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Got "Broken Brain"?

One of the hallmarks with anxiety is a total disconnect between the emotional part of the brain and the logical part of the brain.

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February 21, 2018 -

"Many factors in the environment are new to the genome since World War II and have been implicated in violent behavior. These include changes and additions to the food we eat leading to severe nutrient deficiencies, changes in American agriculture and fertility of the soils, more chemicals in the environment, cheaper goods and services, heavy use of personal care and building materials that contain lethal toxins, changes in the American family, vaccination programs and others. Above all the most influential factor in the course of increasing violence has been changes in the American food system and loss of nutrients for children and growing teens."[5]

February 17, 2018 - "Essential Nutrition" Means It's Required; You Must Have It - Otherwise Sooner Or Later You'll Probably Suffer!

For instance:
"The brain and nervous system require specific nutrients to function properly, and the evidence is overwhelming that nutrient deficiencies can lead to aggression and violent behavior."[4]

March 10, 2018 - The Significance of MSM and DMSO -

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound in your body that's well known for supporting your joints, but it's also useful in other areas of your body. ...

Perhaps the best way you know if you don't have enough MSM in your system is by symptoms that may include fatigue, prevalence in experiencing high stress, physically and psychologically, depression and even degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoarthritis and cancer.

MSM metabolizes dimethyl sulfoxide, a controversial anti-inflammatory and analgesic compound known as DMSO, which, unfortunately, is approved for use in veterinary medicine only, not in humans. ...

One article discusses Dr. Stanley Jacob's research on DMSO and its benefits in many applications, including the treatment of head trauma. According to Jacob, its ability as a free-radical scavenger and diuretic is part of the key to improving the blood supply to the brain, which reduces swelling:

"This improves blood oxygenation to brain tissue. Injured brain cells often aren't dead. When these cells get increased blood supply and more oxygen, and when the free radicals are scavenged, dying cells can recover, and brain swelling is reduced very rapidly."[6]

DMSO's diuretic benefit is especially to be noted for both brain injuries and during the healing crisis that occurs at the crossing from conflict active into a cardiological healing stage. Following is Q&A with Dr. Hamer, founder of German New Medicine, regarding this healing crisis:

Question - What happens when a biological conflict has been solved?

When a biological conflict has been solved we can see very clear symptoms, on the psychic level, the brain level and on the organ level. On the psychic and vegetative level, we see that the patient is no longer dwelling on the conflict content. Hands suddenly get warm again, appetite improves, weight normalizes and the patient sleeps better. There may also be fatigue and weakness and a need to rest. This is in no way the beginning of the end, but it's a very positive sign. This healing phase varies in duration, depending on the duration of the prior conflict. At the height of the healing phase, when the body retains a lot of water, we see the epileptic or epileptoid crisis, which shows a different symptom for every disease.

After the epileptic-epileptoid crisis, the body expels water from the edema (infiltration of tissues with water) and slowly returns to normality and the patient feels his strength returning. …This epileptic or epileptoid crisis, triggered by the brain, marks the high point of the edema and, respectively, the turning point to normality. In the second half of the healing phase, the brain's harmless connective tissue, the glia, fills … to repair it. This really harmless connective tissue, which we can colour white on the CT scan with an iodine contrast substance, was previously mistaken as a brain tumor and operated on. Since the brain cells themselves CANNOT multiply after birth, REAL brain tumors cannot exist.

… the epileptic crisis appears on the corresponding two levels as well as on the organ level (psyche, brain and organ).

Question - Can you describe such an epileptic crisis? -

The epileptic crisis is something Mother Nature devised a billion years ago. It runs on all three levels at the same time. It happens at the height of the healing phase, its purpose being to normalize again. What we usually call an epileptic cramp-spasm with muscle cramps is only one form of the epileptic crisis, namely, after resolving a motoric conflict.

Epileptoid crises occur in every disease but with some variations in each. Mother Nature created quite a trick for this meaningful event. In the middle of the healing phase, the patient experiences a recurrence of the physiological conflict, which means the patient experiences his/her conflict for a short time (stress phase) all over again including cold hands, centralized cold sweat and all the symptoms of the conflict active phase. This happens so that the brain edema gets suppressed and the fluid eliminated from it and the patient can return to normal.

After the epileptic crisis, the patient will warm up and then experience the first small urinary phase. From this epileptic crisis on, the patient is on the road to normality. In other words, if the patient can get past this crisis, a further complicated or serious crisis is unlikely. The second urinary phase occurs at the end of the healing phase when the body eliminates a mass of urine which is the rest of the edema. The danger point lies just before the end of the epileptic-epileptoid crisis when it will become evident whether or not the epileptic crisis was enough to steer the regulator or controller (in the brain) around. The best-known epileptic crisis is the heart infarct. The epileptoid crisis is a lung embolism, hepatitis crisis or pneumonia crisis.

To assist the body in making the necessary changes, especially in conflicts of long duration, a strong cortisone injection is sometimes necessary. In very difficult cases, the cortisone may be given sooner. [7]

Comment: I’m interested in researching whether MSM can be substituted for the cortisone.

Hamer Brain Focus -
If we experience an overwhelming stress (ex: “Mr., your son is dead”), this is similar emotionally to a large power surge on the electrical transmission line caused by lightning. At the moment of high voltage, the appropriate circuit breaker switches “off”. If there is no circuit breaker greater destruction is assured; in the case of the brain, a larger part of the brain may be damaged. With this “breaker procedure” the brain isolates the conflict in a smaller area: a Hamer Brain Focus.

Most diseases are linked to emotional conflicts. The Hamer Brain Focus (neuronal center) in the brain is targeted at the moment of the emotional shock and it modifies the function of the related organ (in correspondence with the disease).

