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Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Man’s Two Natures - the problem with imposing, making demands and compelling others plus the impact on one's energy.

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June 16, 2022 - "If human beings were clairvoyant -

or even just more sensitive, they would realize that the atmosphere in the psychic world is even less fit to breathe than that in the physical world. They complain about the smoke and fumes from factories and cars... But individually, they themselves do nothing but poison the spiritual atmosphere with the toxic emanations arising from their negative thoughts and their feelings of hatred, jealousy, anger or discontent. Yes, it is important to know that all those unhealthy thoughts and feelings fermenting inside humans produce foul-smelling, suffocating fumes. We blame cars, but what are cars compared to the billions of ignorant individuals who have never learned to control their base passions?" -
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[238]*

March 7, 2021 -

"When people are distressed, or have been insulted or offended, they find it normal to be upset and even to cry. But when they experience true beauty, a painting, music, a poem, or a landscape, convention forbids them to show their emotions; they would be ashamed to shed a tear. Well, I say that it should be the other way around – we should be stoic and unmoved in the face of sorrow or offense, but capable of showing emotion and shedding tears in the presence of beauty. For the tears prompted by beauty are a blessed dew, a shower from heaven, magnificent currents that purify you and water the flowers of your inner garden. Tears of disappointment and bitterness may bring you some relief, but no more than that. Tears of wonder, however, are infused with divine power."[237]*


This "Thought" arrived hours after this writer had experienced "emotion and shedding of tears in the presence of beauty" regarding the Divine nature of the great Mother working through the human nature of mothers.

January 17, 2021 -

"It is true that we live in a society in which a great many things need to be changed, but this must not be achieved through violence. Besides, true change is never wrought through violence, which always leads to greater evils than those it claims to cure. So, how can we bring about change in society? By our way of life. It is by first transforming themselves that human beings can change the whole world. But for this to happen, they need a Teaching, that is to say, a system and methods. For this is the crux of the matter: you have to live a new life based on a new philosophy supported and nourished by a new understanding of love. Harmony then begins to take root in people who become beneficial, constructive agents for all of humanity."[236]

January 4, 2021 -

"...concentrate on everlasting, indestructible riches"[235]

December 29, 2020 - New Understanding For The New Earth -

"... The work of Christ is to purify, harmonize and illuminate all things; to make all things converge towards the divine Source, so that the water from that Source may spill over, and bring life to the earth and all its creatures."[234]

December 25, 2020 - A New Thought for a Merry Christmas! -

"What do we celebrate at Christmas? The union of the soul and the spirit. The soul and the spirit unite to give birth to a seed that is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests itself as an inner light that dispels all darkness; as heat of such intensity that even if the whole world were to abandon us, we would never feel alone; as an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is accompanied by an influx of pure energy that urges us to work for the coming of the kingdom of God. Through this work, we discover the extraordinary joy of feeling connected to the whole universe and to all evolved souls, of being part of this immensity, and we are certain that no one can take this joy away from us. In India, this state is called Buddhic consciousness; Christians call it the birth of Christ."[233]

December 20, 2020 - Seek The Quintessence In All Things -

"Our most frequent actions are those of our ordinary everyday lives, but we can learn to transpose them onto a spiritual plane in order to accede to higher orders of life. When we eat, for instance, what really counts is not the food itself, but the energy contained within it, the imprisoned quintessence in which life itself lies hidden. The substance of food is merely a support. We must seek out the quintessence within this matter in order to nourish our subtle bodies. It is a mistake to think that we eat merely to feed our physical body. We also eat in order to nourish our heart, our intellect, our soul and our spirit."[232]

December 19, 2020 - We Are Microcosms of The Universe - As Above So Below -

"The structure of a human being, like that of the universe, obeys the laws of hierarchy; the closer we get to the summit, the more subtle, pure and etheric matter becomes. In order to obtain particles of this etheric substance, we therefore have to elevate ourselves, and we are equipped do so...."[231]

December 7, 2020 - True Spiritualists -

"How does an oyster set about making a pearl? To begin with, a tiny grain of sand falls into its shell, and this grain of sand is a difficulty, an irritant. ‘Oh’, says the oyster, ‘How can I get rid of this? It scratches and itches, what can I do?’ It starts to think and concentrate – it meditates. And one day, it begins to secrete a special substance with which it surrounds this rough grain of sand so that it becomes smooth, polished and velvety. The oyster feels proud of its success for it has overcome a difficulty. This is the lesson of the pearl oyster: it teaches us that we can envelop our troubles and vexations with a luminous, iridescent substance and in so doing, amass untold riches within us. True spiritualists are those who know how to work on their difficulties and turn them into precious pearls."[230]


This "Thought" is a favorite of this blog-writer. Although he was already well familiar with the analogy of the oyster he finds this presentation by Omraam most delightful! Everything that Omraam says about the characterization of the oyster makes this presentation utterly unique! Omraam also extends the analogy into another sphere with reference to the "untold riches"! There is simply no other "oyster" analogy that comes close to this one!

June 21, 2020 - When Facing Danger -

"When you are faced with a dangerous situation, before taking action, keep still for a moment. Do not move or speak, clench your right fist and breathe deeply, all the while linking yourself to heaven. By doing so, you will manage to gain control of your cells, and you will then be able to do whatever is necessary to save yourself. But to begin with, do not move, because giving in to an uncontrolled movement is like blowing up a dam: the flood tides will surge through you, and you will be powerless to put things right. ..."[229]

April 1, 2020 - Happy "All Fools Day"! -

You can "gradually gain mastery of your thoughts"![228]


A really good idea these days given that fear-based thoughts are actually the real "contagion" that (in this Blog-writer's opinion) is driving people into emotional states that are probably depressing their immunity.

March 19, 2020 - Your Three Horses -

"You all know what a troika is: a vehicle drawn by three horses harnessed together. Well, every human being drives a troika. The three horses are, symbolically speaking, our three bodies – physical, astral and mental – and we must guide them all at once. Each horse is of a different colour: the physical horse is red, the astral horse is green, and the mental horse is yellow. In order to keep the three horses moving obediently and harmoniously in step, the disciple must keep a firm grip on the reins. That is to say, the disciple must guide them by means of the subtle, etheric reins of the will and must know exactly how to control each one. Our physical horse needs food and drink in moderation along with exercises that develop flexibility. Our astral horse must be tamed with purity, gentleness and love. Lastly, our mental horse must be trained to be attentive and vigilant. So, our task is to regain control over our horses, to keep them in step so that they do not throw us or take us where we do not want to go."[227]


This Blog-writer wonders whether these three "horses" relate to the "four horsemen of the apocalypse."

March 4, 2020 -

"... never follow your lower nature, nor those people who are subject to theirs. "[226]


"those people who are subject to theirs" might possibly be virtually every individual who is "of the world."

February 24, 2020 - A Healthy and Necessary Skepticism Is required to Evolve! -

"Everything has to evolve, even religion; but in the area of religion, more than in any other, human beings tend to believe that precepts and rites instituted centuries ago are valid for all eternity. No, it is a mistake to think so. Everything evolves, everything advances. Look how fast modern science is evolving! Yes, science evolves but religion does not. Why are scientists always making new discoveries? Because they do not believe; they doubt, and it seems that their doubts spur them on to further progress. Whereas the religious believe, but faith – when it is not alive – makes humans stagnate. Moreover, we can no longer even call this faith; it is superstition or fanaticism."[225]

February 19, 2020 - Got "Flowing Water"? -

"... our inner lives are like flowing water, always new, always different and it is this water that we love."[224]


Virtually every day tis Blog-writer gives thanks for "flowing water" as he pours water. Sometimes he sings a song inspired by scripture:
Spring up a well of living water,
spring up a well within my soul,
spring a well that gives to me
that life abundantly!

February 11, 2020 -

"... This ability will enable (you) to continue to progress peacefully for the rest of eternity."[223]*

February 5, 2020 - "Ask and it will be given you."[222]

February 3, 2020 - To "become truly perceptive, intuitive, and even clairvoyant" -

".... learn to put yourself in other people’s place. If you get into the habit of doing this, it will not be long before you become truly perceptive, intuitive, and even clairvoyant."[221]


Knowing another's Human Design (plus Gene Keys, etc,) will support your ability to "put yourself in other people’s place."

January 14, 2020 -

"All the exchanges we constantly make as we eat, drink, breathe and come into with contact with people, animals or with nature itself, leave us with many impure particles. It is therefore necessary to know how to purify ourselves on all planes ..."[220]


This quintessential need "to purify ourselves on all planes" is underscored now with the most recent and still current conjunction of Saturn and Pluto given that Pluto is the planet of the deepest purification. Therefore choose to cleanse yourself by releasing any and all impurities of whatever kind: thought-forms, archetypes, beings, entities, situations and energies that no longer serve your greatest and highest good across all planes of your existence, across all universes and across all lifetimes. Ask that all energies that are less than Agape-Brotherly Love be transmuted for the highest good of all!

January 11, 2020 -

If you succeed in placing the Lord at the head of your life, angels and archangels will follow Him to keep Him company, and you will be truly transformed. But for this to happen, you must at least say to yourself, ‘I do not want to command, I want to be a servant, I want to obey, I want the Lord to come to dwell within me’, and then work to embody this as much as you can. In the end, when the Lord finds that the conditions are right for Him, He comes, and with Him come angels, which settle in every part of your being. You see, just by making a change at the head, everything is transformed; it can be no other way. If the Lord decides to dwell somewhere, do you expect Him to come alone or to be surrounded by devils? No, He is accompanied by a host of luminous and beautiful entities that come to sing in His presence."[215]


The possibility of "heaven on earth" requires starting with the head. Similarly - "As Above So Below" requires that we know this principal. Because "no one is able to lay another Foundation besides the [one] being already laid ..."[216] This Blog-writer is especially thinking of the foundations of Law in America as this happens to be the topic of the day published earlier in articles by Anna Von Reitz which this writer had previously commented on and posted at his blog: "Right Knowledge For American Law - Prt. III."[217] Anna would agree that Law relates to "religion" (although the writer would state this reference to "religion" more in terms of "things of a spiritual nature"). If all law comes from the spiritual realm then we will have to at least know the spiritual perspective in order to have "Right Knowledge For American Law." The possibility of presenting this perspective as part of a whole all-inclusive "big picture" (that may require a sequence of pictures) appears to be in seed form as of today, 33 hours after the most recent Full Moon in Cancer and along with the current planetary positions as follows:

Sun: 21 Capricorn 25
Moon: 09 Leo 51
Mercury: 22 Capricorn 23
Venus: 28 Aquarius 05
Mars: 05 Sagittarius 56
Jupiter: 09 Capricorn 14
Saturn: 22 Capricorn 43
Uranus: 02 Taurus 39
Neptune: 16 Pisces 31
Pluto: 22 Capricorn 46[218]

The Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are now conjunct and form a stellium not only in Capricorn but in the 61st Hexagram/Gate as described in "Astrological Perspectives.[219] "61" is "Inner Truth."

January 5, 2020 -

"Jesus came to teach humans that true sacrifice is not about offering God something outside of ourselves such as fruit, flour, or livestock, and so on. For even if the offering of produce from the land or of animals shows a willingness to give something up, the sacrifice is still not as essential as giving up certain weaknesses, appetites or lusts. Jesus thus came to teach us not to sacrifice exterior animals anymore, but rather our inner animals. Yes, because our lower nature is the lair of all animals, both wild and domestic ..."[213]

Also see another (possibly more graceful) perspective in "Transforming Shadow."[214]

January 1, 2020 - Happy New Year! - May you gain perfect 20/20 Vision for this new year and beyond! -

If you vision includes peace then the following quote from Omraam may be of interest to you!

“… in order to establish peace in the world, one must have a profound understanding of human nature. You will probably (think), ‘Oh, human nature: we know it only too well!’ But I don ’t agree: no one really understands the psychic structure of man with his different subtle bodies and all their different needs and aspirations. And, above all, no one knows the twofold nature of man …: the lower self and the higher Self, the personality and the individuality. As long as those who work and hope for peace are ignorant of this science of man, they can do whatever they like but they will never establish peace in the world.

“Nowadays, a lot of people spend their time accusing others of fermenting war. They think that in this way they are contributing to world peace. Some blame the rich; others say that the fault lies with intellectuals, scientists or politicians. Believers accuse those who are not of their own particular Faith of heresies that are leading men to damnation, whereas non-believers accuse religious believers of fanaticism. Look around you and you will see that everyone thinks that if one could just get rid of something or someone else peace would reign in the world. And it is precisely here that everyone is mistaken. Even if mankind managed to get rid of all the armies and all their weapons, the very next day men would find other means of exterminating each other.

