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Life is?? #222 More than just water?

** What if, instead of worrying about your health, do something about it! **

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** Here are a couple of ways to get Hydrolyzed water!

A study in Japan discovered the truth…
This special kind of water in fused with hydrogen gives your body a most super-powerful antioxidant!

So what is this amazing antioxidant?

It was investigated by Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi. Later on, he won the Nobel Prize for discovering the antioxidant activity of vitamin C… but almost nobody realizes he alerted the world to something that can transform your health far, far more.

He did it right during his December 11th, 1937, Nobel lecture. It happened when Albert Szent-Györgyi declared:
“... our body really only knows one fuel, hydrogen”

... and that’s the secret to this water: Hydrogen.

In regular water, the hydrogen is bonded and trapped with oxygen, H2O life-giving water has a certain amount of freed hydrogen.

Clinical evidence has shown how healing it is:

A study from Japan showed hydrogen could help improve blood flow.

A Japanese hospital found hydrogen helped patients’ joints feel better in mere weeks.

Imagine an antioxidant so powerful, it helps protect your joints!

Still, that’s not all.

It might even help rid your body of pain…
Increase your energy…

Help your cells feel and function younger…

In fact, animal and in vitro clinical results from over 500 peer-reviewed articles show hydrogen can help protect the health of the:









Remember, because hydrogen helps protect you from oxidative damage at the cellular level, it could transform every part of your body. All 37.2 TRILLION of your cells.

It could protect you from the inside out.
Think of your biggest health concerns, the ones that frustrate you the most…

How much less pain and anxiety would you experience right now, if those worries disappeared?

The fatigue… the sadness… the exhaustion… dreading where your health is dragging you…

What if you stopped feeling stuck on the sidelines of life and started feeling more confident and carefree?

What if, instead of worrying about your health, you had the energy to work in your garden for hours, planting - feeling brand great.
Doing things like you used to, and relishing the future you have ahead…

You can!

It’s because of the possibility that comes with the super-antioxidant Hydrogen.

But it must be “freed” to work. That’s because…
The hydrogen is still bound and trapped by the Oxygen
in regular water

It’s the same with bottled water or even alkaline water.

Doesn’t matter if it goes through many steps of filtration like reverse-osmosis filter.

Doesn’t matter if it’s bottled or from a spring.

The water coming to your home or the water you can buy in the store is nothing like this unique antioxidant fountain of youth. Instead…

** Consider what the Natural Resources Defense Council found after they tested more than 1,000 bottles of water by 103 different brands. A frightening percentage violated state and even federal guidelines for safety.

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology found something even scarier:

After just seven days of storage, the bacteria count in bottled water can explode a full 1,000 times greater.

Think of where we have been drinking our water from
Is it water that’s channeled through miles pipes, and saturated with chemicals?
Maybe you drink water that’s grown stale in a plastic container for months and months?

This is where virtually 100% of your water has come from, your entire life.

Think about it! How often have you quenched your thirst with natural water from…
Mountain springs renowned for their rejuvenating powers

Probably never. But that’s what your body is designed to enjoy!

There are some natural rejuvenating springs were grounded in scientific fact… and that this kind of hydrogen-rich water is.

Picture the water in these springs seeping through layers of rock towards the surface, getting nourished with the right kind of minerals for health. “Could that create free hydrogen naturally?”

Well, it turns out researchers from Germany and Switzerland actually tested certain natural bodies of water.

It has been confirmed that some fresh water from a natural lake has small amounts of free hydrogen!
But then something surprising happened

Excited about the results, these scientists kept a bunch of the water in their lab. And they discovered the free hydrogen eventually disappeared.

Just like seltzer. As soon as you open the bottle, it fizzes.

If you leave it out long enough, it’ll go flat because all the gas has dissipated. With free hydrogen, which is even lighter and smaller, this will happen eventually. Even if you keep the cap on the bottle.

So you can’t bottle it.

Which is why you can’t find this kind of water in stores.
You must make it yourself and drink it almost immediately.

Up until recently, it was possible only with the expensive machine. But now it has been found in a natural way.


