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Candida survival mode? - 1

** It is good to learn about Candida because it effects most people to some extent! **

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Today more and more evidence comes to light from scientists all around the world about the connection between Candida Albicans(fungal yeast) and cancer.

An Italian - Dr Simoncini is well aware of the epidemic of Candida in the world that is going untreated. He believes that the fungus is underestimated as so little is understood about it.

His research began when he decided that there was a strange connection with all cancers in that they all behave in the same way despite them occurring in the widest variety of locations in the body.

He then began to search for a common denominator within all these different cancers and believed he had found it when he saw that most cancers appear white in color.

According to him, these white masses are fungi.

White, just like Candida albicans!
(in Latin, Candida albicans' literally means 'glowing white')

The presence of these fungi in all tumors is nothing surprising in the medical world.

The official 'party line' answer from most oncologists(cancer doctors) is that Candida is an opportunistic organism that finds root within the existing developing tumors and grows.

However, Dr. Simonicini and others strongly disagree, because when you start looking at how Candida turns into fungus, and what happens after, the picture gets pretty clear.

The first problem is that these yeasts get everywhere in your body. While they might start off in your gut, they soon pass into the blood stream and then they can end up anywhere.

And they make a sugary alcohol substance as a by-product of their very existence, and this sugary alcohol feeds cancer cells.

Moreover fungi are anaerobes, which means they don't use oxygen to survive.

If they move round your body and colonize an area of your breast or prostate they set up anaerobic conditions. And cancer thrives in situations where oxygen levels are lowered.

We can follow the pattern of development of Candida yeast to fungus to cancer below:

1. First the Candida fungi roots itself in the deep connective tissue (in the various organs.)

2. The fungus then expands, the body responds by attempting to encyst the fungi colonies, with the outcome being the formation of neoplasias, basically a tumor forms around the fungus.

3. Growth both in the surrounding tissue and other areas of the body (metastasis).

4. Progressive exhaustion of the body with consequential total body invasion.

If you're like me, this might sound a foreign language to you at first, in plain English it means that the Candida Fungus creates an environment in the area of your body that it lives in, and may possibly cause mutation of cells and cancer tumors to develop.

Could it really be that simple?

These doctors and scientists are now showing us that by eliminating candida we can create a much healthier environment in the body... one which fungus doesn't thrive in.

The answer is to kill this fungus and prevent it from invading our bodies in the future.
..There are plenty of solutions out there for Candida, however, like I said earlier, they do not deal with the root of the problem because the Candida is covered by an Armour-like - chitin layer.

The chitin layer is made of the same stuff that the hard exoskeletons of insects like cockroaches are made of!
This makes it impossible for your immune system to attack the fungus.

Take Candida diets for example...
...So most of the time all these 'solutions' do is put the fungal growth under temporary control, slightly reducing its effects.

The Candida fungus sits dormant in your body, waiting to flare back up again, and it usually always does eventually!
You can go on a special Candida diet that involves no sugar, alcohol, bread, coffee, tea, pasta and refined foods.

Sound easy right?

Definitely not for me.

Many people simply find this is unrealistic for their lifestyle, you would need an iron will-power, because if you stray from the diet even slightly, your Candida can return at full force, sometimes even stronger than before.
And remember what I said earlier?

Candida remains in your body and digests it even after you die. It's designed to break apart your body after death.

Even when you stop breathing, stop eating and drinking anything, the Candida will survive and eat your body, because it's anaerobic, it doesn't need oxygen to survive, it creates its own self-sustaining system in your body to stay alive.

Taking on a Candida infection with a special diet is like bringing a water-gun to a war zone battle-scene.

...there's also Anti-fungal Medications...
If your doctor has diagnosed Candida then he will probably offer you anti-fungal medications.

The problem with medications such as azole anti fungal s is that they place a great deal of stress on the kidneys and liver.

The side effects include headaches and nausea and it's simply not practical to take these with any frequency as you will risk liver damage.
You have to get at the root of the problem...


**** There IS an easy, safe way that prevents the fungus from repairing its chitin layer... and your immune system then simply wipes the fungus out.

The Solution Is To Weaken The
Chitin Layer, And Let Your Body
Naturally Get Rid Of The Fungus!
CCWS™ (Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor)

How It Works...
What Chitin synthesis inhibitor does, is it stops the Candida fungus from repairing its Armour-like wall(chitin layer)

Normally, the Candida fungus has to constantly maintain and produce this wall to protect itself from your immune system, and the constant stress and pressure the fungus gets from being inside your body.

Chitin synthesis inhibitor prevents the Candida from doing this, the chitin layer begins to weaken, and your immune system begins to attack the fungus.