Peace is something that exists within us; it is an inner state, an inner attitude, and it cannot be established in the world simply by getting rid of externals. First and foremost we have to get rid of the causes of war within us.”[211]


Re: "Peace is something that exists within us" This Blog-writer highly recommends contemplating the 6th Gene Key (known as "The Path to Peace") corresponding to Gate 6 in the Human Design (Emotional) Solar Plexus center. The three frequencies are: Shadow of Conflict, Gift of Diplomacy and Siddhi of Peace.

"The 6th Shadow of Conflict is the single most influential Gene Key in regard to the issue of human communication. At its highest potential, the 6th Gene Key is the archetype of peace on earth, whilst at its lowest potential it is the root cause of all human conflict. This conflict stems from the human emotional system and our inability to handle the voltage of extreme emotional states. Conflict breaks out whenever two or more people agree to identify with their emotional state. As long as you surrender your will to the emotional state you will be trapped by its volatile nature.”[212]

The key here is to refrain from identifying with emotional states and/or at least refrain from "agreeing" with another individual. That's on the negative side of this lesson. The positive side is to direct one's will in another direction, ideally toward raising your frequency "above the emotional gravitational pull" that is inherent in conflict.

Continuing with Omraam -

“Man can only be healthy and in peace if each of his organs does its work disinterestedly and selflessly, for the good of the whole. But that kind of peace and health is purely physical. When it comes to peace of the soul and spirit, we have to go much higher: all the different elements which go to make up the that other whole, our psychic organism, must also vibrate in unison, selflessly, impartiality and without friction, just like the organs of the physical body. Peace, therefore, is a higher state of consciousness and, as our state of consciousness depends on the health of our physical body, as the least little problem on the physical plane finds an echo on the psychic plan, the physical and psychic organisms must be in harmony with each other before we can know true peace.”[212]

Re: "... the physical and psychic organisms must be in harmony with each other" - The truth of this was also acknowledged by Rudolf Steiner when he was asked about conflict between members of the society. After about seven years of devotion to the spiritual life in "The Church"the need for balance and harmony for this writer compelled him to focus on physical and psychic wellbeing. Several years later he encountered Waldorf, Steiner, Anthroposophy, Biodynamics, etc which altogether validated his sense of inner knowingness that developing an awareness of all the "wholes" was required and that they all needed attention and care. That knowingness first began budding in his consciousness in 1970 yet apparently required a seven-year cycle to actually begin sprouting. This "developing an awareness of all the 'wholes'" is an amazing journey and especially so in a time when the ways of the world are all fractionated to the point that there are PhDs and other specialists in their chosen fields who are at elemental levels of understanding in other (yet related) fields. The extent of this fractionalization is also amazing to this writer!

December 29, 2019 -

"... for those who are conscious and active, the present works on the past and prepares a future of light and joy."[210]

December 28, 2019 - Prepare Now For 2020! -

"The birth of a new year is like the birth of a child: it is the beginning of a life that will last just twelve months. ... the first day of the year determines the first month, the second day, the second month, and so on. So ... live, think, feel, and behave as well as possible, at least during the first twelve days, so as to ensure an intelligent, luminous start to the year and thus influence and determine it favorably."[209]


According to the science behind Cards of Illumination - the monthly calendar begins on January 1st with the King of Spades known as "The Master." To apply the math that determines this: you take the number of the month of the year (i.e. January = 1), double it (= 2) add the number of the day (+2 = 3) and subtract that sum from the total "Solar Number" value of 55 (= 52). Then count through the suits of 13 cards each (Hearts 1 to 13, Clubs 14 to 26, Diamonds to 27 to 39 and Spades 40 to 52) until you arrive at the soar value that you have just calculated for your day (i.e. 52 = King of Spades). By using this formula you can determine the Birth Card of any individual or of any day!

If the date is for an individual then you can add the solar value of your birth card to the solar value of that individual's card to get a total representing the combined solar value of the two cards and then identify another card with that number for the card representing the solar value of that relationship.

Back to "The Master" (the King of Spades) - there is no greater powerful card influence than this King! The day of the King of Spades influence only occurs once a year on January 1st! You can use this day in a self-empowering way to start your year off in the right direction toward your greater mastery!

December 19, 2019 -

Even if human beings aren’t aware of it, all of them come to earth with the imprints of what they experienced in the heavenly regions with God.
This life is recorded within them as an indelible memory, which is why they sometimes feel nostalgia for it.
Sometimes, an encounter, a face, a reading, a landscape, an image, or music awakens a distant memory within them.
They again experience a few moments of paradise, they feel inhabited by peace and light.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t last; and when the time comes to resume their daily activities, they fail to realize that there is something they could do to retain these states, and they even forget them.
Far from God, far from the spiritual sun, humans gradually lose every opportunity to live and manifest themselves with joy, love and freedom.
They could very easily lead their earthly lives and fulfil their obligations and still maintain their bond with him. But this obviously requires a lot of vigilance and, when they feel they are drifting away, they must do everything to find their way back.[208]


Re: the awakening of "... a distant memory within" The whole vision of Cheeta[139][175] can have this kind of impact on an individual who is willing to identify their Highest Idea.


December 7, 2019 -

Humans are unaware that thoughts, feelings and deeds which are not inspired by true love and wisdom produce disturbances in the unseen, the effects of which extend well beyond their lives on earth. They themselves are no longer there, but any selfish and malevolent thoughts, feelings and actions they did not bother to repair add fuel to the destructive currents that flow through space and poison the earth’s psychic atmosphere. So try to realize that each of your manifestations not only produces effects on specific people, at a given time and place; they also trigger beneficial or evil forces in the invisible world, and we do not know just how far or for how long these forces will have the power to act. Consequently, take stock of yourselves from time to time. Recall the circumstances in which you could have behaved better, and if you cannot mend your mistakes materially, strive at least, by thought, to restore harmony and peace in and around you.[206]


This underscores the quintessential need for awareness and for cultivating mindfulness as a way of life! All of this can be supported with a healthy social life that can take any number of forms. Whether that is based on a real intentional community, a co-creative shared household, a loving partnership or a socially-minded initiative is secondary to whether the unique individuality of each is acknowledged and honored in the whole and where the spirit of the greater whole is reflected in each individual.

Or - as Rudolf Steiner said it:
"The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community is shaped,
And when in the community
Lives the strength of each human soul."[207]

December 6, 2019 -

We are used to opposing heaven and earth, yet heaven and earth are not two opposite or even separate worlds: not only are they in constant contact with one another, their exchanges sustain life in the universe. ... some particularly sensitive people have been able to see entities descend from the higher regions to work on human beings, animals and stones, then leave once their work was done. There are extraordinarily poetic stories on this subject. One day, all of humanity will be able to behold the creatures that come and go between the earth and the sun, and even further still.[205]


Several hours earlier (before ever reading the above "Thought for the day") this blog-writer was thinking that with heaven on earth one can free themselves from the idea that they have to die to go to heaven. That thought evolved from knowing family members who consciously embraced death to get into heaven.

November 8, 2019 -

"Each day, the coexistence of our two natures, the higher and the lower, pose such problems for us! This is why, when our higher nature encourages us to behave honestly, to make an effort, we must also make sure that our lower nature is not informed of it, so that it doesn’t come and throw up obstacles. This is a principle used in military strategy: the generals who finalize the battle plans do not disclose them to everyone, because if the enemy knew of them they would prepare a counterattack. In the same way, when the higher nature makes its plans, it has to protect them from the lower nature’s manoeuvring. The lower nature mustn’t be aware of what the higher nature is doing, but the higher nature, on the contrary, must keep watch over the lower nature to avoid its traps, since the lower nature is constantly busy fomenting shady business. So, it is necessary to keep our higher nature constantly on alert, so that it can observe what is happening and intervene, when needed, to restore order."[203]


This "Thought" comes now at a very interesting time for a number of reasons including the fact that this blog-writer is in the midst of a viewing of: "JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick -Francis Richard Conolly"[204] that presents one of the largest overviews of "our lower nature" as the base from which the world system has been built upon. In light of this comes the realization that the problems of this world can not be solved with the same (lower nature) mindset and that what is truly needed is a personal transformation whereby we can live and co-create anew according to "our higher nature."

October 6, 2019 -

"Earth is a school, a learning centre to which we descend for many reasons, and mainly to settle the debts we incurred in our previous incarnations due to our mistakes. ..."[201]


This "Thought for the day" arrived immediately after researching the CFR and stumbling upon the "File:CFR-Interlocks-2004"[202]

September 5, 2019 _

"Any confusion or malaise we might feel warns us that an 'enemy' is after us. ..."[200]


This writer does not have a complete mental picture that Omraam had in mind by using "an 'enemy'" in the above quote. However he suggests considering just one (of 64) gate in "The Human Design System" known as "Gate 64: Before Completion - The Gate of Confusion." And/or consider Richard Rudd's presentation of the "64th Gene Key" - especially since Richard acknowledges Omraam "Above all" as a "great Rishi who has guided the upper reaches of my awareness ..."
In the Gene Keys we find an all-inclusive acceptance of the fear-based "Shadow" frequencies of consciousness of which "Confusion" is one of these Shadows.

August 19, 2019 -

If you place the idea of the Creator at the centre of your life, if you have faith in him, love him and base your hopes on him, you will be preparing the inner path along which you will continue to progress throughout your life. Each conviction you keep alive in you influences your destiny. On the psychic plane, as on the physical plane, the absence or presence of certain elements gives different results. Ask a cook or chemist whether the presence or absence of certain ingredients in their cooking and their laboratory experiments gives the same results. The whole of life demonstrates the importance of an element being present or absent. So, it is even more important when it is a matter of the presence or absence in people’s lives of the idea of God, of his wisdom and his love.[199]

The "idea of the Creator" as Infinite Love-Light, penetrating, permeating the interspaces of the U-n-I-verse with His Agape Love-Light - including our mind - because - (according to A Course In Miracles) His Light is what our mind is!

August 15, 2019 -

"... Every activity we pursue, however modest, brings renewed energy, if we make the effort to accompany it with a feeling of love and with light-filled thoughts."[198]

August 8, 2019 -

Each day we have to solve the problems posed by the fact that we have two natures, a higher and a lower nature, or our individuality and our personality. So, we must begin by acquiring the knowledge that will enable us to tell the difference between the two. And most importantly, if we do not want to be continually pulled this way and that between them, we must put our lower nature in the service of our higher nature and keep a constant eye on it, because it is rebellious and crafty. Even if it appears to accept the authority of the higher nature, it is in fact endlessly seeking to overturn its power. Perhaps you think, then, that the simplest thing would be to get rid of the lower nature? No, it is part of being human; without it, humans would not be able to survive, because it is a store of hidden resources: their instincts, their appetites and everything that enables them to remain attached to the earth, where they are destined to live for a certain amount of time. They just have to learn to be more intelligent and stronger than it is, for once it is mastered it is their higher nature’s best servant.[197]

August 4, 2019 -

The Creator gave humans a mission: to bring the spirit down to dwell in them, so that everything in them that was lifeless would be brought to life.(i) They have great obstacles to overcome before they achieve this, but that is their work: to awaken the powers the Creator has placed in them, so that they can fully realize their divine predestination.(ii) So, from now on, everyone knows what they have to do; they just have to be willing to do it. Lazy people will claim they are not clear what spiritual work is, but they are not being honest with themselves, that’s all.(iii) Those who truly want to work will receive the necessary teaching and advice; if they refuse it, they will suffer. Of course, those who undertake this work will suffer too – as long as we are on earth, we cannot fail to suffer – but it is not the same kind of suffering. And they accept it, because it feels as though this suffering becomes a blessing for them: they learn how to use it to grow in the light.[195]


(i) This blog-writer is eternally all-grateful for the many blessings of knowing "the spirit" and its "mission" of and for life! This first line in the above quote could be elaborated upon - virtually forever - and this writer is looking forward to doing that! He is commenting on this now immediately after hearing a fellow gardener speak of relationships to nature in the "Enchanter Garden Onion"(EGO). There's a contrast in the EGO that shows up in the garden in forms that are living and those that are dead.
Furthermore - this "mission: to bring the spirit down to dwell in them" includes resurrection through healing, (or healing through resurrection) as well as an enlightened stewardship that can manifest a genuine "enchanted garden."

(ii) Supporting individuals to: "fully realize their divine predestination" is the dedicated life-work of this writer-consultant.

(iii) This is radical self-honesty and it comes under the "First Agreement": "Be Impeccable With Your Word."

