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by Chef JeM

Cheeta - Quintessentially

The start of a review and distillation process to form a concise statement for the whole entire Cheeta vision.

Date:   3/15/2017 9:04:12 AM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1313 times

October 4, 2019 -

Received a request yesterday for a condensed statement of my 'Highest ideal' "in one sentence or one paragraph." I just sent the following to this individual:

My 'Highest Ideal' is to both co-create and live within a new pioneering and transformational society that fully embodies a healing culture. My 'seed-vision' for this is the acronym: Cheeta - Cultivate Healing Environments Enlighten Through Arts. The extent of Cheeta is all-inclusive through the three main spheres of a society: Social Sphere, Rights Sphere and Economic Sphere. The all-inclusiveness of Cheeta is expounded upon in 58 blog entries.(i) Cheeta is my 'harmonic convergence' and she encourages me to dream, aspire, align, 'act as if' and be grateful in my knowledge that my thoughts of Cheeta are alive!


June 14, 2018 -

The 37th Gift of Equality - The Ascent Of The Family

"It is in the 37th Gift of Equality that a great hope is presently arising for humanity. Equality is such an easily misunderstood term. All humans are born equal since we all share the same genetic code, but as we grow and enter society it becomes apparent that we are not so equal. In reality, equality is a matter of perception and it depends upon frequency.

At the level of the 37th Shadow, which sees humans in terms of strength and weakness, equality is nothing but a dream. Yet, at the Gift level of consciousness, equality is a living ideal that lifts people out of the game of victims and winners.When you operate out of the 37th Gift, you are living directly out of your heart and all else is secondary.

From the point of view of the human heart, all humanity is one family. This is not a mere sentimental dream but an all-powerful truth rooted in a vast inner current of strength and love. Without love, you are always operating from the Shadow frequency and all you see and create is inequality. As the great mutation triggered by the 55th Gene Key sweeps through humanity, the very core structureof our civilisation will readjust itself to this shift in consciousness. The flaws in the current social fabric of all cultures cannot be ironed out but only phased out. A new world will have to grow within the ashes of the old, and it will be built upon the rock of the 37th Gift of Equality. When the balance within the human psyche is redressed, there will be no need of external religion. Neither will we have a patriarchy nor even a matriarchy — we will have a single stream of consciousness experiencing the true meaning of the word family.

The family unit is the most powerful crucible of love through which humanity will be transformed.

Out of this 37th Gift, a new vision of the family will be born. The family unit is the most powerful crucible of love through which humanity will be transformed. The sheer force of love contained in the family is second to none. The love of a child for its parent and vice versa is as potent a force as anything the universe. As we create a new society based around the liberation of this love, our world will change very quickly indeed. The problem to date has been that the family has always been restricted to its gene pool or tribe, and it has always been contained within a hierarchical structure. The current social, governmental and educational structures on our planet do not serve the family first. By over-emphasizing individual achievement, they encourage competition between families, which also creates competition within families. Through the 37th Gift, humanity will come to see that it is the family that makes all human beings equal. We will find a new vision of family, both locally and globally, and we will in time extend this vision to encompass the entire human family.

The great mutation that is moving through the 55th Gene Key will first manifest as a change in our children as they are born with a new higher activation of their DNA. These children in turn will need a new family structure to support their collective awareness. Their very impact at an auric level will cause this structure to manifest. Even now, communities with higher awareness are beginning to understand new ways of conceiving and implementing this model. Families are the life blood of humanity, and a healthy family is a vehicle for such a potent force of creativity and love. The new family will become a vessel for collective ascension, as we recognise the power of the new awareness carried by the coming generation. When we begin to build a civilization based around the view of an incarnating child, we will create a truly magical world.

The love between a child and a parent is an archetype of unconditional love. At the Shadow frequency however, all love is conditional, which means that essentially it is not love. True love is based upon giving without the need for a return. The entire Shadow frequency is thus based upon the principle of the bargain — of giving in order to receive. This bartering consciousness is what lies at the heart of modern civilization. It is seen through economics, government and especially in relationships. It is here in the dynamics of all human relationships that bartering was born and it is based upon the fear of not having enough. Through the 37th Gift you will discover a great economic secret — the more you give, the more you receive. Many people have misinterpreted this truth down the ages and have wondered why it does not appear to be true. Giving cannot be faked. You can give from your mind and you can give from your heart. Giving from your mind is always conditional, no matter how subtle, because it always has a secret expectation or hope attached to it. True giving is an act of insanity when viewed from the mind!

