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... Best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, though-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

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January 5, 2019 Happy New Year, Happy New Moon (+ Partial Solar Eclipse) and Happy Epiphany! -

Posted at Sally's Blog: "Lab Meat: Big Hype, Bad Investment" -

Thank you very much for all the radical honesty on a subject that is packed with ugly truths! The full disclosure here underscores the incredible insanity of “bottom line” thinking that I often find as the causative factor underneath the biggest problems in today’s “modern world”. One thing I’d add on this subject is that laboratory-produced meat does not empower any local communities toward developing their own food security but just opposite. I don’t think the product will take hold in India or anywhere else where there is a tradition of regard for real cow welfare. In any case the production of FBS sounds almost Satanic to me!

In “light” of all of this I am all the more grateful for the exisitance of WAPF – now approaching it;s 20h anniversary! Thank you tremendously!![12]

December 25, 2018 Merry Christmas! - From Sally's report regarding the 2018 Long Island Food Conference -

In the book[11], Lappé argues that meat production has a negative environmental impact and is a major contributor to global food scarcity. ...

In a recent article Joel Salatin described his conversion of a two-hundred-acre farm from continuous grazing (where the cows mill around aimlessly on a large piece of ground) to managed grazing (where the cows are confined to a small area of pasture but moved every day, in imitation of Nature’s grazing patterns). Land that supported just thirty cows with continuous grazing, will support three hundred cows with managed grazing—and with environmental improvement rather than degradation. If the world farmed like this, then everyone could eat beef!

And that would certainly help with the main problem that Lappé mentions—that of malnutrition and stunting. Stunting is common in children who grow up on plant-based diets, mainly due to lack of zinc. And what is the best source of zinc? Why beef, of course! Only animal products can supply those nutrients most missing in Third World diets—vitamins A, D and K2, B12, B6, iron, iodine and calcium, as well as zinc.[10]

Comment: The "global food" part of "global food scarcity" seems oxymoronic to me or at least a kind of "pipe dream" of commerce rather than how real food systems work; especially when locally-based "managed grazing" with animals is proving to be a truly win-win-win for environment, animals and people!

October 3, 2018 - At "The 2018 Global Food Forum" -

"Occasionally a questionnaire flashed on the screen and conference attendees answered with their cell phones. What do we need to feed almost ten billion people by 2050? The choices were gene-edited crops (chosen by 53 percent of the audience), tariff-free trade (26 percent), plant-based diets (19 percent) or farms on Mars (2 percent)—ha, ha, ha. (Our only choices on the questionnaire were the tired arguments claimed for feeding the hungry so vulture capital can make a huge profit on the human need to eat. The real solution is productive small farms, managed grazing [which increases the number of cows a piece of land can support by a factor of ten] and local, artisan production, in short a food system that produces nourishing food, improves the environment and provides a decent living for millions of farmers and artisans. For the folks at the Global Food Forum, this is a solution from Mars, for sure!) ..."[9]

"One more thing—and I found this very interesting. Two of the speakers, Soren Schroder of Bunge and James M. MacDonald, PhD, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, stated that American farmers will be planting less soy and more corn in the coming years. They did not give a reason so I can only surmise. Is it because Brazil and Argentina can produce soy more cheaply and have no barriers to using GMOs and RoundUp? (In the U.S., Bayer faces billions of dollars in legal penalties for making people sick with glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp—a fact not once mentioned at the Forum.) Is it because they have found out that soy fed to animals makes them less fertile and productive? Or have they realized that soy is killing off customers for processed food? Or maybe, just maybe, the demand for foods containing soybean oil and soy protein is waning due to the efforts of the Weston A. Price Foundation to warn the public about the dangers of soy."

Could "Global Food" possibly be an oxymoron?

July 6, 2018 - “Nourishing Diets: How Paleo, Ancestral and Traditional Peoples Really Ate” - By: Sally Fallon-Morell -

“ … I often tell my patients the single most important health decision they have to make is to decide whether they think modern Americans are the healthiest people who have ever lived. This is what we are told, over and over again - we should all be grateful for the modern agricultural system[3], the wonders of the green revolution[4], the blessings of modern medicine[5], and the convenience of food fortification[6]. If it were not for ‘progress’ we would all live the nasty. brutish and short lives of our ancestors. The reality as Sally describes it is far different - the traditional diet conferred a level of health and vitality on these people that is unheard of for modern man. The key is to have an accurate description of the details of what this healthy nourishing diet entailed. For that, there is simply no resource even close to what Sally provides in Nourishing Diets. …” - Thomas Cowan, MD, June 2018 - Preface -

July 5, 2018 - Food in Switzerland -

"Earlier this year I made a trip to Switzerland to give two talks on raw milk and to visit one of my boys, who lives in Geneva. Of course, the food in Switzerland received my special attention.