And for the 5th -

The disciples of a spiritual teaching are aware that within them there is something beautiful and great that longs only to express itself, and they seek the help of beings of light from the invisible world. Their wish flows from them as a subtle fluid, and the entities that pick this up are always ready to respond to their request. But it is one thing to have a spiritual ideal and quite another to keep it firmly in your soul. When you have succeeded in elevating your inner state, it is difficult to stay on the high ground. But you have to cling on, because it is up there that you will find pure air, light and freedom. In our universe, it is the sun that represents the summit, the spirit. In order to reach their inner summit and remain there, disciples of spiritual science must make daily efforts to hoist themselves up to the sun. Then when they come back down to face whatever events may occur, a part of them will remain up above, in the sun, inspiring all their decisions.[196]


Much of what is presented in the quote immediately above here can be correlated with the Gene Keys. "Light" is the Siddhi of the 11th Gene Key that has it's correspondence with the Ajna center in Human Design. Beauty is the 1st Gene Key Siddhi with correspondence to the Self center. Freedom is the 55th Gift and Siddhi within the Solar Plexus center. This is possibly the epicenter for the transmutation that will begin manifesting within the next ten years. Illumination can be considered in this instance as the 64th Gene Key corresponding to the Crown center. Idealism is the Gift in the 11th Gene Key. Inspiration is the 61st Gift also in the Crown. These five Gene Keys could be contemplated over the course of a year with about two and a half months/ten weeks which amounts to seventy-three days on each Gene Key. This blog-writer can imagine a genuine transformation for virtually anyone who has the will "to cling on"! Oh, one more Gene Key for this course: the 12th with a Siddhi of Purity - corresponds with the Throat center. Now that's about sixty-one days per Gene Key!

June 19, 2019 -

We often hear people complain that they are lacking something. When will they become aware of everything they have received from God, their Creator? And they imagine they can justify their ingratitude by saying they do not believe in God. If they do not believe in God, they must think of everything they owe to nature: not only the elements of which their body is made, but also all that allows them to subsist: air, water, food, the light and heat of the sun... Humans are often justifiably proud of their skills and ingenuity, but from where did they get the materials they use to make their instruments, devices and even their works of art? From nature. Yet, not only are they ungrateful, they spoil nature and waste its riches. In so doing, they transgress the laws of cosmic order symbolized by scales. For all that we receive, we must give something in return, at the very least our gratitude and respect. This is the balance of the cosmic scales.[194]

June 15, 2019 -

Humans are like seeds thrown into the world by the Creator. Each seed carries within it the image of divine perfection and its predestination is to sprout and grow until it becomes a tree. While it is already wonderful to be a seed, it is even more desirable to become a tree with roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit that will in turn produce seeds. By striving to gradually improve each of our manifestations, we come closer to the perfection our heavenly Father has in mind for us. We bear the imprint of this perfection engraved for all eternity on our soul, and if we learn to focus on it, one day, we too will become trees of life.[193]


Just before this writer had entered "The Church Life" he had a vision of being a seed - sprouting & growing. Now he can envision the becoming a "tree of life." (The coconut palm is a wonderful tree of life! ; ~ )

June 2, 2019 -

Just how many people forget the present and think only about the future! ... Tomorrow does not yet exist, and if we worry about it, it is a bit like throwing ourselves into nothingness. We must work on today, for today is here and it does not die – it will go on, and in prolonging itself, it will become tomorrow. You have yet to see, taste, or touch this tomorrow, it is not a reality. The moment you touch it, you will no longer call it tomorrow, but today, and what was today you will call yesterday. The past is a memory and the future is a projection. Only the present is the true time of our life. Those who worry about the next day forget to live well in the present, and will therefore never know how this present can become an eternal present of harmony, beauty and light.[192]

May 24, 2019 - "Growing 'Old'"? -

"...if the wear of the body is in the natural order of things, internally, nothing forces us to grow old with it. Therefore, instead of becoming upset about the physical manifestations of age, humans should be concerned with nurturing that which always keeps them young and alive: their heart. ..."[190]


You are not your body - however if you don't nurture "that which always keeps (you) young and alive" then what else can you possibly identify yourself with? ......... Nevertheless there are ways to also nurture your body that can soften "the wear" of it. Number one in this Chef-doctor's book is bone broth![191] Especially when it is prepared in the ways that make "Food-As-Medicine"! Another possible way to "soften 'the wear'" may be to include some form or forms coconut.

May 20, 2019 - Regeneration! -

"When you take a walk in the forest ... tell yourself that these are creatures through which you can regenerate yourself. Choose one: an oak tree, a pine tree, a beech tree, a birch, and so on. Greet it, asking it to give you some of its strength. Then lean back against it, placing your left hand behind your back, palm against the tree trunk, and the palm of your right hand on your solar plexus. Concentrate on thinking that you are receiving streams of life from this tree through your left hand, and that you are pouring them into your solar plexus with your right hand. After a few minutes you will feel at peace and strengthened. Then thank the tree for what it has given you, and continue on your way. To practice this transfusion of energy properly, you must of course be aware that trees are living beings, and love them. These days, very few people have an idea of the tremendous strength the trees in the forest possess. Most people have lost the secrets of regeneration because they do not seek to study the language of each thing in nature...."[189]

May 15, 2019 - Just Say No! -

"All sorts of dark entities try to seduce humans. They must know how to recognize them and how to respond. To answer them, they can simply say ‘no’. Human beings' true power lies in saying no. No one in the world can make them do something they do not want to. Not even God can force them. If humans knew where their true power lay, they would triumph over every seduction, every temptation. If they make mistakes, it is because they consent to them. Evil spirits have the right and the means to tempt them, but they have no right to force them. It is through ignorance of their divine origin that humans succumb to the onslaught of evil. When they are able to say ‘no’, the spirits of darkness leave them and the spirits of light come to serve them. Each time they win an inner battle, each time they resist temptation, they receive light and strength."[187]

I don't think spiritual triumph can get much simpler than what is presented here by Omraam. Amazing as it might sound we just need to have "no" actively included in our vocabulary. If you value the power of "no" then you can "be impeccable with your word."[188]

April 28, 2019 - The Transcending Power Of Thought and Great Ideas! -

Omraam: "...In order to live in the land of our soul, this region where it is forever spring, we must feed our spiritual bodies. On the earth where we presently live it is impossible to escape winter, with its cold, its clouds and rain. But through thought we can already rise up to the region of this eternal spring..."[186]

One of the blessings this blog author received through this past day was an introduction to "Six Great Ideas" published in 1981 (amazing that it took thirty-eight years to come into view here). The "introduction" is too brief to make final conclusions about that book however there naturally is a world of difference between the two book authors. Before the above quoted "thought" of Omraam arrived - a note was made by yours truly saying: "Outline the frequency variables in the spectrum of consciousness in ideas." In other words ideas, even the greatest of the "Great Ideas" are like multi-story structures where one can enter the idea at many different levels ranging from ground level (or lower) and rising higher and higher. One example is the great idea of "Truth." One great classic example of the potential power of thought when we direct our thinking toward "truth" is: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident ...." and followed by the declared "truths"! These unanimously declared "self-evident Truths" expressed the very first Principal in American Law and that became our foundation for our original independent self-government as the sovereign American People through Organic Law. There is a very great deal to think upon in "these Truths"!

May 10, 2019 - Omraam's Thought for Today -

It is difficult to free ourselves from the astral and mental planes – ordinary feelings and thoughts – to rise to the causal plane where the spirit dictates its law. ... someone who wants to launch themselves up to the causal plane needs to develop the appropriate organs. And even when they succeed in projecting themselves up there, they cannot stay for more than a moment: they still lack the inner conditions required to remain there for any length of time. You will one day be able to achieve these conditions if, through prayer and meditation, you strive to ascend to the higher regions of your being as often as possible. Little by little, you will feel the impact of this work upon your thoughts, your feelings, your daily behaviour, and even upon your health. It will be as if orders had been given from above to organise and harmonise everything within you. Imagine you are preparing to climb a mountain. This image will bring you to another mountain within you, and then another, until the day you reach the summit, the causal plane, your higher self.

The initial impulse "to launch ... up to the causal plane" arose spontaneously within this writer in 1970. However he had no idea of his "needs to develop the appropriate organs." Fortunately he was "captured" into The Church where there appeared to be good ground for the planting of new seeds. Now forty-nine years later and it seems that "the inner conditions required" are only recently being achieved. Forty-nine years - that's seven cycles of seven! It's apparent now that what is involved in achieving the "conditions" is not only the de-conditioning of whatever binds us to the astral and mental planes but also whatever is of karmic necessity. In this writer's life the emphasis has been on the balancing of accounts as that "necessity" is represented by the natal Moon in Balsamic phase.

April 17, 2019 - No Need to Perpetuate a "Sense of Martyrdom"! -

"... True sacrifice is found in disinterested love for all human beings. Those who have understood the meaning and power of love need not inflict suffering upon themselves ..."[185]

This author is most familiar with the "endangering (of) life in sacrifice to the Divine" that although it first became apparent in a gap of time prior to his entrance into "The Church" the impulse continued over five years into the "Church life." All grateful to have this particular subject matter brought out into the light so it can be consciously reflected upon. There is no need for anyone to perpetuate a "sense of martyrdom"! And with this thought in mind this author could re-examine the presentation of Jovianism that refers to 3rd Line Profiles as: "Martyr."

Cont. Re: "Martyr" -

"The keynote of Martyr refers to the 3rd line's ability to stand up and say 'this is not true,' and take the heat for it. When operating correctly as true self, however, there is no such thing as failure for a 3rd line - only discovery."[112]

In light of the above "keynote" this author realizes that "The Human Design System" reference to "Martyr" is completely distinct from the spectrum of references that may typically be associated with religions and that according to Omraam rarely "have not encouraged a sense of martyrdom among their followers." Therefore - personalized associations (or identification) with the religious references to "Martyr" are indications of a religious conditioning that deserve to be fully recognized as religious beliefs that any sane individual who can think through the subject matter for themselves will likely conclude are not according to their highest and greatest good let alone the highest good of all.

April 10, 2019 - The Father's Love and Extension of Life -

"...all fathers hope their children will not waste the life he has given them, they also hope they will put it to good use and live a good and meaningful life. The same is true of God: he gave us life and he asks nothing more of us than to respect this treasure given to us for a period of time. For it is His life, and he expects us to make it bear fruit by giving it new colours, new scents and flavours. ..."[184]

You may possibly find that thinking about your life as an extension of "His life" to be most worthy of your contemplation.

April 7, 2019 -

"Human beings' lower nature is like an enemy who continues to destroy the good work they have done. Despite them seeking to transform their being into a land where vegetation will grow to nourish themselves as well as others, their lower nature strives to sow the seeds of poisonous plants in them: jealousy, pride, sensuality, greed, vanity, anger, and so on. And why does it so often succeed? Because humans are neither educated nor vigilant. ..."[182]

This presentation (quoted immediately above here) indicates the need for a truly enlightening education as well as the cultivation of personal vigilance. My best recommendation for the first need is Gene Keys.[183] Author Richard Rudd acknowledges Omraam with the highest regards as both his teacher and as a great 'Rishi.' Contemplating the Gene Keys has the potential to open the pathway "for a truly enlightening education" in harmony with your uniques individuality. It can be like having a personal tutor who knows the truth of who you are and who honors that! This approach can inspire "the cultivation of personal vigilance." Once your spirt is recharged you'll have access to the spiritual energy that can support you in multiple application.

March 31, 2019 - To Obtain True Freedom -

"...human beings do not only live on the physical plane – freedom is also, and above all, acquired on the spiritual plane. If through prayer and meditation, you connect with the divine world, if you work to increase your light, strength, purity and love, when you are faced with difficult times, you will be able to transform them: you will consider and bear the hardships differently without feeling overwhelmed, and you will instead feel encouraged and enriched by them."[180]


There "Freedom" can be likened unto possessing your own private garden that requires cultivation, ideally on a daily basis. No wonder that this can also be correlated with the early American farmers and small family farms that Thomas Jefferson acknowledged as: "... small land holders" whom he said are "the most precious part of a state."[181]

March 22, 2019 - Toward "Heaven on Earth" -

"... Carrying out God's will is to establish a link between earth and heaven so that the order, harmony, and light that prevail on high may descend and manifest down below, that is to say, in us too. Because if every human being does not make the effort to instill these qualities in themselves first, it is useless to hope to see them manifest in the world."[178]

Comment: In total and complete alignment with "the order, harmony, and light that prevail on high" I place the necessity of instilling these qualities within us (as individuals) above the need for seeing these qualities "manifest in the world." This prioritizing does not eliminate the great and pressing need to make progress toward fully reclaiming our original soil and land jurisdiction. Just as the physical body serves the living indwelling spirit and requires the harmony that spirit brings so too the political body must have the right spirit for right order in the world.

