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Life is?? #229 How to use wisdom?

** Wisdom and knowledge are not separate things - they should be used to link the reason and purpose of people's lives. **

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Psychologists have gathered data on commonly held beliefs or folk theories about wisdom.

These analyses indicate that although "there is an overlap of the implicit theory of wisdom with intelligence, perceptiveness, spirituality and shrewdness, it is evident that wisdom is an expertise in dealing with difficult questions of life and adaptation to the complex requirements."

Baltes et al. in 2002 through Wisdom: its structure and function in regulating lifespan successful development defined "Wisdom is the ability to deal with the contradictions of a specific situation and to assess the consequences of an action for themselves and for others. It is achieved when in a concrete situation, a balance between intrapersonal, inter- personal and institutional interests can be prepared".

Researchers in the field of positive psychology have defined wisdom as the coordination of "knowledge and experience" and "its deliberate use to improve well being."] With this definition, wisdom is further defined as a multidimensional construct with the following facets:

1. Problem Solving with self-knowledge and sustainable actions.

2. Contextual, sincerity to the circumstances with knowledge of its negative and positive aspects (or constraints).

3. Value based consistent actions with knowledge of diversity in ethical opinions.

4. Tolerance towards uncertainty in life with unconditional acceptance.

5. Empathy with oneself to understand one's own emotions (or to be emotionally oriented), morals...etc. and others feelings including the ability to see oneself as part of a larger whole.

Wisdom leads a person to overcome feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, anger or aggression by non-understanding of external elements and internal acknowledgement.
It leads to a change from the experience of meaninglessness to meaningful goals, prospects for coping with critical life events and to engage constructively with complex life problems.

John Vervaeke has argued through cognitive science of wisdom that, when basic relevance realization processes that underlie cognition is fed back onto themselves and made self-referential/differentiated reflection with the problems facing and its dimensions, leads to enhanced insight abilities associated with wisdom.

Robert Sternberg has segregated the capacity for judgement from the general qualifiers for intelligence, which is closer to cognizant aptitude than to wisdom. Displaying sound judgement in a complex, dynamic environment is a hallmark of wisdom.

Dr. B. Legesse et al., a neuropsychiatrist at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, offers "a theoretical definition that takes into account many cultural, religious, and philosophical themes is that wisdom represents a demonstrated superior ability to understand the nature and behavior of things, people, or events."

He states "this results in an increased ability to predict behavior or events which then may be used to benefit self or others."

He furthermore adds "there is more often a desire to share the accrued benefits with a larger group for the purpose of promoting survival, cohesion, or well-being of that group. The benefits do not result from malicious or antisocial intents or inequitable behavior.

Environmental factors, such as family, education, socioeconomic status, culture, and religion, are involved in generating the milieu in which the personal value system develops. Many of these same factors also influence how a given community decides whether wisdom is present or not.

This model of wisdom relies on the individual's ability to generate a mental representation of the self (cognitive, emotional, and physical), the external world, and the dynamic relationship of the self with the external world."

Dr. Legesse proposes that
"the neural (brain) systems critical to enable these functions are distributed but heavily dependent on those that support memory, learning, understanding other people's mental states (Theory of Mind), and assigning relative value to information."

The neuroanatomy of wisdom he says depends on "the three frontosubcortical neural networks, the limbic system, and the mirror neuron system" which "are of particular importance for supporting these activities."

However, the need to distinguish two very different “levels of analyses” has been proposed as being important especially when one attempts to describe wisdom using neural anatomy.

Many, but not all, studies find that adults' self-ratings of perspective/wisdom do not depend on age.

This stands in contrast to the popular notion that wisdom increases with age, supported by a recent study showing that regardless of their education, IQ or gender, older adults tend to possess better reasoning about societal and interpersonal conflicts.

** Note:
Most people will have to agreed that wisdom is a "specialized" knowledge which is a direct result of a posteriori which means it comes from experience, no? However intelligence is accumulated through experience as well, and there can be no other real alternatives.

Think about studying for instance, It is an activity which is being experienced as well, but is regarded as the soul source of intelligence. So wisdom can't be in a separate category to intelligence, if so it would be a 'specialized' form of intelligence, but intelligence none-the-less.

Also if wisdom is the tautological application of knowledge, the position of having the ability to know how to do this can be said to be intelligence because knowledge regardless of context is knowledge and the position of obtaining knowledge is intelligence.
So they are not separate

" Wisdom is as Wisdom does! "


Life is too short to waste time (Psalms 90:6) " In the morning it flourishes and grows up; In the evening it is cut down and withers."

Understanding this will cause us to apply our hearts to wisdom instead of folly

Andrew Wommack's Living Commentary.


Learn to live the life God has given you in love, peace, being a benefit to others.

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