By and large, the Swiss eat better than Americans—enjoying plenty of cheese, eggs, butter, paté and charcuterie.[1] But their diet certainly isn’t perfect. Find out why in my latest blog post!"[2]

September 16, 2018 - Also - Dr. Stephen Sinatra - "When it comes to cholesterol -

there are many myths out there, and quite often doctors are just as confused as their patients. Many physicians still focus on topline numbers, and if that number is too high they prescribe statins. But the truth is lowering your cholesterol too much can put your health in jeopardy.

To help you get some perspective on the important role cholesterol plays in your body, here are nine must-known facts. Keep them in mind the next time your doctor raises the issue of reducing cholesterol.

1. Cholesterol is essential for good health. Cholesterol is a waxy substance called a “sterol” that’s produced by the liver. Your body needs cholesterol to manufacture vitamin D, sex hormones (such as progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen), stress hormones, and the bile salts needed for digesting and absorbing fats. Plus, it’s a major building block of your cells.

2. Your body knows how much cholesterol you need. The old way of thinking is that you want to limit yourself to 300 mg of dietary cholesterol daily. But the truth is your body regulates cholesterol production. When you eat more, your body makes less. And if you eat less, your body makes more. On average, our bodies manufacture 85% of our cholesterol and the rest comes from our diets.

3. Your topline number doesn’t tell the whole story. Many doctors think that cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease since it can build up in the arteries and inhibit blood flow to the heart. Yet, half of all heart attacks occur in people with so-called "normal" cholesterol levels. What you want to pay attention to is your triglyceride-to-HDL ratio, which is a much stronger predictor of cardiovascular events. Ideally, you want no more than a two-to-one ratio of triglycerides to HDL cholesterol.

4. Cholesterol numbers aren't static. You can have different levels of cholesterol at different times of the day. Plus, levels vary by season, going up in the winter and down in the summer.

5. Arterial inflammation is the real cause of heart disease. The real culprit in heart disease isn’t cholesterol, but inflammation. Inflammation is fueled by sugar. So instead of ridding your diet of cholesterol-rich foods like eggs and shrimp, focus on limiting (or better yet eliminating) sugar, white flour, and other simple carbohydrates.

6. Cholesterol soars after surgery. It also increases when you have an infection, mental stress, or have suffered a heart attack. The reason is that cholesterol is a healing agent. Your body needs it to manufacture new cells, and it’s produced whenever healing is required. In fact, having a low cholesterol level can hurt your immunity and make you more prone to illness.

7. LDL cholesterol helps to repair blood vessels. The damaging agents we are exposed to—toxic chemicals, pathogens, free radicals, and inflammatory substances—wind up in our bloodstream and damage the razor-thin lining of our blood vessels. When this happens, the liver sends LDL cholesterol to the site to make repairs. As the healing process concludes, the spent LDL particles are carried back to the liver by HDL cholesterol and removed from the body.

8. The brain is particularly rich in cholesterol. In fact, it accounts for about quarter of all the cholesterol we have. About 20 percent of the fatty myelin sheath that coats every nerve cell and fiber is made of cholesterol, and neuron function depends on it. So, it’s not surprising that there’s a strong connection between cholesterol and mental function, and low levels are linked to weak cognitive performance. That’s one reason why driving cholesterol too low with statin drugs can cause you to feel foggy-headed, and in extreme cases can lead to temporary amnesia.

9. The risks of high cholesterol don’t come from family history. If you have high cholesterol and it runs in your family, yet your family members are living into their eighties and nineties, don’t worry about it. However, if you have a family of heart disease and your cholesterol is high, then you want to investigate your other heart disease risk factors, such as C-reactive protein (inflammation), fibrinogen, Lp(a), and homocysteine. If your cholesterol keeps company with these other risk factors, I call it “toxic blood syndrome.” If that’s the case for you, you need to look at your cholesterol to see how it’s fractionated, and if you have high levels of inflammatory cholesterol you’ll want to take steps to lower it."[7]

Discovered Dr. Stephen Sinatra through Dr. Carolyn Dean[8]




[3] See: "The Consequences of Modern Day Education, Processed Food and Agriculture on Brain Development" (plus 1st paragraph) in: "Got 'Broken Brain'?":

Also: "The Essence of Organic Agriculture":

[4] See: "'The Chemistry of Man' & Dr. Weston A. Price":

[5] See: "Modern Medicine's Failure to Cure and Prevent Modern Disease":

[6] "Still Swimming Vigorously at the End of Two Hours"!:





[11] "the very influential 'Diet for a Small Planet' (1971)."


Also: "New Pain Relief Treatment + Many Additional Benefits!":
See under: "More re: Fibromyalgia"



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