March 23, 2019 - Meditate On Life -

"... some people claim they require proof the Creator exists in order for them to believe in him ... If they meditate on life and its countless manifestations, they will no longer need proof that God exists."[179]

Comment: The four original instructions for participants in the Enlightenment Intensives (EI) are:
"Tell me who you are,"
"Tell me what you are,"
"Tell me what another is,"
and "Tell me what life is.

Other Intensives that were run virtually exactly like the traditional EI have included the instruction: "Tell me what Mother Earth is." Participants devote their full attention to their instruction in an ongoing contemplation for at least three days. More often than not the "direct experiences" occur on the third day. These experiences consist of deep union with the truth of one's contemplation. From a Human Design perspective I suspect that the realization occurs within the Knowing Circuit rather than either the Sensing or Logic Circuits.

March 2, 2019 - In 1938, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gave his first public lectures in France, laying the foundation for all that he would teach in the next five decades.

The Second Birth contains the illuminating essence of these initial lectures.

In his first talk, Omraam stated:

“My wish is to explain to you as simply as possible the great truths on which man can base his existence, and by means of which he can not only better his life but also his relationship with nature and
the beings of the divine world.”_

Omraam then focused on the topic of The Second Birth:

“The man who is born a second time represents a living spring from which flows a pure water, and at the edge of which a whole civilization comes to live.”

“Water corresponds to the heart, to love, to the feminine, passive principle.
Fire corresponds to the spirit, to wisdom, to the active, masculine principle.
In order to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God, we must be born of the two principles, love and wisdom.
When our intellect becomes like the Sun and our heart like the water which flows from the spring, then we will be born a second time.”

February 17, 2019 -

"Through my teaching, I want to give you some fundamental knowledge about human beings: how they are constructed, their relationship with nature, the exchanges they must make with others and with the universe so they can drink from the springs of divine life." - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov[174]

In forty-eight years of active interest in the several subject matters pointed to in the above quote I can most positively say as far as I know there is not another teacher who can be compared to Omraam. I find "fundamental knowledge about human beings" to be most essential in support of understanding who and what we are and therefore others as well. The "fundamental knowledge" IMO should be a required course of study in our schools. In looking at the likelihood of that happening I am most inspired to think in terms of private schools. Our "relationship with nature, the exchanges (we) must make with others and with the universe" is what Cheeta is based on.[175]

January 24, 2019 - The "Psychology of the Future" Is Available Here and Now! -

In nature, all creatures serve as food for others. This is a law, and this law is true on the psychic plane just as it is on the physical plane. What exactly is the battle between good and evil? It is the clash of two hungry entities. It's very obvious – all they do is devour each other. In humans, good and evil are present in the form of their higher nature and their lower nature. The greatest desire of the lower nature is to grab us and devour us. It tries to catch us and feed off us twenty times, thirty times, fifty times a day. And those who were not vigilant sacrifice a few morsels to their lower nature. They then feel weakened, while their still famished lower nature sets off in search of new prey. This is why we must put our higher nature first and, each day, make sure it can get its teeth on a few pieces of our lower nature. After chewing it well and swallowing it, our higher nature transforms it and makes it its own. Psychology of the future will be based on the understanding of this process: absorption, digestion and assimilation of our lower nature by our higher nature.[176]

March 12, 2019 - The "Only" Begotten Son of God? -

Christians are perhaps proud to belong to a religion that tells them that two thousand years ago God wanted to manifest his love by sending his only son to save them. Unfortunately, the belief that Jesus is the only son of God saves no one, and we must now dismiss this outrageous idea. For it also shows very poor understanding of God's love which is immense, eternal and infinite: God has had many sons and daughters, he has many at present, and there will be many more. God has always accompanied humans with his love by sending them beings who help them evolve, and he will continue to send more. He has no interest in authorities that forbid him to send anyone else after Jesus or say that humans were deprived of true light before Jesus came. As if the salvation of human beings depended on the era they lived in: before Jesus or after Jesus! The Church may persist in setting a beginning and an end to divine revelation, but the Lord is not deterred by such decrees, he continues to ignore them and to send his sons and daughters to save humanity.[177]

Comment: "A Course In Miracles"(ACIM), "Teachings of the Inner Christ"(TIC) plus other teachings all speak to this and in fact so does the Bible! It's only the "Christian religion" that has centralized, sanctified and/or sanitized certain beliefs consisting of fixed concepts regarding a single and exclusive "son of God." I am so very grateful that I left religion forty-eight years ago!

January 1, 2018 - Happy New Year! -

"...the rest of your life depends on this day."[170]

"This day" is every day!

January 3, 2019 - "...we must be vigilant and, from time to time, stop for a moment to ask ourselves with whom or what we are identifying. Because, sooner or later, we will become those beings and things with whom we have fused."[172]

January 5, 2019 - "...Every day, while progressing on the path of light, we can strengthen the army of the good, the army of the sons and daughters of God, so as to hasten its victory. When this army is large enough, the entities of darkness will be defeated. If they still exert their destructive activity, it is because humans' greed and inferior desires continue to feed them."[173]

I searched among my Blog entries in regards to "greed" - which is the Shadow frequency at the 54th Gene Key - and the 54th Hexagram just happens to be where the Sun is currently transiting!

January 3, 2019 - "Love is a science, but very few people care to study it. ..."[171]

December 31, 2018 - Happy New Year's Eve!

"... Seek what is furthest away and most unachievable – perfection, immensity, eternity, and on the way you will find all the rest: knowledge, riches, strength, love, and so on. You will receive all of these without even asking for them."[169]

As you enter into this new year - may you know what your Highest Ideal is and may you have at least "a little willingness" toward actually realizing that in your lifetime or beyond!

December 26, 2018 - A Note To Myself - (After reading today's "Thought") -

At my next opportunity (the next time that I hear from the USA distributor at Mt. Shasta) I wish to inquire about the possibility of having an open discussion forum created and available for all who have interest in the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

December 24, 2018 - "Awakening" Is the Rebirth of the Psyche in Consciousness -

Daily Meditation from the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -

Researchers who have studied the subject of sleep have found that it has several phases and levels. On the psychic and spiritual planes, there are also several levels of sleep or wakefulness, that is to say, several levels of consciousness. Well, it is our task to wake up. The Christian tradition does not talk of awakening, but of a new birth. And why must we be ‘born again’? This is the expression Jesus used when replying to Nicodemus: ‘No one can see the kingdom of God without being born anew.’ But in reality, this new birth, like an awakening, is an ongoing process: every step forward on the path of light and truth is a new birth, a new awakening. Awakening and being born again is the aim of spiritual life, and it is the meaning of the name Buddha: ‘the Awakened’.[167]

Comment: In addition to the terms "awakening", "new birth", "born again", etc. there is also "regeneration"[168] which includes both a "termination" plus a "germination" of new life. Regeneration of the soil and subsequently the plant and animal life is a fundamental aim of Biodynamic agriculture. According to "New Medicine" - regeneration is included in the "healing phase" of disease. Therefore the term "regeneration" has a broader application through several dimensions of existence. Some day you may be hearing a number of us singing: "Talkin bout regeneration!"

December 20, 2018 -

"A flame is so weak that it takes only a breath to put it out. But if you nourish it, it can become a real inferno, and the same breath that threatened it before, will on the contrary, intensify it so that nothing will ever be able to resist it. The flame is a symbol of spirit within us. If you do not feed the flame of spirit within you, it will go out at the least difficulty. We see many people who let the flame of spirit go out in them in this way, and who consequently become discouraged and surrender at the slightest obstacle. As for those who have learnt to intensify the power of spirit within themselves thanks to prayer, meditation and contemplation, not only are obstacles not a barrier for them but they become an encouragement to go even further with even more fervour. Thus the very difficulties that overwhelm the weak, strengthen those who sustain the flame of spirit."[166]

Comment: Much can be said in my commentary to the above and firstly "to intensify the power of spirit within." The approach for this can be individualized according to one's Human Design and Gene Keys.

November 21, 2018 -

"...making change in society is the responsibility of every one of us. No matter how highly placed or powerful, no single person can proclaim, ‘From now on there will no longer be any injustice, nor crime, nor poverty, and so on.’ If someone attempts to do so, the results will not be long-lasting. Whether for good or for evil, no one has ever succeeded in affecting permanent change. True change can occur only when individuals decide to begin to transform themselves,..."[164]

Note: Serendipitously the above footnote number adds up to a master number "11" underscoring that "True change" requires self mastery.

November 18, 2018 - Prayer and Your Bond With Heaven -

No words to really describe the truth of this message. You'll just have thread it yourself.[163]

San Diego, California - November 15th/16th - Woodstock, New York -

"... if humans have not learnt to rid themselves of their wastes, they sink into darkness and cold. ..."[162]

The "cold" can be as cold as ice! People can be "frozen" in their beliefs, emotions and habits. .........
I'm now advocating new "chambers of resonance"(COR) as an "ice breaker" and where individuals can essentially "melt down". .........
These "chambers" can be created right within one's own home and possibly within their work environments.

November 15, 2018 - Your Quintessential Sacred Inner Silence -

"When a person speaks, it shows that they want to take the initiative, to direct, and even to dominate. On the contrary, by remaining silent, a person indicates they are ready to listen and to receive what another says to them. Considered from a psychological point of view, silence is therefore the distinctive feature of the feminine principle, which receives, submits to, and is shaped by the masculine principle. What conclusion can you draw from this for your spiritual life? ......... That you should learn to re-establish silence within you, so that the divine Spirit, the masculine principle, may work on your psychic matter. As long as you are rebellious, stubborn, and anarchic, spirit cannot act on you, and you remain weak and miserable. No sooner do you manage to create silence than you place yourselves under the influence of spirit, and it will work wonders within you."[160]

In The Gene Keys the 24th Gene Key Siddhi is Silence.[161]

October 3, 2018 -

"Initiation is an ascetic path that teaches human beings to rid themselves of their weaknesses and all their lower tendencies. It can be compared to the narrow opening in the ground or in a rock through which a snake passes when it must shed its skin. That is why Jesus said, ‘Enter through the narrow gate. Because wide is the gate and spacious the path which leads to perdition.’ Disciples prepare themselves to pass through the narrow gate that will remove their old skin. ..."[144]

Not everyone goes through the "ascetic path" of "Initiation". Instead they cling to "their old skin".

I find it noteworthy that the number of the footnote for this quote is 144. The significance of that number is found in the book of Revelation with the 144,000.

September 28, 2018 - Both Your Lower & Your Higher Self -

"The purpose of initiation is to extract a human being from the limited circle of their lower self in order to project them into the limitless circle of cosmic consciousness. This consciousness already lives within them, but they are not yet clearly conscious of it. The consciousness you have of yourself is limited to your lower self which manifests in your everyday life. But this lower self is not yet you. ‘You’ are also your higher self, your sublime self also living and working within you, but of which you are not yet fully conscious. This higher self wants to know itself through the lower self, even in the dense matter of the physical body. It already knows itself up above, of course, but it wants to know itself down below also. Thanks to the efforts you make to imagine your higher self coming closer, you will one day experience such enlightenment that your consciousness will know no more limits. You will be in the light and you will finally feel at one with your divine self."[142]

Amazing to first read this "Thought" of Omraam now after having recently remembered one of my earliest initiation journeys where I was just beginning to realize my connection with "cosmic consciousness" at age 18 and for which however I did not have a name for at that time but instead made a little attempt to illustrate this by drawing a very large circle on a blackboard (in a classroom at a university in Chicago where I was living at the time) and voicing this to some students who were just beginning to seat themselves before the class began. Then the professor appeared and I just left.

September 2, 2018 -

"When you are faced with a difficulty, you are under the impression that this difficulty completely blocks your view. Take this difficulty and compare it with all you possess; review all your talents, qualities, and so on, then think of your parents and friends, and then of all the possibilities heaven gives you each day. You will see that this difficulty will not be able to survive when compared with all these riches. ..."[141]

The above "meditation" can be facilitated much like in "mind clearing".

