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The Story of Shakyamuni and Buddha

Shakyamuni and Buddha

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It is a story of Buddha and Buddha this time.
Please read new interpretation.
Without being seized with an established concept.



[Shakymuni and Buddha story of SORA] October 4, 2006 postscript [meaning of the All is vanity]

[Shakyamuni and Buddha story of SORA] [all these stories were informed of it in channeling, and are not the thing which I wrote for imagination]
April 26, 2007 postscript [meaning of Hotokey]

"The hot Kay (leave = ホトケ) is an older brother of Buddha, and Buddha runs away from home and is the word that said when I heard that I train myself in the wasteland.

1)There was the prince who was brother of the twins who said Buddha to the country with India with Buddha for t old days. Buddha of the older brother was very active, and play was, so to speak, good, and the woman relations were gorgeous, too.

If Buddha of the younger brother had weak body and thought that I did not want to see reality because an older brother was too fine, and he was handsome, the muscle of eyes began to decline and has done not begin to work enough.

So I came to half close my eyes and was not popular with women more and more all the time either and I thought an older brother to be enviable and was jaundiced.

And I intended to look down on everybody somehow, and Surprise everybody, and I could lead others, or everybody always thought how.

2)There was the thing which looked at Buddha who felt such from SORA.

Because it was King of the outside space and thought to rule as I thought of a human being, I thought to rule over Buddha.

Because a star includes big power in it for a human being, invite a star to a friend; thought that chased it.

Because I was, and the star smart at all wanted to rule over the human being because big stars saw from a beginning of earth, it was to a friend of the outside space.

So the King of the outside space intended to let them rule the human being.

It is called a rule star.

3)Because many places had the person like the hermit with supernatural power in India, I thought so that at first Buddha who knew nothing performed it there, and oneself got supernatural power and visited a hermit.

However, it was said to oneself that I practiced asceticism unwillingly why you did such a painful thing when you visited a hermit while being the body of the prince to be hungry, and to get power whether you could tolerate because there was not food if I did it how.

Buddha trained himself/herself by oneself in it unwillingly and thought to become strong and began meditation in the wasteland.

It was empty, and it did a heart to meditate as if thinking about nothing, and I was to be allowed to evacuate one's body, and it was dangerous at all to other consciousness bodies.

4)I have got into the body somehow in the chance when the consciousness body of the rule star who wanted to control a human being like a robot did a heart of Buddha in emptiness.

In Buddha, a voice began to be audible when I meditated though there was nobody suddenly, and a scene of the terrible hell has begun to be seen even if I closed my eyes.

Do not want to hear it; even if thought that did not want to see it, the consciousness body of the rule star ruled over Buddha by power strong at all.

The consciousness body of the rule star gave supernatural power to cure a disease of another person when I heard that I said while giving Buddha fear.

In addition, I woke up an action as the voice gave it an order to start it because a body of weak Buddha was filled with power because a rule star gave energy and became powerful like another person as a bearer was said to be it to people by words.

Buddha told people of the circumference that the words to be given were very skillful, and a smart rule star said that there was not what nobody heard until now, and to have seen life after death at all in particular.

It was the consciousness body of the rule star with the big power that it was as I said of the outside space that I gave such power, and ruled by words.

Because the person of the circumference came to speak the words that that feeble Buddha was fine suddenly, were excellent, I was surprised and woke up a various miracle and came to worship Buddha as it was said that you could tell the life after death.

However, it was not only a good thing that Buddha said.

The rule star obsessed it with "" to send to the hell when I did not say as I said in Buddha and let a terrible state of the hell talk in detail and let you force it on people to believe it.

4)I was made to say to the human being who the human being said to the thing which I ate that I was reborn, and must not eat a therefore animal thing in one which said that Buddha hated saying that you should eat the thing to be reborn.

One day because they talked about Buddha dying, many people gathered, but 4,000 people have returned to hear it at a time.

Therefore the Buddhism did not spread out in India, but people of the remote country did not know that I said the terrible thing distantly, and many believers were born concerning the person who knew the post mortem thing.

In addition, the human being valued ISHIKAMI because early ISIKAMI of the time when a human being appeared created food.

I was late, and ISHIKAMI of the child went down, but seduced ISHIKAMI of the child when a human being valued the rule star so that it was to a big body.

And there is the huge Buddha statue which is ISHIZIN of the giant in many places because the rule star has hardened ISHIKAMI when ISHIKAMI of the child becomes big physical ISIZIN.

And when the rule star ruled over the human being as the outside space said, and it worshiped a Buddha statue of ISHIKAMI, it let you preached you a sermon when you could go to the Land of Happiness after dying and break it in a time, but it did not say ISHIKAMI took at all care of the human being and ate, and to have been a success.

Conversely, though a giant was stupid and instilled it when it was a bad person, and previous people valued the huge stone of a mountain and the lost article of the dead body of ISHIKAMI, I let you build a temple first and sealed it in ISHIKAMI.

5)In addition, and I made the world of hell and the Land of Happiness with the human life after death that a smart rule star thought about and showed the, actually, vision to a human being and let you describe it in a picture.

And I let you put a picture of unimaginable terrible Hell in the temple and let you talk through the human being whom you ruled over when you went there if you did a bad thing.

And I taught a nonsense rule in various ways and let people protect it and tell me when I went to the Land of Happiness after dying if I believed Buddhism earnestly.

And the energy bodies which wanted you to worship it there by worshiping a Buddha statue gathered, and I ruled over more and more people, and the Buddhism spread out to China, Japan.

And the man of power used it all together because I deceived the ignorant people to know the life after death and I exploited it and built a luxurious building and could live a luxurious life.

As for the people who were threatened when I go to the hell when I do not believe in Buddhism in ancient times, there are people who cannot get away from the teaching in old days more than 2,000 years a lot.

And I let you let you wake up a new denomination in disruption in sequence and compete for the huge energy health each other and was connected to today's new religion, and the religion such as the ohm has been born at last.

And because a human being worships Buddha statues, the energy body wanting you to worship it rules the human being and I go around the body round and round by putting hands together again, and joining the hands and harden for the same thought.

In other words, I could not take other opinions in the thing and tell me not to be able to receive energy to be given from the space.

A smart rule star is very good at enumerating excellent words, but there is a purpose to tie a human being to the back, and to rule over.

Sing the sutra of the incantation covering the truth, and the state of things beats the wooden fish which was a skeleton and the energy body wanting you to worship it by letting you do meditation rules over the human being and continues existing.
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