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The Power of Your Love

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Date:   1/5/2016 3:30:19 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1506 times

I wish you the best possible new year! The first seven days can sow good seed for the rest of the year. The best "seed" I know of is your love!

"Your love will give you the intelligence to know what to do and the strength to do it. You find that you have neither knowledge nor power? Simply love! Knowledge and power will come." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.[1]

February 6, 2019 - A Love Feast! -

Here are some quotes about Love from Omraam.[12]

Working with Divine Love: "Learn to work with love, learn to make it gush forth within you, learn to project it onto all the creatures and objects around you and beyond, on the trees, the mountains, the oceans ... You will then become a beneficial presence for the entire world. Through thought, through speech, always try to add an element that is likely to bring improvement. Even if you are by yourself, remember to utter words of peace, of hope, and of joy for all human beings on Earth, knowing that they will produce results. Since we can only give to others what we possess ourselves, endeavor first to establish harmony and light within you, and then, once you feel you have succeeded in making this harmony and light real within you, project them into space. This is what working with Divine Love is all about." (Dec 30)

The Power of Spiritual Love: "In the spiritual sphere, love is the equivalent to the water and heat that allow us to work on matter. Love, like heat and water, penetrates the particles of matter, melts them, and transforms them. When you feel troubled, annoyed or anxious, you can change your state of mind with love, which purifies your psychic matter and harmonizes the particles. Until now you have known only impassioned love, which produces devastating effects. Try, from now on, to learn to work with the power of spiritual love, because it will sublimate your inner being." (Jan 11)

The Love Cure: "Love alone knows everything and is able to cure everything, because love can initiate and project unsuspected forces. Invite love to set up house within you, and your love will, like the flame that shines through the glass of a lamp, shine all around you, wherever you go." (Jan 23)

The Demands of Love: "People use the pretext of love to justify all their behavior. Once they say they 'love' someone, that is it; it never occurs to them to examine the nature of this love. The truth is that if emotion and thought worked together, love would manifest itself in more beautiful forms and colors. The less a person has progressed along the path of evolution, the more they succumb to the demands of love without considering whether it is disinterested (i.e., not based on self-interest), pure, or useful." (Mar 8)

The First Rule of Love: "In the new life we will learn that the first rule we should observe when we love someone is to think of them, not of ourselves. Love is first wanting to discover, in the person we love, the needs of their soul, to help them in their evolution, to give them the right conditions to find freedom." (Mar 20)

Holding on to Love: "Whatever befalls you, be it disappointment or annoyance, try to hold onto your love and enthusiasm. Even if people have sought to do you harm, nothing forces you to suffer their nastiness passively and to add to the problem by renouncing your love and becoming hard-hearted." (Mar 26)

Silent Love: "Silence is where the deepest feelings and emotions are expressed, which is why only the people who truly love each other know what silence is. The strength of their feeling brings them inexpressible fulfilment, and they live a life of the greatest intensity without there being any need for words. If you want your love to last you must see to it that you renew yourself by seeking to acquire new riches, new beauty, and new light every day." (April 13)

Love as a State of Consciousness: "True love is not a feeling but a state of consciousness. This is worth meditating on if you want to further your evolution. So long as you do not know love as a state of consciousness you will remain in darkness and you will not understand much about life. Of all the qualities that will bring you closer to this understanding of love, purity is the most important. And when I say purity, I mean thoughts and feelings that involve no selfish interest whatsoever. The words life, love, and purity are linked. Why? Because life is based on love, and the purer this love is, the richer, brighter, and more beautiful life is. The meaning of life is to love and be loved. When you love others with a disinterested love (in other words, love that involves no self-interest), you are like a spring to them, a spring that brings life. And those who love you will also bring you a plentiful life." (Apr 28)

Devoted Love: "Because human beings identify love with pleasure, their love becomes poison in the end. Once they become aware of the work they can do with their love, they will learn how to devote it to God by saying: 'I devote these energies I feel bubbling inside me to your glory and to the advent of your Kingdom on Earth.'" (May 16)

Love Performs Miracles: "The greatest joy a disciple could experience is to meet a master who will never abuse his love, because thanks to his love for his master, the disciple will progress and enrich himself. Love performs miracles in a disciple because it produces exchanges, an osmosis between him and his master — provided, of course, that this love is also disinterested. True love should bring light, beauty, and peace to the one you love. Only then will your love advance your own progress as well." (May 21)

