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5th Dimensionality and Visioning

It has been a VERY interesting month! Spiritual experiences in the 5th Dimension, poetry, assemblage art, dreams and visions, and power outages--how do I integrate it all?

Date:   11/30/2019 3:50:53 AM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1485 times
Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2019 24" x 24"

Heavy cardboard rolls covered with a layer of handmade paper and then a layer of specialty embossed 3D paper; long pieces of whisk broom (center of rolls, sticking out). The background is music paper covered with handmade paper, and an added specialty paper. Wooden backing.

Flirting with the Fifth

The only reason that I am posting this experience is the thought
that someone else has had this kind of experience
and to assure them that they are not going crazy,
just flirting with the fifth dimension.

This whole thing took about 4 weeks.
I'm still not completely over it.
I've had many other 5-D experiences in the past, mostly with being the "observer":
I was able to "watch" the events and not get caught up in them; it was a good experience.
However, in my personal life it was harder to stay uninvolved and "observe".
In any case I was not a stranger to the 5-D.
Yet, I had never had the experience that just happened.

It started out quite normally, as all these kind of things do.
Mercury had just gone direct (Sept. 21-22); I seemed more tired than normal,
but I didn't think much of it and took more naps.
I had issues with my ear and thought I had an infection,
so I took my natural supplements and thought that was the end of it.
Then one morning I went to get out of bed
and I was so dizzy that I could not get up.
I had had vertigo issues in the past so I just laid back down to let it pass.
Later, I tried to get up again.
I was still dizzy, but could get to the bathroom and pretend to be OK.
By this time, my legs were feeling weak. I could hardly stand.
I decided the best thing would be to get back in bed.
Then I was freezing cold. I got all the blankets I could easily find and put them on top of me.
I also put on an undershirt, t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a jacket.
I was still freezing; I could not get warm.
Then different events from my life started to show like a movie in front of me.
Next I experienced that I was part of this show.
I was wondering, “is this my life review? Am I dying?”
But the scenes were not in any sequence and seemed to have no reason.
It seems I was just to look over some of my life experiences.
Did I learn anything?

Days were going by, yet I experienced no time.
I was hungry, yet when my (adult) son would bring me some soup, I had to force myself to eat it.
My stomach hurt when I didn't eat. My stomach hurt when I ate.
My legs were so weak I couldn't make it to the bathroom
and I had my son put an old container near my bed just in case the soup didn't stay down.
I was still freezing.

I could not feel my body.
I was not in my body.
I had no body...
I felt like I was just a small spark of light
with consciousness and feelings.
I was in a mass of “energy”.
It looked like an endless space,
forming different things like chairs, tables, trees and whatever,
then they would all go back into that mass of energy.

OH! I get it!
Everything is Energy!
Everything comes from energy and everything goes back into energy.
That energy is Spirit!
Sure I had heard that many times, but now I am in it, now I am experiencing it!
Now I experience that I AM SPIRIT!
I am part of that energy! (As is everything else!)
It is one thing reading that statement and quite another thing to experience it!

Now I was HOT! I was so hot that I threw off all the blankets, and took off all the outer clothes.
I was sweating. Now I had a body again and it hurt everywhere.
Places I didn't even know I had, hurt.
I was still weak and still had problems trying to walk.
I felt like I would fall if I stood up, and I had to hang onto the walls to move at all.
I kept hearing all the different spiritual wisdom I had ever heard in my life.
None of it seemed to matter.

Then I heard Grandfather’s voice (see the Grandfather stories in this blog*):
“There are only two things that you need to know:
1. Everything is Spirit (energy)
2. There is only one prayer: "THANK YOU!”

I could feel these things deep within me.
I could experience them, I knew they were true.
It is not so easy to live our lives in this state.
I had the experience of everything is Spirit/energy. I saw the forms change.
I saw how Spirit was behind everything. (And I was also part of that Spirit!)
Now I was hungry and my temperature was more normal.
I wanted to eat now, at first a little at a time and then a little larger portion.
I heard a voice say: “welcome to the fifth dimension, this is just the beginning.”
Then I had dreams in which I am very psychic, where I am a great artist,
where I am able to help people heal, where I am able to give good counsel to people,
where I seem to be a better version of myself.

How do I keep this as my "this world" life?

I am who I always was.
But I didn’t know it!
I was hidden from myself,
not even daring to peek
from the depths of my being.
I chased the shadows.
They flitted around,
merging with the landscaping
while I stubbornly demanded
they appear to be real.
In pain, I cried out as every cell in my body ached
for the real Truth
of the Self.
I didn’t even know its essence was truly the Big Secret
that I was searching for.
I heard some voices calling to me:
“Look inside yourself” they said.
But I laughed it off as I had heard that before
and didn’t believe it was that simple.
I didn’t believe that everything
I was crying for was already mine!

How do I fold myself into small enough pieces
to find where the Secret place--the Self--is hidden?
Even the trees whisper to me
and the birds carry messages to me
sending their support and love.
They all support me
as I release myself
from the bondage I have put myself into.

Who am I that is emerging?
I feel the stirring inside the shell.
I can see the cracks getting bigger.
The cocoon that harbored the one
so locked into the old dimension
is developing into a new form!
The Phoenix is arising!
Rising from the ashes and bones of the old being.
Becoming something in a new form.
("Yet again?" I cry)
Oh yes, again
and again.
As many times as necessary!
I am happy that this latest process
seems to be about over!
Process!... Process!
No time.
Just allowing.
Just being whatever it is in the moment!
Now there is a glimmer!
Oh yes, it is getting clearer...
the new form
is emerging...
It is ME.............becoming the MASTER I always was!

Then there is this...
There I was, sitting and looking out my window (as always)...
Suddenly I saw a large finger-shaped crystal!!
I was enjoying its beauty,
then it morphed into an amazing tower of light,
immediately adding golden fiery red and yellows hues!
Now it became BIG!
It was as tall as I was!
I seemed immersed into it!
I could feel its warmth.
It seemed to tell me that something more was coming!
Then it slowly disappeared.

In last month's blog I talked about the fact that I wanted to write more,
especially poetry...well...I DID!
This month I ended up writing FIVE poems!!
At last my poetry bug has come out of hiding..
I will probably be adding poems here on the blog over time.

All this with the fact that Northern California has been immersed in power outages.
We tend to always get the outages as we are really rural.
That means no lights, AND no water...
we have a well that runs on electricity.
It has been "fun" dealing with it all.

How can I have all these wonderful experiences
and then go about an ordinary life?
How can I be sent into great other worldly
adventures and then eat breakfast?
How is it possible to try to carry on "normal" conversations
when my mind and consciousness are in a different reality?

*GRANDFATHER STORIES: "Ordinary Day": Grandfather teaches me about being grateful for each day and the "ordinary" things of life


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