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February 23, 2023 -

Your work toward your own personal growth and transformation is probably the most valuable work that any individual can possibly do. It is essentially "unpaid work" and yet it's not without its "benefits"! You may know this to be true yet if you aren't acknowledged for the work of personal transformation that you do then that may possibly be discouraging at times.
However, acknowledgments can be had! You could possibly have communication "dyads" that are devoted to acknowledging your personal transformation!

March 14, 2021 - Long Term Patterns of Decay -

"The physical or psychic constitution of someone who does not behave reasonably is like the wooden framework of a house that is riddled with woodworm: the worms do not destroy it overnight, but years later, the house suddenly collapses. This pattern can be seen in many areas – not only in the lives of human beings but also in entire countries. Often, it is only when we look back centuries later that we can see how a country gradually decayed. Those who lived through the decline were unconcerned because they were blind to what was happening. Those who base their evaluation of a situation on a short span of time are bound to be mistaken in their judgements because they cannot see how the laws work. One isolated segment of a long process is not a reliable basis for judgement. To understand how the laws work, you have to observe people and events over a long period of time."[103]*

February 11, 2021 - What is your original face? -

"...Usually we answer the koan, 'What is your original face?' with an emptiness response. It is a koan used to help Zen practitioners drop the stories and structures they believe as 'self' and enter into a connection with ultimate existence. Sometimes, it’s even supplemented by saying, 'What is your original face before your parents were born?' Asking us to let go to even more of our conditioning."[102]

May 28, 2020 -

"Each one of us has the power to change both the past and the future, simply by thinking about it.

Strange, but true.

So, let's get busy rewriting not the number of days, but the content of days.
Let there be only life and love and truth in our moment."[101]

May 25, 2020 - "... we can rewrite our stories, we can embody a new narrative and move towards healing, while learning from our behaviors.
There is a wisdom inside us that wants to be heard"[100]

March 9. 2020 - Your Personal Evolution -

"... The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the Earth are the means by which you evolve.
At each moment you choose the intentions that will shape your experiences and those things upon which you will focus your attention.
These choices affect your evolutionary process.
This is so for each person.
If you choose unconsciously, you evolve unconsciously.
If you choose consciously, you evolve consciously.

The fearful and violent emotions that have come to characterize human existence can be experienced only by the personality.
Only the personality can feel anger, fear, hatred, vengeance, sorrow, shame, regret, indifference, frustration, cynicism and loneliness. Only the personality can judge, manipulate and exploit.
Only the personality can pursue external power.
The personality can also be loving, compassionate, and wise in its relations with others, but love, compassion, and wisdom do not come from the personality. They are experiences of the soul. ..."[99]

January 26, 2020 - "Abraham: Getting Into The Vortex: The Big One” - A YouTube video (of 11:53 duration).

“… this is the big one that will make the most difference the fastest to you.

This is the process that says somehow someway I’m going to quiet my mind. I’m going to 'hypnotize’ myself - (we don’t mean that literally). I’m going to find some way of bringing myself into the vibrational vicinity of who I really am and when I’m feeling measurably better then I will offer my effort.

Then I will set my goals. Then I will make my plans. Then I will (fill in the blank: ___________). In other words get into the Vortex and then. Get into the Vortex and then. Get into the Vortex and then.[95]


This Blog-writer has enjoyed Abraham-Hicks since his very first introduction well over a dozen years ago. "Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author. She co-authored eight books with her husband, Jerry Hicks. Together, they have presented Law of Attraction workshops for Abraham-Hicks Publications in up to 60 cities per year since 1987."[96]

1987 is when the revelation of The Human Design System was transmitted. Both "Human Design" and "Abraham" teach the truth of "who you really are."

June 30, 2019 - Who You Are! -

"People have preconceived ideas about who and what they are that come from the mind."[88]
There is (at least) a "world of difference" between the idea of you and the actuality of you!
Knowing this difference and especially being able to distinguish the truth of who and what you are from whatever the mind says about you is the great work of the transformative awakening process being offered by yours truly!

October 9, 2019) - Self Observation -

"...self-observation ... entails becoming aware of what is happening inside of us at every moment of the day, of discerning the currents, the desires, the thoughts that pass through us, the influences, and the tension that we feel. It is this attention that is not sufficiently developed. If you happen to be visited by thoughts and feelings that rob you of your courage, your confidence or your joy, it is because you are not attentive, not vigilant. And it is this appetite for easiness and for pleasures that dulls your vigilance. Indeed, how can one be vigilant when one only wants to indulge in what is easy and pleasant?"[91]*


The above words of truth from Omraam apply to both individuals and to our collective relationship with the primary spheres of the world in which we live in, namely the "Rights Sphere" & the "Economic Sphere." Vigilance is required to become aware of what is happening in the world, especially in the world system/s "that rob you of your courage, your confidence or your joy."

September 7, 2019 -

Do you "hold these truths to be self evident"?:
the truth of your self (who and what you truly are),
the truth of your life-long conditioning (all that you think and/or believe yourself to be).
and the truth of your Human Design?

These three form a complete triangle operating through you.

Imagine the top of an equalateral triangle as a point where your spirit descends into matter - the matter of your incarnation (approximately three months before you were born). Imagine that incarnation process of the crystalline spark of you descends on the right side of this triangle. Then imagine that from the moment you were born you are completely under the conditioning influence of family and all of your immediate environment and that this forms the base of your triangle stretching throughout your lifetime from the right to the left side of the triangle. Finally imagine the process of knowing your Human Design and discovering the life you were genetically designed to live (which requires a seven-year de-conditioning process) that brings you up the left side of the triangle to reunite with the "crystalline spark" of the truth of who you are.

Do you want to know the truth of your self - "who and what you truly are"? .........
Consider having a complimentary discovery session.[89]

February 5, 2020 - More (or less?) "Conditioning" -

"The Power Of Conditioning -
The magic of Human Design is that it shows us clearly where we usually get stuck in our lives. Our society is such that it tends to condition us directly away from our very nature. This conditioning begins the moment we are born. According to our designs, we all fit differently into society. Consider a child whose birth chart shows him or her to be a pure individual. Pure individuals are by their very nature outsiders in life. They need space from people, they are different, moody, and more than anything, they hate being given orders! It is not going to be long before this child is labelled a 'problem child' simply because he or she doesn't fit in with everyone else. The irony is, of course, that such a child is not designed to 'fit in'. That is their uniqueness."[97]

September 8, 2019 - The Universal Law of Awareness -

“Know thyself” is the ancient inscription at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The key to a successful life is understanding who you are and what you are capable of.

As we move to a higher level of consciousness, we begin to understand our connection to Infinite Source and that the spark of God lies within us. Self-awareness allows you to identify your unique abilities and interests to find (what) you love doing. The Law of Awareness encourages you to become aware of who you really are, only then can access your limitless power as a Creator.[90]

May 16, 2019 - Transformations With the One and Only Dane Rudhyar -

"The real original sin is that of self-satisfaction with things as they are, the refusal to accept change and the always offered gifts of the spirit, the refusal to be transformed and to become more than one is now.

The inability to receive steadily, and quietly to assimilate a new influx of spiritual power compensating for one-sided or tense activity, is the root from which all karma, bearing seeds of evil, eventually stems.

Spirit knocks at the door of the soul, but the frightened mind rushes forth to bolt the door, impelled by the ego's obstinate clinging to its form and its privileges."[86]

An incomparable philosophical insight that stands in true Sun/Son Light well outside any of man's temples, shrines or so called "churches."

March 8, 2018 - Work With The Planetary Phases -

"It is important to learn to work with the different phases of the moon. During the waxing moon, the physical and psychic energies that nature has deposited in humans help them to manifest as a conscious, active, and self-willed being. Then, during the fourteen days of the waning moon, their energies tend to descend in order to nourish their roots, that is to say their stomach and sexual organs. ..."

These two lunar phases have not only preexisted before the "arrival" of Man on Earth they have also been acknowledged throughout recorded history and were part of the original calendars. In addition we can see the impact of the phases on nature, the most well known being the moon's pull on the tides and not just those of the ocean. These are observable and / or verifiable facts. In addition there is the subjective world that requires inner knowledge, intuition and extra sensory knowing that actually compliments the preceding more objective verifications. And even if none of this were true it all boils down to a matter of balance between the Yin and Yang forces operating in your life. This Yin/Yang lies at the core of the I Ching running through the 64 Hexagrams that are now correlated with our genetic sequencing as presented by several sources including the Gene Keys (that I consider as the graduate course) derived in part from the Human Design System.

