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POEM: Song for the Homeless (I Am the Crack)

Poem - Song for the Homeless (I Am the Crack) from The Rebirth of Mother Earth by Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

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“World peace begins in the bellies of the hungry.” - from Rekindling of Faith

Song for the Homeless (Long form)


I am the crack.
I am the crack between people.
I am the crack in people.

I am the crack.
I am the crack in Prince William Sound.
I am the crack in the broken hearts of men
who love the sea, and no longer fish.
I am the crack in a bewildered basket maker,
too far away from home,
feeling the tears of homeless geese.

I am the crack.
I am the crack in the hull of the oil tanker Valdez,
My wound in her hull so deep I may never be fully repaired.

I am the crack.
I am the crack in the hearts of grieving men
who drink and drive boats,
who never meant to hurt anyone.
I am the crack in men who can’t find work,
while my earth cries for
millions of jobs to be done.


I am the crack.
I am the crack in the core of the inner city;
I am the crack where wealth does not see the wealth
it has in the inner city.
I am the crack in the homeless in large houses
who do not know the earth is their home,
and that the earth belongs to every body.

I am the crack in the homeless who live under trees,
closer to abundant blessing than they know.


I am the crack smoked by hurting humans
who are killing themselves seeking instant pleasure.

I am the crack in the ghetto
that screams out silently, then walks away injured.
I am the thrust behind the arm that propels the brick
through the light in your window;
I am the unsettled feeling
as though someone was watching outside the window
as you sit in the light.

I am the crack.
I am in a fire engine putting out the fire I will set again.
I am in the unheard siren that announces
the police are coming.


I am the crack in your foundation.
I am the crack that can come up from underneath
and break your house in two.
I am the crack that crisscrosses the foundation of your state
unseen, feared, waiting.

I am the crack.
I am the crack where egos collide
yet do not know they have collided,
where egos imagine they are filled with love,
but cannot forgive their grievances.

I am the crack between light and dark.
I am the crack that those in ungrounded reverie deny.
I am the crack that those in earth-bound pain do not see
because they are too deeply in me
to see anything larger than me.


I am the crack.
I am the war in all people;
I am the crack that has started every war between peoples.

I am the crack in the world divided,
where power is concentrated in too few people.
I am the crack between the governed and the governing.
The crack between the audience and the star on stage.
I am the crack between the counseled and the counselor,
who do not sit as equals in counsel,
one thinking they have more to give than the other.

I am the crack inside religion.
I am the crack in different faiths
who love one God, but rarely toast each other.

I am the crack in ministers who praise God from styrofoam cups,
still learning to plant trees when babies are born
and people die.

I am the crack.
I am the crack in everyone who goes out to do causes
before coming home to ourselves.
I am the crack in defenders of the earth,
too angry at others, and too busy to touch the earth.
I am the crack in anxious peacemakers.


I am the crack.
I am the crack in defenders of unborn children,
whose aborted inner child
whimpers to come out and play.

I am the crack inside Souls
born to live on a beautiful earth,
but can’t find any.

I am the crack.
I am the crack inside every orphan.
I am every orphan in the world kicked out of sight.

If you want to hide the orphaned part inside you,
keep me hidden and voiceless.
Keep me hidden, and I will be the last BB gun blast
that the last child on earth fires
through the heart of the last singing bird on earth.


I am the crack.
Can you handle a little good news?
I am not all I am cracked up to be!

I was born to disappear.

I disappear into thin air
when you marry light and dark.

If you want to know how I am,
look at how I am.
Look at me closely.

I cannot be erased.
I cannot be stopped.
I cannot be imprisoned.
I cannot be fixed.
I can only grow into something else.

I am the crack.
Oil me with the oil you have taken out of me.

Honor the crack.
Honor the boundaries I create around you.
Honor the boundaries I create
until your Self feels so strong in you
that you no longer need boundaries to protect yourself.

I am the crack.
Be responsible for me.
Claim me as your fault.

Put your hands inside the crack.
Put your gentle hands in me.
Crack me wide open.
Bring something new through me into the world.
Bring more of your Self through me into the world.
Be a midwife through me.
Birth something new through me.

I am the crack.
Elevate me to righteous status.
Make holy ground where I am.

Let Holy Land be everywhere.

Make a holy sound in the crack.
Make a holy sound to the crack.

Dance in the crack.
Dance in the crack and I disappear.

Be something beautiful in the crack.
Plant trees in the crack.
Plant herbs in the crack.
Plant something beautiful that will grow in the crack.

May the crack disappear.
May the last crack on earth disappear.
May I be the last crack on earth.

Song for the Homeless, from The Rebirth of Mother Earth.
Valdez version, i. and vii.
Read in ceremony, 12 noon, June 11, 1989
at Coronado Tidelands Park, upon the arrival of the Exxon Valdez in San Diego.

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