Activating Love: "You have not yet sufficiently experienced the powers of love. Say you are worried, annoyed, or unhappy; well, instead of tormenting yourself or going around complaining and bothering everyone, stay still. Begin by breathing slowly, and then utter a word with love, make a gesture lovingly, send a thought with love, and you will begin to realize that what was fermenting and rotting within you is being pushed out and driven very far away. By calling upon love you open up a source within you, and now that it has started to flow, you must let it do its work, and it will purify everything. All you have to do is open up your heart and activate love. But you must react straight away and not wait until you are completely submerged in annoyance or distress. Try it and you will wonder why you have never used this method before. People talk about love, laugh, and play with love, instead of using it as the most effective means to find salvation." (Jul 3)

What Is Love?: "Love is a cosmic energy that is spread everywhere in the universe. This is why you can find love in the ground, in the water, in the air, the sun, the stars ... You can find it in stones, plants, animals ... And of course you can find it in human beings, but not only in them, as you are too much inclined to think. Yes, why should you feel deprived of love because you do not have a man or a woman to hold in your arms? It is not the body, the flesh that will give you love, because love does not dwell there. Love may use the physical body as a medium, but love itself is elsewhere. Indeed it is everywhere, it is a light, a nectar, an ambrosia that fills space." (Aug 15)[14]

Drinking the Water of Love: "Love is like a spring that never stops flowing. When you arrive at this spring, do not rush to drink from it. Stop and rest a while, recover from the long road you have travelled, and then catch the water in your hands like in a cup and bring it to your lips, slowly. Do not be afraid that the water will ever dry up. The spring of love is inexhaustible. So drink the water of love without haste and with grateful recognition. Each of the persons who love you is a spring from which you draw, so be careful and do not make this spring cloudy." (Aug 27)

To Love Someone: "Men and women instinctively know that if they want to win the friendship or love of someone, they have to use pleasant words, make compliments, give presents; in other words, mutually flatter their vanity. And in doing so, they are obviously not addressing people's higher nature but their lower nature. It is their lower nature they are caressing and feeding. How can anyone then be surprised when a relationship that was born in such conditions continues amidst misunderstandings, tension, and confrontation? The desire to be loved and to have friends is undoubtedly a sincere and commendable one, but it must occur in the right conditions. If men and women want to arouse in others truly noble and luminous expressions, they must take into account the higher nature they also possess and must learn to address it. To love someone is not wanting to attract them to you under the pretext that you need them, but seeking all the time to enlighten them, to strengthen them and make them increasingly conscious of their divine predestination." (Aug 28)

Love Resolves Problems: "When people are truly inspired by love they sometimes need only five minutes to resolve a problem. Without love, no-one achieves anything, even after years of discussion. If, therefore, you find it so difficult to reach agreement with others, do not be so proud, but try and think what is stopping you. Is it not a lack of love? Introduce a little more love and the problems will resolve themselves. You will go away happy — surprised even — at how straightforward it was." (Oct 5)

Nothing Can Resist Love: "Love, and all doors will open up to you. So stop asking yourself why you are unhappy, why you suffer so many setbacks, and so on. The reason is simply that you have no love. If you had love, nothing would resist you, because when you have love you do not stay there doing nothing. Someone will say: 'I'm ill.' Well, exactly; it's because you have no love. But what is the connection? If you had love for health, good health would have established itself in you long ago. If you are ill, it's because you do not really love health. So there you have it. Once you have love for all that is good, for all that is beautiful, and you live with this love day and night, no force in the universe will be able to resist you, because there is nothing above love. Love has created the world, and all forces obey love." (Oct 16)

Love Enlightens: "True love should improve everything in the being that you love, it should elevate them, strengthen them, and enlighten them. There is only one criterion by which to measure the quality of your love, and that is if the person you love is blossoming, thanks to your love. If they are blossoming, you can be happy and thank Heaven for having been able to help them and protect them." (Nov 30)

Only Love Brings Happiness: "Selfish people cannot be happy, because everything in their heart and in their soul is shrunk down. To be happy you must expand until you embrace the entire world, and only love allows you to expand. People who have a lot of love expand, dilate, embrace the universe, vibrate with the universe, and so everything opens up to them, they encounter no more obstacles, and happiness never leaves them again. Love is the precondition for happiness. Only love brings happiness, not science, not even philosophy. Science and philosophy may — at best — pave the way, guide us, enlighten us, but they cannot make us happy. People who know a great deal are not so very happy. Only people who carry a lot of love in their heart are happy, even if they do not know much." (Dec 16)

Love Brings Harmony: "Harmony is the greatest of all possessions, which is why you must seek out harmony through the love of harmony, through the need for harmony, through the desire to merge with the cosmic order created by God. You will then open the doors to the luminous entities and forces of Nature, who will come and set up house within you. To bring yourself into harmony is to open yourself up, and in doing so all the beneficial presences are able to penetrate you. You will say: 'But how do I open myself up?' Quite simply by loving. Love, and in your heart and in your soul the doors and windows will open, and all the blessings of Heaven will enter you." (Nov 16)

January 12th 2016 -

I wish you all the more greater happiness!

