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Igniting the youth of America: Can you #FeeltheBern?

Igniting the youth of America: Can you #FeeltheBern?

"This is the true myth of America. she starts old,
old wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. And there is
a gradual sloughing off of the old skin,
towards a new youth. It is the myth of America."
--D.H. Lawrence, Studies in Classical American Literature

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#PlantYourDreamBlog Reflections by @YourEG

Igniting the youth of America: Can you #FeeltheBern?


Orly Pittock❤️


Just looked into the eyes of an innocent young person while I was shopping at my organic coop.

I wonder if they had voted?

Have you any idea what it's taken to activate millions of young people to be willing to believe in our future? Have you any idea what it's taken to get them to give up everything in their life to want to see a possible president who stands up for honesty and makes living on earth possible for the next generations?

It makes me want to weep.

It's taken hundreds of years to establish a country based on such a beautiful ideal called democracy.

Isn't that what #seeYouInPhilly
Is all about?

July 1, 2016-July 4, 2016

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

July 1, 2016

The myth of America! Youth and Innocent at Heart rise up to donate to #feeltheBern, and Volunteer in all ways including phoning.





We are each Sacred Seeds who have lost our ground. We are #RareSeeds and we are here to launch a Pure Food Revolution that is central to the Political Revolution now happening in America.
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College Bound with the help of Bernie?

"This is the true myth of America. she starts old,
old wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. And there is
a gradual sloughing off of the old skin,
towards a new youth. It is the myth of America."
--D.H. Lawrence, Studies in Classical American Literature

Thomas, one of the employees at the San Diego convention center, was excited late night as we shared a moment. "This is historic!" He said. Another, of Afro American descent, A professional cameraman who gave up a career in professional broadcasting because he got tired of seeing too many dead bodies, told me he was concerned about his taxes going up if Bernie won, but that he would likely either vote for Hillary or #FeelTheBern after witnessing the profound expression of innocent belief he inspired in the youth at the San Diego Rally March 22, 2018, even though he questioned if they really understood the hard follow through that it would take to make America work.

What does it take to fill two enormous halls of the San Diego convention center with something like 13,000 people with two days notice? Senator Bernie Sanders can do that. Many more people I imagine stayed away because they thought they could not get in. When too many showed up, they opened up an overflow hall, and even that was had many people.

The enthusiasm was contagious and the gentle march out of the building late-night was slow and methodical with heart's enlivened.

The truth is Bernie Sanders is standing up for a lot of truth that is crying out to be heard if democracy is going to have a comeback in America. If democracy is to take route again on firm ground it will come through igniting our youth and the spirit of youth in people of all ages. I saw Bernie Sanders do that as he l launched his Southern California battlefront to win the state June 7, the date of our state primary. California, with more than 548 delegates, is a prize that Sanders wants and democracy needs.

Can he win? I asked the Youth as well as those who were sitting with me in the ADA section.

Someone was handing out a poster with Bernie holding a gun. I covered the gun barrel with a old fashioned rose I brought to the rally, and added my own positive message: "San Diego Loves Bernie."

Cameron Swisher Bernie Sanders 2016 - Ideas Welcome

I meet one youth, Cameron Swisher who had the honor of spending time with Sanders himself after amassing one Facebook Open Group called Bernie Sanders 2016 Welcome Ideas. The group has more than 30,000 Sanders supporters.

You can join his Open Group Here on Facebook:

We met in the elevator going down as we stood with many who hopes were going up.

Would taxes go up?

Would taxes go up? Clearly would bring Bernie Sanders is calling for is a redistribution of wealth. The 1% who are now holding most of the wealth in America would have to give up some of it in the form of taxes and a willingness to allow for a middle-class to once again survive and thrive.

I talked to one young lady who wanted to go to college She could never afford it the way the system is set up today. I never paid for junior college when I attended in 1965-68. How come we could afford that in the 60s but cannot afford it today?

Shout Outs from Sanders Bring waves of Support

Sanders singled out various elements of society who he wanted to uplift. Each time he did whether it was calling for fair treatment of Hispanics, Afro-Americans or Native Americans, the supporters would loudly cheerlead in unison.

Sanders touched on familiar campaign themes of getting big money out of politics, combating climate change, ensuring universal health care and making public colleges and universities tuition-free.

He gave shout-out appeals to numerous groups, saying his campaign was listening to young people, disabled veterans, senior citizens, Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, women, gays, unauthorized immigrants and the economically disadvantaged.

Sanders pledged to make the “rigged economy” fair and redirect much of the spending on wars to address problems at home.--San Diego Union Tribune March 23, 2016

My Resolve to Help Our Youth Through Helping this Campaign Even More

I left with a warm feeling that I wanted to do my part to give America back to its youth and all the elements of society that deserved a fair shake. I wanted this present disenfranchised generation of youth to have a reason to vote, and hope.

This truly is a future worth believing in.
Voting for this man is about doing the right thing. I'm convinced the details of how we make the country work again will fall into place .

The hall was empty. I was near out of battery. I went up and touched the podium and gave a blessing.

At the end of the evening the hall was empty, other than some of the press people. I walked up to the podium where Bernie Sanders and actress stood and touch the wood, giving my blessing. There was a Goodhearted police officer sitting down and I shared a couple friendly words with him. It was a peaceful evening for him. I touched his boot, giving thanks and wishing him well.

--Leslie Goldman Your enchanted gardener @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog

Pretty good report
@sduniontribune but vid editing could be better. #feelthebern said we would port Muslim nations their leading the fight to defeat ISIS

Actress Rosario Dawson opened up for #feeltheBern CA launch. Some said there were 13,000, perhaps more.

