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Right Knowledge For American Law - Prt. III

What all of Congress and attorneys ought to know regarding the limitations of every "Act of Congress".

Date:   7/16/2015 7:28:22 AM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 1751 times

June 25, 2020 post at the third entry below.

March 31, 2020 - The Guiding Rule Regarding the Fourth Organic Law (as well as the subsequent editions) -

"The rule that must be observed is to first consider whether or not the subject matter and issue is addressed by the respective Constitutions and whether or not any foreign Federal Subcontractor would have any reasonable claim to delegated authority. If not, any obligation and the underlying authority expressed may both be dismissed as null and void."[17]

January 11, 2019 - Toward Resetting The "Foundation" -

This Blog-writer's comment at today's article "By Anna Von Reitz" -

Re: "reset the foundations." Please identify "the foundations." When sufficient numbers of "people" are perfectly clear regarding all of what that entails then we can begin to approach the resetting.[16]

Further Comment:

This blog-writer is very interested in hearing what might be said (both by Anna and by the other readers) in regards to the above request for clarity - even though he already knows that the foundation is the Organic American Law! The inquiry is an opportunity for the people in this movement to "show their cards." This writer needs to know whether people are playing with a "full deck" to determine whether he can "play" with them or how he can possibly work with them. (Writing this just gave him the opportunity to realize that he can do both: "work" and "play" and that he loves doing both and simply needs to know his right order of the two modes ; ~ )

June 25, 2020 -

Another reader's comment after current article by Anna:

"Got tired of all the bull, quit the idiot box over two years ago, no daily blab from the talking heads (any of them),amazing drop in stress level no longer on blood pressure medication. ..."[18]*

July 16, 2015 - My law Professor: Dr. Ed Rivera teaches American Law wholly based on a right knowledge and understanding of the complete written Law that has formed the foundation for lawful American government throughout the United States of America.[1] This foundation of written Law consists of all four Organic Laws of the United States of America. Do you know what each of these Organic Laws are? Do you think that the United States Senators and the Representatives to the United States House of Representatives should know what each of these Organic Laws are?

If the members of both House of Congress had a correct interpretation and understanding of the Organic Laws of the United States of America they would realize that Lawfully enacted federal legislation is limited to the territory actually owned by or subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America.[2]

October 2, 2018 - "More Evidence that America’s Law Schools and Governments Ignore or Dismiss Organic Law" even though the Organic Laws are "the basis of government and law in America."

"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) joined a rally on the grounds of the Capitol on Wednesday staged by, Planned Parenthood, and other left-wing groups to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court and said the nominee does not believe constitutional rights apply to women.
'He believes that your constitutional rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness is not enumerated in the Constitution if you’re a woman,' Gillibrand said. 'That you do not have access to reproductive care when you need it.' The phrase hails, in fact, from the Declaration of Independence."[11]

Professor Ed Rivera of the Organic Laws Institute writes: "Senator Gillibrand received her Juris Doctor Degree from the School of Law of the University of California at Los Angeles in 1991. After successfully passing the written bar examination of the State Bar Examiners, she was admitted to the State Bar of California in the same year. The Organic Laws of the United States of America were not a part of the curriculum during the time I attended UCLA Law School (1968 through 1971 when I graduated). The Organic Laws were, also, not subjects of the extensive bar examination.

Sen. Gillibrand has shown by her remarks that the Organic Laws have remained absent at UCLA Law School. Her years in government service have not served to acquaint her with the contents of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of September 17, 1787. Sen. Gillibrand’s pronouncement of guilty to the charge of sexual assault brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, in his nomination hearing for appointment to Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, shows a complete disregard for the principle of the presumption of innocence that under-girds the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution of September 17, 1787, part of the Bill of Rights.

The education to be had at Harvard, Yale or UCLA Law Schools will fail the person seeking complete truth and all the law, because those institutions do not teach the Organic Laws of the United States of America. Only the Organic Laws Institute presents the evidence that proves the Organic Laws to be the basis of government and law in America. That evidence is found in the curriculum of the Basic Course in Law and Government."[12] [13]
Posted the above as a comment on October 3rd, 2018 at:

October 3, 2018 - "Did You Go to Law School or Legal School?" By: Anna Von Reitz -

If you went to Law School you learned that Law is an outgrowth of religion and ethics.

If you went to Law School you learned the complete History of Law in the Western World from the time of the Ancient Babylonians and Hellenistic Greeks to the present day.

