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Mission Possible: Let's Win This!

Mission Possible: Let's Win This!

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Mission Possible: Let’s WIn This! was the first in a series of five Workshops led by my partner Adrienne Prince and myself, Leslie Goldman, aimed at Unearthing Our Personal Superpowers that can be used to help regenerate The Enchanted Garden, a name for our renewed Earth that can grow one seed and one Seed Dream at a time.
Our first workshop was December 10, 2019 at our local food coop in San Diego.

Please be in touch to schedule your own workshop to uplift your favorite group or business or for personal inspiration and coaching underscoring that you are born on purpose and have a mission to fulfill in this lifetime.

Text us with your contact info or listen to the prerecorded message from Adrienne. I plan to have a phone up soon with poem offerings.

Our international network is called The #EnchantedGardenClub. See more below.

This is the advertisement we had in The Life Connection December issue.

We had a great workshop December 10 in the community room at Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market.

A central theme to my part of our projected 5 part series was introducing Mission Possible - Align Your Purpose With Nature.

Why is it important to align your purpose with nature?

How can we regenerate the earth considering the catastrophic imbalances we are witnessing so prevalently?

I believe these imbalances trace to imbalances within ourselves.

I believe we are born on purpose.
Good health, in my experience, is an outgrowth of discovering our purpose and living our passion.

Happy people are a fertilizer for the earth. Living out the reason we were born—once we discover it—is a factor in improving health.

“Dis-Ease” —feeling a lack of ease with our purpose can become a factor in what conventional medicine names disease.

Many people imagine they have a Brown Thumb. They imagine they cannot grow a seed, yet we are experts by nature as a species in growing seeds to reproduce the next generation.

#PlantYourDream involves taking a simple ancient heirloom grain of wheat, empowering it with our individual intention, and then planting the seed in a pot.

We did this in our workshop, each planting a private deep dream, as well as a seed to represent the harvest of a Seed Dream we would like to see grow to renew our world as an Enchanted Garden.

Many of us are personally pained by specific conditions now. I trace many of these conditions to a “Climate”— metaphorically and literally unaligned with natural growth. Yes! express your pain! But as well imagine the harvest that can come from planting a new seed.

A seed of ancient Kamut wheat will sprout even within three days. It can grow well over an inch in growth a day. This is mystifying.

The energy you planted will continue to grow as you are transformed by the process.

A simple plant can teach us many lessons about healthy living and aligning with our deepest nature.

Most grass we grow in a pot will die back, but even in a pot, the energy of all the dreams will go into a few grains that can—when tended—produce a next generation.

We are all Sacred Seeds—by our very nature—with great superpowers to do good,
to unearth, through remembering that the Earth and the Soul are Soilmates!

Much more to say!

Plant A Seed. Grow a Whole New World!

Posted 8:18 am
December 11, 2019

Wrote the day after
Mission Possible: Let’s Win This!

This writing is dedicated to the core local group of friends who attended our first workshop and to sponsor members in the The Enchanted Garden Club who make my vision for a more beautiful world possible.



This was one of the pieces that was part of our first of five workshops.
Mission Possible - Align Your Purpose With Nature. The first workshop was called Mission Possible: Let’s Win This!


Don’t miss this enlightening opportunity as you:
Choose the parents you would like
for the learning of a lifetime!

No need to go it alone. Select your soul group buddies and soul mates guaranteed to push ALL your buttons on this MIND altering trip you never imagined possible!

Read the #plantyourdream In process.

1:11 pm
December 13, 2019



“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.” -Henry David Thoreau

“If you watch the growth
of this seed…you will find that there
is an indestructible and mysterious power in it – the power of life. If you watch long enough,
you will see that the grain disappears and is replaced by a plant which will Triumph over all Obstacles and Opposition – which will grow
higher and higher and higher
because it has life within it.”

–Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
Co-Founder of Rancho La Puerta


Nature gives us a multitude of living metaphors that are easily accessible and demonstrate Soul principles.  Grow the Ancient Grass! You will discover your very own Metaphoric Mind!

“Thus to him, to this school-boy under the bending dome of day, is suggested, that he and it proceed from one root; one is leaf and one is flower; relation, sympathy, stirring in every vein. And what is that Root? Is not that the soul of his soul?--A thought too bold,--a dream too wild.

Yet when this spiritual light shall have revealed the law of more earthly natures,— when he has learned to worship the soul, and to see that the natural philosophy that now is, is only the first gropings of its gigantic hand, he shall look forward to an ever expanding knowledge as to a becoming creator.

