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A question and answer of SORA.

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I introduce a question and answer of SORA.
A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial
Household) Postscript on Oct. 3, 2013 

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

July 17, 2005

A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial
Household)  (Postscript on Oct. 3, 2013)

I found Prime minister Abe attended Sengyono-gi(Shinto, a ceremony in which something that is
worshiped as a representation of a divine spirit is moved from one place to another) and
I read this article again and confirmed it is not wrong.
Therefore let me add a postscript.
Grand Shrine of Ise hit many in case of Search of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The following is the search page.

Let me confirm first that it is true that I sent a mail to Grand Shrine of Ise.
And I was surprised when I visited there several years later.
This information told the head of Muura, a Jew has been buried under the stone stairs of Grand Shrine of Ise and the place of the stair is called
"The stone not to step on".
The coexists which symbolize Judea had been dug down a lot on the old stone monuments in Grand Shrine of Ise but those old stone monuments were all removed and coexists had been extinguished completely.
(I saw a description which told coexists on the approach had been used without permission, though.)
Mrs Ishida told me clearly that there is no Yata no Kagami (the
eight-span mirror; one of the Imperial regalia) actually.
And she told me she would like to make a new one before the fact was generally known to people.
Therefore she asked me to buy the jewel because she needed money.
I and the mother of Hideki Shimizu bought the ring(moonstone)by offering five hundred thousand yen each.
(She had been a nurse who was a friend of mine but she was separated from me and died of cancer when my channeling started .)
Both of us brought together five hundred thousand yen, bought a
moonstone and we handed one million yen to Ms Ishida directly.