The giving that comes from being in your heart leads to equality because it is based upon equality. The human heart carries this equalising force wherever it moves — and it illuminates divisions in others by treating everyone with respect. Despite the mind’s fears that equality will create a homogenized world in which everyone is the same, true equality is based upon respect for individual uniqueness; indeed, it thrives on it. This kind of equality means starting with yourself. Giving is another place that the Shadow frequency can hide and pull you down — sometimes you may give to others out of a need for personal recognition or as a diversion from your own issues and fears. First of all, then, you must learn to give to yourself. As you will discover, it is through the love of your own self that you will find your love of others. In order to support another, you must first ask your heart how you can best support yourself, and out of that will come the answer of how to give so that both giver and receiver are fulfilled. To give to yourself in this way means to trust completely in the wisdom of your heart — it really is as simple as that.

Experienced as friendship, the 37th Gift is the glue that holds humanity together. In fact, true friendliness is the universal mark of the Gift frequency. Our current age is truly an exciting time to be alive because this 37th Gift is giving birth to a new social paradigm all across our planet. It will create out of itself a new social framework that synthesizes business, education and family rather than setting them apart from each other. It will also bring an end to isolated family groupings and communities by networking, both geographically and globally, to create a new model for community that is based upon giving rather than controlling. This energetic type of friendliness will also bring an end to the notion of separate communities based on the worship of an external God or authority. Through the awakening of the 37th Gift, each community will find that it holds the same core principles all others — namely support of the earth, and empowerment and nourishment of humanity as a whole."[21]

I have the 37th activated with my natal Lunar North Node at the 5th Hexagram Line: "Love"!:

Line 5 - Love -
Exaltation: Natural and unaffected devotion to the family.
Natural harmony and perfected sharing. Natural harmony and sharing possible through friendship.

Detriment: Emotional dependency that often turns love into hatred. The possibility of dependency turning love into hate.

October 26, 2018 -

Re: "Experienced as friendship, the 37th Gift is the glue that holds humanity together." -
This line stands as a kind of serendipitous correction to a line from Jon Rapport's current article that I read earlier regarding the obsession (by some individuals) of "cosmic glue" that was apparently revealed under the hypno-therapy of Jack True who was extensively interviewed by Jon. In reading Jon's article I recognized my long standing attempt to connect different realities into a grander reality that maybe involved either this "cosmic glue" or something very similar. However I'm not concerned as to whether or not my "attempt to connect different realities" is an obsession. I am at peace with Cheeta as my High Ideal! And as of this morning I am all the more delighted with seeing another acronym for Cheeta as: Children's Healing Environments - Enlightening Through Arts!

I'm also enthusiastic about a new therapeutic support I have just conceived of that can be offered for anyone: Human Design Biography. This is a new biographical approach based on the individual's Human Design BodyGraph that identifies the transits in gates corresponding with major life themes in an Individual's biography. I was inspired to discover a Pluto transit at Spleen Gate 18 when I promised myself I'd have no more external authority lording over me.

February 8, 2018 - The Larger Context That Necessitates Cheeta -

"The world as it is in its current form cannot be fixed, no matter how profound or far-reaching the revolution may be. The very bedrock of our modern society is founded upon a species that has always made decisions rooted in fear. In this respect the whole civilization is rotten from its core.

The only way for a new future to be created is to begin from scratch. The 49th Siddhi is harsh in this respect, but its sights are set upon a far distant goal, and that goal can only be accomplished with a new beginning — a rebirth.

As this Siddhi dawns, a new civilisation will be built as the old one continues to crumble. Two types of human beings will coexist and both will live from a totally different awareness.

... This evolutionary leap into a whole new way of functioning depends upon us following our Gifts. If we cannot create the waves of the new revolution at all levels of society, then the rebirth that takes place at the zenith of consciousness, in the realm of the Siddhis, cannot take place."

- From the 49th Gene Key, The Forking of the Species

December 8, 2017 -

From the second paragraph of the first blog post under the title of Cheeta:

Imagine a community/culture in which true healing is actively cultivated and en-cultured; that is built on an ever-enlightening awareness of our connection with Mother Earth and that encourages and appreciates the transformative capacities within all The Arts. Cultural Healing with Enlightened Ecology & Transformitive Arts - Enter CHEETA!

The above is a candidate for the concise descriptive statement - the project that inspired me to create this page.

July 10, 2017 -

"The essential psychological requirement of a free society is the willingness on the part of the individual to accept responsibility for his life."
- Edith Packer, clinical psychologist[16]

I believe this "requirement" is our collective imperative and will become obvious to virtually all of us in the immediate future and most definitely within the last days of this decade.