September 30, 2018 -

Received an experience yesterday that demonstrated the truth of the above quote. I was definitely encountering a "difficulty" that was presented squarely to my face when a fellow gardener said to me: "I feel you are the cause of my cancer"! Writing this now I can begin to laugh about it however at the time it was said to me I was not laughing at all. I was "under the impression that this difficulty" had a life altering impact on me. I took the difficulty and began to process it in light of "heaven" and "all (that I) possess, slept on it and started my new day today with greater intent to live as the very highest version of my self. My mood had definitely changed. This is a matter of the emotional waves that are generated daily in our lives and that like any wave there are heights and there are depths. Human Design teaches if emotional clarity is required beef making important decisions then "Wait" for the emotional clarity. Those with no definition are advised to wait for a whole lunar cycle of 28 days.

Daily Meditation: Monday, October 1, 2018

Those who truly wish to progress on the divine path try to remain on the sidelines, in the background, for as long as possible. Neither do they push themselves to the fore, nor are they in a hurry to be singled out by others who claim to have recognized in them a spiritual authority. To accept the role of spiritual guide, you must be psychically very well armed and protected, which requires several incarnations of discipline and effort. Nothing is more difficult than guiding human beings in their inner life. Those who are not sufficiently prepared can only encounter difficulties and take blows. Others demand too much from them, and as they are not able to respond to these demands, they are continually exposed to criticism, reproaches and even threats, and their life becomes hell. More than any other responsibility, that of a spiritual guide demands a long preparation.[143]

After yesterday's encounter I definitely see the truth of this "Thought" posted immediately above here!

September 1, 2018 - Stop and Connect More Deeply With Who You Truly Are! -

"... you must know when to stop so as to create a slower, more peaceful and more measured rhythm within, which will allow other forces of a spiritual nature to bring organization and harmonization. If you are always busy and in a hurry, you will not be able to find yourself, to know where you are, or even who you are. ..."[140]

August 16, 2018 -

"... when you greet members of your family, your neighbours, your friends or anyone else in the morning ... fill your heart with love and then wish them a good day."[138]

One community I lived in included my serving as a night watchman (mainly just sitting on the front porch of one of the several houses that neighbored one another). The shift ended in the early morning just before sunrise by circumnavigating the properties with a wakeup greeting that I called out for the households to hear. Since my Human Design includes having the "Vessel of Love" (formed from the two activation calculations) and which includes an inherent love for humanity - having the "wakeup greeting" as part of my duty was an opportunity for me to extend this love to the other community members. I am so glad to see the above quoted message from Omraam as this now inspires my Cheeta vision[139] for extending love to others at the break of each day!

August 15, 2018 - All our actions are the fruit of our thoughts and feelings. -

"From a psychic and spiritual point of view, human beings are androgynous in that the masculine principle in them, the father, is represented by the intellect and thought, and the feminine principle, the mother, is represented by the heart and feelings. And the union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle gives birth to the child – will or action. All our actions are the fruit of our thoughts and feelings. ..."[137]

This inspires me - (after recently having conversation with a fellow astrologically-oriented individual) to consider the planetary dynamics of the above principals within Human Design. Head Centers plus Self Center and their impact on the Heart Center.

August 11, 2018 - "It is impossible not to feel anxious, annoyed or uneasy at one time or another during the day. As soon as you sense you are feeling unsettled, stop and take stock: what exactly is it you are feeling, what has caused you to feel like this? ..."[136 ]

What a relief to know the above! I often identify some kind of negative thought or the like that is either triggered or simply emerges out of the unconscious as the cause behind most any disturbance in my consciousness. Responding at the earliest moment of awareness spares me of extended needless suffering. For this purpose it is recommended to "stop and take stock" on an ongoing basis rather than wait until a feeling of anxiousness, annoyance or unease arises.

July 31, 2018 - "Thank you" - the power of these words -

"Each day devote at least a few minutes to introducing harmony within you. Close your eyes while making an effort to free your mind of everyday worries and direct it toward the summits, toward the sources of life that flood the universe. When you feel you have stopped the flow of the thoughts, feelings and images flowing through you, pronounce the words ‘thank you’ inwardly. These are the simplest of words, but also the most powerful – they unravel all tensions within you. When you pronounce them, you are in harmony with the divine and you come out of the narrow circle of your limited self in order to penetrate the peace of cosmic consciousness. ..."[134]

Over the course of about forty years I've experienced a number of really fine meditations. The above presents a most direct method! I've decided to have this method upgrade a daily gratitude practice that I have been doing and have advocated.

July 28, 2018 - The Superiority of "Observation and Reasoning" Over "Instinctive Feelings" -

The need for "properly thinking it through" before creating "close ties".[133]

I am so very grateful that years ago one of my best friends had shared with me their essential criteria for the process of their "reasoning" through their introductory encounters with new people. One (of at least four) of these elements included the astrological aspects between self and other. This seed element found very good soil in my being and has since then developed into a formidable "process of reasoning" as part of my criteria now. Astrological compatibility may take some time it fully identify however it is time most excellently spent when it comes to what may be at stake in the impact of relationships. The two primary astrological tools that I use as part of my "process of reasoning" are the "Destiny Cards" and "The Human Design System".

July 10, 2018 - Facing The Reality of Our Two Natures -

"In order not to be upset by human beings’ often contradictory behaviour, we must never forget that in their unconscious, they carry a distant animal past that can rear up at any time in cunning, brutality, cruelty, voracity, sensuality, and so on. Even the most civilized men and women cannot rid themselves of it. If this animal nature is so resilient, it is because it has had thousands of years to strengthen itself, and above all because it has had to endure very difficult conditions. Just look at all the dangers animals must contend with to survive. After having lived in such conditions, how can you then expect our instinctive nature to be gentle, merciful and generous? But that is no reason to leave it unbridled. On the contrary, it is by working on our psychic and spiritual qualities that we will succeed in mastering it. Both natures – animal and divine – coexist within us. How can the divine nature tame the animal nature? That is the problem we all have to solve each day."[132]

April 7, 2018 - Just What I Was Searching For! -

"... the ideal human being, the perfect human being, as created by Cosmic Intelligence in its workshop, is like the sun ..."[130]

"like the sun" is like the Gene Keys 15th Siddhi of Floresence that I have activated with Design Sun and Design Mercury!

June 23, 2018 - The Human Design "Vessel of Love" Analogy -

"The Vessel of Love is one of the incarnation crosses comprised of four gates: the 15 (Modesty), the 46 (Pushing Upward), the 25 (Innocence), and the 10 (Treading).

The Vessel of Love is not something that is understood. We have a great deal of confusion about the nature of love. There are many ways in which love exists in the world. Most human beings are familiar with love through what we call electro-magnetic connection: that love is a question of attraction and repulsion. The real nature of love is something that tends to be locked up with that attraction and repulsion that we have in those kinds of interactions.

The ego and the Self (the G center) are very different and the love of the ego, which is a possessive love, is very different than the love of the Self. The love of the Self is never something that is directly personal. It has a great deal to do with oneself, but the real love is something that is a by-product of the way human beings live their lives. That is what real love means. ...

In order to really understand the Vessel of Love, it is best to have an analogy and I use the analogy of a container for all four gates of the Vessel. You can call it a vessel. The container has an outside wall. Our outside wall is what we call the aura. That is, you are penetrated the moment that somebody penetrates your aura. The outside wall, the aura, is the 15th gate, the love of humanity, which is in essence the collective aura that adds up to the totality, but it is the surface of us. If you have a vessel and go inside the vessel, you have a wall on the outside, what we call the aura, but you also have a wall on the inside that contains it. For us, it is no longer the aura; this becomes the flesh. That is, it becomes this enclosed sack that holds us all inside. This is the flesh. This is the container and the 46th gate is the love of the body, the love of the flesh.

If you have a container with an outside and an inside wall and it is contained, you have to have something inside. What you have inside, in our case, is blood. What is really inside is what we call universal love, the 25th gate. When you have all of that together, the love of humanity that creates the aura, the love of the flesh that creates the Maya and the blood that makes it all run with its spirit, you have to have some place to go. The way that you go is that you take the Vessel and you pour it and when you pour it, it comes out through the lip which is the 10th gate because the 10th gate is the way. The way is the potential to love oneself. So, in our work, we will take a look at these four aspects of the Vessel through each of the four gates.

Everything that is alive, every living thing right to the cellular level, all has the 15th gate. It is the only universal gate and it is an extraordinary thing. Over the lines, it gives you its nature. The quality of behavior does not belong here. It belongs to the polarity of the 15th gate, to the 10th gate. The 10/ 15 polarity is a very important polarity. It is about behavior because, in the end, the behavior, though it is something that can be seen individually, is collective.

This gate is not speaking of the individual behavior of the 10, but of the collective behavior of humanity. The quality of behavior which expresses the proper balance between extremes. Only then do you understand what the extremes are about. They are about creating a proper balance for humanity. Everything has to be part of the human drama. Everything. And it is here in the 15th gate that we get differentiation because we have all of these different possibilities of rhythms that can be created, all of the extremes of behavior, in that sense, or the whole field or spectrum of behavior."[131]

March 24, 2018 - Comfortable Now? -

"...humans are so busy creating new needs for themselves that they no longer have any time to devote to their spiritual lives. As a result, their material comfort gradually improves, but the psychic and moral state of society deteriorates and we see imbalance that was not present before, with criminal behavior on the increase. Materially, in the West, we have never been so well off, but in the deepest sense, this ease does not make people happier. After the first moments of satisfaction, it is neither a new car nor a new house that will meet the needs of their soul and spirit. There is no doubt that people are conscious of this decline in society because they spend their time in meetings talking about ‘making changes’. But all the changes they discuss concern only the material realm. Who considers holding meetings to help people live the divine life? That is why, even if business is improving, human beings are in a process of decline."[128]

The "material comfort" and "ease" that "does not make people happier" can be seen as inherent within the "lower"/"inferior" nature of "Man’s Two Natures" - all of which is limited in its "freedom" and "delight". This indicates a narrow spectrum of frequencies that can be contrasted with an unlimited spectrum of frequencies represented in part by 64 "Gifts" plus all the rest of the higher frequencies of consciousness[129] that come from/through/along with Man's higher nature.

I have been both aware of and have pierced through the "limits" of "material comfort and ease" as of about forty-eight years ago (since 1970). I also realized that I could simplify my material world from the "need" of material items like: "new car(s)" and "new house(s)" to the extent whereby I would have had to be "so busy creating" (whatever it takes to meet these material needs) had I chosen that path. Instead I have lived in considerable harmony with an ideal (the best I could) as an Individual for many years since leaving my "family of origin" home. However - having lived though a span of time aligned with my initial ideal of "simplicity" that I had created for myself I've acquired some additional realizations. -

Nowadays I often refer to "my life" with new understanding of my Human Design. With that in mind I present the following notes (toward a possible outline) of characteristics in my Human Design that go beyond what I consider as my former ideal of "Individual simplicity":

First some background is required regarding the Human Design System -
The Human Design System's "Rave Chart"/"Body Graph" is a two-dimensional representation of our Human "Vehicle"/Form. This "mechanical (graphic) design" is based on a revelation of the whole entire Human Design System as it was revealed exclusively by "The Voice" wholly and singularly to one man who later became known in the world as: Ra Uru Hu. The Revelation of the Human Design System lasted for "eight days and nights" beginning "on the evening of January 3, 1987". "The Human Design System" By: Ra Uru Hu is one of the first books on the Human Design System published in 1991 with a "Forward" of October 14, 1991.

My initial contact with Human Design came through my first teacher: Zeno who was one of the very first Human Design teachers in the United States of America given that she and her partner Chaitanyo initially brought Ra to the American great SouthWest to teach the very first class of Human Design. Zeno and Chaitanyo's book: "The Course in Human Design" shows an initial publishing date of 1994. Her Course-book includes subject matter titles such as: "Circulation of Chi" (page 122) in the final chapter (10) that begins with: "The Four Elements" (p. 112), "Kabbalah/Tree of Life" (p. 114), "Chakras" (p. 118), "Two Elements Synthesized" (p. 121). Two remaining "elements" come after the "Circulation of Chi" (to p. 126): "I Ching" (p. 127) and ending the chapter with "Astrology" (p. 131 to 140).

I mention all this content of the sequence in chapter 10 to say that this particular understanding of the flow of one's energy is required reading with this book's basic introduction to the "Kabbalah/Tree of Life" and to the "Chakras" as they then become the: "Two Elements Synthesized" whereby the: "Circulation of Chi" follows in its course within the Human Design Channels. What follows this is that these channels make up Human Design Circuitry.

Later Richard Rudd presented Human Design Circuitry as simply as possible in a way that identified all of the Human Design Channels as residing in one of four groupings, three of which are "circuits" plus a forth grouping that is beyond the three-fold "circuitry" system. The three Circuit Groups are known as: "The Individual", "The Collective" and "The Tribal".