The development of the affair which took place around me is written below.
Therefore the Yata no Kagami (the eight-span mirror; one of the Imperial regalia) which is believed to be 1300 years old may be a fake.
I think it is either Ms Ishida got money by telling a lie or she knew the mirror is not the old one.
Though I must repeat often, the god of Grand Shrine of Ise is the god who likes conflicts and it is the spiritual body which caused wars.
But the prime minister Abe himself worships god of Grand Shrine of Ise and make the people think it is the special shrine.
I feel the fear when we observe Japan now because it may follow the path of prewar days and the warning from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has not been accepted at all.
The following is only a part of my experience which belongs to the one before starting my channeling and the name must be fictious ones but let me write the real names as it is important to know why the earth has become such a harsh situation full of wars and abnormal weather.
Ms. Ishida runs a jewelry store, too and we were to work in that store.
Therefore Mr. Yoshida and I went to that store.
As soon as Mr. Yoshida met her, he said to Ms Ishida, " As Sirius is going to occupy the earth, shall we erase all of it?".
Then Ms Ishida said, "We have no choice."  
She declared solemnly "Sirius shall be erased."
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida suggested such subjects one after another as "All the nuclear weapons should be disabled." "The mine should be unexploded." "AIDS should be cured." , and so on.
I think he suggested about 7 items.
(The next day the US soldier told on TV , "Some accident has taken place,"
I remember vaguely the cease-fire of Ireland and acceptance of weapons inspection of North Korea were decided suddenly.
I thought some troubles must have happened on the weapons.)
In addition, the above is the record which I wrote down before the
memories faded.
I used the word Pleiades for the word Pleiadenai because I called the constellation Pleiades in those days.
(As the word, Pleiades contain the magic words of curse, the word
inform Pleiades is terrifying to subconsciousness each time when it is pronounced.
Therefore we made it a rule to pronounce Pleiadenai for Pleiades thereafter.
However if I used Pleiadenai, the reader would not understand.
Therefore I dare to use the word Pleiades now.)
**I had heard from other people that Ms Ishida Katue was once the
paramount priestess in Grand Shrine of Ise and she decided every kind of things about shrines.
She was the woman of mid-seventies with pure white hair.
Ms. Ishida of mid-thirties made the cover of famous Life magazine in which she was bestowed something from the guru of India.
The Life magazine was displayed in her shop.
Maybe it was because Ms. Ishida went to India to meditate and she was able to do channeling.
The channeling seems to have decided everything in Grand Shrine of Ise as the word of Sun Goddess.
I heard the hair of Ms Ishida got pure white in only one night.
(She never opened to public the reason of it, though.)
I think the reason for her pure white hair was she was given such the terror by being shown the hell as Jesus and Buddha.
I had met several persons who had seen mysterious dreams or had had
mysterious experience before the starting of my channeling in July 1998.
A healer told she was able to see the big light ring at the back of me and another person told I came to become invisible when we meditated together.
The person named Mr. Yoshida Takashi approached me among about twenty or more participants in the Nagoya holistic medical community on Feb. in 1998.
He might be informed about me through his channeling.
He showed that the watch was made shiny by only the psychokinesis and he came to contact with me in various ways thereafter.
Mr. Yoshida was the believer of Suukyo Mahikari and he was ruled in Nov.
1997 by Pleiades, was given the power and became the person with
supernatural power.
According to what people said he had cured his wife who had been the vegetative state patient.
He was said to take a contact with Pleiades thereafter.
I thought Pleiades was stunning at that time.
Therefore I thought the power of Mr. Yoshida was great and I believed what was told from him.
I was told to come over to his house and to assemble sick persons as he would cure them.
Then he cured the pain of rheumatism immediately and he saw through the body.
There were a group of people of Mr. Yamakawa Kouya's sisters among them.
Two sisters were able to contact with Shaka and they had been engaged in channeling for a long years.
Thereafter I often went to the house of Mr. Yoshida with Mr. Shimizu Hideki who was one of my acquaintances.
Mr. Shimizu is the lawyer who lives in Australia now.  
Then we heard the information from Pleiades.
Mr. Yoshida had printed lots of information from Pleiades.
(I called up Mr. Fukano Kazuyuki, ex-Prof. of technical college who met Mr. Yoshida at his house and was given the print. )
Mr. Arakawa who was a member of Toyota Junior Chamber,Incorporated and my acquaintance at that time invited me to go to Ise to see Ms Ishida together.
It seemed that he was the representative of Junior Chamber,Incorporated and he made a group for studying the inner world.
I had joined the group.
The group assembled GAIA SYMPHONY, Mr. Adachi Ikuo, Mr. Takagi Yoshiyuki of the village of the earth and they heard the lecture talk.
Mr. Arakawa was the local landowner and he owned the apartment house but I was told he had the bone of Buddha even though he was nothing but a private citizen.
And he was presented a giant gemstone by Ms Ishida(He seems to have
retorted it later.)and a gemstone of hundreds of millions yen was put in the garden.
The person who made the hut in which amethyst was put died of cancer, I was told.
I was told to gather people to the house where he lived previously and I called out to the sisters of Mr. Yamakawa Koji.
Then they participated in as they told me they had been told to
participate by channeling.
However Mr. Arakawa came to the house and cursed Mr. Yoshida.
(Maybe it's because Mr. Arakawa often went to India to see Sai Baba, but he didn't know why he got angry at Mr. Yoshida.)
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida who heard the story to go to Ise told that he wanted to see Ms. Ishida.
Therefore he went together with me and I let Ms. Ishida and Mr. Yoshida see each other.
Ms. Ishida was the woman who ran a jewelry store in Ise city and she was the hidden person with the highest supernatural power in Japan.
I was informed by someone she was able to move even the typhoon, the adviser to the Imperial Household and she was the person who decided every events of Grand Shrine of Ise through channeling.
The two were talking the common topic even though they met for the first time.
Ms Ishida was engaged in contacting with the moon beings through channeling.
The moon beings were the subordinates of Pleiades and they were the
aliens(= spiritual bodies?)who occupied the moon.
Mr. Yoshida told Ms. Ishida was the very Sun Goddess.
He might know it with vision.
Ms. Ishida called out to Mr. Yoshida as Mr. Yoshida with an honorific expression with whom she had a consultation about many things.
Ms. Ishida got the direction from the moon beings(?)through the
channeling and was told gods were not able to descend to the
Magatama-pond as it had got rough.
Therefore she was making a water‐purification tank with the expense of 400 million yen.
Ms. Ishida regarded the moon beings as gods but they were the very
Dragons and it seemed their subordinates were the very famous Greys.
There were the bases of aliens at the opposite side of the moon.
Though astronauts told there were Santa Claus, I think there were lots of Greys there.
When I met Ms. Ishida, she said, "There comes the energy bod(Dragon) and it coiled itself around my legs." and she was shaking off it with her hands.
(It's the Kundalini syndrome and a psychiatric doctor was appealing the same symptom.)