I found the quote above at the top of my search for: "Responsible freedom of self determination, becoming truly self-confident and free, to unconditionally be responsible for oneself, without being coerced to accept some higher authority." I had transcribed this line from a video presentation [17] that I'm in the midst of viewing now.

March 15, 2017 -

Awoke thinking of Cheeta and inspired to form a concise statement. I searched to see to what extent I may have already done that. Glad I did as I found a post at Son of Truth of Self[1] that says:
"The vision for Cheeta is a whole complete eco-village that includes all the agriculture required to fully support the community." (I had included "Cheeta is" in my search terms.) This "post" is about thirty pages in length and I realize now that I'll want to review it and probably reference it in the new "concise" statement.

My first line at this point is:
Cheeta is a Biodynamic-based Eco-village of sovereign "free inhabitants". (Is that eleven words?)

In my hand-written note I have footnotes indicated for: Biodynamic, Eco-village, sovereign, and "free-inhabitants". I also started thinking of a second line that would include a "three-fold social order" nature to Cheeta.

P.S. I just found an update message from Niki Gratrix re: an article[2] that she says "is the most important and largest update to my ongoing research on emotional stress or adversity in childhood and the impact on health across a lifetime." I was motivated to add this "P.S." without delay as it underscores the ultimate purpose of Cheeta (which will be expressed in the completed statement).

Continuing (about 90' later) -

First thought it worth noting that another serendipity email just came in - this one from Patricia Cota-Robles regarding her being "the Guest Speaker on You Awakening" which she claims to be: "a powerful Activity of Light during which we will prepare ourselves, Humanity and this blessed Earth to receive the incredibly powerful energies that will be flowing into the mental and emotional strata of this Planet during the March Equinox".[3] I have posted announcements and reports from Patricia over the years (at Son of Truth of Self) as I AM All-Grateful for the teachings of our I AM Presence which (as far as I can see) form the foundation for Patricia's work.

Update from the past "90'" - I made another note pertinent to this "review and distillation process" that reads:
"Cheeta - because our hope for humanity's future lies with the children". Along with that thought I had quick visions of creating a "book" that is totally imbued with Cheeta visionary art. It is interesting to me that there is a "fellow gardener" (I've blogged about "fellow gardeners" at the "Enchanted Garden Onion"(E.G.O.)[4]) who has presented the idea of creating a book as a fund-raising project (here at the E.G.O.).

Back to the "statement for the whole entire Cheeta vision." -
Now I'll restate the "first line" with footnotes to begin writing these out.

Cheeta is a Biodynamic[5]-based Eco-village[6] of sovereign[7] "free inhabitants"[8].

I've started writing the footnotes. At the site I found something new![9]

Evening of the same day -

Just sent a follow-up to a "Lawful Tax-Avoidance expert" with whom I had co-created a presentation with in January (2017) for a private party in San Diego. I was inspired to write this individual after reading the following:

"Can a conservation easement reduce my income taxes?

A conservation easement donation can result in significant tax benefits, if it meets the requirements of federal law. It may lower your federal income tax, because you can claim the value of the easement as a tax-deductible charitable donation. It may also lower your state income tax ..."[10]

I asked my "expert" whether he was aware of any property owners who were initially attracted to the possibility of "significant tax benefits" by way of obtaining a conservation easement and who then became "enlightened" about their non-liability status via consulting with the "expert". I'd love to have at least one example (that I can refer to here) to show how the conservation management of farmland (or land that could be farmed) could developed with the Cheeta vision.

March 26, 2017 -

Inspired to do an Astrological Mandala Oracle reading: What is the true nature of my Cheeta vision? The Sabian symbol for Libra 20 degrees comes in the "Second Hemicycle: The Process of Collectivization"[14] at "Act III: Group-Integration". In "Scene Fourteen: Reconstruction" the "First Level" is "ACTIONAL". These four classifications alone answer a substantial part of my inquiry - whether my vision is simply theoretical or has the right spirit that comes "with matter"[11] and therefore intended to fully manifest on the earth. ... However - it seems to me now (April 1, 2017) that this reading is actually pointing to (what I'll call) the "social nature" of the Cheeta vision via the terms: "Collectivization" and "Group-Integration". In addition Libra is possibly the quintessential social sign!


KEYNOTE: The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one's fellowmen.

Here we see at work the constructive use of rather rigid yet effectual sociocultural and religious patterns. The energies of the collective Unconscious are channeled through well-defined, age-old forms and formulas. This implies limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia when confronted with new situations, yet there is beauty and wisdom in such a ritualization of behavior and of thinking.

