Blog: Spreading FasterEFT Across the World.
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Spreading FasterEFT Across the World.

Spreading FasterEFT Across the World.

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Spreading FasterEFT Across the World. What Has Created Your Financial Problems? You may think that situations and people outside of your control are the cause of your financial problems. The truth is that had you made different choices or decisions, or taken different action, your results would have been different. Now, this doesn’t mean your choices, decisions or actions were wrong, or that you are to blame; not at all. You did the best you could with what you had at the time. But the fact is that where you are today is the result of many decisions, choices and actions you took along the way, with the best intentions. You may think that you are making conscious choices and taking conscious action in every moment, but the truth is that almost all of your decisions, choices and actions are unconscious. In fact, when something seems like a great idea, it only seems like a great idea because the data inside your subconscious adds up to it being a great idea – to maintain the status quo. In someone else’s mind it might seem like a bad idea – because the records held in their subconscious are different. Your decisions, choices and actions can only be as good as the records you hold in your subconscious. In other words, your conscious mind will follow the cues, hints and nudges from the subconscious, based on what the subconscious holds – and it will feel like your conscious mind is making those choices because it will reason and use logic to make it all make sense. For example: If you have a subconscious belief that money is hard to come by, and that you have to work hard to make ends meet, your subconscious will be prompting your conscious mind to make choices and take actions that will keep you in that reality. In other words, even if you find ways to make easy money, you will find yourself missing out somehow because your subconscious is programmed to struggle. Ever heard of the fact that most lottery winners return to the financial situation they were in before they won the lottery, within a few years? This is why. You may find a great job that pays good money; however, within a short period of time, you will notice that you are back to struggling with Financial Problems. Here are a few example reasons (naturally there are infinite possibilities, and each person will have a unique combination of challenges and experiences)… You get ill and can’t work You make “stupid” mistakes You forget to call an important client You oversleep or find you are always late no matter how hard you try to be on time You clash with your boss or work colleagues, and that affects the quality of your work You end up with unexpected expenses You find it difficult to resist spending more money than you earn You have a car accident and end up having to pay out a large amount of money You get a speeding ticket or a parking fine The place in which you’ve chosen to live is too expensive for your budget You find it impossible to resist spending money on your children when they ask for expensive clothes or toys You find yourself being taken advantage of by others You fall for a scam that causes you to lose a lot of money Someone borrows money from you and doesn’t pay it back You lose your wallet It’s Not You Of course there are so many other possibilities – these are only a few examples. Although all of these things appear to be bad luck or unavoidable challenges of life, they are all the knock-on effects of choices you make. And those choices are made as the result of prompting from the subconscious. In other words, you may consciously have every intention of calling that important client, but your subconscious distracts you so that you forget. You may consciously want to save money – and you may start to save – until your subconscious causes you to find something irresistible to spend your money on. In that moment, you will reason and use logic to convince yourself why it makes sense to spend that money – but only because your subconscious is signaling your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel good about spending the money and bad about not spending it. Who’s in Charge? The brain runs the functions of the body, which enables it to control your emotions. You can test it right now. Think of something you’re worried about, or something that annoys you. As you think about it, what do you feel, and where do you feel it? What you are feeling is the sensation of the chemicals produced by your limbic brain and major organs in response to that thought. Now, think of hugging a person or animal you love – what do you feel now, and where in your body do you feel it? Again, your brain has signalled your major organs to release a different cocktail of chemicals. The records held in the subconscious cause the brain to signal the organs to produce the matching chemicals which cause sensations; and these sensations cause us to make different decisions and choices, and to take different actions. Change the records in the subconscious, and you end up making different choices and taking different action – automatically! How to Change Financial Problems Changing the records inside your subconscious – the fact that money is hard to come by and that you have to work hard to make ends meet, for example – will automatically change the choices and actions you take, which will in turn change the results you experience. Changing that record to the fact that money is easy to come by and that you always make more than enough money doing what you enjoy will result in a change in the choices and decisions and actions that make sense to you – which will naturally produce different results in your experiences with money. However, it’s Not About the Money! Having said all of this, money problems are generally not about money. They are about relationships and how you feel about yourself – but those records are expressed as money issues. In someone else the same issues could be expressed as illness or abusive relationships. Luckily, you don’t need to know what those causes are. In order to Change Financial Problems Patterns, you only need to notice how you know you have a problem. As you start tapping on that, your subconscious will give you anything else that needs to be addressed – it will bring up any memories or thoughts that are connected that need to be cleared; you only have to follow it. How to Use FasterEFT to Change Financial Problems Notice how you know it’s a problem. How do you know you have a money problem? It could be that you feel anxiety in your stomach when you think of paying bills; it could be the anger you feel in your throat when you remember how you were cheated out of money; it could a pressure in your chest when you remember the job you lost. Whatever it is you feel right now, just notice it. Notice what it feels like, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is. Use the FasterEFT Technique to tap on that feeling. You may find that you remember previous times in your life when you’ve felt that same feeling – and those experiences may have had nothing to do with money. When these memories and thoughts come up, use the technique to tap on them too. Keep repeating the technique until the feeling, memory or idea flips – changes to a positive one. With financial patterns, there are generally many different aspects to the issues. As they come up, keep using the FasterEFT process to clear and flip them. To find out more about how our problems are created, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems. To watch a session addressing money problems and tap along, watch FasterEFT Video 467 Before Tapping. Change Financial Problems is not about money! FasterEFT clears the mess! You get to discover that money issues experienced in the now go back to childhood patterns and barely have anything to do with money itself, as money is just energy force. This lady experiences Financial Problems and is related to feeling rejected and inadequate by her family members. Naturally, she cultivated a toxic pattern of remaining financially dependent. Robert G. Smith (the creator and founder of FasterEFT at takes her through intense tapping sequences and evokes heavy emotional responses to release her need to remain dependent financially. The session is ended with a positive visualization process where the older version of this Australian lady merges with the younger version and envisions sharing her passion with her potential prospects and feeling good about being charged and earning. This is a powerful release for anyone who has financial dependency issues! After Tapping. My Money problems have really changed after being tapped on. The Key to Success: Don’t stop until the feeling has flipped! It may feel like it will never shift – but it will! It will shift as long as you keep tapping on whatever comes up in the moment.

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