrefined coconut oil should have a slightly brownish tinge and separated brown deposits at the jar bottom.

So what are the risks of acquiring parasites? Not so great - your immune system, in most cases, will kill them. If your immune system is compromised (poor diet, age, other illnesses) then your risk will be higher. Pets maybe a risk - that dog lick..The more traveling the greater the likelihood of acquiring parasites. The more eating out the greater the risk. And in the main it’s probably just as well to avoid raw fish. Ok sushi is usually served with a pickled ginger and Ginger is a parasite egg killer. There are other ways to acquire parasites. Also once you have a parasite, depending on the parasite and where it is (the liver or free roaming), it will attempt to shut down that part of your immune system that kills them. Of course, if they do this, it opens the door to other parasites.

If you think that you might have parasites don’t go and tell the doctor that you have a parasite infection. Talk to the doctor in terms of symptoms - pains in the liver, movements, headaches, vomiting, feeling sick, loss of energy etc. though in most cases you won't know that you have parasites, the symptoms are pretty benign. all i’d advise, if i have to give advice, is try and get a liver ultrasound scan once every 7 to 10 years once you’ve hit 45 years plus. A health profession might give you this if you say that your liver feels swollen.

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