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The Source of Self-Government In All Matters Great and Small

"(The) unifying and (self-) governing force" which naturally repels the external force, applicable in all situations including all those "external forces" operating under color of law.

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October 28, 2022 - Common Law -

"A recovery of the common law, which has been so much eroded in recent generations, ought to be a high priority for all who seek the advance of ordered liberty in our societies."

"Though we (may) still like to think that our government officials are bound by the law, what does this really mean when these very government officials are decreeing nearly every law that exists? Here is where we can recognize part of the genius of a common-law system. Because the common law is not created by government officials but by the people as a whole as they freely interact with each other, it can serve as an external rule for constraining those in authority. When an independently generated common law governs the actions of government officials, their ability to exercise arbitrary power is curtailed."[17]*

May 27, 2022 - The United States Civilian Flag -

The U.S. Civil Flag is being re-named the U.S. Civilian Flag based on updated information that more accurately describes what the flag represents, a Civilian government run by the American People under the Common law.

The U.S. Civilian Flag represents the land jurisdiction and ownership of private property for American State Nationals. American State Nationals are General Executors of their own Estates with an unlimited right to contract in the jurisdiction of international trade, not global commerce.

The American People are correcting an identity theft that allowed the British and the Vatican to steal our property by converting us into either Citizens of the United States, (Municipal government) or U.S. Citizens (Territorial government). The U.S Civilian flag is based on the U.S Treasury flag created by Oliver Wolcott in 1799. The U.S. Civilian flag currently has nothing to do with the 2 foreign public service providers that reside in DC. The American People are working on re-constructing the American portion The United States government unincorporated. The American part of the government was never properly re-constructed after the Civil War."[15]

U.S. Sovereign Flag, Jan 2004

"Our civilian flag is a way of reminding Americans, as well as our leaders, that every man and woman is sovereign and that we are all endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This sovereign Civil Flag is a symbol of our desire to return America to the dreams upon which she was founded!"[16]*

March 22, 2022 - Concepts ~ May Be Fatal To Your Total Well-Being -

"Concepts like ... patriotism for the country, all affect us very deeply because we believe in them. And this makes us easy prey for manipulation by the dream of the planet. (They) are agreements that control society and later control the individual mind. We give our power to these agreements, we become a slave to them; then other people use those values to manipulate us ..."[13]

This is a good reference as to why this blog-writer doesn't personally identify with the concept: "citizen" but rather as a "free inhabitant" - in perfect accordance with the second "Organic Law".[14]

February 28, 2022 - People Power - "Rediscover your passion, recover from those wrong turns and dead ends you’ve experienced. This time you can really make it!"

"...a peeling away of 'people power' from authoritarian control."[12]

January 31, 2022 - The principle of authority is contrary to dialogue.

However - we are absolutely endowed
by our Creator
with certain unalienable Rights
that include all the rights to dialogue
most especially with our public servants
(aka governmental service agents and agencies)
and dialogue we must have
because -
without dialogue
the door to psychopathy
is left wide open!

June 13, 2020 - Our Ability and Right to Restore to Ourselves -

"... Today, we are embarked on the restoration, also known as 'the reconstruction' of our Federal Government, and in order to do that, we must also declare and restore to ourselves to our native birthright political status as Americans,"[11]*

Continuing: "... our ability and right to run and restore and manage our own government, has never been in question. The only thing lacking was our self-awareness of the problem and our will to address it as self-governing people."[11]


Identifying yourself as a "US citizen" is such a tremendous compromise to your birthright! That political status is merely the external "government's" privilege extended to you and consequently you become liable for taxations upon that privilege. Why identify yourself at that cost if you were not born on federal property? .........

May 17, 2020 - "Self-governance is such a radical concept."! -

"... You have to declare and record your own political status. You have to assemble your State Assembly, form your Juror Pools, hold your Elections, fill your public offices, and so on and on.

It’s a lot of hard work. And it even costs some money.

Most Americans starting out to reclaim their heritage don’t have a foggy notion what that heritage is.

They don’t know the structure of their own government.

They don’t know the difference between a U.S. Citizen and a US citizen and a State Citizen.

They have no idea that their government was never fully restored after the Civil War.

They have been kept in the dark, used and abused by their own employees, for well over a century.