June 5, 2018 - Awareness of Cycles Is Function of Consciousness -

"...matriarchal consciousness is concerned with natural cycles, giving priority to harmony with the Great Round ..."[76]

"...There is something in us ... which is purely instinctive and irrational in response to life, needs to feel connected to the patterns and rhythms of time, nature," [77]

March 5, 2020 -

"... Process is honored in reverence. The unfolding of Life, the maturation process, the process of growing through and coming into your own empowerment, is a process that needs to be approached with reverence. The cycles of Life need to be approached with reverence. They have been in place for billions of years. They are the reflection of the natural breathing of the soul of Gala itself, the Earth consciousness, as it moves its force fields and guides the cycles of Life."[98]

May 1, 2018 - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -

Humans are always ready to engage in activities that exhaust them, and they neglect the ones that could strengthen them and improve their lives: introspection, meditation, contemplation and prayer. Yet in those who practise them, these activities release forces that can neutralize and transform any negativity – often the very cause of fatigue and of illness too – received throughout the day. Spiritual activities even have a beneficial influence on your health. You can, of course, abstain from them and continue to eat, drink, sleep, move and work. But without this intense inner vibration that stimulates and vivifies, gradually even your physiological functions begin to slow down, producing deposits which overload your body with waste. So, if only to remain in good health, it is advisable to engage in a spiritual activity.[73]

There are innumerable organizations and various groups of people who altogether include a wide spectrum of "spiritual activity" as part of their health program and/or orientation to total well-being. However you don't have to join any of these to "engage in a spiritual activity" like "introspection, meditation, contemplation and prayer". Solo or with others - either way can work.

IMO - there is a balance between the two ways. Firstly - our health is essentially our individual responsibility and yet the social sphere dimension of total well-being can be as large as you want it to be. When expanding your sphere beyond just yourself then "health" naturally includes how we relate with others. An approach to relating with others with the potential of both introspection and contemplation that I advocate is communication dyads in general and especially the "Relating Exercise". This later dyad form has three directives:

1.) Tell me something you think we agree on.
2.) Tell me something you want me to know.
3.) Tell me something you like about me.

May 13, 2019 - Quantum Physics -

“… quantum physics reflects a species that is becoming aware of the relationship of its consciousness to the physical world.”[84]

This writer wonders whether his daughter would consider quantum physics as an acceptable science in her opinion. In the history of science "Ptolemaic astronomy reflects a species that sees itself as the center of the Universe."[84] This writer feels there is a natural inclination in his daughter to identify with "science" from the Ptolemaic perspective.

Ptolemy, Latin in full Claudius Ptolemaeus, (born c. 100 CE—died c. 170 CE)[85]

April 18, 2019 - Transformational Alchemy -

"Alchemy is the science of the transformation of matter. In the crucible, the alchemist places the prima materia, the base matter, which, initially, dies and rots down; this operation corresponds to the colour black. Next, the matter is dissolved and purified and becomes white. Then come distillation and conjunction where the matter turns red, and finally, sublimation where the colour turns to gold. These operations are only meaningful to us if we see them as different stages of our inner life. The work alchemists perform on the matter in a crucible is, in fact, the work of regeneration disciples perform in the crucible of their own body, a work to which they must devote their entire life. The regenerated matter comes out of the crucible transformed into gold: a regenerated human has died to their lower nature to be born to their higher nature. ,,,"[83]

May 28, 2019 - Continuing "ReGeneration" -

To "Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth" is to: "... give birth to children with a heart full of love and a luminous intellect, this is how you will expand your power on earth. What earth? Your own earth, yourself – through your feelings and your thoughts you will cover it with a magnificent generation."[87]


Omraam said:
"After the flood, once the waters had receded, God said to Noah and his sons, ‘Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth.’" The "magnificent generation" that Omraam refers to can also be seen as a ReGeneration! In present time we already have a number of generations. What is most need is regeneration. Nevertheless (and according to the Human Design Revelation) there will be a genetic mutation starting within the next decade that will be part of a whole new generation of beings (that I don't know if we can still refer to them as "human beings").

May 21, 2018 - The Following "Thought for the Day" By: Omraam Reminds Me of C.S. Lewis's Narnia[75] -

"When human beings lived in paradise, in the bosom of the Eternal, they knew only light and joy. But when they began to descend into matter, they found cold, darkness, sickness and death, and this is how Initiatic Science explains the trying conditions in which we live today. But this paradise we left behind still exists; it is a region made of an etheric, luminous, and radiant material where eternal springtime reigns – the spring of our souls. And even if it is impossible to escape the cold and harsh conditions of winter here on earth, by means of thought we can we rise to this region of eternal springtime, because it truly exists, it is a reality. ..."[74]

December 20, 2017 -

Just posted the following comment re: "Get up every morning and remind yourself 'I can do this'" I saw at LinkedIn:

This is especially interesting to me from a Human Design perspective for a number of reasons (more than I can say here). Firstly - the world generates a dominant conditioning force for "doing". However, if you understand that each type of "Design" has it's own unique energy dynamic then you can realize that consequently not everyone is really designed "To Do". Therefor - if an individual is not designed "To Do" and they give-in to the dominant conditioning in the world they can wreck havoc upon their body and their health.

November 18, 2017 - Plato![66]

#1.) We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

#2.) The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness....This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.

#3.) The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.

#4.) Arguments derived from probabilities are idle.

#5.) There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands.

#6.) One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.[65]

I was originally focusing on the third quote of Plato in regards to my ongoing new medicine research yet by discovering these additional five quotes assembled together I can see a certain connectivity between them all!

November 20, 2017 - Sun Transit - The Sun Enters Sagittarius – Seek Higher Understanding! -

"The big news on Tuesday (November 21st) comes at 10:04 PM EST. when the Sun, following her long haul through the deep, passionate waters of Scorpio, now enters fun-loving, explorative Sagittarius! Over the coming month, we reach out to understand and see the bigger picture and the perspective of others."[68]

From now to at least late December is a most excellent time to have genuine dialogue with others (if they are willing ; ~ ) In dialogue (as opposed to debate-based communications) you are most interested in understanding "the perspective of others". Having the Sun's energy in Sagittarius will support that.

Monday, September 18, 2017 - The cycle between Venus and Uranus -

"How did you sleep last night? Shortly after midnight, (Eastern) Venus formed a lovely, flowing trine aspect to Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, excitement, and (sometimes) anxiety.

In early June, the cycle began between Venus and Uranus. When these two planets come together, it is a time to begin something new around love, deep personal values, beauty, money, or resources. Whatever you began in early June related to those qualities, probably brought a challenge in late August. What action did you take at that time to develop those values?

Now, the gifts of your choices are clear and are paying valuable dividends. Full illumination of this cycle comes in early November. This is a lovely aspect; enjoy the excitement and a view of beauty and loveliness to come."

The mention of "anxiety" here stood out in my awareness upon reading this in light of the fact that earlier I had watched a presentation by psychiatrist Dr. Kelly on anxiety who gave a few very positive (non-pharmacutical) approaches that one could take toward minimizing/preventing anxiety. Also wanted to make note here about planetary cycles of this nature that begin when the planets are conjunct.

July 6, 2017 -

It's worth repeating: "Communication Is Life!" If you don't realize this then I invite you to take a look at your communications and tell me what communication is for you. Those who do realize the truth of communication may like to know some of the dyads that I use for focusing in on specific interests, needs, etc.

Gratitude is a practice that can bring us greater awareness of the truth of self, life and others. I offer the following set of three dyads on gratitude:

Tell me something that you are grateful for.
Tell me something that happened today that you are now grateful for.
Tell me something that you are grateful for in this moment.


May 6, 2015 -

Living authentically as one's true self is a most transformational experience! This is the conclusion that I have finally earned after having about forty-five years of experience in pursuing a number of transformational paths (the most awesome of which now[23] is "The Human Design System" and it's extended inspiration: "Gene Keys"[34] (both of which I have blogged about at: "Son of Truth of Self" and at some of my other Blogs).

Now the time has come for me to "teach"/encourage transformational living. It simply is my destiny![1]

I have received many many blessings; many understandings and best of all - new life by way of living my greater authenticity in both Who and What I Am! I am truly all-grateful for the more authentic life! With new "life" comes new "liberty" and new "pursuit/s of happiness[29]".

From the perspective of new life - today is a new day and from my perspective this new day includes virtually all of humanity. I experience an increased awareness of my inter-connectedness with all of life. That inter-connectedness corresponds with intra-connectedness and is beyond defining other than to call it "Self-referral".[2]

My work as a personal transformation consultant supports the individual in activating and strengthening their own Self-referral. This is the original source of true transformational living. It is my divine joy to be aware of and to share understanding of this source with/within each individual whom I work with.