The fungus that previously was protecting itself from your immune system has now lost its armour and is ready to be knocked out of your body.

Fungi, including Candida Albicans, quickly die when there are holes in their cell walls, and that is what quickly happens when their Chitin production is stopped.

What happens is that instead of producing a strong Ergosterol - Chitin cell wall matrix, the Candida produces a weak, “leaky” Ergosterol cell wall with holes where the Chitin should have been, quickly leading to catastrophic failure of its cell wall in multiple spots, causing its contents to run out, killing the Candida fungus.

In other words, the fungus “bleeds” to death, its protoplasm (its insides) simply escapes due to the intracellular pressure... Candida Yeast Cell Wall

Candida Cleanser Bottle


The Fungus Is Taken Out By
Your Body's Natural Defenses
The treatment is taken over several weeks to allow for complete absorption.

Chitin synthesis inhibitor is an inert compound that works on Chitin only – no system in the human body uses chitin so it has zero effect on our vital systems.

The chitin synthesis inhibitor is absorbed into your fatty tissue and released slowly over several weeks.

This treatment is exceptionally unique because it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and can deal with Candida fungal infections inside the brain.

We all have a small level of this yeast in our bodies - it does not harm us as long as it stays at those small levels.

Chitin synthesis inhibitor is a compound that prevents the yeast from producing this layer of chitin to protect itself and without this protection your body can naturally attack and kill the fungus.

What makes this compound such a great solution to your Candida infection is that it is a totally inert chemical that has no effect on ANY of the human systems.

As humans have no body processes that involve the creation of chitin, then taking a chitin inhibitor will have no effect on the human body - it will however make the yeast vulnerable that’s infecting your system.


What Is a Healing Crisis?

As we have said, chitin synthesis inhibitor is completely non-toxic to humans.
That been said, many people who have a serious Candida infection do find that when they take the chitin synthesis inhibitor they feel worse before they start to feel better.

This is completely normal and is known as a ‘healing crisis’ or a ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer’ reaction.

What is basically happening is that the chitin synthesis inhibitor is doing its job and destroying the chitin protection of the fungus. This means that your body now is able to attack the fungus and kill it.

This rapid killing off of the Candida means that toxins are released into the body which can make you feel a bit ill.

This is only temporary because the treatment will kill the majority of the fungus very quickly and within a few days of the die off reaction you will be feeling a lot better than you did before.

The Candida Yeast Infection Story
One strange aspect of this story is how clueless most doctors are about candida overgrowth. Or so many many people have told me. I'm not sure why. They can test for it, they have antifungals that work as poorly as most of their other drugs work, yet they miss it. I assume they are not educated about fungal overgrowth and so don't look for it.

I've spoken with thousands of men and women over the last decade who describe a variety of symptoms that their doctor has not been able to help them eliminate. These symptoms include issues such as lack of energy, inability to think clearly, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, low thyroid, low sex drive, recurring sinus infections, skin rashes, poor digestion, bloating, acid reflux, and more. When I ask them to check if they have candida overgrowth, 99 out of 100 do.

It makes me feel smart. You'd think the doctors would like to feel smart too.
Candida yeast infections are not just a female issue, even though many commonly think of it this way because the vagina is such an easy place for candida to overgrow. However, it's development starts elsewhere in the body.
Russian researchers speculated that asthma may be caused by candida overgrowth because the rate of increase in asthma matched the rate of increase in candida as measured by their testing. In the 1950's studies pegged the amount of candida overgrowth as being about 15% of the population. Now it is over 70% of the population and still rising.

The story of the cause of this increase is as follows:

Candida are species of yeast that are supposed to be in your intestinal tract in a very small amount. They have a purpose. They have value. They are good. And just like any other species, they will expand their territory if given the chance.

They are naturally antagonistic to the friendly bacteria, and unfriendly bacteria, that comprise most of your intestinal flora. In fact, one of their jobs is to prevent overgrowth of disease causing bad bacteria. They can do so because they are tougher than bacteria. Put an equal amount of both in a room and the candida are going to come out on top. And they are harder to kill in general.

When conditions are right, 85 percent of the flora in your intestines is your friendly bacteria. The good guys -- the ones you can't really have too much of. When you're friendly bacteria is in this range, those pesky candida yeast are kept in their place.

So what's happened over the last 60 years that has driven up rates of candida overgrowth?

1. In the 1950's antibiotics hadn't been around a long time. Their use was relatively small back then compared to now. Antibiotics work on bacteria. But they will also kill your friendly bacteria along with bad bacteria. Yet not yeast. At least not most of them. When your friendly bacteria are killed off, and the candida yeast in your intestines aren't, the candida yeast have a lot of room to overgrow, and they do. Bad!