If you went to Law School you learned all the various kinds of "Common Law" and the verbiage associated with them.

If you went to Law School you learned about Lord Mansfield and the pollution of the British Common Law with Admiralty Law in the 1750's.

If you went to Law School you also learned how that development triggered violent debate and was one of the causes of the American Revolution.

If you went to Law School you learned how this corrupt form of British Common Law now practiced as Equity Law turned judges into proxies for the British King, allowing them to arbitrarily take the property of the British People (provided the King gets his cut, of course) and give it to the King's Cronies, including themselves under Color of Law.

And that is where "Law" separates from "Legal".

If you went to Legal School this corrupt form of "Common Law" now practiced as "Equity Law" is what you were taught.

If you went to Legal School this system making the Judges mini-sovereigns and reducing everyone else to serfs or slaves is all you were taught.

If you went to Legal School great emphasis was placed on finding supportive case law to excuse injustice and on procedure which could be used as another excuse to the same ends.

If you went to Legal School what you learned was how to corrupt and pervert actual Law and Justice so as to better serve the economic greed and political agendas of your masters.

If you went to Legal School as 95% of you did, while paying to go to Law School, you've been cheated.

If you went to Legal School, you are only competent to "practice" Law.

If you went to Legal School, something less then two percent (2%) of you ever receive a Certificate to execute actual Law, and then only in Admiralty Courts.

Actual Admiralty Courts.

If you went to Legal School you know virtually nothing about your own purported profession and less about the history of the world. You've paid thousands of dollars for an education you didn't receive.

In fact, what you've been trained to do like donkeys in a treadmill, is to act as British Shipping Clerks. That's what journeyman "non-certificated" attorneys are. And all the supposedly great Law Schools in this country? Subverted to that end by British Sympathizers who glutted at the King's Table on American bread and butter.

Harvard? Useless, politicized to a point of stupor. Yale? Even worse, the home of economic barbarism practiced as a fine art and believed in without question. Stanford? Shall I show you how many Stanford alumni have their names blazoned across Patent Applications that do nothing but destroy this planet and the people on it?

The very basis of Law is Ethics, yet you have been taught none. That has been the very furthest thing from your basic curriculum.

Your minds have been honed in self-interest and tricks and sneaky ways of doing things, semantic deceits, sophistry and its brand of logic, oh, all these things you have been taught ---- and not a thing about the actual Public Law or Justice.

And all because the Kings and Queens of England wanted you to grow up and be little cogs in their version of Commercial Feudalism.

How does it feel to be so completely, utterly duped? Left so pathetically ignorant after spending what? -- $300,000.00 for a "Law" School education?

Even more to the point if you are an American --- how does it feel to be part of a gang of privateers pillaging and plundering public trusts, robbing your own people for the aggrandizement and unjust enrichment of foreign governments and evil Monarchs---living your lives as traitors to America and to Justice?

Stealing "title" to babies?

Have you no shame, no decency at all? Not even a regard for your own necks?

Wake up. Sober up. Realize just how far behind the curve you really are. And also realize that there are penalties for ignorance of the Law -- that is, the actual Public Law.

If you are acting as members of the Bar Associations, if you are participating as Officers of these Courts, you had better carefully check the facts and become familiar with the American Common Law, because that is the form of Law that the people of this country are owed.

And you have no right in Heaven or on Earth to apply any other kind of law to them. Not Statutory Law. Not Talmudic Law. Not Equity Law. None of it.

Despite falsification of the Public Records to better grease the wheels of what amounts to a National Identity Theft and a mercenary crime of genocide on paper-- there are millions of us fed up with your ignorance and your activities on our soil. You are nothing but pirates acting in violation of our Treaty with Westminster and in violation of every principle of Justice.

The fact that you are nearly all too ignorant to realize it doesn't change a thing.

The penalty for inland piracy is death by firing squad, hanging, guillotine, or lethal injection.

Are you sure you wish to continue your membership in the Bar Associations?

If not, there remains one honorable option.

You can tear up your Bar Cards and act as Counselors at Law and you can assist the millions of Americans who have been mis-addressed by the so-called Equity Courts operating under Color of Law--- and you can do your actual duty to Justice and to America by putting these other courts out of business.

You can realize that just as other Americans have been defrauded, so have you been the victim of this same pernicious British Bunko. Oh, yes, Bar Association Members, this fraud scheme is so mammoth it includes you, too.