Now in 2015 I am celebrating a number of simultaneous graduations and consequentially I wish to share my encouragement with others who welcome their own personal transformation.

Scriptures indicate that transformation is all about renewing the mind; something that only you can do for yourself. Renewing your mind includes changing your thoughts[31] and in your process of doing that it will actually transform your brain. Neuroscience now explains how this works!

"Until just a few decades ago, science had led us to believe that we were doomed by genetics, hobbled by conditioning, and should resign ourselves to the proverbial thinking about old dogs not being able to learn new tricks. However, what I've discovered in studying the brain and its effect on behavior the last 20 years has made me enormously hopeful about human beings and our ability to change. We have just needed to know how to change, and today, neuroscience has a very solid explanation for how mind over matter works; it's no longer a pie-in-the-sky concept."[3A]

(This may be where I began my YouTube introduction of Dr. Joe[3B])

November 3, 2019 - The (Golden Path) Pathway Of Challenge -

"Our journey begins right away with a confrontation. In the Gene Keys, the central premise is that every Shadow contains a Gift, so we must begin by looking into the nature of the Shadows within us in order to get to the hidden Gift inside. This is your Challenge. It is the challenge that rings out inside every human being. Our lives are made or broken upon the back of this primal, archetypal challenge. When you come to the Gene Keys, you must be prepared for a certain level of inner discomfort, because to look into your Shadows and to become more aware of them in your daily life is what this work is all about."[92]

June 21, 2015 -

Your "authentic self" uses the totality of your Human Design that was activated when were born. The "totality" includes your nine Human Design centers, your sixty-four gates and your thirty-six channels that connect your nine centers. The activation was two-fold and included both your unconscious, genetic "sub-programming" as well your conscious soul-based personality. A fundamental aspect of our life purpose includes harmonizing our conscious soul expression with our genetics.

"... Depending on the power of the negative conditioning we receive during our childhood, schooling and culture, this soul is either deeply repressed, or is left some room to breathe. There is one easy way to tell how free a person’s soul is within their Design – through their attitude. Our attitude to life betrays how deeply our cultural conditioning traps us. ...

... human beings are not replicas of each other. We are each unique. What is needed then, is a master system – a single system that directly mirrors our uniqueness back to us – and this is what Human Design is – it is a system that allows our soul room to breathe – that directly tackles our negative traits and transforms them into positive attributes, that changes our entire life attitude from being a victim into a feeling of being powerful, loving and liberated."[4]

June 24, 2015 (Happy Birthday to my Dutch daughter: Melissa!) -

My goodness; the thought that “our bone structure (is) part of our fixed destiny” captivates my contemplation! At first I thought of this in a fatalistic way – that people who have (for example) osteoporosis are essentially stuck with the condition because of their “fixed destiny”. However, after a little more contemplation I am thinking of it in a much more fluid, transformational way as transformation is very possibly our true destiny. After all: bones naturally have a certain porousness and every (bone) cell in our body is repeatedly replaced throughout our life time.

Also the body’s purpose is for communion, fellowship and other forms of communication with both the Divine and in our loving relations with one another and therefore having a sound body is a good thing as it can serve this purpose.[8]

January 2, 2020 - More (or less) "Destiny" -

"...the teaching of the initiates has always been the teaching of the creative spirit. Those who accept this teaching will always be strong and independent and, for they will rise above the conditions imposed upon them by destiny."[94]

"... everything begins on the plane of thought, so this is where we must begin to try to resolve problems, not on the physical plane, where they have already materialized."[9]

July 1, 2015 -

A year ago I blogged on de-conditioning[5] essentially as a seven-year personal transformation process. Today I've been inspired with why we need to decondition ourselves.

The de-conditioning process begins as soon as you begin operating your life in harmony with your nine-centered awareness. That's a wholly new orientation that when followed changes your trajectory throughout your life and enables you to live out your destiny.

Here's a two and a half minute video on this.[10]

De-conditioning begins by reorienting how we relate to our mind. Our unique decision-making is a process for our form to make. That means we need to develop our awareness of the mechanics that has been Designed into our form. Then we train the mind to its correct role - and that is just as the "observer" of whatever life the body is experiencing.

"De-conditioning is a slow process because it is a deep process. When we change how we make decisions, we actually change the way our cells function within our body. Life moves in seven-year cycles, so it takes approximately seven years for all the cells in our body to be renewed. The moment we align with our own nature, the moment we allow our body to live its life without resistance, we begin this deep process of de-conditioning. Seven years later, we emerge closer to the person we were born to be. It is not easy to start as an adult. But as you have heard over and over . . . it is NEVER too late to begin."[6]

February 10, 2019 - Continuing Re: De-conditioning -

"De-conditioning, as it is called in the Human Design System, is a process of letting go of what we are not. By observing or noticing the mental dialogue we experience (rather than acting on it), we change our relationship to it. This is the beauty of quantum. Something completely new emerges and we become more aware and able to see everything in a new way."[81]

February 23, 2019 - More "De-conditioning" -

"In Human Design we use the term 'de-conditioning'. De-conditioning is the process of letting go of all the thoughts, experiences and meanings that you are carrying that keep you from fully expressing your authentic self.

Here’s the hard truth. Many of us learn at an early age that it’s not okay to be who we really are in life. Many of us are taught in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways that, to be successful in life, we have to give up our dreams, our desires and our true selves.

Learning your Human Design is profoundly healing for many of you. Over the last 20 years that I have shared Human Design with you, most people tell me that knowing their Human Design was a 'relief' and that they finally feel 'seen'.

Healing the story of who you are can be supported and nurtured by working on, not just your mindset and your cognitive understanding, but also by healing your subtle body energy field. ..."[82]

Comment: The reason why people "finally feel 'seen'" is because they finally see who and what they are! According to the Human Design System theory the de-conditioning process takes seven years. That de-conditioning process is at the very same rate at which all the cells in the body get replaced. In others it matches the laws of biological physics. That's a stable law and we depend upon it's operation. However - another, higher "rate" can be possible! Especially if individuals make de-conditioning their priority rather than continue in a casual interest or even with sincere study. There is a more deliberate approach that allows an increased "rate" of de-conditioning above the level of "learning your Human Design" once you have learned it! The increased rate is supported with others on a daily basis who are within your auric field.

Imagine living and/or working with others who also have de-conditioning as their priority. "Learning" can be so insightful and that is truly a good thing! Then what does one do with their learning? If one considers where they can go further with what they have learned then that can open up new horizons that is some ways is only possible to conceive of now by authentic "Individuals" - who realize that there can be other possibilities for their life, their living, their work, their whole lifestyle, and all of their co-creating, etc.

Even before an individual may "realize that there can be other possibilities" one can always begin with communication. "Healing the story of who you are" can most certainly be accelerated in communication. After all - if "conditioning" is an internalized story then it follows that the story must either be told (communicated) or get acted out - and if it is acted out - it gets expressed either consciously or unconsciously. If you had the choice (and truth is you do have the choice on this) would you rather have your internalized story run your life or would you prefer to see the script of that story and have full Rights and power as the author to re-write the script? .........

My Ideal (an ability for which I am so very grateful that I accept thinking Ideally) is to co-create/extend the "Golden Path" from a solo process to a real connected shared journey. I envision a new synthesis for the purpose of de-conditioning over the course of one to three years. The synthesis would be devoted to group integration. This integration would go through stages based on dyads - one-to one communication sessions. Everyone on the group would get on-to-one dyads with everyone in the group. The dyads would be an upgrade from the common application of dyads to include feedback and thus co-create a living feed-back loop. A group can begin to experience this co-creation between all participants within a very short period of time. For instance a group of six individuals could begin creating feedback loops between all members in one day! Continuing in this way they can begin to experience "healing the story" on a deep level by the third day. That would require a three-day retreat. The retreat would be repeated on a monthly basis for as long as it needs to for all the individuals to have direct experience and expression of their authentic self. Depending on the size of the group - that process is estimated to take some where between several months and a couple years. In any case it would be an acceleration beyond the solo process that is reportedly takes a full seven-year cycle.

November 16, 2019 - Omraam's Thought -

The cells of the human body are constantly being renewed; each day old worn out cells are replaced by new ones. This process of renewal is spread over seven years. So, after seven years the body’s cells have been replaced, but that does not mean that the person has become a new being. The cells possess in effect a kind of memory, which they transmit in the form of etheric imprints to the replacement cells. Thoughts, feelings and energies circulate on these imprints as if along well marked out grooves and circuits, and they inherit this memory. This is why most humans continue to think in the same way and repeat the same mistakes: the new cells are subject to the influence of the old memory. Anyone who truly wants to change must change the memory in their cells; in other words, as the new cells replace the old ones they must do all they can to imbue them with more elevated thoughts and feelings. For, even if they receive a spiritual teaching, they will not change deep down until they put their inner world in order.[93]


There are a number of tools/techniques to "change the memory in (your) cells."