I had a phone call suddenly from Ms. Ishida at midnight of the day when
I went to Ise and she said to me, "You have to go with Mr. Yoshida as there is a white stone."
Therefore I called up Mr. Yoshida, but I was declined.
Therefore I resulted in buying it though it was considerably
expensive.(1.3 million yen)
(It seemed that she was selling the jewels like crystals, and so on to many people like this way. I heard the complaints about her from other persons like shinto priests, and so on.)
The white stone is called "the antenna in the universe" later and I was told the light which was emitted from it reaches the end of the universe.
The next day I went to Ise to buy a white stone but the companion of mine got angry and didn't meet her as the price was one hundred thousand yen higher than I had been told from Ms. Ishida previously.
Therefore the situation got into hot water.
However my daughter was carried to the hospital by an ambulance due to the abdominal pain with unknown cause at the very same hour.
Though the cause was unknown, she was healed soon and came back from the hospital.
I was told by Ms. Ishida later that my daughter had been going to be nearly murdered by the moon beings who had descended to the earth.
(The moon beings had such the strong power against humans.
The chief priest of Ishikiri shrine died as he saw through the ruled man
  who drew the pictures of god which he saw by vision and put them in shrines here and there.)
I was also asked to work at Ishida's as Mr. Yoshida seems to have been directed to do it by channeling around March in 1998.
(As I knew nothing about the situation those days, I went along with them. However I felt no anxiety at all as I believed Pleiades. )
Mr. Yoshida said, " I am painful in the hip as I was injected energy by
We asked Mr. Shimizu to go together with us, we started around six in the morning and arrived at Ms. Ishida's .
A young woman in the housing complex where I used to live at that time died suddenly around the same time when the disappearance of Sirius was declared.
According to Mr. Yoshida she was the woman who was related with Sirius and I was much surprised to hear it.
Then Mr. Yoshida declared about raising the energy of Magatama-pond and taking down the gods.
After a while, both Mr. Yoshida and Ms Ishida told that they were able to see many gods descending to Magatama-pond by vision.
(god = Dragon)
Thereafter Mr. Yoshida put an emerald on his palm and kept it in mind.
Then he made it bigger and bigger in a second.
Though he put it into the ring, it was so big that it nearly popped out of the ring and I found it became bigger surely because it looked awkward as a ring.
In addition he made the bar of crystal thick or thin as if it had been the clay.
When I saw what he had done, I thought the OOPARTS skull of crystal was made in this way.
That means the crystal became soft like the clay when Pleiades gave energy.
Thereafter I was shown the hanging scroll which Ms. Ishida told that she had been asked to keep it by Emperor's family.
It was the hanging scroll in which the portraits of dozens of emperors including Emperor Jinmu were drawn.
I was told each emperor had not rested in peace in the world of
Therefore Ms Ishida had been told by Emperor's family that she would let them rest in peace.
I was told even Priest Kukai(the most famous priest in Japan) was not able to let each emperor rest in peace, because emperors were grudged by the people and they are hanging down in the world of subconsciousness.
(Note):I felt the intense signal(= pain) in the leg when I was writing this.
My mouth moved and told me as follows.

