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March 2, 2021 - Degrees, Social Standing and Material Security -

"Why do you always set your sights on attaining easy successes that do not last? Instead, why not work to achieve something of unimaginable splendor? .........

You are willing to devote five, six, or even ten years to becoming a lawyer, an engineer, a scientist or a doctor, but what is the true value of such an ideal? Besides, what is ten or twenty years? There are goals to be aimed for in life nobler than a university degree – even if a degree confers social standing and material security.

Why not focus your attention on a spiritual quality? .........

You may need centuries to develop it, but it will be a constant beacon to light your path. Divine goodness, patience, purity, integrity, beauty and so on – it will take you more than ten or twenty years to earn diplomas such as these. But this is precisely what you should work hard towards, for that which is difficult, virtually unattainable even, is what will allow you to make continual progress."[50]

December 12, 2020 - The Necessity and The Way to Save Yourself! -

"You need to be aware of how dangerous it is to linger in the grip of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings. No one can avoid feelings of disappointment, sorrow or annoyance, but you must try not to wallow in them, or you will end up being completely shackled and overwhelmed. Take advantage of the window of time in which you can still easily extricate yourself. Do not remain on that level wrestling with such feelings; you are simply not equal to it. Struggling in the dark has never made the light shine forth; you have to get out of the hole you are in. If you persist in feeling disgruntled, jealous, bitter or angry, these sentiments will eventually gain the upper hand and destroy you. So make every effort to snap out of this state and rise above it, replacing your negative thoughts and feelings with more positive ones – this is how you will be saved."[49]

December 3, 2020 - Light! -

"It is impossible to find one’s way or to work in the dark. From all points of view and in every sphere, light must take pride of place....[48]


The above "thought" truly illuminates the necessity for a unified vision in any shared situation. Possibly one of the main attractions that this Blog-writer has for "community" is the possibility of living according to a shared vision with others. A shared vision never got established at the E.G.O. and consequently community never got established here. Unfortunately community will never really be established here without the shared vision. It is essentially for this writer to be perfectly clear about this now. From now on he is asking for Light at the E.G.O. The Holy Spirit is his voice for Light, Agape and Peace now!

September 6, 2020 "People Are Amazing" (At Least to This Blog-Writer ; ~ )

"... People let themselves be taken in by anyone, without thinking, without noticing the signs that prove that the individual making such fine speeches is unable to help them in any way whatsoever. And this is unfortunately true in all spheres of life."[47]


The phrase: "all spheres of life" includes the "Rights Sphere"! The "Rights Sphere" includes all of the government service contractors on every level (federal, territorial, municipal, state, state of state, county, city, etc.). The main purpose of Government is to protect the Rights of the people. (See the 1st Organic Law). Unfortunately, there are serious consequences these days, as "People let themselves be taken in" by other individuals who appear to be representing Lawful authority but without thinking through what is being said, what the real Lawful context is and whether or not that imposes a Lawful liability upon the listener - the consequences are potentially life threatening, health destroying and/or at least anxiety-producing due to severe restrictions of many different freedoms that every American has as Unalienable Rights (whether or not they have read and understood the first Organic Law for The United States of America, July 4, 1776)!

August 24, 2020 - Wings! -

"You do not know how to live in that state of wonderment, expansion, lightness and love which gives wings. Birds know that in order to fly they must spread their wings. So how is it that birds have found this secret out and yet humans are still living narrow and sluggish lives, and virtually burying themselves, every day? It must be that they are not as intelligent as birds! If you say ‘I feel peculiar, I have no taste for anything anymore’, it is simply that you do not know how to spread your wings. ‘Oh, but I have doctorates from several universities!’ So you may have, but your wings are still folded. Or else someone has clipped them for you – that can also happen, and perhaps you have allowed this to happen inwardly. If you want to be able to fly each day, learn to nourish within you the thoughts and feelings that will give you wings."[46]

June 20, 2020 - Happy Summer Solstice! -

Human beings waste their lives in stupid, vulgar activities, in passions and volcanic eruptions, without realizing that they are losing something irreplaceable. They imagine that life is eternal and abundant, that they can do whatever they please, and that it will always be available to them. They are astonished, of course, when they find themselves completely exhausted.(i) They have done everything to bring this about, yet they are still surprised and complain. ... Listen to the words of the song by Master Peter Deunov, ‘Sine moi, pazi jivota(ii): My son, treasure your life, the spark buried within you, a precious gift.’ If there is one essential science that human beings need, it is this: to know how to preserve their lives and spend it in the service of heaven."[44]


(i) The risk of complete exhaustion is higher for what Human Design refers to as non-energy types. "Because they possess no consistent, reliable means of manifesting or generating energy, Projectors are classified with Reflectors as a non-energy type. These two Types use their experiential wisdom about energy to increase the understanding and productivity of the energy types (Generators and Manifestors)."[45]

(ii) Bulgarian

Another factor that can contribute to complete exhaustion is unresolved emotional conflicts which probably has a more detrimental impact upon the non-energy types.