This is the fifth stage of the fortieth five-fold sequence. At this stage the relation of man, the individual, to his community — and beyond it, the universe — is seen in stabilized and effective operation. INHERITED WISDOM can be focused through a person who accepts its limitations."[12]

I took this a step or two further by correlating the degree to the Human Design mandala and that revealed a lot that I will sum up with one "picture" namely: "The Integration Channel":

"The Integration Channel stands on its own alongside the three main circuit groups in the infrastructure of the BodyGraph; it is the most complex system of all the channels. This group of four channels, which forms a backbone-like structure in the BodyGraph, serves as the key defense mechanism of the form. Integration is the core component of the individuation process, the process of distinguishing ourself from others. Without it, we could not have differentiated from our primate ancestors. The Integration Channel fuels the evolutionary process of humanity person by person, and contains the full, active expression of the life force of the form.

With a super keynote of 'self-empowerment,' the Integration Channel is focused entirely on self-preservation and empowering the individual nature, expression, knowing, direction/identity and behavior of the self. The survival of the Individual, and the drive to be unique, is essential to ensuring the survival of the Tribe and the Collective through mutation.

The natural primal reflexes built into Integration assure us that we can trust the life that lies within us when it is empowered by response (Gate 34), guided by intuition (Gate 57), directed by the correct behavior (Gate 10) and manifested in the now (Gate 20). When expressed as a unit, using Integration's keynotes by channel, it says, 'I love myself and I empower myself by listening to my intuition in the now.' Or, 'Through response I am intuitively equipped with the right behavior to survive any circumstance in the now.' Those with definition in the Integration Channel are concerned with self-empowerment, and express themselves with a notable self-sufficiency and self-assuredness that neither looks to nor easily accepts direction from others. They should be allowed and encouraged to be self-sufficient."[13]

I'm impressed with: "The survival of the Individual, and the drive to be unique, is essential to ensuring the survival of the Tribe and the Collective through mutation." By integrating the corresponding Human Design insights with the Sabian Symbol I now see the culmination of Individualization from the first hemicycle of the astrological mandala (and possibly identified in archetypal form at Libra 1 degree) now requires a "Reconstruction" in support of "Group-Integration". In other words the nine-centered Integration of the authentic Individual requires a new social form that has the capacity to allow true unique Individuality. I also see that the "well-defined, age-old forms and formulas" are integrated in the Human Design System and as such the implied "limitations and the possibility of sclerosis or inertia" is/can be minimized when "confronted with new situations". In fact the whole purpose of the Human Design System is to transition humanity into the new via the genetic mutation that begins with the "Rave" generation.

Libra 20° spans two Gates in the Spleen Center. I have Gate 57 activated as well as one of its "mates" Gate 10 in the Self Center. Gate 32 is the other Libra gate in the reading and that one I don't have activated by birth or "Design" however the theme of "The Channel of Transformation" is a "bullseye" for Cheeta! I can't help but wonder whether I may have self-activated this whole channel.

April 1, 2017 -

Got to note here that my most recent client has "The Channel of Transformation".

I'm going to allow my review this morning of "The Essential Cheeta" to seep into me all the more. I feel I have connected with the above reading more deeply and have a clearer sense of "true nature of my Cheeta vision".

Happy All Fools Day!

April 20, 2017 -


"Educating a child does not only mean lecturing, giving orders, ... To become good educators, adults must think about the qualities and virtues that dwell within the soul and spirit of the child and then focus on the divine spark living within, to give this spark all the conditions it needs to express itself. In this way they would foster the growth of these magnificent seeds within the child later on. ..."[15]

A second line in this process of forming "a concise statement" will state the quintessential purpose for the Cheeta Eco-Village as a sanctuary for raising children.

Serendipitous to have Omraam's message this evening when earlier today the (adopting) mother of my son shared profound personal truths regarding her deep connection with this magnificent young man!

June 7, 2017 -

The following is based on correspondence with a "fellow gardener"(@ E.G.O):

From the Human Design perspective (that I am living through now) the Human operating system of "the last 3000 - 5000 - years" is a seven-centered system dominated by external authority that is imposed upon individuals through mind (largely via mental coercion established during childhood). Now we are in a transitional phase with our nine-centered Human Design system that allows for the emergence of inner authority within each individual.

"We can do better!" in our decision making by self-activating (through experimenting with) our nine-centered Human Design vs continuing to follow all the outer authorities operating under the old seven-centered system.

