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Chef Jemichel Says -

Why oppose a nominated candidate for a Federal government office when the jurisdiction of that office excludes you?

Date:   11/20/2017 4:54:51 PM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 2032 times

December 7, 2020 - Need More "Myth of ..." Books! -

"The Contagion Myth" makes a most excellent argument for questioning conventional beliefs about the so-called contagious nature of disease. This writer is so impressed with this book that he has have gifted about a dozen people with a copy of it so far. This morning he was inspired with the thought of more "Myth of ..." books including one titled: "The Education Myth". Now Anna has published the article that could serves as a treatment for the book![21]*

Other book titles that this writer would love to see include: "The Commerce Myth", "The Government Myth", "The Money Myth", "The Corporate Person Myth", etc.

December 3, 2020 - "I Am All-Grateful within my Innermost Being, Here and Now!" -

The encouragement to "Pause and Pivot" that has been launched by Richard Rudd this year has been an extra support for this Blog-writer to seize the moments when it is possible to pause" and then once the pause is activated to then "pivot" within! The results of this have been both positive and cumulative over the recent months! These successful steps then have been all the more encouraging to continue seizing the moments!

In addition there have been daily "thoughts" from the Omraam group that at times are especially enlightening! The current "thought" is a perfect example as the focus is directly on light! This thought has greatly encouraged this writer to affirm the light. The combination of "Pause and Pivot" as well as the focus on light has resulted in great gratitude in which this writer declares: "I Am All-Grateful within my Innermost Being, Here and Now!"

June 24, 2020 - A Comment, Most Especially For Anna Reitz -

I agree re: "A man who keeps his word, is a man of character despite his faults and sins and errors." However, any public figure needs to have a full and complete accounting of "his word" not just compliments. I'm not a voter (because I am not U.S. citizen") and therefore don't have the relationship with PoUS like others have. Nevertheless I realize there is an impact from the PoUS upon all of the American people, regardless of their status, and therefore I do support having a complete accounting in this instance. Anna, would you be willing to put this full and complete accounting forward for all to see? .........[20]

June 15, 2020 - There is an Apron ...

... that says: "Great Chefs Shop Alike" which this Blog-writer chef has had for a few years - however yesterday after shaking out the apron and looking at what it says once again he followed the above quoted line by announcing; "and Greater Chefs Have A Garden!"

July 28, 2019 -

The following was originally intended as a comment to an article by Joel Wendt[19] especially upon reading of: "The individual sovereign American." -

Thank you, Joel!

I think we would agree that the soul and spirit are most definitely what matters in our dealings with the world. And that these can never be entrusted to any politician of what ever stripe or color. In fact neither can our bodies be entrusted to them. So music and dancing and all the many ways that we can feed and nourish our body, soul, and spirit is up to us and most of us would probably be better off with more nourishing ways. Am I growing you well dear brother?

Maybe this is the way from which we can then feel the kinship required to unite toward the higher work of actually recovering our authentic Lawful sovereignty and exercise full Lawful jurisdiction over the world as it exists in the myriad of incorporated forms.

An enlightened history as to "our authentic Lawful sovereignty" could be the prelude "toward the higher work". "An enlightened history" would be most possible with the latest insights upon the four original "Organic Laws". This writer has been a student of these "Organic Laws" for over the past ten years initially under the professorship of Dr. Ed Rivera of the Organic Laws Institute (OLI). In the last couple years new insights have been shared from a certain "Living Law Firm" and additional independent researchers in articles by Anna Reitz that includes the actually steps required for American to reclaim their natural full American birthright status and simultaneously refuse the second class citizenry offered by the incorporated entities who are government service providers for the people.

With this new understanding and new inspiration toward outreach (where it may most matter - with the current youth) this Organic Laws student made a number of inquires with Waldorf schools and institutions regarding the American Government curriculum to determine whether "our authentic Lawful sovereignty" was recognizable within whatever lesson plans that may exist. No response from several inquiries. However, most recently contact was made with a Waldorf High School Teacher Training program. The first response included the following:

"I have shared your question with the teacher responsible for the
teaching of history in our high school teacher training program, but
he is unclear about the context of your question, specifically what
is meant by the 'four Organic Laws'."

