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The Life of An Ethical Individualist Is Based On Inner Truth

From “The Philosophy of Freedom” - "A Science of Human Freedom."

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February 21, 2021 -

“… Steiner himself explicitly stated, his account in The Philosophy of Freedom did not seek to be universal, but only to map out for himself how he, the individual Rudolf Steiner, had walked that path. That is, each person … must make it his own.”:
“The light of the I - guidelines for meditation” - edited and introduced by Christopher Bamford; Georg Kühlewind.

July 25, 2018 - Emerson and Steiner -

“…both men emphatically trust human thinking for its intuitive nature … both Emerson and Steiner see freedom as a matter of self-reliance and see selfhood as the seed from which community, rather than isolation, can develop when the ‘I’ in any one of us becomes conscious of the ‘I’ in others.”[15]

February 3, 2018 - Underscoring the critical need for authentic Individuals and Their Expression!

"... Let me repeat one of Emerson’s statements: 'The antidote to this abuse of [by] formal Government, is, the influence of private character, the growth of the Individual.' The corollary: If there is no widespread growth of individuals and their independent thoughts, actions, and moral consciousness, if they don’t widen their horizons and spheres of influence, then in the long run what check is there on government?"[9]

The "widespread growth of individuals" is the "High Ideal" of "Cheeta"[10]

With regards to "widen their horizons and spheres of influence" - This "widening" can begin with the power of imagination (which I just wrote on moments ago)![11]

I am nourishing my will and willingness to imagine! "Will" in the Human Design System is called the Heart Center and is the home of the Ego. My Hear Center is defined by way of the Channel of Community. I can readily see my capacity to "imagine" well directed through this channel.

April 20, 2018 - What "philosophy" do you embrace – the philosophy of matter or that of spirit?

Your choice of one of these two quintessential philosophies will determine whether you are enabled to rise above events. If this is true then either the ability or inability of the individual to rise above events indicates the nature of their philosophy. With individuals who possess an "enabling" philosophy - "even in their struggles with life’s difficulties (health, work, relationships, accidents), they know that they cannot be defeated. ... They do not accept the notion that events rule their lives; it is they who are the master." [12]

Just experienced a live demonstration of this a couple moments ago! Serendipitously validating the truth of this for me! I am so very grateful to possess an "enabling" philosophy that is my own "philosophy of freedom"! I wish the same freedom for all humanity! I wish you perfect mastery of all the events in your life! Can you imagine that?

May 8, 2019 - Anna Reitz Thoughts on Thinking -

... God gave us all free will and we choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing. We have been trained since babyhood to cling to our chains and to accept having other people do our thinking "for" us, but the fact remains that our free will is never absent.

That is why I rejoice when I see people thinking for themselves, even when they blame me for waking them up, even when they don't agree with me. If they are thinking for themselves, that is a good and necessary sign --- a sort of "First Base" that has to be achieved before anything else can happen.

Once you realize that you do have free will and that you are responsible for thinking for yourself, a whole host of other things becomes possible. You can, for example, get beyond the infantile state of "either/or" thinking, and all the assumptions that go with it.

We are meant to progress beyond "either/or" thinking in our intellectual development, but many of us never get there thanks to the indoctrination and over-simplification regimen we endure in public schools. I don't think in terms of "either this or that" --- I outgrew that kind of thinking many years ago and just leave it in my tool box as a sieve to help sort information, which is all it is really good for.

Discernment of truth and an appreciation of life requires so much more than "either its this or its that" thinking, that those who can't get beyond this stage of development have to be viewed with pity. They are like race horses that have worn hobbles all their lives and are now crippled by it.

Today, I want everyone reading this to make a conscious effort to think about their thinking and their free will and their actual empowerment. You don't have to let someone else do your thinking for you. You don't have to hand over your authority over your life to some Talking Head on TV or some politicians glad-handing each other ...

The truth is that we are all responsible for what we think, say, and do. The truth is that we are all responsible for this world and the circumstance in which we find ourselves. It does no good to blame someone else or whine about it. The only help there is, is when we pick up our cross and carry it--- and by triumphing in our own lives open the door for others to follow after. ...[16]

Although Anna is speaking most largely within the context of the individual in relation to the collective the same principals are applicable within the context of interpersonal relationships - primarily revolving around the realization "that you do have free will and that you are responsible for thinking for yourself." This writer underscores this principal as he continues to reflect upon the expressed thoughts of his foreign-born daughter (who was raised exclusively by her foreign-born mother) and who appears to be learning how "to make a conscious effort to think about (her) thinking and (her) free will and (her) actual empowerment." I also "rejoice when I see people thinking for themselves, even when they blame me for waking them up, even when they don't agree with me."

I deeply appreciate hearing “I want to understand Trump. Trump is an individual who does not follow the traditional norms of thought and behavior”.

(I have additional posts that give introductions to Trump's unique individuality via his Human Design inspired many of us. [5]

Just discovered this on a YouTube video[3] (immediately after watching another video[4] by the same presenter regarding YouTube censorship that I tweeted).

The presenter continued:
"Anyone who wants to understand an individual must get to know the innermost core of his being. Listen to his way of viewing the world, and observe his actions. learn how he defines himself, and how he sees his role in the world. If you mix in your own judgment, you will never understand him."[2]

Additional quotes from this presentation:

"We know our inner truth with absolute certainty because we produce it.

When we are confused we are not able to set clear goals, making us hesitant to act.