IMO - the attempts of a non-energy type to generate energy that they do no naturally have access to by using artificial means (like taking products that are touted as energy-enhancing, even so-called natural products like Aminoactive) may appear to give the individual the energy they want in the short term however in the long term there is a risk of complete exhaustion beyond the capability of the product to generate further energy. What the non-energy type really needs is rest whenever they feel their energy depleting. It is recommended that they head for bed before they are exhausted.

June 15, 2020 -

Human beings are defined by their desires, aspirations and ideal. All human beings are outwardly alike, but, depending on their aspirations, some resemble a stone or a plant, others an animal, and still others a human being or a divinity. Some have an inner life that is completely fossilized, others do no more than vegetate; others are like animals, slaves to their instincts; others, who have reached the higher level of thought – the true gift of human beings – devote their time to study, research and artistic creation. Finally, a very few take the path of deification and dedicate all their strength and activity to carrying out the designs of heaven. Since the same structure prevails throughout the entire universe, a subtle relation thus exists between the thoughts, feelings and activities of human beings and creation as a whole.[43]

May 21, 2020 -

"Most people will not dare tell you the truth about yourself, about your flaws and weaknesses, because they are afraid of losing your services or making an enemy of you. So, behind this amiable, tactful attitude lies self-interest, and as a result, you retain your faults, which only worsen over time. ..."[42]


This thought (quoted immediately above) can be extended to include the circle of people that one has in their life - "people (who) will not dare tell you the truth about yourself" and consequently when a rare Individual appears who is willing to "tell the truth" those who are in "the circle" typically are inclined to intercept and even block the communication of truth. However, a devotion to truth-telling could change this dynamic and in ways that can actually benefit everyone. One of the ways that truth-telling can made be possible is to adopt the dyad/relating exercise model of interpersonal communications (that has proven to be effective for several decades now). There are many references to "dyads" and "relating exercises" in several other CureZone blogs by this blog writer.

April 23, 2020 - Got Love? -

"Suppose a few people get together to discuss a project. If they are able to show understanding and love for each other, it will be easy. But if they come without love, they will do nothing but criticize, contradict or oppose each other and they will never find a solution. This is often what happens in committees and meetings, because there is no love. When people are genuinely inspired by love, a difficult problem that might otherwise have taken years to resolve can sometimes be settled in five minutes.There is nothing to be proud about if you cannot resolve your problems. You must reflect on what is preventing you from doing so – is it not a lack of love? Come with a little more love and the problems will be resolved; you will leave happy, astonished even that it was all so simple."[41]


It actually doesn't require "a few people get together" to demonstrate the truth of this. Just one arrogant individual who is does not come from love and understanding in their attempt to try and solve what they think is a "problem" with others can demonstrate the truth of this!

April 10, 2020 - Most Highly Recommended! -

"You must not allow yourselves to be ruled by your likes and dislikes, but learn instead to use them. When you have a liking for someone, think of them so that you are filled with joy and renewed courage. Yes, someone you like has a positive influence on you, so take advantage of the good frame of mind they put you in.

You will say, ‘And what about someone I dislike?’ Well, in that case, practice, say to yourself, ‘The two of us must now overcome this’. Try it, and you will see how much stronger and more powerful you will become.

Yes, there are always all kinds of opportunities to become stronger. Why do you not use them? You stick to your feelings of sympathy or antipathy but that is not good enough. You need to know that these impulses do not arise within you for you to surrender to, but for you to use intelligently to further your evolution."[40]

January 30, 2020 -

"Each animal species (insects, wild animals, mammals, reptiles, birds) has a specific diet. You can try your own experiment: leave a few crumbs of food in a room – right away certain bugs will appear. If it is honey you will have wasps, if it is cheese you will have mice. How did they sense from afar that there was something for them to nibble on? But as soon as you clean up, they disappear. This phenomenon explains how when people entertain certain thoughts, desires or feelings that are neither luminous nor pure, entities that like these impurities immediately arrive and settle in to feed off of them. But if people purify themselves, if they become reasonable, these entities leave them to make way for luminous spirits.