The above response included a request for further elaboration which was given.
Subsequent response finally acknowledged that the Organic Laws were included in the teacher training however apparently without any insights! That's understandable because the significant insights have only come about in recent years.

The "significant insights" are ones that include the most fundamental basis for limited government. The insight for the "most fundamental basis for limited government" comes by understanding proprietary jurisdiction. To know what "proprietary jurisdiction" is requires viewing all four Organic Laws as a whole set and with two phases within that. This particular "viewing" is uniquely presented by Ed Rivera, by his students and by OLI subscription readers who have grokked this view. This first level insight that can be easily shared at about the tenth year High School level. Once this insight is gained then it can clear a way for deeper insights (such as presented by Anna Reitz) and that could be presented in the eleventh and twelfth year of High School. By the senior year at least some of the students could be clear enough to actually act on their insights, along with their understanding and ideally independent research findings whereby they verify to their own satisfaction the true nature of much of what is veilded from the general public.

New light for "an enlightened history" coupled with love for both our collective humanity and for the truth of self in each individual will enliven the teaching of history and transform the learning process as well as the learner. The question is where can this be taught? .........

In Gratitude!

July 7, 2019 - A comment (that requires "Facebook" to post and this blog-writer doesn't do Facebook!).

Thank you dear Luminita for "I Love You"!

Self-Love together with Truth of Self plus some form of creativity will do wonders![18]

June 3, 2019 - Water: Science & Tech with a World Leading Expert -

Plus Chef Jemichel's comment on the transcript of the Robert Slovak interview with Ben Greenfield.[17]

May 6, 2019 - At: Weston A.

“Accountability” is deservedly mentioned twice in this article to which I’ll reply. When the health and lives of children are at risk because of products that are pushed by corporations that have infiltrated through the protective services of government – the lack of accountability gets our attention. Something many of us can agree on is that corrections are needed now. What corrections and in what order? No corrections can be possible until the People recover their original, sovereign, land & soil-based proprietary self-governing jurisdiction. Only then will the People have al the authority they need to deal with every corporation that comes onto the land & soil of their original state. This recovery has actually begun and simply needs the support of more Americans in every state.

March 12, 2019 - Comment on: "Addicted to Food? Increasing Evidence Suggests Compulsive Eating, like Compulsive Drug Use, Is a Brain Disorder."[14] -

(with minor edits) -
I suggest a couple additional factors to consider in regards to the topics of obesity, food addiction, etc.

Modern-day processed food contains "ingredients"/chemical elements that have been positively identified as either "addictive" or addictive like. Probably the most impactful of these ingredients is sugar. None of this is mentioned in the above titled paper.

Processed foods most often include refined unsaturated, poly-unsaturated or partially unsaturated vegetable oils as a substitute for our more traditional saturated animal fats. Traditional animal fats allowed for a sense of satiation that is not matched by the refined vegetable oils and most especially not with the varieties like corn, soy and canola, the last two of which come from non-food plants.

Due to the missing satiation factor many modern-day consumers (especially most all who rely on "fast foods", "convenient foods", etc,) are perpetually hungry for real complete nourishment. Nutritional deficiency is generally undetected by doctors (as an actual caustive or at least as a contributing factor) who reply on pharmaceuticals as their "medicine" of choice. Identifying the whole spectrum of undernourishment that includes all nutritional deficiencies deserves to be included for a more complete picture on the nutritional causes of obesity and so called "food addiction." These insights would naturally also underscore how undernourishment of the brain can manifest as a "disorder."

Additional Comment:

With several decades of experience (cross a full spectrum of nutritional states) plus additional observations in relation to this subject matter I don't think we really need to have obesity analyzed for psychiatric assessment, labeled and codified as if obesity in general is a true brain disorder; especially not before the more fundamental nutritional assessment is made. One of my main citable reference for this perspective is the findings of Dr. Weston A. Price[15] who was considered as the "Charles Darwin" of nutrition.

