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Co-creating Our Most High Ideals All Together Now, Aum!

26.) The spirit in Cheeta-supported communication includes: the authenticity of the individual ... the creative power of the individual's word ... the High Ideal/destiny path of the individual for their present lifetime ...

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April 19, 2020 - The Meaning of Life -

"You will only find the meaning of life by putting yourselves in service to the highest ideal, ...
for behind this ideal, billions of luminous beings are at work. ...
When these beings see that you are collaborating in their work to build a new world(i), they will shower blessings on you, and you will then feel something bursting and overflowing within you. ...
Even if you neither ask nor expect anything, you will feel that you have received everything."[16]*


(i) This Blog-writer first became aware of the idea "to build a new world" in a line: "I want to see a better world" that he heard sung by the Jefferson Airplane/Starship.

Serendipity! - Just received a message (time stamped at 2:00 AM Pacific) with the following opening lines:

"The world is certainly experiencing an unprecedented level of fear and uncertainty.

But what if we used this as an opportunity to look within, to awaken to our deepest gifts, to create a new life for ourselves and build a better world?"

The thought to: "build a better world" appears to be more alive now!! ......... All of this unfolded immediately after blogging "Your Hologenetic Profile" here:

Connecting the "dots" here this writer sees building a better world by healing our core wound to free-up our core vocation through which we will be able to "build a better world" on an individual basis.

March 29, 2018 - Ideals That You Can Hold Include: Beauty, Light, Purity, Power, and Love -

Beauty, Light, Purity, Power, and Love all appear to be universal ideals. If this is true then it also appears that anyone can "hold" them. There is also some correlation with the "Self-evident Truths" referred to in: "The Declaration of Independence" where it says: "We hold these truths to be self evident ..." I see great Light, tremendous Power and Divine Love inferred to in that Declaration. "All Men are created equal" undoubtedly underscores the universal nature of "these truths" as well as these Ideals and this underscore gets particularly emphasized as we "hold" them!

"Why is it important to hold beauty, light, purity, power, and love as your high ideal?"[12]

The "holding" of "these truths" was an essential prerequisite for the American people's political unification - who then united themselves in their common cause "to abolish" the "Despotism" imposed upon them by the "King of Great Britain". That's on the positive side. On the other hand - dividing the people and nullifying their political unity became the primary strategy of forces intent on reactivating other forms of despotism (a strategy that was well in place by 1860 and that has only intensified since then). At least one of the "Founding Fathers" had declared that every generation requires another revolution yet these revolutions have not occurred so far. However, according to the revelation of the Human Design System - the next "revolution" is actually being prepared now in the deepest possible way starting on a genetic level. It is and will become a revolution of the collective consciousness and therefore more effective than any revolution we have known or heard of in our accounts of history.

The Cheeta vision of "Co-creating our most High Ideals" is a vision that anticipates the coming "revolution of consciousness". The "3D" manifestation of this vision is wholly an organic matter that naturally flows from the unity of those Individuals who are "holders" of the essential Ideals. I am so very grateful and happy to say that I know one or more Individuals who are "holders" of their "essential Ideals."

January 10, 2020 - "Co-creating" By Co-authoring -

Among the achievements reported by long-time members of a "back-to-the-land" community include: "The creation of our Mission Statement, our five Land Trust Agreement documents and our Values Statements, after hundreds of hours of consensus decision-making work by the whole community over many years."[15]


Cheeta is in the conceptual stage of development and as such is not ready to take on either a mission statement or a land trust agreement, however addressing a "Values Statement" could be a reasonable goal for this year! This vision-keeper specializes in identifying values and allows them to illuminate his work with others. In "The Cards of Illumination" Diamonds represent Values. The birth card for the client in today's session is the King of Diamonds which is known as "The Successful Businessperson" AKA "Authority in Values." My client's values in include Freedom (among a couple dozen additional values). Identifying values is essential for harmony with others and all the more so when people live together, otherwise the tendency may be to live completely separate lives even though outwardly it may appear that they have some shared living space.

August 12, 2015 - The Cheeta acronym is hidden in the title of this blog and so I will capitalize it out as follows:
Co-creating our most High idEals all togETher now, Aum! ; ~ )

This is the 26th Blog post for Cheeta with all the ways in which it can be used as an acronym. Cheeta is the all-inclusive convergence of our shared High Ideals. As such it represents at least 12 archetypal perspectives (and possible seven times that for a total of eighty-four)! I expect the farmer to have a perspective as well as the director of the Community's main kitchen, plus the directors of the new medicine center, cultural center, the various school directors, etc.