Very few people know how to read from the book of living nature that is right there in front of them. You will say that these are only small details; yes, but they have boundless applications in the psychic life." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[39]

The above quote relates to a fellow gardener saying: "reconnecting with Nature is key to uncovering your adaptive genius, the inborn ability that helps us to protect and preserve our planet." Protecting and preserving our planet is an outer world activity that extends from the inner world of "thoughts, desires (and) feelings." The current situation with a certain coronavirus is a prime example on the world stage that will be most telling about " the inner world" of individuals and whether or not they prepare themselves for a possible viral storm as well as the consequences on the world stage from that storm.

September 20, 2019 - More On The Two Natures -

We must know how to discern our higher self from our lower self so as to encourage the expressions of our higher self only. We must also have the same attitude when it comes to others, and always seek to contact their divine nature to give it the possibility to reveal itself and flourish. So often, humans constantly feed the lower nature of members of their family, of their friends and those around them on the pretext of responding to their wishes and needs! They don't know that humans' lower nature is characterized by greed, self-centredness and ingratitude; and while they think they can attract love and recognition from them, in reality they set themselves up for the worst disappointments.(i) In return for their services, all they receive is indifference, contempt and sometimes even hatred. And then they complain and say, 'After all I have done for him - or for her!' Well, instead of sacrificing themselves for others, they should have asked themselves what they were serving in them: their higher nature or their lower nature.(ii)[38]


(i) Expectations (whether they are as conscious as possible or unconscious) will lead to disappointment when feeding "the lower nature of" others. How "to contact their divine nature" may be supported by understanding the higher frequency potentials as indicated by the individual's "Holographic Profile" and/or their Human Design.

(ii) The last sentence regarding "what they were serving" could also be a question asked to the one being "served."

July 7, 2019 - Carl Jung -

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”[37]

The 4th of July. 2019 - First our body, and then, the entire Earth with our Spirit's main role -

"By simply glancing at the structure of a human body and the way it functions, we discover with what ingenuity and wisdom Cosmic Intelligence created it so that we may make it the spokesperson of our spirit. Our spirit and our body are not separate from each other. Our spirit's main role is to work on our body, and then, thanks to our body, to work on the entire earth, for the earth is, in a way, an extension of our own body. ..."[36]


The above points to both The Divine Order and Nature's Organic Way (which makes for a new acronym: NOW! ; ~ )
It reminds this blog-writer of the sequence in "The Tree of Life" from Keter to Malkuth.

May 27, 2019 - The Garden of the Union of the Soul and the Spiritual Soil -

"When we receive the word of a wise man, of a spiritual Master, we must consider it as a seed to plant in the ground. Once we sow it in our spiritual soil, we can watch it grow, we can feel a new life being born and developing within us. If, for many faithful, religion is but a practice devoid of any meaning, it is because they do not know how to work with the words of truth that it presents to them. But let them sow these words in their inner earth as one sows seeds, and let them tend to them every day, keeping watch over them, watering them, keeping them warm. Let them clear away all the weeds threatening to choke them, let them get rid of the bugs about to nibble at them, that is to say let them prevent the thoughts and feelings inspired by their lower nature from coming to attack them: they will then feel a new life growing and developing within them."[33]


Re: "inspired by their lower nature" - Therefore inspiration requires discernment and/or self-examination.

June 22, 2019 - "To Rejoice We Have To Be Alive." -

"... It is our ability to experience feelings that makes us living beings, and as such, the slightest thing can satisfy us if we know how to consider it. Otherwise, we can possess a world empire and still feel poor and empty on the inside, because inside, we are dead. How can a dead person feel joy? To rejoice we have to be alive. And we are alive when we learn to refine our perceptions and develop a taste for things. And taste is often inversely proportional to quantity."[34]

The Old Testament Psalms of David are one of my favorite collection of bible verses and most especially in regards to rejoicing. However - "The dead praise not the Lord."[35] Over the course of about twelve years total that this blog writer has lived in the "Onion" here he has heard very little if any real rejoicing from others. He admits that rejoicing has often been a challenge for him yet he is devoted to practicing gratitude an at time he does rejoice! But "The dead praise not the Lord" and "The silent go down too."[35]

