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The Most Essential Human Contact

"Isolation kills – what’s the state of your (and your elder's) connection to your community and people?"

Date:   1/20/2018 8:34:19 AM   ( 12 mon ) ... viewed 442 times

According to Dr. Mark Hyman:

"New research shows that social separation is a larger cause of disease and death than poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or smoking."[1][2]

IMO - the above statement is especially true when the "social separation" relates to a personal "shock conflict" i.e social separation that is consequential to having previously experienced a shock conflict event or social separation that in and of itself is experienced as a shock conflict.

Mark continues: "The facts emerging from recent research show that social isolation is a serious cause of illness". Social isolation can be especially acute for the elderly. We have the greatest expansion of an elder population occurring now.

Continuing with Mark: "I want to showcase how important it is to be sure the elderly, in our lives, have a conversation with someone every day." He suggests various community support services. These are all generally good ideas that one can look into for their elder family members as well as for oneself.

I would add one more consideration: get a "Live-in". "Social isolation" may very well be "a larger cause of disease and death" however that doesn't eliminate the "lesser" causes that include "poor nutrition, lack of exercise, etc." For one - the sharing of a (more nutritious) meal can greatly support the social need. The "breaking of bread together" can simultaneously satisfy both social and spiritual needs which can make all the difference in the lives of individuals who have a meta-sofia orientation. Having a "live-in" for the elder can serve many purposes all of which can shift the increasing vulnerability toward "disease" toward a more thriving direction!

January 2, 2019 - Happy "Ninth Day of Christmas" (Based of "The 12 Days of Christmas" and the "12 Holy Nights") -

More "Social Support" -

"Studies have demonstrated an association between increased levels of social support and reduced risk for physical disease, mental illness, and mortality."[4]

November 21, 2018 One Way to Possibly Avoid the Shock Conflict of "Social Separation" -

From a New Medicine perspective the impact of a separation conflict via "social separation" is definitely known and understood. Although it may not be possible to avoid all separations it may be possible to increase both the sense of connection one has with others as well as the affinity with others by improving interpersonal communications. If one realizes that communication is life then that realization can support, inspire and motivate an individual toward improving their communication with others. One could have the goal of feeling self-confident in their ability to communicate their radical truth, radical honesty to others. That self-confidence can be gained with practice. Dyads can provide a safe environment for practicing radical honesty with others. A "Live-In" who is well-versed in dyads can competently guide and empower an individual who may be at-risk for social isolation into a more vibrant social life. It is possible!

Enjoying watching and reading the transcript of the "Broken Brain" documentary - now at Episode 3 with the following interview between Dr, Mark Hyman(MH) and: Dr. Dave Perlmutter(DP):

(DP) It became very evident to me one day, when I worked on a patient with migraine headaches by changing her diet and putting her on—get this, a gluten free diet—and her migraine headaches went away. This is something she had for 25 years and was taking narcotics for her pain. She went back to the gastroenterologist, who said, "I've scoped you. You don't have celiac disease. Why on earth would you go gluten free? Go back on gluten. You need it.”

(MH) You don't need it.

(DP) She refused. Had she done so, we know her headaches would have recurred, but that said, there is such push-back on anything nutritional. As you well know, recently there was an innuendo based on a study that came out saying that if you go gluten free, you're going to be at higher risk for heart disease. That is not the conclusion that the authors actually reached, Harvard researchers. The conclusion was, if you go gluten free, which means likely cut back on dietary fiber, that's not a good thing. I am totally in for that. I agree with you.

(MH) Most people don't eat gluten and dietary fiber. It's white flour.

(DP) Right. But the point is that the fundamentals are that the brain is not able to deal with inflammation very well. That inflammation happens when we disrupt the gut bacteria by a diet that's inappropriate, by taking medications that are unfavorable.

(MH) What are the medications that screw up your gut microbiome?

(DP) Well, the obvious ones are antibiotics. We've now seen research that indicates that antibiotics affect a type of bacterium called the mitochondria. That's got to sound like a bit of a stretch, but a new study came out looking at beta-lactam and aminoglycoside-type antibiotics. These are types of antibiotics.

(MH) Penicillin, and ...

(DP) Shows that these are actually mitochondrial toxins. Now, I just took a leap for your viewers. The understanding is that our mitochondria were once free-living bacteria. That's just a little tidbit, but when you disrupt the gut bacteria by taking antibiotics, understand that is a lifelong change in your microbiome that is never the same again. Antibiotic exposure is strongly related to diabetes risk—as much as a 50% increased risk from one course of antibiotics. A very large Danish study demonstrated that. The non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications are notorious for disrupting the gut bacteria, and that likely explains why C. diff (Clostridium difficile), is higher in people who generally take these non-steroid anti-inflammatories. I think the biggest issue is going to turn out to be, oddly enough, these acid-blocking drugs called proton pump inhibitors.

(MH) Which you can buy over the counter.

(DP) Which are generally bought over the counter. One study out of Stanford indicated about a 16% increased risk of heart attack in people taking these PPIs, and if you have that heart attack, your risk of dying from it is increased; Is doubled, basically. ...[3]

The above underscores the "Doctor" aspect of the "Chef-Doctor" who is devoted to using "food-as-medicine", because she/he realizes health begins in the gut. The Chef-Doctor can be best supported by health practitioners well-versed in Functional Medicine who can manage all the testing and lab work and monitor the gastro-intestinal and other risks that can lead to "death of brain cells".


[1] In an email titled: "Human Contact [Important Info]" that included a link to:
Episode 3: Dementia and Alzheimer’s in his current documentary series: "Broken Brain".

[2] Also posted:

[3] Transcript, page 5, of Episode 3 in the “Broken Brain” documentary series by Dr. Mark Hyman

[4] Seeman TE. Health promoting effects of friends and family on health outcomes in older adults. Am J Health Promot 2000;14:362-70.:

Stroebe W. Moderators of the stress-health relationship. In: Stroebe W. Social psychology and health. Philadelphia, PA: OUP; 2000:236-73.:


poor nutrition, social Isolation, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, social support, Health promoting effects of friends and family on health outcomes in older adults, Social psychology and health, stress-health relationship

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