"We wanted you to write and inform this by any means.
Therefore you were given many kind of signals.
You know you have bitten your tongue, have had sore throat or have been prevented to sleep at night in these days."
Therefore Ms. Ishida asked Mr. Yoshida to let the members of the
Imperial Household rest in peace as Mr. Yoshida had been given the
strong power from Pleiades.
When Mr. Yoshida kept the members of the Imperial Household in mind, the blurred portraits on the hanging scroll got clear like a photo as if they stood out.
Each of them who were around there thought the power of Pleiades was still great.
Thereafter I asked about aliens Lada whom Ms Amano Seiko(= channeler) was connected with as she was one of the classmates of hypnotherapist.
Mr. Yoshida said, "I will erase it as it is also the evil alien."
We stayed until late at night at Ms Ishida's according to the channeling.
We came back around twelve at night at last.
I had a phone call from Ms Amano Seiko the next day and she told she had come not to be able to be connected with Higher-self(= god) and asked whether my acquaintance might have erased it or not.
In addition she told she had come not to be able to be engaged in the channeling suddenly.
Therefore I thought Pleiades had really erased aliens Lada.
I had often been told from Ms Amano Seiko aliens Lada was bigger than a mountain and it was like a god in the giant white clothes.
It seemed to have shown the vision like Christ.
The subconsciousness of Pleiades who descended to me to rule me in 1998 was the very terrifying witch.
It seemed that she knew I will inform The True SKY(SORA) Info to people some day.
She poured me as many words of terror as possible as she wanted to make me a mental patient.
Fortunately I was not able to see the terrifying vision as I was poured only the words.
Therefore I think my hair didn't turn into pure white like Ms Amano Seiko.
In addition I had worked in the psychiatry and had known about channeling.
Consequently I was able to return to the normality at last, though it was very hard.
But I found my left frontal lobe was given the stimulus constantly
thereafter, and the spiritual depression became stronger.
I found later the young queen of Pleiades made my depression stronger and she had planned to tempt me to kill myself though her language was gentle.
We can often find the name of Ms Amano Seiko of channeler by the Search in "Let's solve the enigma of the earth." and her name has the big meaning.

The subconsciousness of late Ms Adachi Sachiko who was the younger
sister of Mr. Adachi Ikurou descended to me in the fall of 1998.
After her death she was said to have gone to Taygata in Pleiades.
She said to me through the channeling, "Pleiades intends to conquer the earth."  
The beings from the stars who was called "The gods of universe" in those days and I succeeded in erasing Pleiades.
I recited many times "Pleiades has been erased."
Thanks to it, I have never heard the voice from Pleiades since then.
I was informed Pleiades had been erased completely by the beings from the stars.
Immediately right after that time the feeling to be touched on the
frontal lobe has disappeared completely and I was healed from the
depression drastically.
My experience shows how easily the beings in the universe can operate human brains.
Although I say the subconsciousness of Pleiades has been erased, there are too many people who believe Pleiades including the ones in every religion, the inner world, and so on and those thoughts which worship
Pleiades has become the big energy body and it becomes the big obstacle to get the peace of the world.
(What has turned out later is that there are beings in the universe who try to rule humans like the Ruler's Stars. Those are the stars with names and the stars of the outer galaxy(the universe outside the galaxy), the stars of reptiles, and so on. As humans worship them, it becomes easy for those beings to rule humans. The earth is not filled with peace yet. That's because there are few which support the earth except for Sagittarius, Sirius and a part of the unnamed stars.)
Thereafter Ms. Ishida called up me as if she got mad as she came not to be able to be connected with Sun Goddess and due to the debt of 400 million yen for cleaning the Magatama-pond.
However I was not able to support her at all as I was engaged in my own affairs with all my strength.
After a while when she settled down I advised her to write a book.
I said to her, "As we were the victims who had been ruled by bad star,
why not write a book and inform people how we had been fooled."
However it seemed that she was rushing around trying to get money as she seemed not to want to be known to people about her affairs for her family.
Thereafter I was told that Ms. Ishida wants to offer the mirror to Grand Shrine of Ise and each of the mother of Mr. Shimizu and me offered five hundred thousand yen and bought rings.
However Ms. Ishida went to Heitate Shinto shrine in Kyusyu as she became not to be able to do channeling.
The beings which she got connected with her there, was the odd energy body and I was surprised to hear she would offer the sword decorated with diamonds instead of the mirror to Grand Shrine of Ise as she was instructed to do so by the channeling.
I was told the world would have become the state of war if such a thing had been done.
Therefore I sent a letter in which I wrote the detailed situation to Grand Shrine of Ise.
After a few days later, there was news that prince and princess Akishino went to Grand Shrine of Ise.
According to the phone call from Ms Ishida, she offered the crystal
instead of the sword.
The channeling information of mine told me the Emperor and Empress of Showa got the word which told Japan should become bigger.
And they heard the priestess of Grand Shrine of Ise told Japan was
surely to win as Japan is the country of god.
Therefore they had a consultation with army general Tojyou Hideki who ran what was told by the emperor faithfully.
My mouth of channeling moved and told the above things.
I was much surprised as what was told through the channeling was beyond my imagination.
And I was told all the Japanese era name was decided by the channeling of the priestess of Grand Shrine of Ise and the name and the contents of the era correspond well too much.