May 18, 2019 - Happy Full Moon (The Blue Flower Moon) as of Today! -
(And This Writer Welcomes the Truly Auspicious Timing of A Visitor: "Paige"! -

"...if you want higher beings to come manifest themselves through you, by giving you new light and new powers, prepare the right conditions for them. And above all, show them that you have been able to bear fruit with what you have already received. Then, how joyfully they will go about enriching and embellishing you further, embellishing and enriching others through you too! You will make these gifts and virtues bear fruit by participating consciously and harmoniously in universal life. ... The only opinion that should matter to you is that of your heavenly Father; for it is to him that you will one day be accountable for the use you have made of the riches he has given you. As he has given them to you, they are yours, but they will only really belong to you if you make them bear fruit for the good of all."
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[32]

March 20, 2019 - Happy Spring Equinox & Full (Worm) Moon in Libra! -

"Each year, when spring returns and the warmth and light increase, all the seeds in the ground begin to sprout and grow. It is a time for us to think about all the seeds within us: they are also ready to germinate and grow under the light and warmth of the sun – the spiritual sun.

The sun we see rising on the horizon each morning is a distant reflection of this spiritual sun. By learning to focus on the sun, we connect ourselves to the spiritual sun that vivifies the seeds the Creator planted in us.

Each morning, by consciously presenting ourselves before the sun, we become the gardeners of our own earth. The small shoots – the qualities and virtues of our heavenly Father – need to be watered. The sun sends its light and warmth, but cannot water the plants. It is our role to water them with the water within us: our love and gratitude.

Every progress we make in this endeavour is inscribed within us, and we will feel its benefit throughout our life, and even beyond, in our future lives."[31]

Comment: It can be said that all workers are worthy of their earnings and that all "gardeners" are workers too!

October 12, 2018 - The Only Way to Escape ‘Inner Enemies’ -

You may have already had this experience: you feel upset and discouraged. And then, in the evening, you go to sleep and the next morning when you wake up you feel completely refreshed. What happened? By going to sleep, you simply managed to flee and you entered another world where the ‘inner enemies’ that were chasing you were not able to catch you. This happens automatically in sleep at night, but you can do this consciously as well, when you are awake. The worries, problems and sorrows you feel are entities that are chasing you, and the only way to escape them is by changing worlds. If the problem lies in your heart, take yourself into your intellect; if the problem lies in your intellect, then flee to your heart or to your soul. If you still feel pursued in your soul, seek refuge in your spirit. In spirit, nothing or no one can reach you.[30]

October 6, 2018 - Most Definitely Relates To My E.G.O.! -

"Like most people, you feel the need to be appreciated and valued for the good you do. That is quite understandable. In the interest of your own development, however, it would be better to rid yourself of this need. Consider this for a moment: so long as you maintain this need to receive consideration from others, you are vulnerable. You feel disappointed and down, because you feel you have not been treated with the esteem, the recognition, (and/) or the love you think you deserve. Why? You are a son or daughter of God – is it not enough that your virtues are recognized by God? ..."[29]

The above message has "my name on it" is big bold letters! I am counting my willingness to let go of the "need" as a miracle, as "A Course In Miracles" says in (so many ways) that miracles are thought corrections/thought reversals. I am willing to have my thought (that lies behind what I had identified with as "my need") reversed and corrected. I am feeling great relief already!

July 9, 2018 - As Within So Without -

"... we perceive externally that which corresponds to what we already are."[28]

May 6, 2018 Happy Birthday Matthew!

Thought for the day -

"Humans have an instinctive need to impose themselves upon others. This is not necessarily a bad thing – it all depends on the area in which you seek to impose your will and how you go about it. Does not a rose impose itself? Yes. By its beauty and its fragrance it imposes itself upon us, but with what gentleness! And when the sun shines, it also imposes itself, since you begin to take off your coats and your jackets. Of course, if you are not wearing a hat you could get sunstroke, but the sun does not use violence, it does not come down from the sky intending to strike you down. It simply says, ‘Be careful, my rays are powerful, take precautions, otherwise you will be burned.’ And in its own way, the rose too says, ‘Be careful, if you stay near me, I shall replace all your miasma with my fragrance.’ Like the sun and the rose, we have the right to impose ourselves, but only with our light, love, gentleness and beauty."[27]

February 6, 2018 -

"...give something every day, however small... Giving is what matters. When we give, we are never alone."