October 26, 2019 - A Suggested "Dynamic Dyad Duo" (The New "3D" ; ~ ) -

"Tell me what your High Ideal is now."
"Tell me something that you need for realizing your High Ideal."

July 6, 2015 -

My Top Primary "Tools" include:

The Human Design System,
Gene Keys,
Cards of Destiny.[20]

The Human Design System includes certain astrological calculations that I "extend" through additional astrological systems. It includes The I Ching[33] and that also is extended through the "Gene Keys".

I work with the top interest - what's most "alive" in you at any given moment. Communication supports the process. Dyads are encouraged and often encouraging!

Dyads are the most supportive form of communication I know of (so far) and practically guarantee an activation of two keys for consciousness-raising between two individuals: connection and harmony. The way that a dyad is set up it brings two people face to face with each other and in close enough proximity that connection is not only possible but most likely. That works the same for harmonizing as harmony begins in the aura and in dyads you and your dyad partner are completely aura to aura! However, communication always needs to be an act of free will. If another chooses not to communicate (or do a dyad) then that's their choice. Find another dyad partner!

Speaking of which - I have just updated my blog on Dyads:

"The "Dyad Ways" to Your Enlightenment of Who & What You Are!"[7]

July 18, 2015 -

Every one of us is a "gardener" of the "garden" of our heart and soul. Each year we get to experience each of the "seasons" of our soul's garden starting with the time of "choosing seeds" through the time of our "harvest". My harvest time is happening right now!

I've intended to begin identifying what all I have gained now from my harvest at this time as a direct result of all my "gardening" during this past year. I'm aware that this "harvest" is multidimensional in a number of ways. One aspect involves the subject matter of goals.

For instance, each year I am in my 11th astrological house of "Choosing Seeds" from about August 13th to about September 13th. Last year on September 12th I finally wrote down four goals for my new year. In reviewing those written goals now (as part of my process in identifying my harvest) it appears that none of those goals were actually achieved. I accept that now.

I also realize that besides the conscious function of "Choosing Seeds" (during the time one passes through their 11th astrological house) there are a number of additional "astrological" and similar influences that are an inherent part of ones evolutionary journey and in a sense these influences have their own pre-programmed sowing and reaping cycles that run through one's life.

I am grateful that I see a major harvest cycle approaching its pinnacle in my life now! Under my "Planetary Ruler Card" I will begin a "Pinnacle Year" as of the next two months. "At its essence, the Pinnacle Year is one of transformation."[11]

August 16th -

De-conditioning is the nature of the Human Design work that I have to offer now. It can also be called Personal Transformation!

I've very recently gained new additional insights in Human Design and especially regarding the issues of conditioning! You might know that - "conditioning" in Human Design occurs in our undefined centers, channels and gates. I've presented the following for a student with an undefined Heart Center.:

"Undefined Heart Center people feel ... the need to prove their worthiness by being in control ...This false sense of control ... (is) caused by the deep conditioning ..."
"Undefined Centers are learning Centers, and as such, they can be sources of pain, frustration and (believe it or not) wisdom."

I also blogged on this subject matter in: "Through the Looking Glass of Relationships".[12]

If you are interested in experiencing the authenticity your Human Design then one way that experience can be had is by becoming aware of your quintessential conditioning that you received form your parents. I can generate the Human Design Body-graphs of both your parents - as their Designs were the two most prominent factors in your basic conditioning. Then I will identify all the specific individual conditioning elements within their Human Design and write "reports" on those for you to review and become more conscious of. The more conscious that you become of those elements the more readily you'll recognize those particular patterns of conditioning within your thinking, feeling and behavior.

July 30, 2018 -

Undefined / "Open centres are designed to learn. All the energy they receive is information. Through energy we communicate with the world around us, and every photon of energy is carrying a message."[80]

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind![24]

Oct. 31st -

"I put a wide variety of methods before you, because I know that the needs of each one of you are different. Your characters, faculties, and capacity for work are all different, and only you can decide which method suits you best."[13]

November 7th -

Transformation, transmutation, metamorphosis, - and/or whatever like terms you may use - all point to the same process of change that is at work in humanity. I've mentioned that two of my best references in support of this process is the Human Design System and Gene Keys. I also refer to the works of Rudolf Steiner who drew from the work of Goethe.

"... Goethe was the creative genius who launched the hypothesis of the metamorphosis of organisms, a theory which sooner or later must be accepted and applied to the development of the human soul."[25]

Dec. 27 -

"'Dialogue, Gestalt techniques, dream work, guided imagery, affirmations, and meditation are all powerful tools for integration', but 'the attitude and presence of the guide are of far greater importance than the particular methods used'."[14]

Just discovered "Psychosynthesis" at Wiki:

"... Transformation...the refashioning of the personality around a new centre"[15]

I can understand this statement coming from this particular paradigm. I appreciate the reference to a "center". In the Human Design System we have nine centers. The orientation to a center depends upon the Design of the Individual. Most Individuals will have a Defined Center to refer to with their decision-making process, however not everyone has that kind of reference. Therefore although the statement I've quoted above could be likened unto the transformation that I refer to with the Human Design System there are exceptions!

January 7, 2016 -

"When one mistakenly projects all of one's psychological defects on others, one then falls into 'the confusion of tongues.' It is only by comprehension of our defects in Meditation how we illuminate the hidden face of our own Psychological Moon. Meditation is the system to control all that which is stored within our mind"[16]

The therapeutic Dyads that are part of my sessions support the illumination of "the hidden face of our own Psychological Moon".

The 11th -

"If you thank the Lord every day, if you are pleased with whatever He gives you, the magic secret that will enable you to transform your life will be yours, and the luminous spirits of nature will gather round you to help you."[17]

The 14th -

If you've heard me say it before then it may be worth repeating: it is my divine joy to share understanding with others and especially in regards to the Destiny of the Individual. That is why I work with the tools that I "employ" such as "The Secret Language of Destiny", "The Cards of Your Destiny", the "Incarnation Cross", etc. These are all largely astrologically based tools that naturally all depend upon an accurate time of birth.

Rudolf "Steiner shows that we do indeed attempt to choose an appropriate birth time to match the destiny which we are to live out."[18]

You may already know that the Bible gives astrological indications of the birth of Jesus via "The Star of Bethlehem."

"It can be argued that astrology has come a long way since Steiner's lifetime, less and less is the view a deterministic one. Many astrologers today embrace a spiritual world-view that often includes reincarnation and karma."[18]

Moments later - Serendipity!:
Just received today's message of "Journey with Omraam" that is focused on oneness with the cosmos immediately after having searched certain astrological themes - including "Man and His Symbols" by Jung (and associates).[19]

Jan. 29th -

"The idea many people have of spiritual life is that they will meet a magus, an initiate, who will lay their hand on them or reveal amazing secrets to them, thanks to which they will be instantly transformed. This is unfortunate ..."

I laughed at this point in my reading of one of my favorite spiritual teachers: Omraam.

He goes on to say: "People can only be transformed through diligent, daily work on themselves."[21]

February 9th -

Happy New Year of the Chinese Red (Fire) Monkey! This is an excellent time to become more aware of the greater potentials in your life that are supported by right timing. "... there is a season and a time for every purpose."[22]

"Archetypal languages——Astrology, Numerology,[50] Human Design—inspire an empowering awareness of patterns, potentials, and possibilities at this time in all areas of life, including relationships, career, spiritual growth, and creative fulfillment." - VerDarLuz

February 14th -

I am so grateful today for: "Man’s two Natures – realize your finest aspirations" that came in today's "Journey with Omraam" series.:

"Now let me ask you to be very clear; you will never succeed in transforming your lower nature, the personality. The only thing to do, the only way to change, is to give your divine Nature, the individuality or higher Self, the chance to absorb the personality, to make it disappear."[26]

The 15th -

More on the "Journey ...":

"Animals, not being intelligent, must be fearful in order to avoid danger; humans, who have intelligence (the new element proving our progress), should not hold on to fear, it is no longer natural because it keeps us from evolving."

Each individual is born with a grand total of twenty-six planetary activations in their Human Design. Some of these activations can be combined when planets are conjunct. These activations occur at Human Design Gates with each Gate corresponding to a Hexagram in the I Ching. The I Ching is the oldest "codified" wisdom on the planet. In light of that time frame it is very recently that the Gene Keys have essentially "regenerated" the sixty-four hexagrams as sixty-four Gene Keys. Now each Human Design Gate activation is a Gene Key activation that can lead us onto our unique individual "Golden Path" of personal transformation. The root of this path lies in embracing the fears inherent in the Shadow frequency of each Gene Key. Each "embrace" frees us from the restrictions of the fear and releases a specific Gift that lies dormant within the fear. Each Gift opens the way for our further evolution whereby we embody the higher states of consciousness known as the "Siddhis".

