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I Love My Human Design & My Gene Keys!

It appears that what we are about to witness is going to go off "the chart/s" of any previous concept of what alchemy is and most certainly beyond "the medieval forerunner of chemistry"!

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October 14, 2018 -

From my file archives I most recently reviewed a packet from my first Human Design teacher: Zeno that included a flier for the "8th annual symposium" of HDP - The Association of Human Design Practitioners. The date of that event was April 2-6, 2008. I received the packet about a month or so prior. That gives a very objective 3D reference indicating I have been involved with Human Design well over ten years. 2008 is when I returned to San Diego. I originally met Zeno a few years earlier.

My very first contact regarding Human Design goes back a year or so before then when I responded to an ad by Beverly Bright in one of the new age papers circulating out of the Bay Area. I reconnected with Beverly a couple weeks ago and she says she remembers me contacting her fifteen years ago! In any case I am more than "deep" into Human Design now!

Virtually every time anyone speaks of another individual I soon experience a specific curiosity rising in my consciousness that wonders what their design looks like. It has been said that a de-conditioning process takes a full seven-year cycle - the same amount of time it takes for every cell in our body to be replaced. I have most definitely completed at least one of these reconditioning cycles! There is "no going back" now (not that I ever or would ever want that)!

In addition to Human Design I also love the "Gene Keys"! I consider it the graduate course of Human Design. Richard Rudd is the author of this masterful work as well as the founder of the Gene Keys Society. In the last few weeks the membership that original required an annual fee has now become free to all!

Richard Rudd introduced The Human Design System in the following "first half of a two-part article" that was re-published in 2005:

Every once in a while, a human being uncovers a paragon, something that captures the quintessence of the beauty and mystery of the universe surrounding us; Mozart’s symphonies for instance, or Einstein’s equations. The Human Design System is such a paragon. By unravelling the mysteries hidden within one’s own genetic code, it shows how our very thoughts, feelings and longings are all part of a beautifully orchestrated pattern. To recognize this pattern clearly in your own life is to celebrate your uniqueness without fear. The result is that life can be far easier than we ever imagined possible.

The mystical origins of Human DesignIn 1987 an extraordinary event took place on this planet. For the first time in recorded history it was seen with the naked eye from a mountaintop in Chile. Human beings actually witnessed a supernova. A supernova is the death of a star, a vast explosion of such intensity that it can barely be imagined. According to the source of the Human Design System, that star, now known to scientists as 1987A, bombarded our planet with a deluge of subatomic information with its dying breath. At around the same time on another mountainside, on a Mediterranean island, a man had an experience that shook him to the roots of his being. When he emerged from that experience, which lasted eight days and eight nights, he could barely remember who he was. Even his name had changed and from that moment he became known as Ra Uru Hu.He had become disillusioned with his life as a professor of physics in Canada and sought an escape from the world on Ibiza, where he ended up living as a hermit in a ruined hut. It was here, living wild in the mountains, that Ra received The Human Design System from what he calls ‘The Voice’. This voice gave him immensely detailed and scientific knowledge about the nature of our universe. It even had its own language, referring to human beings as ‘raves’. As a sceptic and a scientist, Ra had no belief in things mystical. In fact, at the time, he didn’t even know his own astrological sign. It is difficult to comprehend exactly what happened to him during those eight days, so in his own words, this is what took place.

‘I was conditioned to believe that science fiction was a genre of literature, that mystical revelation was simply a more antiquated form of the same, and that God, if not dead, was most likely a concept.‘On the evening of January 3, 1987, all that changed. I was “penetrated” by a “Voice”. It was a terrifying experience. My hair literally stood on end. In the shock, a flood of water drained from my scalp. ‘The Voice said: “Are you ready to work?” For eight days and nights, I worked, transcribing in detail The Human Design System.’ (From the foreword to The Rave I Ching.)

The science - despite its mystical origins, Human Design has its roots deeply embedded within the very latest theories in quantum physics. On a sub-atomic level we are all connected like cells within a giant body, that of the universe itself. The Human Design System is founded upon this very premise: that the universe is a living entity, and that we are living in a vast information-feed, consisting of countless minute particles now known to physics as neutrinos. Up until a few years ago, the neutrino itself was half-fictional, in that it was simply a hypothesis. Now science has proved that neutrinos bear mass, and that they pass through us at the rate of about three trillion per square inch. Neutrinos are made in stars, like our sun, and could be seen as the modern day equivalent of what the ancients used to call ‘chi’ or ‘prana’. We live in a dualistic universe. The sun is our ‘yang’, we, the earth are the ‘yin’, and the neutrino is the mercurial intermediary. All life on earth is thus generated and in a sense ‘programmed’ by the sun and, to a lesser extent, the stars. It is also intriguing to think that not only are we humans programmed by the celestial bodies, but we also programme them as well. Remember, the neutrino is not pure energy, but extremely fine matter. Thus, every neutrino that passes through us is changed, and conveys something of who we are out into deep space. Just like the human body, every cell is interdependent upon every other cell and communicates its presence to the whole.

The synthesis - The Human Design System is a pure synthesis of the latest scientific discoveries and the wisdom of the ancients, and like any synthesis, Human Design is far greater than the sum of its parts. On one side we have quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics, and on the other, the four of the great esoteric systems of the world: astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah and the Chinese I Ching. It is an alchemist’s dream.