The "Third Day of Christmas" - 2017 -

"How bitter the taste of water would be,
if the river stopped its flow
remaining still like seawater.

When the seawater rises
to become a cloud,
it loses its bitterness
and pours the rain of sweetness. -Rumi"[21]
Over the recent years I have deepened my appreciation for water in large part through inspiration, conviction, love of life, etc. that I experienced through the work of Dr. Emoto.[22]

(The "Master Number 22"[23] that serendipitously happens to be the number for the preceding footnote is the most perfect number for Masaru Emoto!

Just calculated the numerology for Masaru Emoto and believe it or he had a "22" "Soul Urge"!:

"Soul urge number (Heart's desire)
Soul urge number is derived from the vowels of your full name at birth:
AAUEOO = 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 6 = 22
Describes our inner ideals and hidden desires.
22 = The desire to succeed in something really big."[24]

I am all the more grateful for these gifts on this "Third Day of Christmas"!

Continuing with even Higher Thoughts!:
"Before your brother's holiness the world is still, and peace descends on it in gentleness and blessing so complete that not one trace of conflict still remains to haunt you in the darkness of the night. He is your savior from the dreams of fear. He is the healing of your sense of sacrifice and fear that what you have will scatter with the wind and turn to dust. In him is your assurance God is here, and with you now. While he is what he is, you can be sure that God is knowable and will be known to you. For He could never leave His Own creation. And the sign that this is so lies in your brother, offered you that all your doubts about yourself may disappear before his holiness. See in him God's creation. For in him his Father waits for your acknowledgement that He created you as part of Him."[25]

I found this in the process of posting the above at LinkedIn where a LinkedIn member had posted a thought about healing that inspired me to respond by adding how "all the world is for" the purpose of healing "ourselves".
December 20, 2017 -

From (what I call) my "Jin Shin Sitting" this morning I noted:
If we can relate to the idea of having an Inner Garden that requires daily care then consider planting/watering certain seeds each and every morning. - I have found that the "Seven Masters One Path" meditation (offered by John Selby in his book by this title) to be a most excellent way to plant/water quintessential seed thoughts for a truly sustainable Inner Garden. I have adopted this meditation over the recent years and have fully made it my own.

In the third meditation that John presents as "Buddha - accepting the truth" I have formed the following: "I accept all my projections of the outer world before me". I most highly recommend this kind of tending to one's Inner Garden and especially before one enters into their outer world.

Coincidental to my note I later discovered that the current "Thought for the day" fully validates my thought!:

"To show an interest in and an understanding of the various forms of spirituality is perfectly acceptable. What is dangerous, however, is to dissipate oneself, to fail to choose one method of inner work in which to engage oneself. The question is not whether we should be Catholic, Protestant, (Jewish), Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, or nothing at all. The point – and it concerns each one of us, whether we believe or not – is to settle on a few essential spiritual truths and put them into practice. ... Given the structure of human beings, spirituality is a vital necessity for them. Until they become conscious of this necessity, they throw themself into activities that are useless and dangerous, both for themself and for others. Their structure is such that they need to find daily nourishment for their soul and their spirit."

"Daily nourishment for the.. soul and the.. spirit" this is my spiritual truth!

"Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind."

July 17, 2017 -

"All those who have understood what spiritual life truly is become like gardens and orchards where all sorts of fruit ripen. The divine gardeners, the celestial entities come to visit ... there is always some useful element to be extracted... even from poisonous plants ..."[16]

This "Thought" comes so serendipitously as I had earlier received a "poisonous" reaction form a "fellow gardener" that took me over an hour to neutralize. Is it any wonder that my inclination now is to avoid contact with that element from now on? At least the issue over which the "poisonous reaction" occurred is one that I am determined not to raise with this fellow gardener any more. It is not worth it to me! So I took a step to let go of my "claim" to the issue. It's a good thing to be able to let go of what needs to be let go of. Especially if one gets "poisoned" in an attempt to make a simple inquiry!

March 31 (Pacific time), 2017 -

"There are so many people in the world with whom you think you would have better conditions to work and grow. Why is it that in your family, at work or elsewhere, you are surrounded by particular people, and not others? ..."