And only now are we coming out of the fog."[10]

September 19, 2019 - Quo Warranto -

"Our AMERICAN government 'Quo Warranto'/ by what authority is: the laws of nature and of nature's creator: Rule from the common man. Simple."[7]

January 13, 2019 -

"Humans too often seek nourishment in what is not essential. They spend the good part of their time in occupations which bring nothing to their spirit, and they justify themselves by claiming that their daily life, their responsibilities, their family, their work, and society force them into activities in which the spirit cannot partake. This is not true, for the spirit can have its say anywhere.

In order to always keep sight of what is essential, we must organize our life around this centre, the spirit, the spark which lives within us. As such, all our activities and even our distractions will contribute to nourishing life in us. The spirit dwelling in humans does not reject their liver, their intestines or their feet under the pretext that their work is not as noble. Everything has its own place and serves the spirit. But the moment this unifying and (self-) governing force is missing from the centre, all the elements start to disperse, and death – spiritual death – ensues."[1]

Comment: According to The Human Design System the spirit of the Self is located within the "G"/Ji/Self Center represented by the diamond shape that is about at the center of the Body Graph. This center is also the center of "Direction". Here is our source of Self-government! If an Individual ignores their Self-center and their ability for self-government then external government will come in to fill the void! However when the Individual lives as their authentic self then this original "office" of self-government is filled with "this unifying and (self-) governing force" which naturally repels the external force. In Human Design this is a kind of "mechanical truth" that can be likened unto physics.

January 26, 2019 -

"A summit is not only a point that is higher than others. Every summit, of whatever nature, is a living centre of pure energies. Such a summit also exists in all human beings: their spirit. This is why when they pray for help, they must first seek to reach this summit within themselves. And once they have reached it, they contact the centre of energies governing everything. ..."[5]

Comment: Although I wasn't planning to blog at this particular time I choose to "seize this moment" upon my reading the above quote - as it underscored the inspiration that came to me a couple days ago and that I had noted (and filed in my blogs file). My note speaks in terms of the "mountain-top view" (instead of the "summit") and I said: this outer-world experience can be life-altering where one's vision of the earth plane and one's relation to it is at the pinnacle. I then contrasted that with the view that could be had from a pit in the earth and that this view could also possibly be life-altering as well however with virtually no outer-world vision. In-between these two points of view lie more common points of view of everyday life. When one looses or is in any doubt of their direction in life it can help to rise to a higher level. The good news here is that one does not have to climb a mountain to obtain the higher view. All one needs to do is "contact their spirit." The spirit is the summit! The more deeply one can contact the spirit the more the "governing" principal can work through the individual's life.

There is at least one verse in the scriptures (Psalms) that speaks of lifting up our eyes toward the hills and the impact of that on the soul.

January 23, 2019 - True American History Revealed! - By Learning This We Don't Have To Continuing Repeating The Lie!

Anna Von Reitz -

Amid a lot of deception by others and false accusations against me, I must note that gossip and ignorance are common bedfellows, and are often used to undermine both understanding and progress.

I must also note that the True and Living God despises lies and gossip and always encourages us to overcome our ignorance simply by asking for help: ask to receive and knock to be answered --- and feel free to do your own research.

The information I am presenting in this series of articles seeks to fully inform and help guide those organizing their State Jural Assemblies and it is not widely known yet and may still encounter those who, because of their own ignorance or their own concept of self-interest, attempt to deride and discredit things that are simply true.

I have described the overall situation thus:

"The simple facts are these: (1) our actual government ---which we are owed--- is not fully operational; (2) it is not functioning as it should because it was never fully restored after the Civil War; (3) we have not restored it, because we were not informed that it needed to be restored---certain parties profited themselves by keeping that obscured; (4) now that we have a grasp of the actual situation, we have the means to restore the government we are owed in our hands and all we need to do, is do it."

I and others have queried a great many experts including the Congressional Research staff, the Librarian of the Library of Congress, the Librarian at West Point, the Librarian at Annapolis, and others recordkeepers of renown and it is fully and conclusively established that:

(1) Most of the Reconstruction Acts are still in full force and effect for the Territorial United States Government; "reconstruction" was never completed;

(2) That the intended Federal Government has three (3) branches, organized as Federal, Municipal, and Territorial --- not as we were told in school, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial --- which is true, but at another level of organization entirely from the level of organization we need to "reconstruct";

(3) That the American Civil War was never declared by any Congress and was an "executive" action resulting in a commercial mercenary conflict, not a "war";

(4) That the American Civil Conflict was never resolved by any actual peace treaty and that it could not be resolved by a peace treaty, because it was not a war;

(5) That the Parties engaged in the "American Civil War", whether they knew it or not, were thus acting in a private and commercial capacity;