My current understanding of "my life" in terms of "the Circulation of Chi" within Human Design Circuitry now goes beyond "my former ideal of 'Individual simplicity'" given that I have at more gates activated in "The Collective" circuit than I have in the other two groups. Up till now I was thinking my "Tribal" was predominant and now I realize that was a kind of wishful thinking or a projection on my part. I have three Tribal gates as compared to at least eight Collective gates activated in my essential Human Design.

Accepting what I now know about "the flow" of life within me is allowing for a major course correction in my orientation to my life and how I live it! It is right thinking for me to think more in regards to "The Collective" than I may have been -Or- at least to admit to how much I do think "collectively" (and Lord knows I do a lot of thinking toward "The Collective").

March 17, 2018 - "Religion and faith - the difference between the two".[127]

I see the distinction between religion and faith as corresponding to "Man’s Two Natures".

March 10, 2018 - Memories of All That Has Made You Suffer -

"...I do not advise you to try to forget painful events immediately, for if they have taken place, there is a reason. We must begin by studying them well in order to draw useful conclusions for the future, but then we must no longer think about them. ..."[126]

The key is knowing how to study "painful events ... in order to draw useful conclusions for the future". This may be a challenge for some individuals for a number of reasons. However the "study" can be supported with the presence of another individual who is devoted to the process. One way to accomplish this is in a therapeutic dyad. Te dyad can be either with a "professional" or it can be with a friend or other dyad partner.

February 26, 2018 -

"...True life consists of putting all negativity to one side and entering your inner sanctuary to commune with beauty, purity and light."[121]

All grateful I Am for every moment of "true life", every moment that I "enter" what Bernard Jensen referred to as "The Great Within".[122]

“In his book, ‘Unfoldment of The Great Within’, Bernard Jensen speaks of the importance of connecting with our Authentic Self.[124] He says, that ‘every person has a “Great Within,” a power asleep, genius latent, possibilities that are slumbering, gifts[125] that are undiscovered, and aptitudes that are as yet untapped.’ He believes, ‘We each need a self-introduction and that self-introduction is imperative.’”[123]

January 26, 2018 -

"You can lose only what does not really belong to you, what has not become fully a part of yourself. At one moment you believe, and the next you doubt; at one moment you are enlightened, and the next you are in darkness; at one moment you love, and the next you love no longer. This means that neither faith, nor light, nor love belong to you. For them to belong to you, you yourself have to become faith, light, and love. When Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world’, he identified with light. He did not say that the light was in him, or with him, but that he was the light. There is an entire science in these words which we must meditate on and put into practice in every aspect of our inner life. We can lose many things that belong to us on the physical plane. But that which is us, that which has merged and fused with our being, and become flesh and blood in us, cannot be lost."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[120]

January 9, 2018 -

"...This is what working with love is all about: becoming a beneficial presence for the entire world."[118]

If you have any doubts about this you may find the knowing the "Incarnation Cross" of your Human Design inspires you.

New Year's Eve - of 2018 -

"Here comes another new year! So, be vigilant, and strive to spend the first day of the New Year in the best state possible, because this first day is as important for the rest of the year as the moment of birth is for the rest of your life. The life of every human being is marked by the planetary influences in effect at the moment of their birth, and this is the reason for horoscopes: the course of a life retains the imprint of the influences that were present at this first moment. To a lesser degree, the first day of the year influences the days to come. This is why we should be attentive and live this first day in light, love and harmony. Every hour of the day – through prayer, meditation, song, and especially good thoughts and good feelings ..."[117]

Happy New Year - Toward Really Good Thoughts & Feelings!
~ Chef-doctor Jemichel * Revelation Consultations @ San Diego HQ.
December 26, 2017 - "The Birth of Christ" Withinn Us! -

What do we celebrate at Christmas? The union of the soul and spirit. They unite to give birth to a seed which is the beginning of a new consciousness within us. This consciousness manifests as an inner light that dispels all darkness, just like heat of such intensity that, even if the whole world abandons us, we never feel alone, like an abundant life that bursts forth wherever our feet take us. This consciousness is also accompanied by an influx of forces that we wish to consecrate to the edification and construction of the kingdom of God. At the same time, we also discover the extraordinary joy of feeling ourselves connected to the whole universe and to all evolved souls, of being part of this immensity, and we are certain that no one can take this joy from us. In India, this state is called buddhic consciousness, and the Christians call it the birth of Christ.[116]

December 25th (Christmas), 2017 - "the highest form of magic" -

"... true magic is found in life itself and nowhere else. Yes, to be able to live and breathe the divine life, to encourage others, to stimulate them, to reawaken them and ennoble them..."[115]

December 20, 2017 -

I'm amazed at the great extent in which the "Thought for the day" messages validate my own most current & most recent thoughts and inspirations! Such is the case once again today with the idea of "true wealth". For the last several days I have included the phrase "real wealth" after having read twelve examples of it within the preceding week.

"Those who really love their family consecrate a few moments, as often as possible, in order to unite with heaven, because they know that this link will bring true wealth to their family."[114]

December 13, 2017 -

"In the Zodiac, Sagittarius, an archer on horseback, symbolizes the human being in whom reason has triumphed over the dark forces of instinct. This idea is also expressed by the mythological figure of the Centaur, which has the torso of a man mounted on the body of a horse. The Sagittarius and the Centaur are symbols of human beings who are made up of two natures: inferior and superior, and they must learn how to control them. ..."[113]

My natal Chiron is in Sagittarius. (I may research this further.)

November 23, 2017 -

"Human beings do not seem to be aware that their attitude toward the divine world determines their destiny. ..."[106]

I accept the timing of this "Thought for the day" as a serendipitous validation coming to me virtually immediately after having formed a new business name that has the numerological "Soul Urge"/motivation of a "9" which according to my most recent study in numerology is the number for: "God and Humanity, I AM, selflessness and humanitarianism" - all of which aligns perfectly with my own ultimate motivation and "soul urge"!

All Grateful I am!

October 13, 2017 -

"The most serious failing of human beings, the one which creates the greatest obstacle to their evolution, is their unshakeable belief in the infallibility of their reasoning and their points of view. They protect their positions; they cultivate them and defend them (even unto death in all forms). You might say, ‘But the whole world has this failing!’ It is true and the most widespread flaw is people’s insistence on clinging to their ways of feeling and seeing things, as if there were nothing better or more true than their opinions and beliefs. They do not ask themselves where their convictions come from,[100] or why they hold some and not others, but instead allow themselves to be swept along blindly. And this explains why the earth is becoming a stage for every kind of confrontation, with each person seeking the success of their own point of view inspired by their interests, desires, whims, or simply their moods. Why do human beings have to suffer great catastrophes before they finally recognise they have made errors in judgement and acted out of shameful motives?

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[101]

November 20, 2017 -

"...If our life is to stand firm, we must build it on this rock which represents our higher mental body, the causal plane. As its name – causal – indicates, it is from this plane that the currents flow which influence the mental, astral and physical realms. This explains why the work we can accomplish by rising to the causal plane has repercussions on our thoughts, our feelings, our daily behaviour, and even on our health, as if orders were given from on high to bring order and harmony to our entire being."[105]

This "Thought for the day" has got to be all the more pertinent to now in which case I suspect there are a number of bible verses that are now all the more relevant to this as well. What attracts my greater attention in the above quote is the reference to "the causal plane". It is a phrase that I am reasonably certain is not precisely stated in the bible and yet the truth of it may very well be there in reference to "this rock". In any case I am inspired to do more research into what the bible says in this regards as well as understand more deeply what the causal plane is.

September 29, 2017 -

Egregor - definition and activity

"When a certain number of people come together around an idea, their thoughts and desires alone create a living reality. This is a law of the spiritual world. And even if this reality is not made up of particles that are sufficiently material to be seen or touched, it exists, and we call this collective entity an egregor. An egregor is a living and active entity, and each country, each religion, and each philosophical movement has one. ..."[98]

What is the egregor of America?
September 17, 2017 -

"... It is possible to see and yet to feel nothing. What most human beings do is proof of this: they see, but they do not benefit much from what they see, because they are imprisoned deep inside themselves, with the doors and windows firmly locked; almost nothing reaches their conscience and sensitivity."[96]

Some considerations about "conscience and sensitivity" come to mind regarding this quote from Omraam. The condition of one's conscience can be likened unto to state of one's physical health. These are both about personal relationships that we have with "ourselves" one with our body one with our inner life. Both the body and the conscience can become "polluted" and the more polluted the less functional they become. In the instance of conscience the pollution accumulates with lies that we tell others and that we tell ourselves as well. It can be said that lying is somewhat "natural" - possibly as "natural" as the everyday pollutants in our natural environments. The pollutant elements themselves may not be truly natural however they are so systemic in our natural environments that they become "naturally occurring." The same with lying. Lying was virtually essential for the survival of the seven-centered beings that predated us as nine-centered beings and yet that we are still evolving from. In order not to lie one needs to live fearlessly as themselves - as their authentic individualized nine-centered being. This kind of living is not "natural" or automatic for people because we all were conditioned by others and our environments since before we were born (as of three months prior in utero).

Telling the truth is truly a radical act. It is referred to as "radical honesty". There are various trainings around the globe devoted to radical honesty. However you don't really have to go far to tell the truth, especially in your own self-talk. Nevertheless support from others can help some people to face the lies and speak truth inspire of them. That is why I have been teaching the dyad technique. All it takes is to have a devoted listener sit in front of you and give you all their attention to receive whatever it is you have to say once you have been given a particular instruction, i.e. "Tell me a feeling that you are aware of now". The more you tell the truth about yourself and most especially what you are feeling - the more you will clear yourself of the pollution from lies. You can call if "lie disease". (We all have or have had it to various degrees at one time or another. and there is a cure! ; ~ )

Another powerful tool that you can access in your efforts to live " as (your) authentic individualized nine-centered being" is to be introduced to your Human Design. In the process you will get to understand how it is possible to live in this way and thereby free your self from the conditions and conditionings of lying. That's because as seven-centered beings we were subject to the ways of the mind which were used to control us. Your unique individual Human Design will show you how to not rely on the mind for your survival. The mind is great for research and communication but is no longer the "go to" part of us for making important decisions that will have an impact on us and others. There is another way but it is all individualized within you and requires some basis understanding of the "mechanics" of how your operating system works for you.

Regarding sensitivity, this varies from one individual to the next. Your Human Design will indicate a number of things about your degree of sensitivity and how to respect that.

August 21, 2017 -

The Sun is Always Shinning, Up Above All The Dark Clouds Below ...
This is the first line of a song I started singing one rainy day when I had a tent as my sleeping space hidden within a small bamboo/arundo "forrest". I'm reminded of my song with the following "Thought" by Omraam:

"When the sun is hidden by clouds, it does not disappear; it continues to spread its light and warmth. When the clouds eventually disperse, or if we are able to rise high enough in the atmosphere, we see that the sun is always there. Well, an identical phenomenon often takes place within us. Like the sun, God is always there, present and unchanging, sending us his light (his wisdom) and his warmth (his love) to all beings. But if we allow clouds to form within us by means of thoughts, feelings and desires that are chaotic, selfish and negative, we will allow clouds to form within and be deprived of this light and warmth. Instead of complaining that God does not exist, or that he has abandoned us, human beings must understand that if they find themselves in the dark and the cold, they alone are responsible for their situation and must do all they can to rise above the clouds."[95]

I really like "if we are able to rise high enough"! In Human Design there is a Gate: "Pushing Upward" that Chetan Parkyn calls "Pushing Up Into Heaven". (I may return here with a link for this quote and in the meanwhile please trust me - it's verifiable! ; ~ )

August 16, 2017 -

"How have revolutions taken place in the past? Did all participants have to be politicians, lawyers, philosophers, scientists or generals? No, but all were present and united – scientists, the ignorant, the competent and incompetent, the weak and the strong – and together they emerged victorious! Every day we see this type of event reported in books, in newspapers, on the radio or on television, but we do not understand. You might say, ‘But what is there to understand?’ Many things, and in particular, that to obtain results, it is the numbers of people uniting together that counts. Whether the individuals in the crowd be drunkards or invalids is of secondary importance. The important thing is that, drunkards and invalids though they may be, they join with all the others in their claim for change. And in order to claim the kingdom of God, what is important? Of course, everyone must make an effort to mature within, and to move forward on the path of good. But, above all, they must all stand together in order for their claim to be heard at last."