Here's the first one of May 23, 2016:

"It is the custom in all countries to bring something for the people you are visiting – an object, some flowers, cakes, sweets, and so on. This tradition, which is very old, is based on a law: you should not visit someone empty-handed...."[1]

When anyone comes bearing gifts it is natural to receive them with a certain gladness. I love receiving visitors with gladness! I've experienced this a number of times. However I can't say that it is truly "the custom" that is consistently practiced where I live. I would like to become a custom here! Therefore I would encourage teaching the "law" that Omraam refers to in this message.

May 24th, 2016 -

"In a spiritual teaching, you learn how to excel yourself, to surpass yourself. (yet) everything is inside you. It is your consciousness that elevates itself to attain higher levels. When you ... come into contact with divine light, what you have really done is go further, higher – you could even say deeper – within yourself. You have reached your higher self, and it is your higher self that gives you the potential to create new, purer and more harmonious forms. In order to express the realities of the spiritual world, we need to use the concrete language of the physical world, as though we were talking about spatial distances and volumes. But in reality, everything takes place within us, in our higher self, our divine self."

My Gratitude for these words of illumined truth is overflowing! I intend to also post this in the "New Vision" blog here at "The Onion" and comment further there.[2]

June 6th, 2016 -

"... heaven seeks allies, and spiritualists are these very allies, thanks to whom heaven can infiltrate this fortress called earth and allow more justice and more love to reign."

I am one of the "allies". Omraam says "... earth is like a fortress where so many occupants are opposed to the arrival of luminous spirits who want happiness for humans, traitors, or allies if you like, are needed to open the gates for them."

According to my Human Design I have my Design Sun and Earth activations in "Fifth Lines". Line Five is the Heretic!

June 7th, 2016 -

Truth be told:

"human beings believe only in what is invisible, intangible"[3]

"Nakedness is a sign of truth. Yes, only truth is naked. So that you may rise within yourself to the place where truth is laid bare, each of you must become free of everything inside that is opaque and impervious to the divine world." [4]

June 15th, 2016 -

I immediately thought of a former "gardener" with this message and of other gardeners as well:

"Fear is natural. As an instinct it is very necessary to the survival of the human species, yet it can take completely irrational forms, to such an extent that it has been the ruin, instead of the saving, of a great many men and women."[5]

July 12th, 2016 -

There's a habit that I have observed being perpetuated in the E.G.O. of holding onto things that are not being used and that are only taking up space to the extent that it blocks the flow of energy from freely circulating. After continuously observing this habit for over seven years I'm now adamant about ending the cycle now! I have expressed this and intend to stand firm. My resolve was tested today and I have reaffirmed the need to make new conscious choices about how space is used.

Ending certain cycles may be perceived as a kind of death for some individuals. If so it needs to be understood that what we call "death" is part of life and that our life continues beyond the so called times of "death".

"Human beings come to incarnate on earth only for a very short time. They have to learn and work there for a few years, and then they leave. The way you see your life can only be correct and complete if you learn to include what we call death. For your life is not merely the period you have come to spend on earth. Your life is very long, infinite, a succession of comings and goings between here below and the beyond."[6]

The "habit" that I see here needs to change. Life wants to move beyond stagnet energetic patterns. Periodic reviews of what is being held onto are long over due! That reminds that a promise was made to do the review within the first year after the "miracle" was performed seven years ago!

He said: "You were reminded" and I immediately replied: "I never forgot"!

August 4th, 2016 -

I've mentioned "looking through" the onion; "peeling" the onion and now Omraam presents "dissolving" the "layers".

"... a true sage knows that the only reality, both in him and in all beings, is that peak beyond the reach of evil, safe from all trials and tribulations: the spirit, the spark given by God to us his creatures. But how can we reach this peak? By working on ourselves, by purifying our thoughts and feelings, so that little by little we dissolve the opaque layers that separate us from this spark and prevent us from sensing it as the only reality."[7]

August 6th, 2016 -

Trust, I hear a fellow gardener declare their need for trust. Omraam has words of wisdom on this.[8]

August 21st, 2016 -

Omraam uses food as an analogy in general regarding any kind of temptation.[9]

September 2nd, 2016 - soon after our "EGO" meeting I found the following "Thought":

"The birth of a civilisation is usually associated with the presence of water: with springs, streams, rivers, lakes and so on. Where water flows, flora and fauna appear, and human beings establish their dwellings. ... In some respects, rivers can be borders, but they are also a means of communication.

Water can in fact be understood on various levels. On the psychic level, we can say it is love. When there is no love, there is desert.

