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Get a Great Workout in Less Time Than You Thought!

38 ways for increased movement. All in 5-minute chunks spread throughout the day.

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"... research shows that several 5-minute sessions of heightened activity followed by rest may be more beneficial than a whole hour of exercise.

So, by following these routines you can get a great workout in less time than you thought. What do you gain? Weight loss, more energy, improved circulation, better health, and more confidence could be just a few of the benefits of increased movement. All in 5-minute chunks spread throughout the day.

The key to moving your body is to not only be flexible physically but also in your mind. Be ready to change your form of exercise at the drop of a hat. That's one key.

The second key is to only do the exercises you really love and really want to do. I give you plenty of choices here and there are hundreds of other exercises demonstrated on YouTube, so you can't cop out and say you're off the hook because you don't love exercise. Besides, if you're moving, you're already exercising.

What follows is a long list of activities you can do to make your body move. Don't be overwhelmed by the following 38 ways to move your body. Go through the list and put a check mark by the ones that appeal to you. It shouldn't be too hard to find a dozen that you can do right in the comfort of your own home or even at work. All-in-all you end up saving time and money by not having to travel to or join a gym.

In the morning:
1. Take a morning walk.

2. Do some yoga stretches – Downward Dog, Side Oblique, Crescent Pose are all good stretches.

3. Pull out a jump rope and go at it for a few minutes.

4. Jump on the mini trampoline in the corner.

5. Try a few arm pushups with your hands on the bathroom sink as you contemplate the person looking across at you in the mirror.

6. Fit in a few mini squats while you swish your sesame oil, or as you brush your teeth.

7. Even just rising on the balls of your feet and holding for a few seconds will help exercise your leg muscles.

8. While showering, do Progressive Muscle Relaxation where you tense and then relax various muscles in your body.

9. In the shower, you can also do some neck stretches with the hot water running on your muscles to loosen them up.

10. When you pass by a convenient window sill, do a runner's stretch to release your calf and thigh muscles.

11. As you're walking around your home be conscious of tightening your buttocks with each step.

12. Heighten your pace as you move up and down the stairs. Make sure you breathe deeply and never unconsciously hold your breath.

Out on the town:

13. Don't use drive-ins. Walk into the bank or restaurant.

14. At the gas station take a stroll inside to pay.

15. Give your arms some exercise by cleaning your windows with the squeegee at the pump.

16. When doing errands or going to work, park at a distance to get a few blocks of walking under your belt.

17. When you stop for red lights, stretch your neck, do some more Progressive Muscle Relaxation on your shoulders and thighs.

18. In the car, have a soft ball on hand that you can squeeze to exercise your hands and wrists when stuck in traffic.

19. For arm exercise, carry a shopping basket instead of pushing a cart in the grocery store.

20. While shopping, use cans and bottles as impromptu weights, doing a few curls before you pick up the next item. (You may start a fad.)

21. While waiting in lines (bank, grocery store, ATM machine) silently and under cover of your clothes, do some modified Stomach Vacuum exercises. Suck in your belly and tighten your abdominal muscles.

At work:
22. On the phone, you can stand up and do lunges or squats. Step forward and lunge. Or stand in one spot and do a squat.

23. You can also incorporate the stretching exercises from Sensuous Stretching, Module 44.

24. Do push-ups in your chair. With hands on the arms of your chair lift yourself up off your seat for a few seconds.

25. While sitting and working, rotate your ankles in both directions.

26. Remember to also do your eye exercises, look away from your screen for 10 seconds every 10 minutes.

27. Take every opportunity to walk around the office to speak to someone instead of phoning or sending an email.

28. Do arm circles every hour.

29. Every time you go to the rest room, do a series of jumping jacks, a few side stretches and toe touching.

30. Go for a walk during your lunch break.

In the evening:
31. Back home from work is another opportunity for a walk or even a bike ride around the neighborhood.

32. Bench press your laundry basket several times while carrying it to its final destination.

33. Put on the radio, pop in a CD or click on and perform some impromptu dancing. My favorite dancing song is "Move It Move It" by Will.I.Am who wrote it for the movie Madagascar 2.

34. While watching TV make the commercial breaks your personal movement time.

35. Look for excuses to run up and down the stairs while doing chores.

36. Do a few side bend stretches before bedtime. It will start you yawning and get you ready for a deep sleep.

37. When I lie down in bed, I do knee hugging. Cross one leg over the other, wrap your hands around the outer leg and pull them both into your chest. This is an excellent stretch for your hips and it also tightens your abdominal muscles. Change sides.

38. Before I drift off to sleep I do another stretch. I cross my knees and with my legs together let them flop to one side, then the other. I re-cross my knees and do it all over again."

And, if you want to give your body the very best nutrients to support increased movement, circulation, and better overall health, use the best supplements money can buy:


Dr. Carolyn Dean
RnA ReSet

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