The 18th -

Transformation is the way of living spiritual truth in the midst of everyday life and most especially in one's inner life. The outcome of transformation is freedom! Freedom is "purchased" by how one evolves. "...freedom is dependent on each person’s degree of evolution. According to how they think, feel and act"[28]

March 22nd -

More Re: Steiner via his: "Metamorphoses of the Soul Paths of Experience Vol. 2"[30]

"... in Dante we see a poet who goes down into his own soul and remains entirely within his personality and its inner secrets. By pursuing this path of personal development he enters the spiritual world, and is thus able to present it in the powerful pictures we find in the Divine Comedy. Here the soul of Dante is quite alone with his personality; he is not concerned with external revelations. No one can imagine that Dante could have taken over from tradition the findings of the old clairvoyance. Dante relies on the inner development that was possible in the Middle Ages, with the strength of human personality as its only aid; and he brings before us in visionary pictures something often emphasized here — that a man has to master everything that clouds or darkens his clairvoyant sight. Whereas the Greeks still saw realities in the spiritual world, Dante here sees pictures only — pictures of the soul-forces which have to be overcome. Such are those lower forces of the sentient soul, the intellectual soul and the consciousness soul which tend to hold the ego back from higher stages of development."

The above is quoted from the lecture linked in the footnote[30] that was one of two lectures I noted from my search with the search terms "rudolf steiner"dante. That gave me over 88,000 results! I've just added "host" to form a new search and will proceed with those results - now 2,730.

March 29th -

Resurrection may be the ultimate transformation. -

"...Before resurrection is possible, the tomb must be opened, and tombs are opened only by warmth. And warmth is love. Those who have a lot of love in their heart, spiritual, disinterested love, are able to open the tombs of their cells. Until their cells are animated and given life, they remain inactive, and people are unaware of all the riches they contain. But after resurrection, after this awakening of their cells, their consciousness expands, and they move in another dimension – the dimension of the spirit – through everything they feel and everything they live."[32]

April 5th -

Before The Human Design System became known (and most especially before anyone had completed a complete seven-year cycle de-conditioning) people generally were subject to the pressures of the mind and some more so than others. However that is changing now and it will continue changing through the what has been called "The Great Change"![35]

What a liberation it is to be freed of pressure from the Head Center as well as all the conditioning! "It takes training to learn how to use the mind for your benefit and not to your detriment."[36] That is why it has been said for over two millennium: "Be Transformed By The Renewal of Your Mind"[24]

However this "liberation" is most likely not an "over night sensation"! And the "seven-year de-conditioning cycle" is not an absolute guarantee of the individual's liberation either. (I personally believe it often may take more than one 7-yr. cycle.) In any case "It is almost useless to commit to a spiritual path unless you have understood just how tough a human’s lower nature is, how hard it is to tame and just how much work is required, needing vigilance, humility and perseverance."[37] Yet for those who are ready to commit there is support as well as encouragement and spiritual companionship all along the way!

April 15th -

"Thought for the day" from the Omraam community -

"... pay attention to the language of nature. Even if you feel you do not understand it, that is not important: what is important is to open yourself. You will prepare your subtle centers that will one day allow you to connect with all this life that circulates throughout the universe and speaks to us. For everything that is alive, talks, and nature, which is alive, speaks to us too."[38]

Life communicates itself and that is why it has been said "communication is life". It is the nature of life to communicate. However it is the nature of the dead not to communicate. ("The dead praise not the Lord"[39])

May 6th, 2016 -

"... Buddhist practice in the Nichiren tradition can be described as a process of continually transforming the energy of the.. deluded impulses and redirecting it toward the creation of value. In a more general sense it is through the spiritual struggle to continually orient our lives toward respecting others and working for the broader good of all that we are able to transcend and transform these poisons. In this process, the destructive energy of anger, for example, is sublimated into a protective force that can counteract injustice, preventing us and others from merely being swept along by outside forces or being taken advantage of by those with ill intent.

Dialogue based on a will to genuinely connect with people in an attitude of respect and mutual encouragement is a powerful key in this transformative process."[40]

I can only see a life of transformation as a life that is worth living. For this purpose I welcome applying all the powerful keys that have been offered to us. I suspect that resistance to applying such (as with the quality of dialogue mentioned above) is probably symptomatic of the "deluded impulses".

May 9th, 2016 -

More Re; "Archetypal languages - Astrology ..."

My personal favorite astrologically-based archetypal language is that of the Sabian Symbols as presented by Dane Rudhyar in his "Asrological Mandala (1974)[41] I've worked with these archetypes for a few decades and they continue to astonish me in all that they convey! Every degree around the zodiac is presented as a scene that results in a modern day "contemporary American I Ching"!

May 10th, 2016 -

More re: "Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective" as well as: "Understanding is the Gift of the 4th Gene Key..."

There is a palpable "light" that can come with understanding another and with sharing a significant understanding with another. And in this light there is true affinity with the other! It is this light that then can become a shared reality! if you don't achieve the understanding then the chances of having a shared reality with the other is truly "iffy".

Can you recall when you had a clear and complete communication with another individual that was significant enough to warrant this kind of deep understanding? If so then you may know what I'm talking about. If not then that's not a problem! You can discover deep understanding with another! I recommend doing dyad communications or "relating exercises" with someone whom you'd like to have deeper understanding with. It just may change your life!

May 16th, 2016 -

I just added:
"Work - on oneself is more important than all ideologies"
"Dig Deep Inside Yourself!"
@ "The Enchanted Garden Onion"

May 27th, 2016 -

"Healing is associated with allowing what has been repressed, rejected, denied or ignored to come forward so that the person can understand, explore its significance and integrate it, allowing for a transformation in consciousness."[42]

We are transformed and healed by the renewal of our psyche.

June 7th, 2016 -

"I view the natal chart as a symbolic tool which can assist each of us in understanding our personal myth in the journey of individuation."[43]

In my search re: "astrological map of the psyche".

There are many "symbolic tools" that can be used. The I Ching may perhaps be the oldest one that we know of now. Astrology may be about as ancient yet has evolved over the centuries as human consciousness has evolved. One of the things I like most about the Human Design System is that it integrates the ancient with the ultra modern in quantum physics and human genetics.[59]

June 9th, 2016 -

I've made about five direct references to astrology so far in this "Welcome" page. Now I'd like to contribute my latest insight (that is connected with my most recent inspiration) regarding the universal language of "light" that astrology offers all of us.

For now I will just note the insight with the intention of extending this soon! -

The Natal Astrological Imprint: More Than A "Map" To The Psyche."

June 13th, 2016 -

More re: Sabian Symbols:

According to Dane Rydhar a complete oracle reading in the Astrological Mandala results in a perfect cross with the first axis extending from the initial degree (as the Ascendant) of the reading (the "What" of the inquiry) 180 degrees across (to the Descendant, the "Where To" ) and then crossing that axis back 90 degrees (to the Imum Coeli - the "How") and up to the Midheaven (the "Why") with another axis. My recent reading asked: What is something for me to write about that can serve the greatest good for all concerned?

The oracle says: "The Gate to The Garden Of All Fulfilled Desires" (Aries 22°) where "Abundance is made possible by human togetherness and cooperation" extends to "transform(ing) ... wilderness into a garden" by way of "the silence of the inner sea of consciousness" for "What matters most always is Inner Strength".

A recent message from the Omraam community included a reference to how deserts can be transformed simply by channeling in water and that this water is essentially our love that we need to allow circulating within us for our sake, for the sake of our inner garden.
P.S. August 30, 2018 - Maybe I can figure out another point in the oracle reading for "The Who" ; ~ )
I can guide an individual through their own oracle reading.

July 7th, 2016 -

Re: the "archetypal language" of Numerology - you may like to know that 2016 is a universal 9 year, an ending of a nine year cycle that began in 2008 - a universal 1 year. That means 2017 is a 1 year and (finally) a time for new beginnings including a new 9 year cycle that will culminate in 2025!

And in terms of the "archetypal language" of Astrology I'm encouraged to read in a report that as of "12/19/2017 Saturn to Capricorn ... begins (LIFE WORLD CHANGING ENERGY towards creating new structures which work for the many instead of the few) as it merges with PLUTO energy Planets now begin to try to set up a new structure." - Carol Barbeau.