* Meiji = It is the era when the tall good looking person becomes the emperor and make people pray to him.

* Taisyo = It is the contrasting era to Meiji era
* Shyouwa =small ring = Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity
(Note):Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity =It is the slogan which Japan recited during Second World War.
Japan claimed to set up the new order of co-existence and co-prosperity in Asian region instead of the colonial rule by the West and tried to justify Japanese aggressive policy.
(from the dictionary "Shinjirin" of Sanseidou)
* Heisei = In order to remain calm even if the members of Imperial
Household may hear The True SKY)(SORA) Info.

Though I often repeat, the most important thing in the universe is "the equality".
And the thing which breaks the equality most is the Japanese imperial system.
Japanese Imperial Household swaggers by claiming it is the oldest
Imperial Household in the world.
The voices asking for help by the oppressed people with the unceasing battles on the earth reaches the end of the universe and the same situation continues without any improvement no matter how much time passes.
On the contrary, the situation of the earth becomes more and more terrible.
It can be known when we see the world news.
The project for the great revolution to the way to the equality was made in the 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' which caused the 3/11 in 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake.
'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' has kept warning repeatedly and there
happens disasters in the cities to which the word "Miya" is attached.
For example Miya崎(Miyazaki), Miya城(Miyagi), 新Miya市(singu-shi) have the word, "Miya".
Miya is included in Miya城(Kyujyo) which means the Imperial Palace where the
members of Imperial Household live.
The true history of the earth was handed down by word of mouth of people but the Imperial Household covered it with the lid (宀).
The word, "Miya" has two 口 under the lid (宀).
口 means the mouth.
The Imperial Household made up the fake history in order to keep the Imperial Household.
As long as imperial system which can't keep the equality continues, the project for the flattening of the earth will be made in the universe and it will be run calmly.
It has been repeatedly told through the channeling from the beings from the stars.
The directive from the universe reaches to the atoms of the earth and each group of atoms starts action.
Then abnormal affairs and abnormal weather which has not been caused until now are going to take place.
Various related matters are introduced in the following collection of links.

Atoms on the earth starts actions suddenly.
We can see an example of them in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3/11.
I have been conveyed about the transformation of the earth by the vision in which there is only water and sands.
However I thought people will have the unnecessary anxiety if I convey it directly and I interpreted it as only the affairs in the invisible world.
However abnormal clouds started to appear in the sky around the year before the Great East Japan Earthquake when I look back on the times.
In addition desperate words started to come out of my mouth at the
beginning of March 2011.
I had no reaction from the government though I contacted with it and
told something terrifying would take place soon on the previous night of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The other day my mouth moved and began to tell about the economic system like capitalism , and so on.
We can't tell the hopeful future of Japanese economy in reality as it began to be weaker than before.
In that critical phase in economy of Japan, an enormous sum of national money is used for keeping the imperial system which is the premodern evil customs.
Therefore I completely oppose to use national money for the imperial system.
A human rights activist in Afghanistan, Malalai Joie criticized severely
that to keep silence when we knew something is the same as to support the opponents.
I sympathize with her opinion completely on this point.

Though the above is only a part of my experience, I was urged to open the relationship between Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household, to public as the beings from the stars want humans to know it absolutely.
Therefore I dare to open it to public.

Thereafter the Imperial Household(= the Imperial Household Agency) knew this information and started to interfere with this one by any means and I have been informed it through the channeling many times.
The Imperial Household and Grand Shrine of Ise were involved much in the war.
It is also reported by alternative report.

The book of Mr. Takahasi Goro and Mr. Onizuka Hideaki point out it, too

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