The Hamer Brain Focus concentrates all of the psychological conflict into an area which occupies about 1% of the brain. This Hamer Brain Focus controls and causes disease in the targeted organ.

Becoming sufficiently aware of the unconscious programming, the brain releases the old emotions and replaces the old programming thus resolving the disease. Current evidence suggests that this equates to awareness at the cellular level as well, which then resolves the disease.[8]

January 22, 2018 - Initial Post -

For the past several days I've been watching some of a documentary titled: "Broken Brain"[1] that has greatly captured my interest - primarily because of the tremendous extent which people (seemingly everywhere) have been suffering from some form of a "broken brain" condition!

Currently in Episode 5 now and I am deeply impressed with the interview of Dr. Jennifer Love who says: "conventional psychiatry, is ... driven by the pharmaceutical industry ..."

...My nursing professors—I apparently used to drive them crazy. I was always asking questions about, "Well, why does this work? If we do something in this system, how does it affect this other system?" They would just throw their hands up in the air and say, "Go to medical school."

I finally ended up down that path and going to medical school. After about nine years of medical training, I got my first job. All these questions that I had, there's so much information in medical school that you get, they say it's like drinking out of a fire hose. There's so much coming at you. But I realized when I was out in the day-to-day world that I was still stuck with the question of why. Why is this happening? So much of medicine is treading water. It's taking care of symptoms. I found myself trying to figure out how to get to the root of all of this. I've never really thought of myself as a functional psychiatrist. I just like getting in and coming up with something better than trying to calm down symptoms.

With conventional psychiatry, it's largely driven by the pharmaceutical industry and managed care. Physicians are under time constraints to only spend a certain amount of time with patients. The reimbursements are for very short visits. It's difficult to be able to spend the time you need to really get at the heart of the issue. I think that's true not just in psychiatry, but in every discipline.

[Psychiatry is medication based] -

I think some of the challenges with conventional psychiatry is that it's really based on symptom management. There's not a lot of research that isn't funded by pharmacological companies. It's really medication based and physicians are expected to prescribe medication, and then the insurance companies want therapy to be done by therapists because it's less expensive. You have this division of ... you have prescribers and then you have people who are coming in and trying to use therapy to get at the underlying issues. There's just a disconnect.

My first job out of my fellowship training was with a big HMO company. If I said the name, you'd recognize them. I used to get in trouble for spending too much time with my patients. I would have patients who would come in and they were alcoholic or having a major depressive episode, and they'd never seen a physician to discuss it before. I was expected to do their entire evaluation and treatment in 20 minutes. It just didn't make sense to me that someone who is suffering from an alcohol use disorder ... My supervisor literally told me that I need to give them Prozac and Trazodone for sleep and then you're done and send them out. It just wasn't a good fit for me at all.

When I fell into the practice and group that I'm with now, I think the biggest draw was the ability to take time with people to really get to know what's going on with them so we could look beyond treading water and trying to manage the symptoms of the moment, but get really at the heart of everything.

The first question is: why is a person anxious? I think there are a lot of different reasons. I think every person who comes into my office has a different story. Some people have a very strong genetic predisposition to anxiety. Some people have been anxious since childhood. Some people come from very chaotic backgrounds. Some people have an onset in college and later. Finding out what is at the cause will then help me come up with a treatment plan that's individualized for them.
I think one of the big issues with anxiety for a lot of people is: if it's been going on since childhood, people may be really anxious and not even realize their level of anxiety because to them they're so used to it. They've always functioned that way. It's not really until you sit and listen to what their
Expert Interviews – Jennifer Love, MD everyday existence is and talk to them about anxiety that they go, "Oh, wow. I actually really am anxious." One of the hallmarks with anxiety that I see is a total disconnect between the emotional part of the brain and the logical part of the brain. ...[2]

February 14, 2018 - The Consequences of Modern Day Education, Processed Food and Agriculture on Brain Development -

Just submitted the following at Jon Rapport's site:

chefjemichel says:
February 14, 2018 at 3:06 pm -

The ramifications in suppressing clear logical thinking by way of the public educational systems extends in all directions – within the “human being” (declining individuality if it ever was there) and externally into the social/political/economic spheres (as another child subject to however the prevailing winds are blowing). A few decades ago the materialistic science could not detect the physical impact but now that is possible. Yet the impact was known a hundred years ago:

“What we call power of discrimination, power of judgment in man, in other words the logical thinking of the thinker, brings about a definite change in the whole structure of the human brain. Clear thinking causes a change in the physical instrument of the brain. Scientific research knows little of this, but it is a fact that a physical brain that has been used by a thinker has a different appearance from the brain which belongs to a non-thinker.”[i]

Food is another way that is used to conquer a nation. The missing vital nutrients consequential to modern day food processing as well as modern day (so-called) agriculture impact the ability to think. The brain functions differently according to the type and quality of its food somewhat comparable to operating an automobile. The nutritional consequences in this instance are mental disorders as documented by Dr. Weston A. Price.[ii]

There are a number of additional factors that play into this phenomena as well. Jon also has presented some of these.

In Grattude!

(See the 9th paragraph from the bottom of the page.)
[ii] “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.[3]



[2] From a transcript



[5] "Violent Behavior: A Solution in Plain Sight":



[8] "RECALL HEALING Level I" - Gilbert Renaud, PhD David Holt, DO, HMD; page 8.



logical brain, emotional brain, Broken Brain, conventional psychiatry, logical thinking, power of discrimination, power of judgment, human brain, physical brain, ability to think, brain functions, mental disorders

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