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An Article on Herpes and Shingles

"Herpes viruses live in the nervous system, and when we’re overtaxed, anxious or angry, inflammatory stress hormones and other substances suppress the immune system, allowing the virus to overwhelm our defenses."

Date:   12/26/2017 5:43:23 PM   ( 13 mon ) ... viewed 537 times

Just enjoyed reading this very-well written article on "4 Foods to Avoid with Herpes or Shingles".[1]
Also got inspired to check out what Aajonus wrote:

"HERPES ... This is sometimes a condition that results from taking medication during chicken pox. Sometimes it is a condition resulting from taking the small pox vaccine. Another cause is very high adrenaline saturation (volatile toxic condition) in the nerve endings.

For six weeks, drinking 1 level teaspoon of powdered sun-dried clay mixed in 2-6 ounces of good mineral water or raw fresh juice helps attract and absorb toxins that cause herpes. Eating raw fresh fish and raw chicken several times weekly with no-salt-added raw cheese and
an equal portion of unsalted raw butter for eight weeks helps soothe and heal the nerves. Eating fresh raw unripe pineapple with unheated honey relieves soreness. For many years thereafter, and in general, following a balanced Primal Diet, mainly utilizing alkalizing foods
helps heal the liver and other affected areas. ..."[2]

"ALKALIZING FOOD neutralizes acidity and volatile toxins, refreshing an acidic and toxic body. Except for wheat grass juice, all edible raw fresh vegetable juices, raw fruits and raw fresh fruit puree are alkalizing. Raw fresh tomatoes, raw fresh figs, raw fresh pineapple, raw fresh lemons and raw fresh parsley are the most alkalizing. Alkalizing foods do not need to be eaten together or eaten exclusively except during particular ailments. But if they are included - when you
desire them or have a toxic problem - in a balanced raw diet, physical, emotional, and mental life will be easier. Although tomatoes, apples, citrus fruit and raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar are considered acidic, they alkalize the blood and body. ..."[3]

March 4, 2018 - Healing Herbs & Supplements -

"You may be wondering how to arm yourself against all of these herpes viruses. One simple way to start is by bringing zinc into your daily health protocol. A rampant, global zinc deficiency is one of the reasons the herpes family exploded onto the scene and became the issue it is today. Zinc acts as a powerful weapon against the herpes family, so replenishing your zinc reserves with a high-quality zinc sulfate supplement can be an incredibly protective measure. A blood test does not account for the possibility of a zinc deficiency in places such as your ganglia, nervous system, and liver, so do not rely on a blood test to determine whether you have sufficient zinc reserves. Bring zinc into your life and work with a practitioner to figure out a dosage that is right for you.

L Lysine is another weapon that can help fight the herpes family. When it comes to battling a herpes virus, taking only 500 mg of lysine a day might not be sufficient. If you’re fighting off Epstein-Barr or another aggravating herpes variety, a fairly generous amount of lysine may be necessary. That being said, It is important to discuss the exact dosage you plan on taking with a practitioner so that you can best support your specific health issues. If you aren’t struggling with a herpes virus, but want to help shield yourself from picking up one of the hundreds of possible strains, taking a smaller dose of lysine can be a protective step.

Other herbs and supplements to consider incorporating include B-12 with methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, 5-MTHF, lemon balm, and selenium. Licorice root can act like a glue to help prevent herpes viruses, such as Epstein-Barr, from feeding, reproducing, or moving locations.

Eyebright and echinacea can be great herbs for fighting a herpes virus. Periodically using goldenseal can be another great measure to put in place. Regularly brewing yourself a glass of thyme tea can be a supportive practice, and taking oregano oil or seasoning your meals with the fresh oregano herb on a daily basis can provide healing benefits as well.

Healing Foods -

Bringing antiviral foods into your diet is an important part of healing from any herpes virus. All fruits and vegetables are antiviral. For that reason, try filling your diet with as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can! Many herbs and spices can provide antiviral support as well. As you enjoy these foods, you can be at peace knowing that none of the herpes viruses are being fed or strengthened by these life-giving foods. Try incorporating ginger, turmeric,[5] Hawaiian spirulina, garlic, and onion into your meals. These foods can be incredibly supportive when regularly included in your diet. ..."[4]

May 24, 2018 - Immunity Support With Ionic Silver -

Dr. Carolyn Dean writes (in email to subscribers) -

"... the ionic form of silver (like our Pico Silver) is the form used in hundreds of clinical studies carried out since the early 1900's, all of which point to ionic silver's effectiveness. Regardless, our objective is to always put out the very best product we can with the available research and information we have. Research and comparative studies such as those put out by Rice University and more recent studies have always formed the basis of our research and decision making.

Further, we have access to our own research laboratories and equipment which allows us to duplicate many of the studies we have read as part of our own R&D process. We have conducted our own antibacterial activity tests on different forms and types of silver, including our very own Pico Silver. It is now a well proven fact (reference 100's of peer reviewed studies on this topic) that it is the silver 'ion' that kills germs and heals tissue, and that neutral silver atoms are largely inert and have no bioactivity whatsoever (until converted to ions).

In physics, an element such as silver can only exist as either an atom or as an ion. An ion is an atom that's missing an electron. It is also well known that silver ions (and all ions) are extremely unstable and that in order to 'deliver' them to where you want them you need a method of stabilization. This unique stabilization forms the unique basis of our pico ionic minerals (ReMag, ReMyte, ReCalcia) and Pico Silver Solution. ..."



[2] We Want To Live! - The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz; p. 271-272.

[3] IBID, p. 178


[5] "The best way to consume turmeric is in its whole, organic, root form.":


Herpes, inflammatory stress hormones, immune system, Shingles, ginger, Hawaiian spirulina, garlic, onion

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