I find today's "thought for the day" very interesting and intend to contemplate and review it more.
July 16, 2017 -

"... There are criminals who have always managed to escape human justice, but inwardly they are being destroyed: their health, their psychic state, everything is falling apart. On the face of things certain elements are still holding up, but gradually they will disintegrate, because it is the inner realm that nourishes them and that sustains the edifice; and if the inner realm collapses, then the outer realms will also soon fall. This is how divine justice makes itself known. And even if its sanctions are not immediately visible, they are instantaneous: the moment a human being makes a transgression, something in them darkens, something starts to disintegrate. Even if it takes years for this disintegration to appear externally, it has already started inwardly."

April 28, 2017 -

"...Human beings will be much better off when they realize that it is not others who inflict the most harm, but they themselves, because they continually listen to their lower nature. It is this lower nature, so neurotic, which at every opportunity, feeds on false ideas and mistaken beliefs that they should be wary of."[78]

I suspect that the "lower nature" is limbic/reptilian brain based. (I could research this.)

April 24, 2017 -

"Never give away your heart; it belongs to you and no-one has the right to do what they want with it."[77]

Having suffered numerous times in my deep learning process I readily agree with the wisdom presented here by Omraam. This inspired me to look at Omraam's Human Design. I see that he has a Defined Heart Center! It underscores the clarity of his wisdom.

March 16, 2017 -

"Other species of humans preceded us, some with a far more advanced culture than ours. If they disappeared, it is because they gave free rein to the impulses of their lower nature, which has no other purpose than to control and enslave everything, both human beings and nature."[68]

May 2, 2015 - When I started this Blog. (30 Days After Subscribing.)

I first began being introduced to the works of Rudolf Steiner about twenty-nine years ago and soon thereafter was attracted to directing my esoteric interests further into the fields of Anthroposophy[20], Goethean Science[21], Biodynamic Agriculture[22], Waldorf Education[23], Anthroposophical Medicine[24], and more. My first involvement was attending "The Healing Forces In Music In Waldorf Education" an event in the Summer of 1990. To this day I am engaged with Anthroposphically inspired themes, some of which I blog about here and some at my other CureZone blogs. I have consistent gratitude for the many gifts that Rudolf Steiner gave us!

In addition to this appreciation I have also recently begun to appreciate the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. I find much of what Omraam says greatly corresponds with Steiner, as if they were drawing from the same well/spring! I also find that Omraam delivers the message in his own unique ways that I find additionally enjoyable! I enjoyed this one:

"Initiatic Science assures us that man is a tremendously complex being, infinitely richer than he appears to be physically. ...

The esoteric science not only affirms that man has other bodies beside his physical body but goes on to explain the nature and function of each body. ...

... (When) the mental body becomes subtle and penetrating enough to understand the divine Wisdom, then the astral body will display its most noble and unselfish sentiments,[63] the physical body will be given every opportunity for action, and nothing will resist it. ...

Despite the fact that the personality is animated and fed by the individuality, it opposes it steadily until the day when finally, due to the efforts of the one who works determinedly and tenaciously in that direction, at last the individuality succeeds in slipping into the personality and assuming control. ..."[1]

May 3rd, 2015 -

"The Night of Wesak - May, 4 in 2015"

The following line inspired me to post this now:

"Harmony is the only true essential condition for being connected."

This is a living and abiding truth for me (as well as it is a requirement for participation in the Wesak Festival).

It is most interesting to me that I have just received this message in a newsletter right after hearing something about a third party's apparent inability to communicate with me. The truth in this message here has shined a light right into my own social life! Now I can clearly say that harmony is most certainly required in order to connect with me! I had not fully groked let alone elucidated that before![2]

May 6th, 2015 -

Today's "Thought of the Day":

"The natural tendency of humans is to impose, to make demands, to compel others, without asking themselves whether these demands are justified. And the extraordinary thing is, they think it will be easy to get their way. They declare, ‘I’m the one who decides! I’m the one in charge!’ They do not foresee that they are going to meet with all sorts of opposition – which is quite predictable! – and that by behaving in this way they are engaging in a struggle, from which they will emerge exhausted and even ill."

This is in line with my inspiration from earlier this past day that I noted as follows:

Client Interview - "Tell me how your energy level runs in your day-to-day life". If the client replies with anything less than 'unlimited energy' then that deserves to be well noted as a possible theme that can be looked at with the client. Also a similar inquiry can be made regarding space, time, matter/material things and then address "vision"/"mission"/life purpose and destiny.

Back to "energy" - feeling exhausted is an energy issue. There is a right use of energy! It takes more energy to impose, make demands and/or to compel others. Especially if the other individuals involved are not designed "To Do"! That can only be determined through a Human Design reading. Issues regarding one's energy is something that I love to share understanding about!

May 29, 2015 -

Today's "Journey with Omraam" message is on "The Cross" (and it may not be what you already know).[3]

July 11, 2015 -

"... Place kindness as the foundation of your life, justice as its measure, wisdom as its boundary, love as its delight and truth as its light."[4]

I'm reminded of the Dahli Lama's "My true religion is Kindness."[5]

Also reminded of Rudolf Steiner in terms of wisdom, love and truth!

July 25, 2015 -

More "kindness" plus generosity, humility and sacrifice.[6]

August 5, 2015 -

When I read the following in yesterday's "Thought For The Day" message[7] I was inspired to look at Omraam's Human Design BodyGraph:

"... If I focused only on what you are like today, would I even be able to put up with you? I am not so sure that I would. And if you cannot put up with one another, it means that you are not able to imagine how you will be in the future."

I'm so glad that I responded to my inspiration as I can see in Omraam's Human Design at least one major contributing factor to why this statement is true primarily for Omraam - even though the message is prefaced (apparently by Prosveta S.A. publishing house) with their opinion that this is "the perspective from which we should see humans".

The first "major contributing factor" that I see is that Omraam had an undefined and completely open Solar Plexus Center and because of that it was not healthy for him to identify with or personalize that field. At my very first reading of: "would I even be able to put up with you?" it seemed to be some kind of "deficiency" however rather than make a sudden judgement (just based on my "perception") I wanted to investigate this. Now viewing his Human Design BodyGraph I can see his completely open Solar Plexus Center and immediately recognize the truth from that perspective - that he was not designed to "put up" with anyone's Emotional field! At best he could read the field and possibly reflect his reading back to the individual but he would never want to identify with, engage with or "put up" with it at all.

The way Omraam worded his inability to
put up with others sounds personal however from the perspective of his design it was certainly nothing personal. The inability was only pertaining to the limitations of the mechanics of his Design.

August 6th, 2015 -

In the "Thought of the Day" - Omraam asks "Why is it so difficult for humans to live together?"[8]

That "difficulty" certainly is acknowledged as a natural condition of the present state of human evolution however there is a spectrum of variance to that. Human Design (and supplemented with additional profiling systems) can clearly show how that works.

Omraam continues:
"Because they do not show one another enough attention or respect."

That's true! Each and every individual is most uniquely "designed" and therefore incomparable with others. That uniqueness needs to be known by others in any given social dynamic (i.e, shared living, work, school, etc.) When our Human Design is known by others then they can give attention to relating accordingly with respect to that!

O: "Collective life as practiced in a spiritual brotherhood is also a wonderful opportunity for its members to evolve and expand their consciousness."

What a gift it is to enter into "a spiritual brotherhood"! If you have that in your life you have much to be grateful for even with all the challenges (compromises, etc.) that often comes with that.

O: "Those who lead a solitary life can be selfish and temperamental. There is no one standing next to them, no one for whom they must try to watch and improve their behavior. But as soon as they begin to have anything to do with other people, what an effort – and it’s so hard!"

As I have shared before there is another "entity" that gets created when one enters into a relationship with others and there is a wisdom in not personalizing that other entity. The "hard" part comes whenever the the energy of that other entity is personalized.

O: "When people are aware that they belong to a whole that is much greater than themselves and are careful not to allow their actions, thoughts and feelings – their internal noise – to disturb the harmony, it shows that they are evolved."

This requires the deepest commitment because it is a path of self transformation that literally crosses the natural path of the individual.

O: "You will say, ‘What do you mean by their internal noise?’ Yes, all noise is the result of a dissonance, and the internal noise that humans make with their feelings, torments and rebellions disturbs the psychic atmosphere. Those who make a noise are unaware that they are also harming themselves, for one day this noise will take the form of psychological or even physical problems."

The harmony comes by loving yourself: loving your design as well as the design of others. The "Golden Rule" is now evolving with higher consciousness in light of the revelation of Human Design.

Thank you, Omraam, Prosveta S.A. publishing house and the supporting community!

August 31st, 2015 -

"Silence is the expression of peace, harmony and perfection, and it provides the best conditions for psychological and spiritual work. ... But silence alone does not do a great deal. ... its true function is to enable thought and the creative imagination to take flight. ..."[9]

September 4th -

Possibly the most magnificent blog post notice that I have received from the Omraam community to date!:

"All the ordeals of Initiation[85] are in everyday life ... all our trials take place in our everyday lives. ... So you have to be wide awake and vigilant, and remember: every circumstance in life can be a test."[10]

The serendipitous timing of receiving this today is truly impeccable! I was just sharing with a friend that I am grateful for my personal transformations over the past seven years. These all cam by way of "the ordeals of Initiation" that were "in everyday life"! Although there have been a number of times I thought I needed to leave where I live I'm finally at a point in my self realization where I can say the personal growth and transformation has been tremendous here!

7:29 PM (PST) Just submitted the following at the Omraam community site:

"Your posting today is probably the most magnificent one that I have read to date! I wish to share the truth of it with all my relations!"[11]

September 14th, 2015 -
"... esoteric sciences can be helpful if we study them in order to facilitate our evolution and arrive at a deeper understanding of the greatest mysteries."[12]

18th -
"... A person who has been born for the second time is like a living fountain of pure water which gives birth to a new and thriving civilization."[13]

Oct 6th -

Occasionally the quotes from the Omraam community include teachings regarding the sayings of Jesus of which I'm always interested. Today is one of those days and the saying of Jesus comes from Matthew 22:15-22. Verses that I have appreciated a number of times. Omraam says: "Caesar can also be seen to represent one of the forms of our lower nature, our purely human nature, which demands resources just as Caesar levied taxes." I found what he says following this especially interesting.[14]

Oct. 9th, 2015 - Silence is golden!
"Silence shows a person’s degree of evolution."[15]

The "kingdom of heaven" is righteousness (right thinking, feeling and willing), joy and (the resulting) peace in the Holy Spirit!

"Peace is the result of a deep understanding and clear-sightedness"[16]

March 24th, 2016 -

"By accepting to die on the cross, Jesus made a sacrifice, and we must meditate on this in order to measure the grandeur of it, and to link ourselves to it through thought. But in the new life which the Christ is now proposing, it is not recommended that we dwell on the suffering of the cross, because the Christ also manifests through beauty, joy and light. In the new society, it is thoughts of the glory of Christ that must nourish our inner life." Omraam[17]

Up until the last days of my participation in the Episcopal Church my conception of the crucifixion of Jesus was limited to the teachings of the Episcopal Church namely that Jesus was the sacrificial "lamb" who willingly bore all the sins of mankind unto his death (however I don't know whether I could have stated it just as I have here back in 1970). In 1971 I entered "The Church" (that essentially had migrated from Los Angeles to Chicago around the time that I was in the midst of my spiritual emergency of 1970). From then on my thoughts regarding "the crucifixion of Jesus" got enlarged not only as a theological concept (to include the greater aspects of what Jesus died for) but in "practical" application in daily life.

The "Church life" was filled with the brothers either advocating the application of the cross to their "soul life" (as well as "the flesh") or expressing to some extent the suffering they were enduring for having the cross applied to their ways, behavior, thinking, etc.

All in all the cross meant suffering and death to me. However I didn't equate all suffering with the cross. I believed that a lot of suffering was "needless" and I wished to avoid needless suffering.

(To possibly be continued.)

April 12th, 2016 -

"Christianity rejects the idea of reincarnation. This is a pity because it prevents people from understanding how divine justice operates. (And if people knew how divine justice operates would they still feel so compelled to have to have their "day in court" or to take "justice" into their own hands?) So it should not come as a surprise when things don’t seem to make sense: when you do not see the deeper reason for situations and events. They are impossible to understand and you come to the conclusion that injustice reigns overall. In the face of suffering and unhappiness, Christians say, ‘It is God’s will.’ They themselves – strangely enough – have done nothing to bring these misfortunes upon themselves. They aren’t responsible for anything, it is the Lord doing as he pleases, and what pleases him does not seem to be based on any kind of justice.'[18]

My life after and beyond "the Church" allowed me to think freely about reincarnation, karma, "the gospel in the stars" and dozens of other topics that were simply non-existent in "the Church". Consequently I have been blessed with a number of living interests such as destiny, healing, the Human Design System that are all much too "large" to ever fit back into the "Church" box! The truth is that we grow and then we outgrow our former forms. And that is another indication of why reincarnation is actually necessary. Maybe if we didn't have shortened life spans that would make a difference. (I think there are two accounts in the old testament of individuals who lived "long enough" to actually walk with God.)