(6) That all the fisticuffs and bankruptcies and reshuffling that occurred in the wake of the Civil Conflict did not involve the actual American States, but did involve Federal States of States;

(7) That after the Civil Conflict, the original Federal States of States owned and operated by the States, were mothballed as State Land Trusts (in the sense of being owned by the States in charge of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction) doing business as for example, the Ohio State [Trust];

(8) That people in each actual State were coerced without full disclosure by agents of the British Territorial United States to adopt "new" State of State Constitutions;

(9) That the "States of States" thus constituted were British Territorial entities run as franchises of parent commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services;

(10) That these British Territorial "States of States" have thus been substituted for the Federal States of States that our land and soil jurisdiction States are owed;

(11) That this whole situation has been obscured by those profiting from it and from the deceptive fraud attendant upon it, in terms of facilitating racketeering, political oppression, embezzlement of public funds and private assets, and generally, false claims in commerce ever since;

(12) That the British Monarch obligated by treaty and commercial contract to act as our Trustee "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" has acted in Gross Breach of Trust;

(13) That our entire populace has been deceived and mis-characterized, used, and abused as British Territorial Citizens by persons in our employment;

(14) That this has all led to a perpetual "state of emergency" as a fundamental portion of our government has not been operation for 150 years;

(15) That the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia authorized by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, of The Constitution of the United States, as a "plenary" oligarchy intended to be run by Members of our Federal Congress for the purpose of providing a common meeting ground for our Federal State of States, has instead been run by members of the British Territorial United States Congress and "representatives" of their Territorial States of States;

(16) That these "representatives" have institutionalized this national identity theft and fiscal fraud scheme and benefited themselves from all manner of criminal activity, including the enslavement --on paper-- of millions of Americans for profit;

(17) That these members of the British Territorial United States Congress also acting as members of the Municipal United States Congress have abused and misinterpreted their "plenary powers" to operate Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations and to incorporate municipal franchises far outside the authorized limitations of the geographic "ten miles square" of the District of Columbia;

(18) That our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as "The United States of America" since September 9, 1776, suffered identity theft by commercial corporations using deceptively similar names: "The United States of America, Incorporated" (Scotland, 1868) and the "United States of America, Incorporated" (Delaware, Roman Catholic Non-Profit, 1925) and that this process of identity theft has continued and expanded to include Municipal Corporations like the UNITED STATES and the USA;

(19) That this has all resulted in gross criminal activity including the hypothecation of debt, the issuance of false property titles, the falsification and substitution of lawful records for legal registrations, the illegal and immoral securitization of living people and their assets resulting in enslavement and peonage being practiced in the modern age, and many, many other evils all contrary to the treaties and contracts that this country is in fact owed;

(20) That this in turn has enriched the perpetrators of these schemes to an unbelievably inordinate degree and that they have used this wealth to promote the development of the same corruption in other countries via the abusive operation of Territorial and Municipal "Service Corporations" against the Countries and the People that employ them and which they are supposed to serve in Good Faith;

(21) That we have remedy for this situation by calling the actual States to Assemble, which is done by people operating in their natural unincorporated birthright capacity (instead of as "persons" obligated to act as franchises of the guilty corporations involved);

(22) That State Jural Assemblies embody each State;

(23) That these land and soil jurisdiction States in fact own all these corporations or are owed the control of them as their actual employers;

(24) That the perpetrators of these crimes and conspiracies against the actual government of this county and against our Constitution(s) have been Notified and instructed to make correction;

(25) That they have not chosen to do so and continue to run amok, except that the British Territorial United States has bowed somewhat to the inevitability of the moral imperative to serve their employers;

(26) That we, Americans, born on the land and soil of our States, have every right to assemble in whatever capacity and whenever we choose to do so;

(27) That we, the American States and People, are owed a great deal of money and credit and the return of the control of all our "borrowed" assets;

(28) That we have not knowing, willingly, or voluntarily entered the foreign jurisdiction of either the British Territorial United States or the Municipal United States and that a well-orchestrated and organized mechanism of unconscionable entrapment has been used to mis-characterize us all as British Territorial Citizens or Municipal CITIZENS and literally to substitute incorporated entities --- using the "infant decedent estate" scam--- for living Americans;

(29) That in order for our Government to be fully operational and functioning as intended, we must correct and rebut these deliberately created false legal presumptions being held against our States and our People in Breach of Trust;

(30) That we have every right, reason, and need to promptly address these matters as international crimes and treaty violations, and that we also have every right, reason, and need to form our State Jural Assemblies, operate our government, restore our Federal States of States, require Good Faith Service performance from our employees, and get on with our lives with a minimal amount of continued interference from criminals and fools.

