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End of the Year/New Year Messages

End of the year spiritual messages, dreams, poetry, art, and astrology as we transition from 2019 to the New Year of 2020.

Date:   12/27/2019 11:13:50 PM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1482 times

"Succeed" Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 12" x 10"

CALC is an ancient Rune meaning "offering cup poured out". The symbol for Calc is in the shape of the World Tree. The Cup is made of the skeletons of the Ancient Ones whose remains fertilize the Earth. Their offerings feed the soil that feeds us; this is the cycle. What can you pour out that feeds your roots so that you can grow something new from the midst of the old? The willingness to offer up is a necessary part of transformation:


Here I stand,
what offering can I give?
I have walked a lonely road
down the unmarked path,
walking amid many rocks and brambles.
I stand after many bruises,
I stand after many falls.
Do the many falls count?
Do the scrapes and bruises count?
Does the broken heart count?
Wondering, I ask:
Does any of it count?
I cry to mother earth,
I look around with empty arms.
I see nothing I can give.
I hold out my hands...
I can only give myself.
Is that enough?

For whatever reason, I happened to be thinking about the fields of lupines
that I used to love as a child.
Then suddenly I was transported to a different time and place.
(Maybe it was a past life, or maybe it was some other life or reality.)
I was a young woman with a daughter, who was about 3 years old.
We were walking hand in hand through a field of beautiful blue lupines.
We were happy and enjoying the lupines.
The young daughter stops and gently caresses the lupines.
She then turns to me and says, "I remember when I WAS A LUPINE!"
I smile and say to her, "I remember that life, too!
It was a beautiful life!"

In the process of emerging,
we yell out in our frustration.
The tide is raging,
The darkness is enveloping.
In our struggle to allow
the changes that are happening,
We gather together the wisdom of the Elders
and do our best to let it all unfold.
While eternally in the Center,
our energy is scattered to the Four Corners.
Seeking guidance, we turn to the Ancestors
and the gods of old.
Meanwhile, we know that deep within,
we are the Sovereign Ruler or our Selves.

A change in location brings a change in perception.
A shift in perception brings about a different experience.

Asking this day....
Who am I?...
I am a lost soul crying in the wilderness of myself.
I stand wrapped in a fish skin to keep me dry from the raging waters
that threaten to engulf me.
There is no time and the no-time slipped by both noticed and unnoticed.
What I need now is to be grateful.
In some times I can see far into the distance...far into the future years,
but often I can only see this minute!
I often feel confined within the circle with bars I have made of iron,
yet they are only shadows that appear very real.
In fact, they appear so real that they keep me locked inside.

They often seem like a straight jacket, tied securely so I can't seem to move.
That no-time seems in an endless battle to extract myself from their bindings.
Do I know anything?
As Grandfather says, "always know where the sun rises!"
If you know where the sun rises, you are never lost!
I am in the present moment and this is where I stand.

The wind brings changes. A new perspective.
What new insights has the wind brought?
It is our own decision if those changes are good or bad.
What do I see unfolding? Change... Change and more change.
We have heard about this change and now it is here!
The outcome of all the changes are a question.
Will we tech ourselves into automatons?
Or maybe a new comet will crash into the earth and we will all start over.
We are still deciding the answer!

Personally... I feel amazed!
Amazed at the many insights I keep getting!
I am grateful!
All I can do is TRUST!

ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (Excerpt):

"NOW is the time when the veils are thin and we have access to a higher Earthly-and-Cosmic intelligence that guides us, protects us, and gives us instructions for what we are meant to create & become in the year ahead.

Whether you personally requested it or not, 2019 has been a year of deep healing work for you. It feels like the universe decided: “Hey, let’s make you fix and heal and transform all that old gunk that was getting in the way, so you can be ready for all that is to come in this momentous year of 2020!”

So the question is, what are all the transformations you’ve been going through, leading up to? For so many reasons, 2020 is going to be one of the most important years in the history of humanity.

This is the portal through which our entire species will pass. And if we get this phase-shift right then an untold era of new evolution, abundance and possibility awaits us on the other side.

Astrology is an ancient science that has been used for at least 5000 years ... Probably much longer. Astrology has extreme potency to help us decode the mysteries of the universe ... both on a personal level as well as collectively. We are made of stardust, and according to quantum physics, we are intimately entangled with the stars, planets, and other celestial beings ... So we are naturally impacted by movements in the cosmos, just as the Earth's tides are impacted by the pull of the moon. The positions of the stars & planets show us the eternal cycles that make up our reality.

Now let's look at the astrology of 2020 ...
In 2020, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Ceres, and several other impactful celestial bodies will ALL spend much of the year in Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of hard work, integrity, dedication, perseverance, and the visionary process of BUILDING something entirely new that the world has never seen before.

Plus, there are going to be 7 eclipses between December 26, 2019 and December 14, 2020. That's 7 eclipses in one year! Most years there are only 4 eclipses. Eclipses, by the way, are portals of transformation. Every time we have an eclipse, it shifts our reality. So we know for certain that 2020 is going to be a wild ride!

It’s going to get more intense. We are being called to transform at an even higher level.
Now, the part about Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn is really important for us.
Saturn is all about hard work and commitment. And since Capricorn is also about hard work and commitment, that means this year, with Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn, is going to be super intense on the hard work and commitment!

But here's the thing: Jupiter will be in Capricorn too. All throughout 2020. Jupiter brings abundance, growth, and expansion, as well as the innate ability to amplify whatever is going on in the collective. So Jupiter together with Saturn will help us to create lasting abundance, growth, and expansion from WHATEVER we choose to work hard on and intentionally build with integrity in 2020.

Add Pluto into the mix: He'll be in Capricorn all year too. Pluto is all about death, rebirth and transformation. He leads us into shamanic initiations. He can create a lot of upheaval and chaos. He can also help us to step into our personal power ... And he can help our global collective of humanity regain our power and take a stand against the established authority when it's out of integrity or doing bad things for life on Earth. Pluto together with Saturn is going to insist that we come back into our power, with integrity, for a cataclysmic initiation through death and rebirth.
Yes, that means more transformation. For us individually, and with Pluto involved, most definitely on a collective / societal scale.

But remember that throughout 2020, we are being guided toward truth by these celestial gods: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This is really big. With all of these forces coming together, 2020 (and the upcoming decade) is truly our opportunity to: Come into our power and dismantle & destroy the societal systems and structures that are no longer serving the continuance of LIFE and then to:
BUILD something entirely new based on compassion, trust, love, mutual respect, and honoring the sacredness of life itself.

THIS IS WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR. This is exactly what those of us alive today, have incarnated for at this time. So let's build it. We cannot wait any longer...

This year is quite possibly the most important year for our planet, for humanity, and for all species on Earth in modern history. We need you right now. The world needs you. YOU need you.
You need to be doing your most important work this year.
Starting now."

--Jocelyn Mercado, MBA
Founder of Sacred Planet


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