Re: "4th chakra / heart-based" - all seven major chakras continue operating in the nine-centered Human Design System as centers - however now we have additional insight as to whether these centers in individual's Human Design are “defined” or “undefined”/“open”. That insight is essential for understanding how we are designed to operate and most especially in making decisions - which is most largely what the Human Design System is all about.

I share the above as a reference for the need to include "the Human operating system" in the concise Cheeta statement.

December 8, 2017 - "to serve and inspire one's fellowmen"

This quote above from my March 26, 2017 post (Re: the reading at: Libra 20°) is a perfect match for the social sphere of Cheeta! Along with the first quote is: "The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition". I will allow this thought to work through my subconscious.

February 7, 2018 - All Aspects of Cheeta Are For The "Education" of Every Child:

“Each child in every age brings something new into the world from the divine regions, and it is our task as educators to remove bodily and physical obstacles out of its way: to remove hindrances so that his spirit may enter in full freedom into life.” - Rudolf Steiner[18]

June 22, 2018 - Continuing With Steiner -

"Most of all, however, our times are suffering from the lack of any basic social understanding of how work can be incorporated into the social organism correctly, so that everything we do is truly performed for the sake of our fellow human beings. ......... (This is the heart and quintessence of "Brotherhood"/Synarchy/_______ fill in the blank with your term of choice!) .........

We can acquire this understanding only by learning to really insert our 'I' into the human community. New social forms will not be provided by nature but can emerge only from the human 'I' through real, person-to-person understanding — that is, when the needs of others become a matter of direct experience for us." - Rudolf Steiner, June 9, 1922.

IMO - the "real, person-to-person understanding" is what Human Design is all about. The primary intention of The Human Design System is to realize and understand the unique Individuality of the child - each and every child - whom Steiner says: "brings something new into the world from the divine regions". That "something new" requires "real ... understanding" otherwise it is unrecognized in the world's prevailing currents of homogenization. This is why The Human Design System reveals the need for our de-conditioning that is activated as we live according to our unique Human Design and make decisions in accordance with our own particular inner strength (shown in the Individual's BodyGraph) rather than in the mind which is never the basis for making any important decisions even though we have been trained to believe as if the mind is an authority.

May 1, 2019 - Considering the "Tribal" element in Cheeta As Well As The Possibility of You Finding Your Tribe!

"There’s nothing better than sharing who we are with the world, openly, authentically, and in all our crazy, messy, beautiful glory. So why don’t we do it? One word…Fear.

Authentic self-expression thrives in an environment that nurtures it and getting there is often about finding a tribe or community of folks whose acceptance, love, and support breaks down our fears and pulls for our success. And doing so is easier than you think.

If you can listen, practice empathy, open your heart, and push past your fears, you’ll get a taste of the sweetness of authentic connection, and you’ll be contributing something powerful to the world in the process."[22]


[1] "Cheeta - Higher Consciousness Community Designed For Healing":




[5] Biodynamic - Read the description at:
I underscore the following line from that description: "Biodynamics is ... not just a holistic agricultural system but also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture." This "potent movement" expresses the spirit of Biodynamics at Cheeta! That is because the Cheeta farm not only supports the Cheeta Eco-village it supplies the Cheeta CSA for the surrounding community and beyond. The farm is also a training center for youth who want to learn Biodymanics

[6] Eco-vilage - I define this term in complete harmony with what I consider to be the leading essential aspect of Biodynamic Agriculture: Individuality. (If you search "Biodynamic Agriculture"Individuality you'll get over 14,000 results!

[7] Sovereign - this term specifically pertains to the "free inhabitants" as they are without subjugation to the external corporatized governments. The sovereignty that was once exclusively that of the King evolved to the people both as a whole and individually as of the Paris Peace Treaty that ended the American revolution. The only difference in action is that the Individual's sovereignty is without any subjects.

[8] Free inhabitant - just like it says in the Articles of Confederation. Do you have a copy of that second Organic Law?



[11] In the Biodynamic study group that I was a member of in Northern California we read a verse each time at the beginning of our meeting that included the line: "Turn to the ancient principle - Matter is never without Spirit and Spirit is never without Matter".:



[14] The "First Hemicycle" is "The Process of Individualization". The "Second Hemicycle" begins with Libra.




[18] The Spiritual Ground of Education, lecture iv
Quoted in: "Soul Development through Handwriting -
The Waldorf Approach to the Vimala Alphabet"
By: Jennifer Crebbin

[19] pg. 383 of "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd


[21] Gene Keys - The 37th Gift - p. 290 - 292.



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