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Is "... Protecting Farmers and Consumers" Actually Possible?

Understanding the need for a whole new "game plan" when the old game limitations have been severely exceeded.

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October 20, 2017 - The Possibility of Educating "Farmers and Consumers" as the First Line of Defense for "Protecting" Them.

Just submitted the following "comment" at the Weston A. Price Foundation's site[5]:

October 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm (Eastern)
Thank you for all the support!

I imagine there is much more than “enough” legal work for just one individual. Especially if it involves people who may not be fully informed about the Law and consequently just rely upon legal information.

Since there was a German New Medicine presentation at a WAPF Conference I can say: In like manner as Dr. Hamer discovered the Biological Laws that when understood can free an individual from the fear of disease so has Dr. Ed Rivera[i] discovered the integrative continuity of the four Organic Laws that when understood together can free an individual from the fear of legal issues.

Will WAPF have a “clearinghouse” as an educational resource to support individuals becoming free from the fear of legal issues? If so then I’d most certainly like to contribute to that!


November 13, 2018 - the California State Grange -

"At the 2017 Annual Session of the California State Grange, we adopted an updated Mission Statement.

Since 1873 the mission of the California State Grange has been to serve, steward and teach the virtues of the land to our children and community. We maintain our commitment to grassroots advocacy, supporting farmland preservation, farm development, community service, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and the consumer’s role in the food production system."[9]

There are two Grange meeting sites in San Diego County. I'd like to connect with them.

September 18, 2017 -

Anyone who either knows me or has followed this blog (or one of my several other blogs) knows that I underscore the Lawful jurisdiction of legitimate government[4] and that there are proprietary-based limits to this jurisdiction. Therefore when I read appeals to "drain the organic swamp" located within the "swamp" capital I naturally have the sacral response to pose the following question:

I sincerely would like to know: what truly Lawful business does the United States Congress (or any of it's Acts, Departments or any other "US" entity) have in the lives and farms of Americans throughout the several states?

And although I did submit this "comment"[1] I do not expect anyone to directly answer the inquiry. There is a convulsion[2] of reasons why people can not answer this that I have explained most especially in a number of "Son of Truth of Self" Blogs.

October 15, 2017 -

"The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power."

I just discovered this quote of Alexander Hamilton at:

January 19, 2018 - Is it possible to actually protect "consumers"?

Posted the following comment at Weston A. Price Foundation's site:

"...the myriad of health consequences (from consuming all the many varieties of SAD/MAD foods that most people are dependent upon – due in large part to the conditions of modern lifestyles) is arguably the leading problem of our times, at least in terms of destroying the foundation for individual health without which one is essentially defeated. The 'state of health' for the American people has descended to such a low level that I am now finally willing to say we have been victims of an undeclared war that has been waged (most largely by the food industry) for the minds of the American people and based just on the declining health of children I have to say the people as a whole apparently are losing (notwithstanding the 'remanent')!"

If "consumers" are all the individuals who are wholly dependent upon the "foods of commerce" system and if despite all the "protection" presently provided by the United States government (i.e. FDA, CDC, DOA, etc.) we have an overall failing health report card (as best as I can read it) and if there is no plan on the part of the consumers to change their course (of what has been destroying their health) then how can these consumers be protected from further destruction?

October 24, 2018 -

I inquired with an organization that claims to be the leading "watchdog" regarding government's extension into agriculture (which as far as I can tell is limited to the actual Lawful proprietary-based jurisdiction of the Congress of the "United States"). Most recently the "Watchdog" replied saying: "I am still unclear what you are offering. We have 15 years of experience in federal organic regulatory oversite."
I responded: "I completely appreciate your reply and what appears to be your need for further clarification from me. I am offering an introduction to extended insights regarding the proprietary-base nature of the government's jurisdiction. Is this of interest to you? .........
I'm also offering you this question: What quintessential Law do you consider when referring to governmental jurisdiction? ......... "
(How's that for "clarification? ; ~ )

Several hours later and just got the following reply from the "Watchdog":

"I don't understand anything you are writing...


It appears that I did not communicate in a way that gave this man greater clarity as to what I was offering. Or .......? In any case I most certainly do not know because there was no additional details provided me in the above quoted reply.

January 21, 2018 - Continuing -

Naturally - any questions that I raise (in the above post) are ones that only "I" can answer (since these postings are not actually part of any real dialogue with any other individual ; ~ )! Therefore - in regards to: 'how can these consumers be protected from further destruction" I present the following:

The term "consumers" deserves to be defined. "A consumer is a person who buys things or uses services." (That is probably as general of a definition as it gets.) Consumers can buy their food in a number of ways, i.e. from all the various markets, food service establishments, as well as direct from many of the sources of where food actually comes from including farms, orchards, ranches, etc. They can buy their food already prepared and ready to eat and/or they can also buy it largely unprepared and then prepare it the way they like before "consuming" it.

"Consumers" can be contrasted with the "producers" (who grow/raise their own food). Producers include a sub-category of hunters, fishers and the like who gather there food from the wild and/or directly from nature that is not humanly cultivated. Of all the ways that one can obtain their food it is understandably the ways of the consumer that are more vulnerable and possibly in need of health and safety "protection". If that were not true we wouldn't have United States government agencies like the FDA or possibly the DOA (and this arguably could be applied to the CDC as well). However - these government agencies are either not completely doing their job to fully "protect" consumers or "full protection" is not actually the real reason why they were created (regardless of what the stated "purpose" may say). In any case the people's "overall failing health report card" (that IMO strongly indicates serious health problems that are rampant among a majority of consumers) needs to be responded to in a number of ways (and I believe there have been a number of responses to this modern day crisis). I believe there needs to be more responses and I wish to offer my response now.

The predominant kind of "consumer foods" that put all the people who consume them at risk for health consequences is what Weston A. Price called the "foods of commerce".

October 22, 2018 - From the Cornucopia Institute -

"... 'I expect more deals to occur, since organic foods sales continue to increase faster than sales of conventional foods, and corporations are flush with cash and/or access to cheap credit'” - Dr. Phil Howard, an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State and author of an infographic (January 2016) on: "Organic Industry Structure"[7]

The "infographic" is revealing! People have appreciated the information because: "... few major corporate agribusinesses note ownership ties on their acquisitions’ product labels." People need full disclosure now more than ever before as more revelations of food processor practices become known (and many consequences that people suffer as a result are also brought to our awareness) indicating to us that real nourishment (and the health that can give us) as well as purity, safety and other important concerns are not the top concerns of the "major corporate agribusinesses". We also are entitled to have full disclosure on all the financier aspects of this industry.

Just submitted the following "comment" at Dr. Howard's site:

Thank you Philip!
Just now discovering your contributions via the presentations at the Cornucopia Institute. Much appreciate your dedication to revealing the impact of corporate food power on community sustainability.

Is the thought of a possible documentary of interest to you?[8]


[1] Comment was posted here:
that has a link to the article here:

[2] I use this term to emphasize the "disorder" (one of the synonyms of convulsion) as the root cause for why I am presenting a case saying there is no truly Lawful business for the United States Congress to be planted in our agriculture.


[4] "The Lawful jurisdiction" is written in the Organic Laws, published in The United States Code and available online here:

Also see: "Agriculture, Food and Health Are Not On "The List"!"







Lawful jurisdiction, legitimate government, proprietary-based limits, jurisdiction, United States Congress, Acts of congress, us Departments, Americans, several states, protect farmers, protect consumers, sacred rights, organic laws, legal issues, food freedom, organic food, Sustainability

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