Ethical Individualist’s idea of truth. - Ethical Individualism is a philosophy of life;
so it’s much more deeply thought out.

The life of an Ethical Individualist is based on inner truth.

The most empowering inner truth are one’s highest ideals.

Our greatest joy is to realize these ideals in life.

The realization of one’s ethical ideals in life is the highest pleasure."[1]

May 3, 2017 -

"A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual...”[6]

June 22, 2017 -

"In The I Ching is a remarkable statement: 'The Superior Man goes only into his own domain.' As Frederic Bastiat said in a similar vein, 'Minding one’s own business is the only moral law.' The conundrum, of course, is how to live in peace and freedom in a world in which we are besieged by exercises of the interminable, relentless, longstanding, and incredibly brilliant schemes of rulership, slavery, and exploitation that have plagued mankind throughout history and that aggressively intrude themselves unilaterally into all areas of our lives—spiritual, emotional, mental, social, and economic. This renders living in a 'live-and-let-live' manner on this planet difficult, and impossible without sufficient knowledge."

The source of the "sufficient knowledge" is "our inner truth".

August 21, 2017 -

Comment at a Human Design site with a presentation regarding Donald Trump.

His Human Design, the current transits, the asteroid/archetypes and all is very interesting! I can imagine a live conference call on this subject (that could be a significant and meaningful event).

I'm thinking that there must also be a correlation on a collective level given the nature of the office Trump occupies.

In regards to military actions: I do not know that the 'president' can act contrary to the military. The military is the actual force that rules the "United States". It has been set up this way ever since General George Washington combined the offices of "President of the United States of America" (as he was duly elected to fill) plus the office of "President of the United States" (the constitution of which he gave an oral oath to preserve protect and defend). This combining of there two: "head of state" plus "head of government" qualifies "the president" as a dictator - a fact that was clearly recognized and emulated by Hitler as told by Hermann Wilhelm Göring during the Nuremberg Trial.[7][8]

June 22, 2018 - A Long-Lasting Path of Wonder (Plus a Feeling of Reverence for the Universe) For Obtaining Real Knowledge of The Worlds -

"The soul mood which permeates our striving to attain knowledge has a decisive influence on how much knowledge we can acquire. This is evident if we compare a person with real interest with a person who is not interested to learn: a person with lively interest will acquire a greater amount of understanding and consequently will become wiser than the person who has more or less closed himself from the inflow of new knowledge. But the path to real knowledge is not quick and easy – as would many people prefer – because for that purpose is not only needed the acquisition of new explanations and ideas, but also specific moods of the soul. This long journey towards the comprehensive understanding of the truths of the world existence starts with wonder. 'In actual fact, in the soul that wants to penetrate to truth, this condition must first be present: the soul must stand before the universe in a mood of wonder and marvelling. When a man, irrespective of all the other conditions by which he arrives at the study and investigation of truth, takes his start from this mood of wonder – from nothing else than a feeling of wonder in face of the facts of the world – then it is as when you drop a seed in the ground and a plant grows up out of it. In a sense we may say that all knowledge must have wonder for its seed.

For all real knowledge, that hopes to have a chance of coming to grips with the riddles of the world, must grow out of the seed of wonder. A man may be ever so clever a thinker, he may even suffer from a superabundance of intelligence; if he has never passed through the stage of wonder nothing will come of it. He will give you a cleverly thought-out concatenation of ideas, containing nothing that is not correct – but correctness does not necessarily lead to reality. It is absolutely essential that before we begin to think, before we so much as begin to set our thinking in motion, we experience the condition of wonder. A thinking which is set in motion without the condition of wonder remains nothing but a mere play of thought. All true thinking must originate in the mood of wonder." [13]

Although the mood of wonder opens the path to the knowledge, it is not yet enough. 'We must go a step further. Even when thinking originates in the mood of wonder, then if a man is predisposed to grow sharp-witted and clever, and quickly begins to be proud and take pleasure in his cleverness and then perhaps gives all his energy to developing that alone, the wonder he felt in the beginning will no longer help him at all. For if, after wonder has taken hold in the soul, in the further course of his thinking a man does no more than merely "think", he cannot penetrate to reality. Thinking must continue, but after the wonder another condition must show itself, and that is a condition we may best describe as reverence for all that thoughts brings us. After the mood of wonder must follow the mood of veneration, of reverence. And any thinking that is divorced from reverence – that does not behold in a reverent manner what is offered to its view – will not be able to penetrate to reality. Thinking must never, so to say, go dancing through the world in a careless, light-footed way. It must, when it has passed the moment of wonder, take firm root in the feeling of reverence for the universe.'[13]"[14]


[1] From “The Philosophy of Freedom” - 13.11 ("A Science of Human Freedom.”)

[2] IBID 14.7 - 9.

[3] All the above is presented in a YouTube video entitled: "Is Donald Trump A Dunce Or A Genius?” by Tom Last.

[4] Large corporations attack free-speech on YouTube.:


Also see:

[6] The Osho Upanishad - Chapter 16 "Truth Is Always Individual":

[7] See at the August 24th post.




[11] "We’ll pretend imagination doesn’t exist, and you, universe, keep us enchanted by things as they are.":


[13] Rudolf Steiner, Hanover, 27.12.1911; The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit;

[14] "The Nature of Cognition" -

[15] "American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner: : Emerson - Thoreau - Peirce - James - Royce - Dewey - Whitehead ...", p.2.



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