Anyone, anywhere who thinks that they have evidence disproving one iota of what I have presented is welcome to come forward and try to argue against the Public Records and the observable circumstance, the Congressional Research Staff, hundreds of historians, and thousands of public records. ...[4]

Links To All The Jural Assemblies Articles -

For All The Jural Assemblies:

Comment: The "rights" that Anna briefly mentions (in the quote immediately above here) are unalienable Rights. The definition of Unalienable according to Bouvier's Law Dictionary of 1850 is: " ... The natural rights of life and liberty are unalienable."[6]

January 20, 2019 - A Mission Statement For A Self-governing Organization/Organism -

"The Mission Statement for any organization worth its salt should be short and sweet and exact and as explicit as humanly possible, so as to conclusively answer the questions--- 'What are we doing and why?'"[3]

Comment: I've worked with the formation of Mission Statements and what Anna shared (in the above quote) is the shortest and sweetest definition I've seen.

January 18, 2019 - "Self-Government" Is Not A "Democracy" -

Just Posted at The Weston A. Price Foundation:

... The idea of “a democracy” quickly followed by “the founders of our country” is possibly the greatest contradiction that I know of in America. With a little independent research any individual will quickly learn that the “founders” knew the ruinous history of democracies and therefor they most consciously choose not to repeat that history with the great American experiment.

However I’m glad that the apparent notion that (somehow) democracy is part of “our country” because I realize this belief is not held only by one individual or even just “the minority.” I am grateful to have the American (non-democratic) Spirit alive and well within me and all of its free expression whenever I am moved to speak for it! I also appreciate reading “Majorities go awry at times, perhaps often, and then how important it is to have a few voices in the minority to speak up.” The importance of speaking-up has now reached a certain zenith in a time when speaking truth may be the only antidote in the majority-held “American” meme.[2]

March 14, 2020 - Anna Von Reitz Regrading The Vaccinators -

If any of THEM come to your door, just say- “Let’s make this short and sweet. We are Americans. Not US citizens of any kind. We are living in Alaska (Maine, Alabama, etc) not “the State of Alaska”. We are not Federal Residents and this is not Federal land. You are therefore trespassing. We are minding our business and staying home, which is what we recommend to you, too. Now kindly get off my private property.”

If they try to force their experimental vaccines on you, throw their abortion mantra back in their faces—- “My body, my choice.”[9]

October 23, 2019 - Comment Submitted at Joel Wendt's (Anthroposophical Anarchist) Blog -

So much ‘food for thought’ could possibly be overwhelming and indigestible, unless each morsel is given additional preparation (fermentation?) and very-well masticated (rather than swallowed whole).

Three of the outstanding morsels follow:

(Joel) “Do we have the will to call for a gathering of the Sovereign, and the writing of a new constitution?”

Before writing any more “constitutions” (at least four already exist) “the Sovereign” must get clear. This clarification process has begun (highly encouraged by several master teachers who are grounded in the Organic Laws) and it needs to continue as a priority before constitutionalizing anything. If there will be “a new constitution” it will have to be after the reconstruction of the sovereign states is completed (the status of which has been pending since the so called “Civil War”). We have about a hundred and fifty year catch-up!

(Joel) “The Sovereign citizen needs to carry out an intervention.”

No such thing as a “Sovereign citizen” – its an oxymoron. You are either one or the other. They do not mix. You are probably a sovereign however need to get clear about that as well as why you can’t simultaneously be a “citizen.”

(Joel) My Egregore can eat your Egregore.”

That’s kind of cute! Once the reconstruction is accomplished then each reconstructed state can recall each “egregore” and either dissolve the charter or pull in all the reins on it i.e. limited charter duration subject to reviews, etc.

“The Hidden Meaning (and Dimensions) of Corporation”
What possesses corporations?:

“How Story-Telling of American History ‘Re-Wrote’ The Law!”:








[7] See: "good boots says, 'I will stand up.' - September 19, 2019 at 3:45 PM:






[13] The Four Agreements Companion Book, page 80

(see the third paragraph under "June 10th".

Linked at:




self-governing, Human Design, Federal Government, Civil War, British Monarch, state of emergency, District of Columbia, plenary powers, ten miles square, The United States of America, State Jural Assemblies, the reconstruction

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