Here’s how: the water is processed through a special filtration process. Here’s the equation for how it works:
Mg(s) + 2H2O --> Mg(OH)2(aq) + H2(g)

Notice how the right side ends with H2? That’s the free hydrogen.

So what happens when you switch to drinking this nourishing water?
Scientists are seeing astonishing results as we speak. Here are just a sample:

In a small study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, researchers found eight weeks of drinking hydrogen-rich water lowered the free radical damage of the volunteers, and improved their cholesterol.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study performed by the Kajiyama Clinic in Japan found the hydrogen-rich water reduced oxidative damage and lead to other surprising changes associated with youth. They even found it helped support healthy blood sugar.

** where to find some:

Why You’ll Love It
Conserve plastic, money, and your body's healthy pH levels with New Wave Enviro's easy-to-use alkaline pitcher. A life-saver in the kitchen, this convenient, hand-held pitcher raises pH to 8.5-9.5 by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium to tap water. Includes one cartridge that can alkalize and filter up to 300 liters of water.

SKU: 796515300406
About This Brand
New Wave Enviro is a family owned company, wholesaling environmentally friendly products since 1993. Our complete line of:
Enviro Filters, BpA Free Enviro Bottles,
Seriously Safe Stainless® Steel Bottles and
Litter Free Lunch™ Products help to improve the quality of life while creating earth-friendly alternatives.

Another similar product:
How Does TuraPur Provide Healthier, Better Tasting Water?

TuraPur manufactures two different filtration systems; a Pitcher and a Countertop model:
TuraPur’s Pitcher

Made of BPA-free plastic, we’re told that TuraPur’s pitcher filters water over three different stages:

A layer of NSF-certified activated carbon
A layer of ion exchange resin that softens the water and gets rid of bad tastes and odors
Here, the hydrogen is released while enriching the water using magnesium, infrared ceramics, and tourmaline

In addition to these benefits, TuraPur claims their Pitcher produces water around 9 pH (we’ll talk more about this shortly), that it fits in your refrigerator, and can be used on the go for trips and picnics. Other than putting the 3-stage filter in place, there is no assembly or installation required.
TuraPur’s Countertop Model

At about 3.5” wide and 11.5” tall, TuraPur’s Countertop water system is about the size of a half-gallon jug of milk and is designed to sit right next to your sink.

Although it’s not quite as easy to setup as their pitcher, we’re told you can install the Countertop model in minutes, without the assistance of a plumber. All you need to do is attach the nozzle to your sink faucet (it comes with 2 adapters, so you’re sure to get the right fit). For a more in-depth look at the process, be sure to read through TuraPur’s installation instructions.

From there, the company tells us you simply need to turn on your sink and the 3-stage filter will get right to work:

A 1” layer of KDF process media, which the company claims is “backed by 15 patents and an NSF International certification”
A layer of Nuchar® AquaGuard® 325, a form of granular activated carbon that’s claimed to be 8-10X more absorbent than regular activated carbon
Finally, similar to the Pitcher, the Countertop’s filter will free the hydrogen in the water using magnesium, infrared ceramics, and tourmaline

According to TuraPur, each Countertop filter is good for about 500 gallons, or about six months of use for an average family.

While activated carbon water filters have been used for years to help improve the taste and odor of tap water, what does the science have to say about TuraPur’s specific health claims? Let’s take a detailed look.
What Is Alkaline & Hydrogen Water? Is There Any Science Behind Them?
pH: Alkaline & Acidic

Without going into unnecessary detail here, you’ve probably heard of pH before, which is defined as “a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution.” In layman’s terms, pH is a number that references the acidity of something—the lower the number, the greater the acidity (such as battery acid), while higher numbers mean that a solution is alkaline (household ammonia, for example).

In nature, water is made alkaline by passing over rocks and picking up minerals. In the instance of TuraPur’s Pitcher, it seems they’re looking to accomplish much of the same in the comfort of your home using specialized filters.

While it’s obvious that water with a very high acidity could be harmful to your health, does this mean that alkaline water can do the opposite and provide a health boost?

Investigate this yourself!

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