Human Design and genetics - One of the keys to Human Design is the use of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, evolved more than 5000 years ago. Strangely enough, this ancient system, which charts the cycles and seasons of life, happens to bear an extraordinary similarity to the profile of human DNA – there is an exact correlation between the two disciplines. DNA is made up of two strands of nucleotides, one strand being a perfect reflection of the other. This basic binary is also the foundation of the Yin and Yang of the I Ching. Our genetic code is also made up of four ‘bases’ which are arranged in groups of threes. Each of these chemical groupings relates to an amino acid, and forms what is known as a ‘codon’. There are 64 of these codons in our genetic code. Similarly, in the I Ching there are only four basic permutations of yin and yang, which are also arranged in groups of threes, known as ‘trigrams’. In the same way that the two strands of our DNA reflect each other, each trigram of the I Ching has a partner, and together these create the ‘hexagram’, the basis of the I Ching. Just as there are 64 codons in DNA, there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. All human beings share this same basic genetic code, and yet each of us is unique. From the DNA of a single human hair, a forensic scientist can pinpoint its exact owner, out of billions of human beings. In Human Design, the four bases of our genetic code manifest through our chemistry as four basic types of human beings; manifestors, generators, projectors and reflectors. Each type functions very differently, ....

Human design and astrology - Human Design also relies upon astrological calculation to configure two separate moments of imprinting within the neutrino stream. Many people new to Human Design assume that because of this it is similar to astrology. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although we draw upon the ancient science of astrology in order to arrive at the correlation with our genetics, the similarity ends there. Like astrology, Human Design produces an individual chart (known as a ‘rave chart’), and like astrology this chart is calculated from the time and place of birth. However, astrological data in Human Design leads to exact placement in the body. Through the intermediary of the I Ching, the position of every planet at the time of birth gives us a ‘genetic thumbprint’ left in the neutrino stream. Using The Human Design System, we can examine the nature of the forces that were gathered around us when we were born. It is as though our birth leaves a vapour trail in the ethers. We can then isolate this imprint, and transfer it into a biochemical map of the body, known as a ‘Bodygraph’.

What can we learn from Human Design? So what is all this really about and what do these charts tell us? In a single statement: they remind us of what we already know about ourselves, deep within our hearts. Human Design is in essence a yin teaching. It shows us that human beings are primarily receptive by design. Our prime directive, if we have such a thing, is patience. Buddha used a term known as ‘correct action’, and this is what we manifest when we live our true nature or design. Action that does not come from harmony is desperate action, and usually does more damage than good in the world. Human Design shows us that there is no purer alchemy than simply being yourself. On a deeper level, it is a simple means of harmonizing our individual flow within a greater flow. It is about what the ancients called ‘being in harmony with the Tao’.

How does a chart work? When you look into your own Bodygraph, it is as though you are looking at the blueprint of a car. The body is, after all, our vehicle through life. Now, consider how you might feel if you had been driving around in your faithful old car for years and when you took it to a mechanic he told you that all this time you had been driving in first gear?! A Human Design analyst is like the mechanic that shows you how to operate your car, and having shown you, he leaves you the manual so that you can verify the truth for yourself. Human Design is not another therapy. This is not the kind of mechanic that will fix your oil leak for you; rather he will tell you what kind of model you are driving, and how to drive it in such a way that you will never have another oil leak again. To be yourself is to be fundamentally healthy. ....
Republished By: Lynda Bunnell - August 21, 2005:
The Human Design System
“I found this article on the web today. It was published in Kindred Spirit Magazine and written by Richard Rudd. Enjoy....”
More of Richard's article at:

Comment Re: "Human Design shows us that there is no purer alchemy than simply being yourself." -
The way I (re)found Richard's article was via a search I did with one of the keywords of: alchemy. I must be an alchemist at heart as I recognize the truth of what Richard says regarding Human Design: "It is an alchemist’s dream"! What inspires me to create this blog post at this location is that "simply being yourself" is the purest alchemy!

Alchemy may be typically defined as the medieval forerunner of chemistry however those definitions have to be updated now and most especially since we now have the Human Design System. Chemistry also has to be updated in light of Human genetics as seen in both Human Design and in the Gene Keys and not limited to these two as many cutting edge healing modalities now include the quantum science realization that genes are subject to the environment and "environment" includes our thoughts!

Human Design underscores this with an enlarged view of the current form of the Human species as transitional - evolving from seven centeredness through our current nine centeredness and approaching a monumental genetic mutation anticipated within the next decade whereby the human species will begin to acquire additional centers! Talk about alchemy! It appears that what we are about to witness is going to go off "the chart/s" of any previous concept of what alchemy is and most certainly beyond "the medieval forerunner of chemistry"!

It is not really surprising that I say "I must be an alchemist" as I have three of the four Gene Keys that make up the codon ring of alchemy.[1]

We are living in auspicious times!

December 2, 2018 - "I Love" My Gifts!

Every individual that can identify when they were born has a Holographic Profile available for them to see the sequential journey of transformation that was activated in their "gene keys". The transformative journey for each courageous soul begins with a willingness to face the "Shadows"/fears that are universally encoded as survival mechanisms within the nine centers of our being. I love the journeys from each "Shadow" to the corresponding "Gift".

My natal Sun activation is in my 46th Gene Key - located in the Human Design "G"/Self center. The journey here is from the Shadow of Seriousness through the Gift of Delight to the Siddhi of Ecstasy. It is truly an amazing journey that I've been growing in conscious awareness of over the past several years. "Delight" is absolutely a "Gift" for me after having been raised under an extremely serious parenting program that was followed by another seven years of serious religious programing.

I have also had a taste of the Siddhi of Ecstasy and I have written about this in another blog where I shared my vision of being the Lord of The Dance.[2]



[2] "As The Lord of The Dance":

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