Regretfully, when human beings make plans or launch themselves into an enterprise, they rarely consider that love must have its say: they count first and foremost on organisation. Well, they are mistaken: when there is no love, which is the true driving force, there is no life. But as soon as love appears, even if the organisation is lacking, little by little everything falls into place and begins to work."[10]

The land where the "E.G.O." is located has an indication that there was a well here at one time. If a former "gardener" can dowse for water and if he gets a positive reading then we can look at what it will take to access that water. When new water can flow here then (IMO) something may possibly be birthed here as well (no pun intended). In the meanwhile we apparently will just have to live with the "desert".

Spring up oh well
Of living water
Spring up oh well
Within my Soul
Cause I got a river of life flowing out of me!

September 28th, 2016 -

Omraam uses nature's way of purifying water to illustrate two methods humans have for their purification.[11]

October 20, 2016 - Happy Birthday Tobi Dominique!

"There is more than one kind of magic. True magic, divine magic, consists in putting everything, absolutely everything, at the service of the kingdom of God. The opposite of this, that is to say, anything that involves putting the higher powers and properties of the human spirit at the service of our lower nature, is sorcery, black magic."[12]

November 17, 2016 -

You will reap what you so!
"If you sow good seeds in fertile ground, at a favourable time, they will germinate and grow."[13] It is the law of nature. Good "planting" times include when the sun is transiting your 11th astrological house. Also on a monthly basis when the moon is waxing.

April 18, 2017 -

"A true spiritualist is one who decides to abandon all their futile occupations, all their passing pleasures that bring them nothing. By doing this, they release within themselves spiritual energies that were paralysed and enslaved by ordinary, everyday habits, and they can at last bear fruit in the land of the soul and the spirit."[15]

I feel "the land of the soul and the spirit" is so much more vast, virtually unlimited, unbound by all the conventional, free of all the conditioning and as such surpasses all the images that I have presented thus far in terms of the metaphor of a "garden".

October 13, 2017 - Points of view - know how to call them into question

"The most serious failing of human beings, the one which creates the greatest obstacle to their evolution, is their unshakeable belief in the infallibility of their reasoning and their points of view. They protect their positions; they cultivate them and defend them. You might say, ‘But the whole world has this failing!’ It is true and the most widespread flaw is people’s insistence on clinging to their ways of feeling and seeing things, as if there were nothing better or more true than their opinions and beliefs. They do not ask themselves where their convictions come from, or why they hold some and not others, but instead allow themselves to be swept along blindly. And this explains why the earth is becoming a stage for every kind of confrontation, with each person seeking the success of their own point of view inspired by their interests, desires, whims, or simply their moods. Why do human beings have to suffer great catastrophes before they finally recognise they have made errors in judgement and acted out of shameful motives?"[17]

November 8, 2017 -

"When you feel anxious or distressed, react and keep your thoughts from taking a dangerous downhill direction, catch them and force them to return to this place of light and peace in you that is sheltered from adversity. ..."[18]

November 11, 2017 - Methods to Overcome Discouragement -

"Faced with some failures, you might feel discouraged to the point that you tell yourself, ‘I am incompetent, weak and stupid.’ Very well, you may well be all that, but it is dangerous for you to dwell on it. When you experience states of this kind, show that you still have a little intelligence and make efforts to think, ‘All right, I may not amount to much, but there is a world of rich, beautiful, and wise beings, and I am going to unite with them by means of thought in order to benefit from their qualities and virtues.’ I assure you that this will help you. Also, try to recall all the wonderful moments of peace, light, and inspiration that you have already experienced, for you have experienced at least some. And since you have experienced them, they cannot be wiped out. Cling to those moments, and little by little, courage and faith will return to you."[19]

December 23, 2017 -

"...When you sow a seed, the four elements, all the powers of heaven and earth are present to sustain your work, and you will soon have flowers and fruits. But if you have sown nothing, nothing will grow, even if you have hope and faith."[20]















[14] Read the rest of this thougth here:









[23] "The Master Teacher":












[35] Psalm 115:17










[45] "The Definitive Book Of Human Design - The Science Of Differentiation" By: Lynda Bunnell








Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, anxiousness, distress, thought management, inner light, inner peace, catastrophe, judgement, inner garden, water, flow, bitterness, Rumi, Masaru Emoto, Master Number 22, The Master Teacher, exhaustion, non-energy types, generating energy, save yourself

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