August 24, 2016 -

“'Circuitry: A Complete Guide to Circuits, Channels and Gates' ... by Richard Rudd ... is a distillation of the complex material given in his talks by Ra Uru Hu. Everything in Human Design is from Ra Uru Hu. He is the Transmitter of this system. Every Transmitter needs a good writer to follow behind to organize, summarize, distill, and make things more clear and readable. Ra does his Splenic Speaking and Richard is gifted at distillation for Ajna Reading."[44]

September 10th, 2016 -

"The most important for you to know is whether or not you’ll move ahead on the path of evolution, if you’ll find freedom, light and peace."[45]

This depends upon "the aspirations of your soul and spirit". These are the vital elements of your personal vision, one that we discover and develop in our sessions.

October 27, 2016 -

"If you too often forget the good resolutions you made, it is because you have not yet imprinted them strongly enough in your subconscious, at the very core of your cells."[46]
The "imprinting" can generally take anywhere from about one full lunar cycle to possibly a number of years depending on the individual's conditioning factor. In any case the new imprinting is absolutely possible and depending on what your "resolution" is will most likely be worth the effort to reprogram your subconscious!

October 28th, 2016 -

Astrologically speaking -
"The process of finding out who we are (self-discovery) starts when we come to grips with whatever problems life presents to us (our Saturn) and begin to get a handle on them. In other words, if we have not learned to deal with Saturn, or time (that is, if we don’t have some control of time), there is little opportunity for other questions. Saturn rules the laws and the particular limitations of this material world we all live in."[47]

My own natal Saturn conjunct natal Sun has given me tremendous opportunities for the problems that life has presented to me as well as the "limitations of this material world we all live in". As result I have an extensive reservoir of experience that gave me wisdom and understanding I can share with others.

For this purpose I include the Human Design System (as well as the Gene Keys) because Human Design is a science of self-discovery.

November 3, 2016 -

Omraam asks "Why it is important to think carefully before acting?"[48] Although the question was presented to his students some decades ago it is possibly more important for us to consider today.

How much "thought" do you give to your impact on others before you act in any way? It can be a good thing to consider that we all have an impact on others. In Human Design terms this impact is called conditioning. Our very presence alone conditions others due to the impact of our unique energy field that we constantly carry with us called the aura. The Human Design System (HDS) speaks volumes to the "mechanics" of how this works depending on the type of aura an individual has.

According to HDS the thing that I need to have before making important decisions is emotional clarity. This emotional clarity is based in the Solar Plexus Center. In addition I need to respond from my "gut"/Sacral Center. With the nine centers of HDS as a functional reference we expand the idea of "think(ing) carefully before acting". Contact me for a complimentary introduction to your Human #SanDiegoSustainableDesignSymposium inspired many of us.

December 13, 2016 -

Do "You say you need friends who understand you and that you can’t find that understanding anywhere(?) Ask yourself first what it is in you that you want them to understand."[49]

January 9, 2017 -

"Transformation is in the air.

This is a collective effort. It is more intentional then you might imagine. People have made this an optional destiny in their life maps, and our higher selves are calling to us now to meet up with our destiny, to accept the invitation of transformation. Not just for yourself, but for the benefit of all beings. Once you take up the call, you lend your voice to all who have responded before you, the expanded collective, leading others to do the same.

These are exciting times, full of change and growth, new understandings, sharing, and becoming an expanded version of yourself. Transformation leads you to new territory, areas you have only dreamed about. This is intentional; your dreams have always been guiding you, those long felt aspirations and desires are there for a reason. Now is the time to listen, to follow those inner signs and to go boldly into the unknown as the explorer of your own destiny."[51]

January 17th, 2017 -

I have exceptionally good feelings about certain planetary "progressions" - current movements through the starry script. In fact I have been waiting for a couple years for this time! The outer (macrocosm) dimension is part of this and the inner (microcosm) is included as well!

We have a New Moon on Friday the 27th. Mercury leaves its post retrograde shadow as of then. The Chinese New Year is Saturday the 28th. The next day on Sunday the 29th Mars enters Aries. On Tuesday the 31st the Moon also enters Aries making this an exceptionally good time for staring a new beginning. In addition to these astronomical facts I personally have Jupiter transiting my 1st House and on or about Monday the 30th have my progressed Moon conjunct my Ascendant! (I'd have to research when the last time was that this occurred in my life and what unfolded at that time!)

In light of the above - you may understand how positive I can feel about starting something new as of about Monday the 30th which also happens to be a personal "1" day for me! The next day, Tuesday the 31st I am invited to give a Human Design Presentation/Workshop on Composites to a new community! I replied to my host saying my Progressed Jupiter and Progressed Moon will be singing together in my 1st House for this event!

January 19th, 2017 -

Our conditioning included elements of fear both unconsciously and consciously administered. Imagine that children know, understand and fully adopt the "Four Agreements"! They would not take what their parents (or anyone else) say personally. They would not make assumptions about what anyone says. The fear aspects of conditioning would be minimized. I believe we will see these children and most especially in the next decade when the Rave children are born as of 2027!

February 5, 2020 - More About "Rave" -

"... The word 'Rave' is one of many new terms used within the Human Design System. Unlike its traditional use asa verb, it is used here as a noun to describe a newly emerging type of human being. The prefix 'Ra' comes from the Sanskrit meaning sun or heat, whereas the word 'rave' derives from the Latin 'rapere', meaning 'to seize by force'. Both words suggest a rapid mutative energy that is literally forcing us to new breakthroughs in evolution...."[97]


Although the conceptualization specifically of the "Rave" began entering our consciousness as of 1987 the pre-conceptual phase began sparking through individual consciousness in the 60s. This Blog-writer was repeatedly sparked in the late 60s and beyond!

June 2, 2019 - Continuing with "The Four Agreements" -

You really will not know the power of "The Four Agreements" until you adopt them for yourself! Once you do you will be on your way toward strengthening your psycho-emotional immunity against needless suffering. If you have any interest in the possibility of decreasing suffering in your world then I most highly suggest getting a copy of "The Four Agreements." If you just adopted any one of the first three (ideally maybe the second or first agreement) you could transform your relationships through which you may agree is the "source" of most of your suffering.

Jan. 20th. 2017 -

"... Modern physics has only begun to broaden its horizons over the last one hundred years in terms of understanding life on earth and the universe. Modern physics also struggles to present its formulae and experiments in a language that is readily understandable and that is in conformity with natural laws. However, the advances that are being made in science and quantum physics have led to something very interesting happening: parallels can be made with Eastern philosophies."[52]

It seems that Science has virtually exhausted its self-imposed limits by its own definition of itself and consequently has no where else to explore but into a parallel universe. The Human Design System has already bridged that threshold (starting with neutrinos) and it's inevitable that Science will continue to follow! However Science can also go further down into materialism with even greater consequences then what has occurred so far.

February 3, 2017 -

Tao of Human Design
True Enlightenment - by Ra Uru Hu
(December 11, 2012)

"To live out your true nature, as a helpless filter of the forces, is enlightenment. It's total surrender to what you are, taking away the power from the mind to control everything. It's the only true joy you can find in this life. Nothing else. You can stop looking right now.

It doesn't matter if that state of joy lasts for one day, or for a hundred years. It can't be measured in a quantity, as it is a unique state; totally living as yourself, day by day, according to what you are. You can only measure what you can compare, but you cannot measure uniqueness. Yet, I know one thing for sure: I'd rather live for one day and be unique, than to live a hundred years as a slave.

Enlightenment is not an exalted state, as many might think. It's actually very mundane. It's not something esoteric, and it's certainly not an out-of-body experience. if you want to have an out-of-body experience, go and kill yourself. Really. Then you have it.

What's the point? Yes, it's a way to escape your suffering. But, it really is all about being IN these bodies. That's the miracle. It took us 15 billion years to get there! But, you need to be correct to see the joy. It's the right every human being has, and finally we've reached a point in evolution where such a thing can become possibility. We are designed for it. Designed to live as awake being, so wee(sic) without judgement. And, it's beautiful once you actually get to see it. That's true enlightenment. it's only possible now, at the end of our human process as a specie."[53]

April 7, 2017 -

"understanding the energies and imprinting of our birth allows the seeing of existent larger patterns and cycles. This allows synchronicity and balance within life and the universe."[54] This is because "the energies and imprinting of our birth" is a microcosm of the macrocosm. When you fully open your eyes to the microcosm within then that light illuminates you and "allows the seeing of existent larger patterns and cycles".

April 9th, 2017 -

"Completing a cycle is the heart of growth."[55]

April 11, 2017 -

"We are on earth for a reason, or the Lords of Destiny would have sent us elsewhere. There are plenty of places in the universe for a pleasant vacation."[56] Dyad: Tell me what your life purpose is. Tell me the reason for your presence on Earth.