February 5, 2019 - While Jupiter is Transiting in Sagittarius ...

"... This is a time for exploring our morals, ethics, principles, matters of freedom, and possible improvements and expansions that might benefit us or make the world a better place."[13]

Also in "matters of freedom" - if you don't want "No" for an answer don't ask "yes" or "no" type questions.

July 6, 2018 - On Consciousness-Based Medicine -


People may generally agree that we can have "awareness of symptoms” – however the additional beliefs that people may have regarding “disease” are most largely implanted by the medical industry via life-threatening fears of diagnosis that typically result in shock-conflicts in the patent.

Dr. Hamer (German New Medicine) extensively identified the multitude of origins of (what he termed) "special biological survival programs" by physiologically tracking the symptoms to specific shock conflicts that the patient had experienced prior to the onset of their symptoms. Consciousness in this instance is shifting from the fear of disease to a new understanding of the innate wisdom throughout the whole body-mind matrix that responds on a physical level to whatever may appear as a life-threatening impact on the psyche level. When this consciousness becomes the basis of medicine then there is no need to diagnose (and no need to give a prognosis) for there is nothing in the body to correct; only the aftershock of a conflict to resolve (and only if it hasn’t already resolved itself).[11]

November 18, 2018 - "Paper Monsters" -

I find it interesting that a "legal entity" can be created on paper and regarded as a "person" with - what appears to amount to as - more privileges than are typically granted to flesh and blood individuals. More so I find it extremely interesting that individuals who work for these "persons" can feel justified in committing criminal acts (murder as well as a "laundry list"[12] of many other crimes) under the "color of the law" of the "legal entity". It underscores the need to "pierce the veils" of "corporate personhood" in order to see each and every individual/soul of the men and women who manifest the "body" of these entities. The entity itself is soul-less. In order "to live" it needs real souls. The people who give their souls to the "legal fiction" that they work for are enabling the crimes against humanity whether or not they actually participate first hand in the "murdering". They are all agents of the thing. "Notice to the agent is notice to the principal. Notice to the principal is notice to the agent."

March 22, 2018 -

Rumi says: "Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?"

Chef Jemichel Says -

You most definitely don't have to "struggle" - however consider that there is a "door" for you to open and this door is called dialogue - even through whatever "wall" might appear to exist is truly an illusion.

January 27, 2018 - Comment Regarding Government Codes Concerning Private Food Access Agreements (as presented by the Weston A. Price Foundation) -

Unless an individual understands the Organic Laws (of the United States of America, see the cover page in the "United States Code" Vol I)[9] they are most likely going to be vulnerable to making assumptions about the dictates of their government.[7] I’m reasonably certain that this will more often then not be the case even though the “Founding Fathers” warned Americans that they had to be vigilant in restraining government. Unfortunately I have not seen a positive response to many dozens of comments that have been very kindly offered (by yours truly) pointing to the need to know the Organic Laws and (consequentially) now I am largely refraining from making further elaborations on the vital difference in perspective between the present-day government “codes” (i.e. the code of Virginia) and fundamental Law (sometimes referred to just as “The Constitution” however, and IMO, best understood as the Organic Laws).

I wish this status (of what might at least be agreed upon (by some people) as “silence”) could be interpreted more positively than how I may appear to judge it however I have a (sometimes challenging) standing agreement not to make assumptions about others and yet I wish to respond to yet another indication of governmental overreach that is repugnant to my core values and especially to the American Spirit that is most definitely incarnated in me!

I feel obliged to at least give a very brief opening statement on what could possibly become an introductory prelude to the Organic Laws if interest were ever to be expressed.:

Any two or more individuals have it as their unalienable Right to make/enter into any agreement of their choosing not only with impunity but also without incurring any interference by external government. This is part of the Common Law of America that actual predates the Organic Laws. The only restraint to this freedom is that the individuals cause no harm to any other individuals. If this Law, that predates every “code” of every corporate state, were to be completely understood and adopted the American people would not suffer the onerous codes of corporate fictions that threaten the livelihoods, health and well-being of Americans (for the enrichment of government retirement funds and other off-ledger accounts that are continuously fed by fines and penalties).[8]

Submitted on 
November 20, 2017 at 5:33 pm (Eastern) 

- ("comment is awaiting moderation.")