He shall see, that nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. Its beauty is the beauty of his own mind. Its laws are the laws of his own mind. Nature then becomes to him the measure of his attainments. So much of nature as he is ignorant of, so much of his own mind does he not yet possess. And, in fine, the ancient precept, "Know thyself," and the modern precept, "Study nature," become at last one maxim.

The ancient precept, “Know thyself,” and the modern precept, “Study nature,” become at last one maxim”

Nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part.

In this case, opposite means counterpart or complement. Like saying a chess player sits opposite his opponent. The soul is as if internal, abstract, subjective. Nature is as if external, concrete, objective - Emerson writes of them being two reflections of the same whole. Nature is the soul made manifest, and the soul is nature in man.



Like what you see here?

Our Campaigns are supported by Sponsors and Members, who join the Enchanted Garden Club.


Enchanted Garden Member's Pledge:

Oh patient Mother Earth,
let us walk together more closely.
My own fertile, flowering seed dreams
are your fulfillment and renewal.
Remind me that all natural things
on Earth grow from seeds that touch soil,
as do I. Open in me the wisdom
contained in a tiny seed
that I might experience
how my dreams grow naturally.
The Enchanted Garden,
a name for the new Earth
growing through me,
starts here and now!

Signed: YOU!



When I touch grass,
I touch eternity.
It existed long before there were human beings
on the earth, and it will continue
to exist for millions of years to come.
Through the grass,
I tallk to the infinite,
which is only a silent force.
This is not a physical contact.
It is not in the earthquake,
wind, or fire,
It is the invisible world of nature,
or which, I, too, am a part."

--George Washington Carver

This was one of the favorite quotes of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, the modern Essene Renaissance leader and co-founder of Rancho La Puerta, the destination spa in Tecate, Mexico.

In You, I see the flowers I love so much in the garden.
Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful.

The Enchanted Garden is a name for Our New Earth
that grows One rare Heirloom Seed and #SeedSacred at a time.
Plant a Seed. Grow A Whole New Earth!
Leslie Goldman

Romain Rolland Forming the New Ground

"Let us seek truth everywhere;
let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom or its SEED. Having Found the seed, let us scatter it to the winds of heaven. Where ever it may blow, it will germinate. There is no lack
in this wide universe of souls
that will form the new ground."

--Romain Rolland,
From The Forerunners
Nobel Peace Prize for Literature, 1917


but here's this:

Hi! I'm a lifelong culture-hacker and spiritual activist,
raised in a meditation household
and super-inspired by punk/DIY culture!

I've worked as a schoolteacher, journalist, publicist
and ran for office-
All in my quest to create a sustainable world. Ii work with Leslie as a public speaker, editor, and assistant on his health journey.

Why? Because...

My idealistic "ex-hippie" teachers while I was growing up
kept telling us that
WE are the creators of this world,
and that the strange and complicated
planetary situation we're in
is not a "done deal" at all -
but actually a world in transition.

I show how this very special evolution works in my FREE live presentation, called SHIFT HAPPENS!

(Invite us to your classroom, meetup group or visionary workplace!)

My own path of awakening began around age 7,
when I had a series of vivid dreams about attending an
"Angel School" with my friends.
To my surprise, our unusual teachers weren't discussing
how to be more religious,
but rather, how to protect and honor the Earth!

Centuries of bold planetary thinkers
have shown us that we are all participating
in a shared global art project,
to create a world that works for everyone.

I KNOW that we are building a new global society,
centered in the Heart - and that we WILL be successful.

The turmoil, the struggles, the breakthroughs -
it's all in Nature's plan,
And you're a big part of it!

Adrienne’s main Facebook


“I’ve been waiting half my life to tell someone about Leslie Goldman. Always figured I’d wait for some desperate moment. Now it’s here.” Bob Baker, writing in the Los Angeles Times Magazine

SHOUTING IT LIKE IT IS : We Can Solve All the Scandals We Want, but Until We Target Racism, We Are Doomed
May 31, 1992|Bob Baker | Bob Baker is a Times staff writer.

I've been waiting half my life to tell somebody about Leslie Goldman. Always figured I'd wait for some desperate moment. Now it's here.

Lipski wrote:

I met Dr. Liz Lipski at the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference 2015. We planted dreams. She joined The Enchanted Garden Club . She wrote:

‘Someone once told me that dreams were for children. Aren’t we all children? Leslie’s work connects people to envision fully,
to embrace what’s possible, and to walk forward in hope. He is inspiring and brings us back to what’s essential, and what is uniquely essential.
I would love to see him working in hospitals, schools and widely, to plant seeds of hope and dreams like Johnny Appleseed."

More bio on Leslie

Main Links

2:50 pm
December 12, 2019

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