You can learn how to re-establish your own standing as an American and help others re-establish their natural political status in the public records of these fifty nation-states as people and as American Persons, not as presumed-to-be British Territorial slaves.

Start by reading Brent Winter's The Excellence of the Common Law. That will start you on the Long Road Home to sanity and justice and the country you call home.

When you look back at how arrogant and stupid you were, thinking yourself and your fellow attorneys as so superior to everyone else, you may have cause to be embarrassed, but at least you will be an honest man or woman again. You will not be living in the shadow of the gallows or mindlessly betraying your countrymen for the sake of European greed.

And considering the penalties involved otherwise, that is not a small recompense."[14]
See this article and over 1200 others on Anna's website here:

February 8, 2018 - The above mentioned limitations of federal jurisdiction may be more limited than proprietarily - according to the following "Declaration of Law".

Declaration Of Law -

page 4:
The members of “Congress” stand notified that they do not represent the Continental United States nor the People of the Continental United States. They have not occupied their lawful public office and have acted instead to occupy private “similarly named” corporate offices at both the “federal” and the “state” levels. They have no public capacity whatsoever and no valid contract obligating any American State Citizen to obey any law, code, treaty, regulation or other legislation promoted as an “Act” of “Congress” in while failing to occupy public office and failing to act as responsible fiduciary officers.

The members of “Congress” stand further notified that they and the corporations they represent have no Lawful contract with any individual American State Citizen born on the land of the Continental United States and that all claims, liens, titles and presumptions against the living people and their assets on the land stand null and void ab initio for fraud, all the way back to April of 1862.

The members of “Congress” stand further notified that as presently constituted and operating, they have no public authority related to the Continental United States and exercise only the power any corporate entity has, so long as it acts lawfully and within its charter----which is to say, the authority to organize their actual employees, set standards for behavior within their own corporation, and perform the functions stipulated by their charters and law-abiding commercial contracts.

August 18, 2019 - Comment Regarding the "Real Organic" Petition[15] -

Most certainly "the USDA (must) follow the law as it is written in the Organic Food Production Act." However the true Lawful jurisdiction of that (as well as virtually any "Act of Congress") is just as critical to understand.

Federal jurisdiction needs to be understood by every American as well as by every member of Congress. "If the members of both House of Congress had a correct interpretation and understanding of the Organic Laws of the United States of America they would realize that Lawfully enacted federal legislation is limited to the territory actually owned by or subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America."[ia][ib]

If a farm is not located on "... territory actually owned by or subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America" then "the Organic Food Production Act" doesn't Lawfully apply to that farm, however the farmer can volunteer into the federal jurisdiction and the farmer (unknowingly) does this by claiming federal citizenship rather than asserting the superior status as a natural-born America.

If the above is true and correct then this means the issue of "Real Organics" is not just about how organic food is identified in commerce. It is about American identity as well as our original land & soil based jurisdiction vs the jurisdiction of the truly foreign "United States" that Congress is known as and that has its separate jurisdiction that is truly foreign to that of the land & soil-based States of the union known as "The United States of America."

This may sound like American Government 101 and it is because the government public schools do not teach the limitations of proprietary jurisdiction. Without this understanding (literally standing on American land and soil) people are confused with the names of legal fictions that they were taught to believe are what they are part of. If you were not born on federal territory then you were not born as either a "United States citizen" or a "citizen of the United States." If you were born in one of the fifty American states of the Union then you have the superior status as an American.

Now would be a most excellent time to reclaim your superior status as an Americam and let go of the inferior federal status that came into existence for extending the privilege of federal citizenship to the former slaves.


July 29, 2015 -

"... all complaints and protests should be properly directed at Congress, not at the individual agencies."[3]

Quoted from and/or regarding "Charley Reese's final column for the Orlando Sentinel..." as I just became aware of it via one of my subscriptions. Charley Reese had "... been a journalist for 49 years..."

A number of good points are made in the article including: "Anytime a congressman pretends to be outraged by something a federal bureaucrat does, he is in fact engaging in one big massive con job".

The article is generally "in the ball park" of accuracy - providing that it is viewed in the larger context of the four Organic Laws (as there is no reference to the set of "four" made in this presentation. Viewed in this way one will see the all-important limitations of the proprietary jurisdiction of Congress[4] and realize that ignorance of the Organic Laws regarding these limitations has been an "Achilles heel"[5] by which Congress has been able to accomplished its "one big massive con job"!