The following comment is in reply to an "alert"[5] sent to members of the Weston A. Price Foundation and subscribers.

Is it possible to get clear about the Law regarding Federal proprietary jurisdiction limits? What if the reach of the Department of Health does not Lawfully extend onto the land/s of the several states of the Union?

Consider the following:

A “Man’s Court case may have cracked open Fraud of D.C. Federal Jurisdiction”. “Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits” includes all “Acts of Congress”!

We’ve been saying all along at the Organic Laws Institute (and for years before) that Federal jurisdiction is limited firstly because it is based on natural proprietary jurisdiction limits of the land, the territory, the property, etc.[4] A “Man’s Court case may have cracked open Fraud of D.C. Federal Jurisdiction”![1]

“We are bound to interpret the constitution in the light of the law as it existed at the time it was adopted,” Mattox v. U.S., 156 U.S. 237, 243 (1895).[2]

“Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits” includes all “Acts of Congress”. I am willing to research the “Act” that created the Department of Health and prepare a report on that.[6]
 In any case –

The written Organic Laws tell us that Federal legislation is positively proprietary based. That means it’s limited to the territory actually owned by or subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America:

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17:

I have a number of blogs on this subject matter. This “comment” is excerpted from:

“… Federal Jurisdiction.

The zone of Federal Jurisdiction, where the U.S. Federal Government has exclusive legislative authority, is within the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the other American Offshore Territories and possessions, and under admiralty Law in the territorial waters off the continental coasts, (federal zone) outside of the territorial waters controlled by the states (state zone waters).

No Federal Legislative Jurisdiction lies within the borders of the 50 States. Federal rules, laws, and jurisdiction can only be applied within the 50 states borders with written permission from the state, for designated Federal Forts, Magazines, Interstate Waterways, and Buildings.”[3]

If “The United States” (as per “this Constitution”) is congruent with the principal of proprietary-based jurisdiction then what (if any) true Lawful relationship do Americans have with “this Constitution” if they are not actually in “The United States” or in any legal arrangement with the United States government?

However, the status of “free inhabitant” is still an option, but one would have to be willing to let go of personally identifying as a subject (citizen) of the “United States government” and that may be too much to ask and especially if the Individual is wholly dependent upon government support.

Just confirmed that the "The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare" (HEW) and also known as the Health Department is an "Act of Congress"[6] and therefore this governmental agency is limited by Law (The written Organic Laws) in its jurisdiction to certain well-defined "territory" and furthermore cannot "regulate you without your consent".



See all these entries and most especially #66 to #70!



[4] “Government bureaucrats rely on your ignorance of the fact that all written law is limited to a specific subject. For governments, the subject is territory. Thus, Congress cannot write laws for Japan. Furthermore, Congress cannot write laws to regulate you without your consent, unless the United States of America owns the property on which you are located.” – From: What Does The Constitution Say? at


[6] "The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) was created on April 11, 1953, when Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1953 became effective.":

This is the "Act of Congress" that allowed for the above named "reorganization" of the executive branch that subsequently included the formation of what we now refer to as the "Department of Health ...":

Also See: “Four Pillars of Constitutionalism”.

Posted at:

[7] "Their Government" is the incorporated County/State/Federal Government that the individual subjugated themselves to by voluntarily accepting a legal status as a "US citizen" just as most Americans identify themselves even though they may actually qualify as "free inhabitants".


[9] March 9, 2018 - Also see the Organic Laws in United States Code:

[10] This Rumi quote was first seen in my network at LinkedIn however I don't find that particular quote now. (The "wall" must have disappeared! ; ~ )





[15] See: "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, chapter 19: "Physical, Mental and Moral Deterioration."








proprietary jurisdiction, written law, consent, United States of America, Constitution, organic laws, Federal Jurisdiction, consciousness-based medicine, paper monsters, person, fictitious entity, corporate personhood, soul, American people, status, government, us citizen, a man of his word, president trump



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