I write this in anticipation of all the Cheeta co-creators coming together to co-create with our most high ideals as we find the right place on earth to ground and build our co-creation together. Until I hear otherwise I am using the acronym of Cheeta to represent this shared vision. This allows a way to communicate the vision. I am designed to communicate and realize that the manifestation of this shared vision (by whatever name/s it my ultimately go by) is dependent upon our ability to communicate.

Real communication is co-creative (among a number of other characteristics). Two or more people create their own communication together. When people come together and actually have an experience of shared communication that is clear and complete and that results in increased affinities between them plus increased shared reality with increased understanding of one another then that qualifies as real communication! This is the kind of communication whereby Cheeta becomes a shared realty!

In contrast "... Intentional corruption of people’s ability to communicate is a crime against humanity because ... it literally creates MAYHEM!"[1]

Obstructions to what I call "free communication" have been in operation since Genesis however there appears to be a "hockey puck" escalation of the "intentional corruption of people’s ability to communicate" as a more recent phenomena that includes dramatic increase in it's impact on all of life! After all "communication is life"[2] and what diminishes communication diminishes life!

Cheeta (throughout every stage of it's development from conception to full manifestation, duplication and beyond) is a sacred place/sacred space for our freest communication as well as the complete recovery of all our abilities to freely communicate to one another and extending that unto all of life!

Possibly the highest of the "High Ideals" of Cheeta is this dynamic of communication that is imbued with spirit coming into form. This dynamic communication is the basis for building the community of Cheeta.

The spirit in Cheeta-supported communication is a multi-fold dynamic that includes: the authenticity of the individual as a spiritual being having a human experience; the creative power of the individual's word that becomes them; the High Ideal/destiny path of the individual for their present lifetime and a personal realization of the individual's interconnectedness with all of life! Cheeta fully embraces the full spectrum of multi-folded dynamic of this kind of communication and actively supports all members in the complete recovery of their full communication abilities and therefore hosts ongoing intensives, trainings, classes, seminars, consultations, educational artistic expressions, etc. to advance new life forming out of chaos!

In conversation with a friend and dyad partner just within the last couple days I mentioned that we could have a three day (or even a one day) communication intensive focused on our connection with Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia and that could include both dyads and some drumming! I was inspired to share this after my friend shared about deepening his connection with the Earth Mother through drumming on his new drum. I could relate, shared reality and expressed my increased affinity with him!

September 12th -

"... The playful generation and contemplation of new ideas is the basis of creativity. Ever growing creativity is essential for any civilization's survival--including our own."[3]

15th -

The Cheeta acronym can also represent:
Creativity Healing ...

Discovered this message of Omraam's teaching that supports what I have blogged here.

November 8th -

"In the future, artists will no longer be judged on their writings, paintings or sculpture; people will want to know the artists themselves so as to admire the poetry and music emanating from them and from their lives. Artists will spend their lives writing their own book, carving their own statue, painting their own picture. Men and women will no longer be content to create works that are extraneous to themselves; they will spend their time creating themselves, they will all want to live a poetic life, they will want their gestures and all their thoughts to be musical; they will draw the lines of their own faces; they will work to sculpt themselves in the image of God."[4]

"to know the artists themselves" - is the soul of Cheeta that distinguishes the community from the world of commerce. It is not that what we create, produce, give to others doesn't have value - it has! It's only that the value of what we do is not synonymous with a commercial price tag! "To live a poetic life" - this is to live our high ideal!

November 9th -

Neutrino Stream:
Today (on the 9th) "... Mars moves from the 6th, into the 46th, joining the North Node and Venus. Mars is in the gate of 'Determination of the Self (Pushing Upwards); Good fortune that may be perceived as a result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication.' Mars in the 46.1 of 'Being discovered: Dedication in obscurity that is unexpectedly discovered. exalted: Art for art's sake. Any creative endeavor that is self-fulfilling sooner or later is recognized. The potential for creative success through dedication.' ..."[5]

June 1st, 2016 -

Inspired today to underscore the need for emotional clarity especially during the current Mars Retrograde. One of the tools I work with is "The Secret Language of Destiny"(SLD). I had previously thought that my "Secret Language" included "Transcendent Emotional Organizer". I'm glad I just double checked on that and apparently that particular aspect seems only apply to January 1st birthdays. January 1st is the day "I" was conceived (actually it was more accurately the day that the building of my body temple was activated). I wonder if I had used January first as a secondary "reading" to supplement that of my birth day. In any case the week that I was born is known as "the Week of Beauty". Those born during this week. According to SLD these people "are powerfully taken up with the pursuit of an ideal." Hence we have "Cheeta" by yours truly!
Those born during the Week of Beauty are powerfully taken up with the pursuit of an ideal.