August 15, 2015 -

All members of Congress ought to know the Constitutional specifications as to what money consists of.

"The U.S. Constitution put control of the nation's currency in the hands of Congress, and made no provisions for Congress to delegate that authority. It even established the basic currency unit, the dollar. The dollar was Constitutionally mandated to be a silver coin based on the Spanish pillar dollar and to contain 375 grains of silver."[6]

October 10th -

"What to do about forced vaccinations" at[7]

A letter to the editor by Arthur Stopes, III.

"Attorneys" (Alan Phillips, JD?) may not
reveal the LIMITS of federal jurisdiction.

To the Editor(s):

The article about the "Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015" (H.R. 2232), is typically SILENT, where the LIMITS of such "Acts of Congress" are concerned. IF you ask "Alan Phillips, JD" about this little-known (but very important) matter, he - as an "officer of the court" - may be constrained by the BAR to discuss it.(!)

... The cited "H.R. 2232", being a "House Resolution", is an "Act of Congress". The all-important legal definition of such an Act, states that they are (quote): "locally applicable to and in force in the District of Columbia, in Puerto Rico, in a territory or in an insular possession."[8]

Please notice that the fifty States of the Union are NOT mentioned, in that short list of "Federal Areas". Therefore, the awesomely captioned "Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015" applies to (quote): "the District of Columbia, in Puerto Rico, in a territory or in an insular possession." Only. And, ONLY! ...

September 14, 2016 -

The very least that I can do toward supporting "Right Knowledge For American Law" is to publish at this and other sites the understanding I have gained about the "true meaning" of written Law.

"... Writing about written law once its true meaning is perceived is a delight every student of the law should and can experience. Students taking up the pen is the beginning of a natural occurrence that takes place when an important truth is revealed to a group of people from which the truth has been long withheld.

The truth about law and government in America has only recently been discovered. Sharing that knowledge is the only means by which it can be universally disseminated otherwise it remains the hidden well-kept government secret that it has always been. ..."[9]

December 15, 2017 - Additional historical information on "the view that law was a system of property and contract relations". -

"... Relations among human beings are thought to be 'secular', i.e. bereft of any dimension that transcend time and place. In short, they are purely physical; they are power relations. Conjoined to another 'modern' invention, the academic reconstruction of what was supposed to be the pure Roman law (freed of medieval and Christian elements), this idea of a purely secular 'world of man' led to the view that law was a system of property and contract relations. 'Property' defined the sphere in which one was legally free to act irresponsibly, and 'contract' was the only way in which such spheres of property could be redefined legally, so that legal relations would never stray too far out of line with respect to power relations. Law was to be maintained through negotiation (the skilful use of whatever bargaining power one is able to muster).

It followed that a new modern theory of natural law had to be formulated and adapted to the Roman law (or what was thought of, and taught, as the Roman law). The new emphasis on property and contract led to propertarian and contractarian substitutes for the old idea of the natural law as man’s participation in the unfolding of divine (and therefore objective) reason. That participation required intensive, ongoing argumentation to keep it free from subjective, idiosyncratic distortions and prejudices."[10]


[1]Professor Ed Rivera says: "I use the four Organic Laws the United States of America to teach written law, which is the most efficient, precise and ethical way of teaching that subject.":

[2] The following was originally posted on October 4, 2011:




This "Achilles heel" also includes the "undermining our ability to hold cogent public discourse":

"We live within the rules of a post-modern Orwellian game: continually re-defining, re-classifying and re-engineering the meaning of words and concepts; the goal is to re-create the world as we would like it to be, even if that new creation bears no direct relationship to… um… the actual world in which we live. And most of the time, those doing the re-defining stand to reap the greatest benefit from it all.":



[8] Rule 54:
[See: Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 54(c)]



[11] "Kirsten Gillibrand: Kavanaugh=No ‘Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness’ for Women":

[12] In a message to his students and subscribers re: "More Evidence that America’s Law Schools and Governments Ignore or Dismiss Organic Law".





[17] p. 9 of "Second Decree Over Mandate - Published on Thirtieth Day of March of 2020.":



Ed Rivera, American Law, written Law, American government, United States of America, Organic Laws, Representatives, House of Representatives, federal legislation, exclusive jurisdiction, public discourse, money, dollar, constitution, congress, silver coin, act of congress, law school


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