"Happiness is the result of a whole process of inner cooking. ... You must learn to work on each situation, particularly on the difficult, painful ones, adding elements from your spirit and your soul – elements of divine wisdom and love."[2]

"Embrace the shadow release the gift".[3]

Hey - Whatcha got cookin?

The 13th -

Just listened to the first part of a podcast interview with Matt Kahn that mentioned his book:
"Whatever Arises, Love That" and find this a total validation for "I Love"![4]
(I created this blog on 12/28/2014.)

February 25, 2017 -

" find peace and joy, we must not wait for love to come from other people, but rely only on our own love: because within us lies the source of love, and this source is unlimited."[5]

This past day was most amazing! I spent the better part of it with my very good friend who is largely the inspiration for my having created this particular blog! There is a lot I can share about a few of the things that made the day most amazing for me ~ however I prefer to do that later as I wish to get my sleep after being "up" for about the past twenty hours. One thing I'll say now is that yesterday was my friend's "Harvest Day" and I am extremely grateful to have shared about half the day with him!

May 5th, 2017 -

I often think of sharing here with you and finally have this moment now.

Does the following resonate with you? -

"At the deeper levels, love is a harmonic conscious energy that attracts everything into oneness. It is a form of energy that is always vibrating toward a state of perfect vibrational harmonization."[6]

So serendipitous that the footnote for this quote is #6! In the Destiny Card System my Planetary Ruler Card is the 6 of Hearts.[7] Also my birth-force number is 6. There were 6 of us in my "family of origin".

June 10, 2017 - Loving Without Expectation -

"If those who are dear to you respond to your love and your trust, well and good, give thanks to heaven, but do not count on it. It is only in this way that you will always feel free."

Here's a new "affirmation" that I have been loving myself with for long enough that it is now imprinted:
I Absolutely Love My Whole Entire Being Totally and Completely Now!

I declare these eleven words whenever I do anything that in times past I would say curse words. (I can't write the curse words here because CureZone will censor them. : ~ )

June 26, 2017 -

"True love involves our entire being."[9]

The "imprint(ing)" continues with my "affirmation" (as mentioned June 10th) and that now has a "life" of its own within me - for which I am all-grateful! I find this affirmation/mantra supports a steady contemplative focus even while actively doing things:
I Absolutely Love ...
My Whole Entire Being ...
Totally and Completely Now ...

Omraam speaks of "True love". I now call it: "Ultimate Self-Love". When truth of self is realized - that we are truly Spiritual Beings (not our body or our mind) and that The Divine Lives within us - we can "absolutely love our whole entire being" with impunity. So much conditioning in the world has judged self love in a number of ways including the claim that it is inconsiderate of others. I say the "ultimate Self-Love" is inevitably loving of others and that it corresponds with the Great Commandment.[10]

February 27, 2017 - "Our New Reality" -

" many humans have ever spent time truly loving themselves? It’s not a mental exercise of separating out qualities into so-called good and bad attributes and then saying, 'ok, I select only the "good" stuff and choose to love those about myself.' Then reject the rest.

This is what mankind has been doing and, well, the results speak for themselves.

So this love embraces all of ourselves, accepts all of ourselves, no exceptions. It’s not done from the mind. The human mind doesn’t have the capacity for that kind of acceptance. It requires a partnership with the eternal self, human with divine, to pull it off."[11]

Numerological speaking 2018 adds up to an "11" and that is a Master Number that can operate on two levels 11/2 with the 2 representing relationship. This year we all have the opportunity to master or relationships all of which begins with and extends form our relationship with ourself. The relationship with yourself is your relationship with life, love and all of existence. Therefore you have the access to all of it and more right within you! It has been said (actually sung) "You have the world at your fingertips, no one can make it better than you". It's true![12]








[7] The Hearts suit represents Family, Love, Home, Relationships, Emotions and more!






[13] Volume 12 of the Daily Meditations (2002)

[14] A possible contemplative dyad is: "Tell me what love is."


love, knowledge, power, happiness, victim patterns, Embrace the shadow, release the gift

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