April 13th, 2017 -

My work with people is based on a friendly agreement and a firm commitment. -
The agreement forms the basis of a certain kind of "shared reality" for working together. I need the agreement for the sake of how my Human Design works. I have a Defined Sacral center that is capable of committing its energy to serving others and consequently I need to have some very basic requirements met in order for people to have access to my Sacral energy.

The commitment I ask for is firstly to one's self. Here's part of a famous Goethe-inspired phrase: "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too."[57]

Just so the world knows what my definition of commitment is I refer to that of the oxford dictionary[58]:

"An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action."[58]

Therefore if one is not willing to have restrictions on their freedom of action one is not actually capable of making the kind of commitments that at certain times will require such restriction.

I have a client who I suspect really wants to retain their unrestricted freedom of action. I understand as I can see the issue of freedom in their Human Design and Holographic Profile at the 55th Gene Key.

The choice to make a commitment is probably more difficult for those who have the 55th Gene Key as that includes the "Shadow of Victimization", the "Gift of Freedom" and the "Siddhi of Freedom"! Although I was not born with the 55th Gene Key activated I was born with the "sister transmission": the 22nd Gene Key and through that activation have sparked and ignited the 55th as well! In any case I too love my freedom and have devoted much of my life to obtaining and preserving my freedom. Even today I continue vigilantly to research law, history, philosophy and the like for enhancing my intellectual clarity and my spiritual certainty about the true nature of freedom. And yet in doing so I restrict my freedom of action in other ways that although may be considered "fun" or entertaining by others are not profitable in my estimation.

I don't expect others to have the same degree of "restriction" as I have with the exception that if they are going to have sessions with me then that will simply mean not doing other things.

May 2, 2017 -

I've made many mentions of the spiritual dimension as inclusive in the journey of transformation and now will add the following statement:

"All spiritual progress is towards increasing individuality."[60]

June 22, 2017 - Rudolph Steiner's "Basic Books" -

"If you have more of a Christian background, I would read Christianity as a Mystical Fact. If you are more of a scientist with a historical interest, I would turn to The Occult of Science. If you want to know how the human being is built, and what is beyond the physical – the etheric, the astral, the ego, and even higher parts of the human being– then I would turn to Theosophy. If you are philosophically minded and want to base everything on the power of your intellect and your common sense, then I would turn to The Philosophy of Freedom or The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. If you want to develop spiritual faculties, you may turn to Knowledge of the Higher Worlds – How Is It Achieved? If you are interested in threefold, you can go to the Mem-orandum of 1917 or the book Towards Social Renewal. These are the basic books. All the lectures are like foot- notes to these books. Some people are much more fascinated by reading the footnotes over a lifetime."

November 16, 2017 -

I mentioned Carol Barbeau in my July 7th, 2016 post above. Today in her report of "Astrology through 11/22/2017 ..." she says: "We began a new week ... with an energy asking us to believe peace and love and generosity and sharing can happen.. NOT TO TRY and make it happen but be a part of allowing it to happen and when we do this we truly do become source."

This is the first time I've heard anyone say: "we truly do become source" without adding some kind of a modifier in there like "one with", "aligned with" or the like and yet scriptures tell us that the Man Jesus declared "I and my Father are one!" He also said: "Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven...".[64]

November 19, 2017 - Pythagoras

I had mentioned Pythagoras to a friend and having said that it "sparked" me to due more due diligence in regards to my knowledge of Pythagoras. Good fortune followed just moments ago (now in this current new moon cycle) when I decided I'd search to see if one of my oldest books on numerology was online. In the back of the book I see a bibliography that includes "Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries" which caught my high interest. I searched and found that online! Here's a quote:

"It is by theory and practice, by science and art combined that slow progress was made to that science of sciences, that magical harmony of soul and intellect with the universe which Pythagoreans looked upon as the arcanum of philosophy and religion."[67]

This quote just happens (serendipity) to correspond with a note I made earlier:

"Developing your inner microcosmic partnership/friendship/mastery. The cosmos has imprinted itself upon your inner being. You can't "beat" it! You can 'unite' with it - work with it - grow with, expand and prosper with it - if you wish. You are the center of your U-n-I-verse!

The "harmony of soul and intellect with the universe" - what a concept!

November 20, 2017 -

On February 15, 2016 (above) I mentioned "The Golden Path", the "Shadow", the "Gift" and the "Siddhis". The following offers additional information from my Gene Keys Golden Path report:

"... Calculated from the position of the sun at the time of your birth, your Activation Sequence is triggered through your understanding and application of the laws of frequency. It is the starting point for your attunement to the higher frequencies in your personal Profile. By understanding and embracing the Shadow aspects of these four Gene Keys in your own life it is possible to activate their higher frequencies and bring about a subtle change deep inside yourself. By sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your Prime Gifts you may witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius waiting inside you."[69]

November 30, 2017 - Prepare For "Winters" In Your Soul -

"...people have far less foresight when it comes to facing the winters within them, and when a dark period befalls them, they are defenceless and can only complain that life has no meaning. ..."[70]

"The Cards of Your Destiny" can possibly give indications as to "when a dark period" may be coming. Numerology can add to the insight. I also think brain chemistry as well as how one handles their challenges are determinants as well. All of these (various astrological cycles, chemistry and psycho-emotional management) are interrelated. It may not be in you power to the avoid the impact of unexpected shocks but if you knew ahead that you have a "personal challenge" and/or a "difficult ending" as "auspicious year" themes in your cards then "forewarned is forearmed".[71]

April 2, 2018 - Quotes In Support of Good Attitude -

"Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude." - William James.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." - Winston Churchill.

"People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude." - John C. Maxwell.

"If you can't change your fate, change your attitude" - Dr. Reda Bedeir.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character." - Albert Einstein.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." -
Lou Holtz.

"Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything." - Unknown.

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." - W. Clement Stone.

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens." - Khalil Gibran.

"Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done." - Bo Bennett.

Considered to be "The 10 best quotes on attitude" by: Michael R. Virardi - Speaker, Trainer, Author.

June 18, 2018 - More "Attitude" -

"When faced with a difficult situation, the best way to overcome it is to immediately adopt the right inner attitude. ..."[78]

I'm now reminded of "The Center For Attitudinal Healing"[79]

Bright Blessings through all of your transformations!

~Chef Jemichel


[1]Indicated in my "Secret Language of Destiny".

[2]"The Ayurvedic understanding of the nature of life holds that it is fundamentally a field of non-material energy, which possesses intelligence and awareness. While this field is said to be fundamentally without attribute we often describe it with more than two dozen terms including: unmanifest, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, invincible, unbounded, perfect orderliness, purifying, self-sufficient, infinite correlation, infinite organizing power, infinite silence, infinite dynamism, bliss, and self-referral. The final two are interesting from our point of view in that the bliss is the result of living in the now and the self-referral is the means for attaining it ...":



[4] Page 8 at:

[5]De-conditioning - A Seven Year Process:





Additional Omraam quotes: "Every difficulty you are faced with must serve your evolution.":

"... thoughts and feelings can work for the good of all, as long as we do not eat them, that is, do not let them serve selfish interests.":

Trials - don’t wait for them to arise before seeking ways to overcome them:



[12] :

[13] Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
"Complete Works Vol. 13, A New Earth – Methods, Exercises, Formulas and Prayers":

Also a footnote from my "... Truth of Self" Blog:
"The Solar Plexus Center According To The Human Design System -
The Potential For Both Emotional and Spirit Awareness.":

Re: "conditioning":
"Often we read in (Human Design) that deconditioning is a 7-year process. Perhaps it is an end result for some, but from this viewpoint, deconditioning is a process of 7-year cycles; cycles that will likely continue throughout the lifetime, peeling away the layers and uncovering new spaces of discovery and awareness.":

[14] Molly Young Brown, Unfolding Self (2004) p. 146


[16] Kabbalah of Genesis, a Free Online Course:

"Human Design provides you with a clearcut map of your own mind, revealing its conditioned pathways through which it traps you in homogenized second hand identities, and also its true motivational forces that enable you to conceptualize and express your differentiated awareness in a unique way. In Human Design we understand this by looking at the brain and the mind and how they are configured, whether they are Left or Right oriented.

The Left Brain stores information by focusing on remembering the detailed ingredients as they were met on the outside and in direct relationship to the level of importance to its survival. The Left Brain requires more energy because there is work to do. It is focused on the way it selects what information it stores and where it stores it. If you imagine a child sorting colored blocks, the left brain child wants to take a green block and store it with the other green blocks. They look for it (focus on it) and when they find it, they put it in the appropriate box.