July 29, 2016 -

"... Spiritual people need to work in the spirit of brotherhood
Their goal is to work for good, for the light, but they are not working for the community. It is this spirit of brotherhood which accepts every single being with all their peculiarities. It doesn’t claim to be superior to other movements in knowledge, virtue or power. I know that that these movements are magnificent and that they bring much to humanity; I don’t want to run them down, but many lack the new element of warmth and love that our teaching brings. Many of the spiritual movements are cold, aloof and proud—and this will never bring about the Kingdom of God on earth.

Brotherhood – the one thing that can make of the world one great family. Here, in the Brotherhood, we may have only this one element, the spirit of brotherhood but, for the moment, it is what matters most. Human beings possess great knowledge, powers and wealth, but nobody is interested in acquiring the one thing that can make of the world one great family: the spirit of brotherhood. If more and more people make up their minds to work in the spirit of brotherhood and not only for their own power, prestige, glory or wealth, the Kingdom of God will be established on earth."[6]

December 24, 2018 - Land For Cheeta Under Usufruct? -

"... Thomas Jefferson famously wrote in 1789 that 'Earth belongs - in usufruct - to the living.' Jefferson's phrase means that, like a usufructuary, humans do not own the world but do have the rights to work and derive profit from it. Jefferson's use of the word 'living' is critical here however: he meant that the usufructuary of the world were those who were alive, not deceased past generations. This idea would profoundly influence Jefferson over the course of his life ..."[13]

However - "The term usufruct never found its way into the English common law, although certain general similarities can be found in the common-law concept of estate."[14]

I'm not about to research "the common-law concept of estate" at this present moment. And afterthoughts since initially posting the above quote from wiki were that it would be best to have full legal ownership of the land. Ideally this would be ownership under full unequivocal sovereignty.

September 10, 2016 -

The following is an alternate adaptation of the last four Insights from The Celestine Prophecy:

6. In this awareness, we can release our own pattern of controlling, and discover a specific truth, a mission, we are here to share that helps evolve humanity toward this new level of reality.

7. In pursuit of this mission, we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens the doors for our mission to unfold.

8. When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to higher-self of everyone we meet, we will build a new culture where our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.

9. In this way, we participate in the long journey of evolution from Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.[7]

Building "a new culture" that is part of the evolutionary process
for humanity is exactly what Cheeta's "mission" is all about!

January 10, 2017 -

I have my lunar North Node in Pisces:

"The one thing Pisces North Node people can commit to on a lifelong basis is learning and growing. Often a need to understand and accept the people around them will point to exciting directions for research and study.

These folks excel at any type of work that is inspirational, spiritual, or promotional. They have brilliant imaginations; when they focus on ideas that help manifest a vision, they are on track. Their job is to stay in touch with the vision and impart to others how to take care of the details. They are great at charging others with enthusiasm when they share their ideas from the vantage point of the vision, reminding others of what everyone is aiming for."[8]

Earlier I blogged on a Omraam quote that underscored my need for a written vision/mission statement for living in a communal situation. I am especially noting all of this now in light of an open dialogue I have with a close friend who said he wants to have me join with his "tribe". I've been working with my friend for a few years now and a good part of that has been regarding writing a vision statement. The very last thought on that was that there is at least an element of a discovery process that needs to be included in the vision. I responded saying - then that element needs to be put in writing! However I am reasonably certain that "discovery" is not the only element in the vision! How about "learning and growing"? Is that not a natural part of a communal vision?

February 22, 2017 -

"Equality, liberty, popular sovereignty, the rights of man these are not elements which we can see and touch. They are ideals."[9]

March 20th - Happy Spring 2017! -

"If you want to attract the kindness of heavenly entities so that they further the realisation of your projects, then you must work on harmony. ...beings of light are attracted by the atmosphere created among those who know how to unite to serve a divine idea"[10]


This knowledge and ability "to unite to serve a divine idea" is probably the greatest quest of this b;og-writer's life! His quest has spanned the better part of the past forty-six years. Cheeta began as his "project" however it needs to be "ours".

November 24, 2017 - Dedicate your life to a sublime goal -

"It is very important to know for whom and for what purpose you are working, because this determines the orientation of your energies. If you dedicate yourself to a sublime ideal, your life will continually grow in richness, strength and intensity."[11]


Certainly true for this writer!



[2] Got about 125,000 results for "communication is life"! Pick your reference!

For further development:

"...if you want to be a benefactor of humanity":













[15] Article: "Morninglory Farm Community" published in Communities Winter 2019, Issue #185 By: Robbie Anderman and Christina Anderman.



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