2. Antibiotics are fed in huge quantities to cattle on feedlots and in dairies, meat pigs, and non organic meat chickens. Many of these antibiotics make their way into the meat or the milk they produce, and you consume them when you eat non-organic animal protein. This chronically reduces the amount of friendly bacteria in your intestines. Bad!

3. Sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption has surged since the 1950's and these are Candida's favorite foods. These refined carbohydrates also reduce the amount of friendly bacteria you have. This creates an imbalance of too few friendly bacteria and too much candida.
Sugar also weakens the immune system, and the immune system can't keep do as good a job of keeping candida in check. Bad!

4. There has been a huge increase in exposure to other drugs, especially birth control pills, most vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and more, over this time frame. The candida yeast do a better job of surviving this onslaught of toxins than your friendly bacteria do. In addition, the environment in your body, including the immune system response, weakens. Bad!

All of this ultimately destroys much of the friendly flora and weakens the immune system so that the oxygen-loving candida yeast begin to flourish and overgrow in the intestinal tract. At this time they put on their traveling legs and morph into anaerobic candida fungi. No longer needing an oxygen-rich blood supply, the fungi are able to exist anywhere in the body. Very Bad!

Candida Overgrowth in Babies
The worst cases of candida overgrowth may not involve antibiotics at all. These are the cases where a baby picks up candida from its mother as it is being born. Babies are supposed to pick up the mother's friendly flora in the birth canal to jump start the development of their friendly flora. If their mother has candida overgrowth, the baby picks up candida fungi instead of friendly bacteria.
{Not your best situation but very common today!}

Having an immature immune system and barely any friendly bacteria to fight candida, the baby basically enters the world with candida overgrowth. If born via C-section, the baby is still likely to pick up candida from nursing, from kissing, from sharing food.

Not only does this set them up for the many chronic health issues that candida can cause if it is allowed to overgrow, it also makes the baby much more likely to develop autism or any of the autism spectrum disorders. Especially if the baby also receives vaccinations as these are highly toxic, and again, the baby is not able to eliminate toxins efficiently if suffers from candida overgrowth. It is already too toxic.

As more and more women develop candida, more and more babies will be born with it. Fortunately, it is much easier to eliminate in infants than in adults.
Candida Fungal Overgrowth Spreads
Throughout Your Body

Initially, candida fungi are overgrown in the intestinal tract. There, the toxic waste they chemically produce (acetylaldahyde, the same chemical that causes a hangover), irritates and weakens the intestinal wall. Candida fungi have tiny "legs" which, as the intestinal wall becomes damaged, are able to "drill" holes in the intestinal wall, leading to poor digestion and "leaky gut syndrome".

These holes enable candida to travel throughout the body, over time establishing themselves systemically. They can colonize organs, your brain, any place that may have a weakened environment making it an easy target to colonize. Depending on where these weaknesses are, candida produces different symptoms as it colonizes different areas in each person..

As they don't need oxygen, they can move out of the circulation system to spots where the immune system, herbs and other candida killers cannot get to. This protects them from candida killers which may reduce candida overgrowth in spots with good circulation -- and enable candida to spread back into those spots once you stop the candida killing program.

It's The Environment Inside Your Body
That Must Be Brought Back To Health
The toxins candida produce cause your body to become more acidic. This results in poor oxygenation. The immune system becomes weaker as it fights an ongoing and losing battle against candida overgrowth. Plus it is also responsible for helping to eliminate toxins, so becomes overworked in yet another way.

The candida have created an environment in the body that ensures their survival. It doesn't help that the typical foods we eat create this same, too acidic environment, with low oxygenation. And feed candida to boot. Or that all the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to do the same. They may not feed the candida, but they create a candida favorable environment.

So it doesn't usually do much good when you take a candida killer, or a bunch of them. Or even probiotics. Unless you are also working to repair the environment, to get the immune system working better. Those herbs or drugs kill a bunch of candida, but don't change the environment, and the remaining candida, the ones hiding out -- out of circulation and the oxygenation zones in your body -- grow back into the same spots where the candida had been killed.

The relief to the immune system when a bunch of candida have been killed may be enough to keep the candida in check for some time. Maybe not. But even if it is, down the road it will weaken from its constant battle against candida. And your candida symptoms show up again, and will be harder to get rid of the second or third time around.

You've got to be working on the overall environment, supporting the immune system so that it can stay on top of the candida, you need to be dealing with the candida in those hard to get at spots, and you need to be dealing with candida spores so that they don't bloom again when the time is right.

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