The Right Brain stores experience without focusing mentally on any of the details, but by simply realizing on the inside the quality of the feeling it contributes to the life. So the right brain child with the same colored blocks as the left brain child will put all of the blocks together in one box, there is no order or logical path, the information is stored without the added effort of sorting (or focusing)

The Left mind is strategic and orders the information it receives in a goal-oriented, narrow and focussed way. For example, when using building blocs to create a house there must first be a goal. The house is the goal and the left mind sets about achieving that specific goal according to a prescribed set of parameters already established in the way they store information.

The Right mind is receptive and cannot access it’s stored information itself. They take in everything and then create without a particular prescribed set of parameters. They are therefore more creative in discovering new associations, for example, when creating a house from building blocks.":




[20] "The information about your life in the 'Book of Destiny' comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. The information it will give you will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through.":



[23] The Human Design System began coming into the world in 1987 however it wasn't until 1993 that it began to be available through our modern day technological systems.:
"In 1993, the Human Design System through the brilliantly creative power of Erik Memmert its software 'Neutrinos Through Windows', without which the HDS could not have been disseminated.":

[24] Romans 12:2

[25] - pg. 22




[29] "true happiness does not depend on any object, possession or person. It comes from above":

[30] - See more at:"

[31] "All the thoughts and feelings that take shape in the minds of human beings, whether they are conscious of this or not, are living beings, and those who bring them into existence nourish them invisibly, every day, with their own emanations.":


[33] The Ching deserves it's own study for understanding our affinity in the great cosmic order that is operating through the polarities of life. Understanding that requires opening both sides of our mind. "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." — Albert Einstein:

"The only remedy lies in understanding.":

Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective.:

Understanding is the Gift of the 4th Gene Key and the Siddhi is Forgiveness (also referred to in the the March 15th entry plus see the following footnote).

[34] "The true answer to the question of Human Design lies within each of us, as we experiment with its truth in our lives. The answer is in our genes, and this is knowledge that is a key to those genes." -
Page 4 of "Opening Doors With Gene Keys - An Introduction To The Human Design System" - Richard Rudd - 2002
"The Gene Keys are an inner language whose central purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives onto a new level of awareness.":

[35] Richard Rudd in Gene Keys at the 55th Gene Key - Part 1.




[39] Psalm 115:17



“We use astrology most constructively and creatively when we gain from it a sense of what is possible for us at the highest levels of our potentialities. Seeing that, the challenge is then to keep our eyes open to life itself, to be able to respond appropriately when some event or change of circumstances…” ~ Dane Rudhyar, Astrological Aspects – a Process Oriented Approach:
Access here:






[47] The Astrology Book; Appendix A: Reading Your Own Astrology Chart








[55] From the Human Design System (The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu).
Re: Sacral Center Gate 42: INCREASE - THE GATE OF GROWTH -

"The expansion of the resources which maximizes the development of full potential. -

Gate 42 is the tenacity to stay with a cycle in order to maximize its inherent potential. The Abstract's cyclical process generates growth, and balanced development by using humanity's collected experiences to create a foundation for future progress. Each cycle you enter into builds on the lessons learned from the last. When a cycle has run its course, you will determine what is needed to bring it to a conclusion. Before you can begin a new cycle, the former cycle must be brought to its natural end, or what was left unfinished or incomplete will have to be revisited in the new one. That is especially true in relationships where you can feel stuck or held back by unresolved patterns of behavior that can date back as far as your childhood.

You are focused on what it takes energetically to complete a cycle or process, and weak or insufficiendy supported beginnings will make you nervous and uncomfortable. It is important that what you commit to is correct for you, as it is very difficult for you to extract yourself from something once you have committed to it, like an unfortunate marriage for example. By waiting until you are comfortable committing your energy, through (your own) Strategy and Authority, you maximize your own 'satisfaction potential.'

Without (corresponding Root Center) Gate 53 to provide the initiating spark, you may find that you lack the staying power to complete the process, or feel frustrated trying to start things that never really get going.

Line 6 - Nurturing, Line 5 - Self-Actualization, Line 4 - The Middle Man, Line 3 - Trial and Error, Line 2 - Identification, Line 1 - Diversification."




[59] "The Human Design System is a pure synthesis of the latest scientific discoveries and the wisdom of the ancients, and like any synthesis, Human Design is far greater than the sum of its parts. On one side we have quantum physics, biochemistry and genetics, and on the other, the four of the great esoteric systems of the world: astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah and the Chinese I Ching. It is an alchemist’s dream.":

Additional Note: Before The Human Design System was revealed astrological science had been relegated to a non-scientific status out of a lack of understanding as to the basis for its validity according to the modern (Western) world paradigm. However that relegation is destined to change now that quantum physics has realized the actuality of the neutrino. Astrologers can now begin to take a more confident stand on the playing field of science as scientific research continues to catch up with the ancient wisdom of those who have included the "esoteric"!


[61] From an interview with Thomas H. Meyer[62] -

[62] Author of Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission: The Birth and Development of Spiritual-Scientific Karma Research and Milestones: In the life of Rudolf Steiner and the Development of Anthroposophy, among many other books. Meyer also publishes the monthly magazine The Present Age for the advancement of Spiritual Science. His rich understanding of Steiner and his work and how they relate to building a human society and culture reflects Meyer’s lifetime of study and experience.:


[64] Matthew 5:48 - Also translated as: "You therefore shall be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect."

[65] Unless you realize that you can choose not to be subject to external government just as it was declared in the first and second of the American Organic Laws!


[67] Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries by Edouard Schuré [1906] -


[69] copyright Gene Keys 2012



[72] Daily Meditation: Friday, March 9, 2018 - "Phases of the moon, the - their influence, and how to use them":




[76] Mothers and Matriarchy: The Mythology and Psychology of the Moon by Liz Greene

[77] "The Moon’s Nodes in Action" - Copy Editor: Anne Whitaker -





[82] From the day's email message with subject starting with: "QAS Replay ..." From: Karen Curry.




[86] "The Greatest Gift":


[88] "Consciousness Of Truth A Manual for the Enlightenment Intensive", Second Edition; by: Charles Berner and Mona Sosna; page 21 - under the section heading: "Being open to the object of enlightenment."


[90] "Leaving the Matrix" By: Nina Heikkila


[92] "The Gene Keys Golden Path - Genius: A guide to your Activation Sequence" By: Richard Rudd; pg. 47.





[97] "Opening Doors with Gene Keys - An Introduction to the Human Design System", By: Richard Rudd

[98] "The Seat Of The Soul By: Gary Zukav; page 16 of the Foreword.

[99] Ibid; last couple pages of Chapter 1.

[100] From the current subscription email regarding: "LIVE Episode 4 of The Love is Medicine Project" By: "Love is Medicine" Producer and Host: Razi Berry.


A search result inspired by "Thought for the day" as follows:

Thought of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -

"The Cabbalah tells us that the face of the first man was that of the Creator himself.

Later on, when the intellect awakened in man (a process symbolized by the serpent coiled around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil), he left paradise. He descended into the denser regions of matter where he experienced cold, darkness, sickness and death, and his face changed.

So, now that he is no longer the faithful image of God, he has lost his power; the spirits of nature no longer obey him and instead take pleasure in tormenting him.

If man, one day, manages to recapture the face that was his at the beginning,(i) all the spirits of the universe would submit to him once more.(ii) Until then, he will continue to resemble the prodigal son in the parable who, having left his father's house to travel the world, ends wretchedly as a swineherd. But at least the prodigal son finally understood that he should return to his father's house. What about you? ……… Will you ever understand that you must return to the source in order to recapture the light, love and life of your heavenly Father? ………(iii)

(i) This “original face” is the object of a buddhist contemplation.

(ii) At Man’s command, just as the current Treatise that I am reading presents:
“Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings: In Their First Spiritual Divine Property, Virtue, and Power”,
by Martines de Pasqually:



Knowledge and understanding of both your Human Design as well as your Gene Keys can support the actualization of your Higher Self. This actualization process can become a shared reality in "Dyad" communications! "Revelation Consultations" begins by introducing individuals to their unique Human Design. Through Human Design we can progressively access the Gene Key correlations. For more information on the Gene Keys teachings please follow this link:


Life, transformation, truth, destiny cards, self referral, energy, intelligence, awareness, self sufficient, bliss, brain, Neuroscience, genetics, human design, body, bone, deconditioning, decision making, gene keys, mind, authentic self, omraam, personality, dyad, liberty, freedom, Rudolf Steiner, communication, astrology, aura, clarity, gratitude, anxiety, dialogue, relating exercise, attitude, healing, deconditioning, change


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