My take

#feeltheBern ignited hope and youth at San Diegi Rally.

Every vote he gets is a vote for everything I've always believed in.

Pretty good report
@sduniontribune but vid editing could be better. #feelthebern said we would port Muslim nations their leading the fight to defeat ISIS

I met Cameron Swisher last night at the San Diego #feeltheBern rally that Drew more than 13,000 with about two days notice. He started this group. Bernie Sanders singled him out after the Rally. I met Cameron in the elevator.

My take #feeltheBern ignites youth

8:05 am-8:17 am
March 23 2016


Good photos
Who will fight for you?

Monday, March 21, 2016



About the album


Coming to Look for America


Artists for Bernie

Glad to have met Cameron Swisher last night at the #FeeltheBern Rally in San Diego. I would like you to have the same opportunities I had in the 60's. Wrote this today: #FeelTheBern Ignites Youth. Keep up the good work. I am here to help. Leslie Goldman @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog


Some of the milestones on the Journey to the White House:


Leslie Goldman @HillaryClinton escalated her offensive April 6. I took great joy in #feeltheBERN winning Wisconsin. I enjoyed watching his speech! There are about four pages of links to this story today Wednesday April 6;

The sad part is I won't be able to vote for her, no matter what.

This will come down to the youth and innocent at heart taking down the old way of doing things.

It will come down to the mass media controlled by outcomes already pre-determined vs the rest of us actively participating in phoning to get the vote out, and giving money.

Love this talk by Bernie victory in Wisconsin

Full speech #feeltheBern april 5 victory in Wisconsin, on to Wyoming.





I Like This from friend Rudy Sovinee,
April 7, 2016

Clarity from Rudy Sovinee, Who qualified to run gov we need vs kind of government we now have?
Rudy Sovinee's photo.
‎Rudy Sovinee‎ to America for Bernie Sanders 2016
1 hr ·
Ah, such a media frenzy in saying what I've said for other reasons, reasons we now see far more clearly than even in 2008.
►Climate Change is the greatest threat to life on the planet. We are risking the 6th Mass Extinction. Only one of the candidates has called out the problem for what it is.…/the-point-of-no-return-climat…
►Societal inequality is rampant AND historically, such inequality accelerates the collapse of societies.Elites make self serving policies that cause more harm... documented in this study.…/article/pii/S0921800914000615

Most people are not differentiating between qualified to run the government we have now vs the government we need. All the discussion of excessive influence by money and corporations - she fits well in that system, and I see it as at direct odds with any chance of avoiding environmental collapse with massive human population contraction.

I'm posting this now, this way, because I know that just "yesterday" I heard a video of Hillary at a rally of hers saying Bernie was not even qualified to run - citing his late conversion to being a Democrat.
Yes, it annoyed me, but who knew then the degree to which the taunts would escalate in 24 hours... so now I've tried surfing and searching on text strings ... and no, I have not succeeded in finding what would have been the 1st act in this.

I do know that on Wednesday's "Morning Joe" they asked her if she thought he was qualified, and her answer danced around agreeing that Bernie wasn't qualified, as everyone nodded their heads [and yet she did not utter the words herself.]

Summary: IMO, One can only begin to rectify problems one fully accepts. Bernie Sanders both understands the greatest risks, and the need to provide a safety net/ lower the corporate power over government BEFORE / AS he addresses that threat. [and Bernie has the proposal closest to what James Hansen and dozens of global leaders have said would best use market forces to get off carbon]
Hillary is not qualified for the government we need. She is too linked to the wealthy and the corporations to ever call for or do what must be done to mitigate the disasters ahead. This is the situation we are fully aware of now, more so than in 2008 when we were midst a financial meltdown.

Like it or not, Bernie is right - again.

A Good PIece from Alison Rose Levy

Aoril 26, 2016

I like this piece very much.

Unless people suck it up and stop believing in the false myth that only Hillary can beat Trump, people are doomed.

Polls consistently show that Bernie beats all of the Republicans by much wider margins than Clinton. Even though poll after poll (all mainstream) shows this, people find it hard to believe because of the myth that only Clinton's can save us from Trump. That myth's NOT TRUE. Get it? NOT TRUE.

So if the Democrats really want to beat Trump, then we should be democratic and allow Sanders a fair shot at the nomination. Otherwise we are insisting on nominating the very person who will get Trump elected.

Instead of having a fair election, there is consistent election fraud on the Democratic side in state after state. We have a bought media influencing everyone. We allow PAC money to sell Clinton into the Presidency, over the wishes of the public. All of this proves all of Bernie Sanders' points. And alienates the Milennial half of Democratic voters.

What about us boomers? Some get it. But many are tired, fearful, politically disempowered and in retreat-- all of us are on our way out in the next 30 years. Is it dharmic to ignore the wishes of young people inheriting a society and a planet that we have allowed to go into profound disarray?

Where is spirituality, where is compassion if we keep on insisting we know so much better than they do? If we did, the world would be in better shape! If we call ourselves spiritual, I regard it as our duty to support the young. And if we don't and we continue to make all these dirty deals, deals that will lead to the end of earth's habitability for ourselves and other species, on what basis do we ask that they follow us? They won't, they shouldn't. It is we who should support them.

My question is: Why is no one asking Hillary to step down? The fact that that seems so unthinkable is part of the problem. What would you do if you knew for sure that the Millennials would never join her? Do you feel that you could become powerful enough to persuade Clintonites to join them? Because when we become that powerful, we win.

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