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"We cannot allow criminals to rampage around --- whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.”

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February 4 2023 - "Urgent Message to Vladimir Putin from the American Government" -

Friday, February 3, 2023 - By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Putin:

We send our greetings and heartfelt sympathy for the sacrifices of the Russian people. We, too, have been the victims of the same commercial mercenary forces responsible for the proliferation of the bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine under the puppet Zelensky "government", but for a far longer period of time.

Our investigations confirm the following facts:

(1) All the operating parties are commercial corporations of one kind or another, not lawful national governments at all. As a result, the problem is not political. It is criminal.

(2) These offending corporations which include WHO, NATO, AUSTRALIA, DOD, CDC, NIH, UN CORP, Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Moderna, etc., etc., are all subject to involuntary dissolution.

(3) All these corporations have their genesis in the Jurisdiction of the Air which is administered under Ecclesiastical Law.

(4) Under Ecclesiastical Law, the Pope and the Church of Rome are specifically and explicitly responsible for dissolving any corporation caught engaging in unlawful activities. (This is a higher standard for them, than merely "illegal" activities.)

(5) This is because the Church of Rome and the Pope have created all forms of corporations --- C-Corps, S-Corps, Cooperatives, Foundations, LLC's, Statutory Trusts, etc. --- and by Maxim of Law, they are responsible for what they create.

(6) Our lawful government operating in international jurisdiction as The United States of America (Unincorporated) has already brought a demand before the Vatican Chancery authorities and the Office of the Pope for the dissolution of these corporations and the punishment of their officers.

(7) We are asking for the dissolution of the corporations, the confiscation of their assets for the benefit of the victims, the removal of the corporate veil, the denial of bankruptcy protection, the seizure of the personal fortunes of the officers involved, their prosecution for actual crimes, and additionally, the removal of their privilege to create or operate any corporation ever again.

(8) This effort can be bulwarked and given wings by the Russian Patriarch and other religious leaders and organizations worldwide who have a voice in their Ecumenical capacities to bring political and diplomatic force to bear on the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court. The religious institutions of each country can also be instrumental in bringing legal action under the dissolution laws of each country and state.

(9) Please do not attack our country under the False Presumption that we are responsible for the Zelensky government or the foreign corporations that have committed these heinous and mindless acts of terror. You will find that these entities are not "American" --- they are all Municipal or British Crown Corporations, who have employed individual Americans, but are not American in origin or under American direction.

(10) Also note that the same circumstance applies to these foreign corporations sending tanks to Ukraine and other acts of war -- they are all acting in a private capacity as commercial corporations. All so-called "American troops" are not acting as American military units. They are all acting as mercenaries employed by the offending foreign commercial corporations that have been masquerading as our government.

(11) If we can all act together to dissolve these corporations and punish the criminal wrong-doers responsible for misdirecting them, there will be no further need for war --- and no more lies and no more enmity.

(12) Please remember that the lawful American Government and the lawful Russian Government have been Allies since 1858, with the establishment of the American-Russian Alliance. We remember it thankfully and hope that our good faith and honor can still be respected in spite of the way that these international criminals have insinuated themselves and pretended to "represent" our government.

Thank you, and please feel free to contact us for additional information and initiatives being used to bring these criminals to justice.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America (Unincorporated)[]

September 3, 2016 - "Playing With A Full Deck" - By Anna Von Reitz

The corporations of the world are allowed to exist "for any lawful purpose" --- not "any legal purpose".

This means that when they cross the line and start killing innocent people and causing vast property damage here, or in any other country on Earth, they forfeit their right to exist.

And, as I pointed out the Pope Francis, hiding the old evil behind new names is no longer an option. These imaginary THINGS called "corporations" that cause misery on Earth need to be dismantled, and the men behind them and responsible for them, need to be punished.

This is as pure and simple and self-evident as rain falling.
We cannot allow criminals to rampage around --- whether in the guise of corporations, or in the guise of armed gangs.

The men directing the criminal actions of these corporations can't be held harmless and allowed to turn around and spin off new corporations to continue their activities, either.

They need to permanently lose their ability to participate in corporate affairs of any kind, and their personal fortunes need to be docked for the damage they cause.

If they can't think things through for themselves, the rest of us will have to do their thinking for them.[3]

Further disclosure regarding the anti-freedom nature of large corporate international entities.

Search for this article:[4] I attempted posting the full url of this article (published at two locations) however CureZone "banned" the earlier version from being published.

July 30, 2017 - Star Wars Revisited -

"George Lucas’s now classic film was an overnight sensation when it was first released in 1977. ...
From the start, Lucas’s work reveals a recurring interest in futuristic themes and technology. His first theatrically released film was titled THX 1138 and offered a bleak look at the challenges of technology and individualism in the coming age. Several years later, Star Wars finally established his reputation as an artistically minded futurist - and a technologically minded businessman. Looking back, it’s curious how this movie mirrors the themes and struggles of the Revolutionary War itself, with its group of ragtag, 'frontier-style' rebels pitted against a more organized and powerful empire, spearheaded by a great tyrant (in the one case, King George; in the other, Darth Vader). In both cases, the overriding concern is freedom."[1]

I'm not saying corporations are a foreshadow of an evil empire however I think corporations have accumulated the technology that can make it possible. "Open Source" technology could minimize the possibility. However the root cause of corporate rule is the assumed "corporate personhood" that not only included "rights" (as if government granted or at least protected) but apparently Unalienable Rights!!! This corporate status remains a major problem in the world today. Who are the people working toward dimanteling "corporate personhood"?

April 8, 2018 -

My LinkedIn account just presented me with an invite from another LinkedIn member who apparently developed the nation’s first health plan associated with: Medical Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD), Alternative Treatments[2]



[2] Novus Cannabis Health Plan:


[4] Search at:



freedom, corporate cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Cannabidiol, CBD, lawful purpose, legal purpose,

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