April 23rd, 2016 -

My beloved sister Diane Patricia (who crossed the threshold over nineteen years ago) was born on April 23rd, 1954.

"In Jesus’ time the idea of reincarnation was known and accepted."[19] This fact is clearly shown in several passages in the scriptures referred to by Omraam.

the 29th -

"What we call silence in the spiritual life is not a mute world. The sages of the East speak of ‘the voice of silence’, and this is the voice they strive to hear. For those who know how to listen, true silence has a voice, for it is the expression of life, the richness of divine life. The voice of silence is the voice of God, and we can only hear it in ourselves when we succeed in calming all our inner agitations: our rebellions, fears and envies… This voice of God is one with the voice of our higher nature, which can only speak when all our passions have been silenced."
- Omraam[25]

June 8th, 2016 -

"... The soul and spirit are the daughter and son of God, and nothing and no one has the power to force them."[26]

The name America can be seen as an anagram that reforms itself as the "I Am Race". Every natural born American has the God-given potential to live in true freedom from all "force" and from all "power" if they only knew the truth of this. One thing for certain - "voting" will not give you or anyone else true freedom.

The ship of state has hit an iceberg and is currently sinking. The "captain" is drinking himself close to death. The passengers on board this ship are making great preparations to vote for a new captain. They are now celebrating the appearance of a primary win and are thrilled to have "made history" with the selection of the first female candidate for "captain". However, I see absolutely nothing to celebrate! None of these votes have the power to stop the ship from sinking. More importantly a new captain will surely go down with the sinking ship all the same!

June 13th, 2016 -

"... true sensitivity means being completely open to the beauty and light of the divine world and closed to all the ugliness and absurdity of the human world."[27]

the 15th -

Re: Omraam: "His intelligence was too vast to be contained, limited and subject to concepts which belonged partially to one particular period and which inevitably bore the mark of one particular mind. Instinctively, through meditation and contemplation, he drew upon the true source of all knowledge."

An "extract from 'The Life of a Master in the West'" by Louise-Marie Frenette.[28]

I do not know whether the capacity of such "intelligence" is natural within every individual (and I don't know if anyone can say) however I do know the truth of the "vastness" and especially that it can not be "contained, limited and subject to concepts which belong... partially to one particular period and which inevitably bore the mark of one particular mind." This is one of the limitations that I realized through my seven-year cycle with "The Church" and part of why I could not continue with the limitations of the Church concepts.

June 20th, 2016 -

As much as I have told the truth about the limits of "The Church" (or at least the limits of my experience in it) I have eternal gratitude for the unlimited! One thing was the orientation to enjoying Christ as our Life vs. engaging in either a theological study or a (dead) religious practice. We had graduates from theological schools. The following quote form Omraam can apply here.

"The major difference between what you learn at a university and what you learn in an initiatic school is that a university can teach you everything about the superficial, exterior aspects of life, everything, that is, except life itself."[29]

June 23rd, 2016 -

A new acquaintance asked me: "... what's new with you?" I responded saying "Every moment is new!" They responded saying "That sounds auspicious!"
And now I'll add:
"Each day is a new life."[30]

The 24th of June, 2016 - Happy Birthday Melissa!

"The need to be wide awake and active calls for a considerable expenditure of matter and energy. You cannot imagine how much energy the brain uses just to maintain a state of consciousness. Simply staying awake uses up a fantastic amount of energy!

And if the materials and energy your brain needs to stay awake are in short supply during the day, you will have to replenish them by sleeping, ..."[31]

I'm open to researching this further.

The 25th -

"Learn to rally your thoughts, your desires and even all the tendencies of your lower nature to fulfill a sublime ideal."[32]

26th of June, 2016 -

"Divine love is the greatest power there is"[33]

I find it very interesting that this last particular quote got footnote number 33!

September 12, 2016 -

I like Omraam's presentation regarding "Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden"[34]

Additional insight in regards to the relationship "entity" I mentioned in the August 6th, 2015 entry above:

", dedication and open communication the cornerstones of the new relationship."[35]

If you can - consider your relationships in terms of the "new entity" that forms when two individuals come together and if you can - practice "The Second & Third Agreements"[36] while remaining open to discovering the truth of the "new entity". Consider getting a Human Design composite of the relationship as learning tool for this purpose.

Oct 3, 2016 -

"... a special glance, a second of silence, a smile in which the soul is expressed can give much more than any more concrete expression or any gift."[37]

Oct 13 -

The "commandment" of Jesus to "Love Thy Neighbor" deserves contemplation by every individual and most especially those who, "believe in Jesus", identify with being a Christian, and /or is a follower of Christ in any way, shape or form. Omraam asks: "And what does loving one’s neighbour mean?"[38]

October 24, 2016 -

Omraam's "Thought of the day" starts out: "The intellect is a good instrument for studying and exploring matter, but it is not always the best of guides."[39] This concurs with "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM), The Human Design System (HDS), Gene Keys and even "The Church"! Both ACIM and HDS say the mind is a tool for communication and research but not for making any important determinations. In fact the HDS says the mind does not have any "authority" over the individual. In "The Church" one of the songs we sang had a line in it: "The mind is not the way" and another line" "Not by thinking do we live". Although this particular "Thought" of Omraam is not new to me I could not help but smile when first reading it and most especially the part of "not always the best of guides". Today I would say that is an understatement and the starting point for a whole new line of conversation. A conversation that I am willing to have with any individual who would like to be introduced to their Human Design.

November 3rd -

According to Omraam - states of grace may be visitations from beings of light.[40] We become more receptive to these visitations through our gratitude.

The 5th -

"Of paramount importance in his (Omraam's) view is to recognize the potency of sexual energy and use it for one’s spiritual development. The sexual organs are a synopsis of creation as a whole."[41] I intend to comment on this soon!

Nov. 14 -

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit -

"’s physical body was destined to be a temple, but there is nothing sacred about it any longer, and obviously, in these circumstances, it is not the Lord who will come to dwell in it but entities of a lower order, all those undesirables that love filth and feed on impurities."[42]

20th -

"Many people wear talismans (a medallion, a cross, a symbol) convinced that they will be aided and protected! Well, no, owning a talisman, however powerful, is not enough to ensure the help and protection of entities from the invisible realm. ..."[43]

December 5, 2016 -

"Christians await the return of Christ. But Christ is here, he makes his presence known every day in the form of light, of pure currents of energy one must be ready to receive."[44]

December 21st -

Deeper insights on the true nature of prayer by Omraam - that I see as communion:
"Initiatic Science sees prayer as the meeting of our soul with the cosmic Spirit and our spirit with the cosmic Soul. These two meetings give our prayer its power."[45]

December 22, 2016 -

Comment re:
"Daily Meditation: Friday, December 23, 2016
Silence - alone expresses the essence of the Divine"[46]

There are two things that stand out for me in this "Thought for the day" - communication and direct experience of the Divine. I am glad to see both of these mentioned in this one paragraph (of less than 200 words). "Direct experience" (or as Omraam refers to it as knowing or feeling the presence of God) and communication are what we are created for! "Silence" also enters the field and is something that I have grown to appreciate more deeply in recent years with special inspiration from Omraam.

Richard Rudd identified Silence as the Siddhi for the 24th Gene Key that corresponds with the Ajna Center Gate in the Human Design System. Note that this "Silence" is one of sixty-four genetic archetypal expressions. The 24th Gene Key is in the Codon Ring of Life and Death. This codon ring includes a couple Gene Keys that correspond with Gates in the Throat Center. Although "Silence" as a Siddhi may be non-verbal there are other closely related Gates that each have their own voice. If this were not true we could not have Christ Jesus express His Divinity as it is written in biblical scriptures and we couldn't have verses such as "The words that I speak are spirit and life".

Christmas 2016 -

"Each year on December 25, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in every church a crib is set up. The child is there, lying on the straw; Mary and Joseph watch over him, and an ass and an ox, too. The ass and the ox are never left out! But those two animals are symbols that have to be interpreted; they correspond to processes that take place in human beings."[47]

28th -

"True evolution involves learning to use the spoken or written word with a view to divine results, that is, to engage the elements of the Word to create only what is right, good and beautiful. Those who work consciously in this direction are participating in God’s work ..."[48]

A friend is writing something on the order of an essay now and I think he may relate to this. Actually I'm reminded now to view the invitation that inspired him to write (however it's now too late in the day to have an audio track playing).

The Last Day of 2016 -

Omraam compares our "destinies ... to that of drops of rain" [49]

January 6, 2017 -

"...heaven forces us to advance and to make new discoveries, or we would simply go to sleep."[50]

There were a couple days in my life when I felt, what seemed to me at that time to be, a deep need to fall into a very, very deep sleep - one that would allow me to at least dream a new most wonderful dream and ideally awaken in/with that dream as my reality. I have that dream now (which I call Cheeta) and so I don't need the kind of sleep I've just described here. However, I still experience the "force" within me "to advance". And every "night" I go to bed when I am exhausted and welcome another good night's sleep, with or without any dreams.

January 9th -

"Divine wisdom responds to all our requests, but it does so through a series of events whose meaning escapes us. We are not yet sufficiently clairvoyant to interpret the signs which would reveal to us the reasons for these events or encounters in our lives, or for the presence of certain people around us. One day we will understand them certainly, but meanwhile we must trust heaven which has foreseen everything concerning our evolution."[51]

With this in mind consider: "... 'the highest law of conduct, which is the enacted expression of divine love or compassion' (Tingley The Theosophical Path:3). This divine love could be realized only in a communal setting in which people lived and worked together to express their best selves."

If this is true then why aren't most people living in "communal setting(s)"? It's because of the fact that individuals have two natures, one higher and one lower. Expressing "their best selves" requires devotion to the higher nature. Without that devotion "gravity" pulls downward. I also think one's Human Design comes into the picture as well. Does the individual have the Community Channel Defined? Do they have the kind of Design that requires cooperation with others or are they more self-sufficient? Some are designed to be "hermits" and yet may still need others for Definition and/or energy that they do not generate on their own.

I have the Channel of Community and so it is my nature to engage with others and yet I have eight of nine centers defined which can be especially impactful on others who don't have the definition/s that I have. This and a number of other factors have been challenging for me to live in a communal setting; so much so that I have thought it best if I moved away and adapted to a non-communal setting. But "Divine wisdom" has another idea that keeps me placed right where I am to learn and grow through all the challenges. The learning and growing has often appeared awfully slow for me and that in itself reveals one of my needs: patience! Fortunately I realize that my Human Design "modes" include the mode "To Wait". I now accept that need to allow life to come to me rather than initiate. Since I've embraced my Design wisdom it has helped me to learn patience. (Waiting and patience are not necessarily the sam thing.)

According to the Gene Keys "Patience" is a Gift of the 5th Gene Key. I wasn't born with that Gene Key prominent however it appears that I am in the process of self-activation it.

January 14, 2017 -

"We can only come into contact with God, the Cosmic Spirit, by coming into contact with the spirit within us, with our higher self.[52] So when you pray to God, you are actually seeking to attain the summit of your being. And if you succeed, you will release a vibration which is so pure and subtle that its diffusion within you will produce the most beneficial transformations.[53] And even if you fail to obtain what you have asked for in your prayers, at least you have gained a few very precious elements."

Pray unceasingly.[54]

15th -

"...the most powerful of all, words..."[55]

January 22, 2017 -

"We are in the habit of separating the physical plane from the spiritual plane, but the truth is that there is no separation between the two. ..."[56]

Jan. 29th -

God is Life! The word for the divine life in the Greek is Zoe! "God is life, the fullness of life, and in order to feel his presence we must come alive and discover that everything around us is also alive: the earth is alive, water and air are alive, fire and light are alive!"[57]

February 6th -

"...burning incense has meaning only if the believer understands that this act is a reflection of psychic processes."[58]

I was a thurifer in the Episcopal Church[59] (over the course of about seven years) and we were never taught anything along the lines that Omraam indicates here. However I did put my own meaning into my ceremonial censing of the congregation. Now (about forty seven years later) I have many years of experience in the "psychic processes" that I could possibly project/extend through "burning incense" - if I were so inclined to burn some.

February 12th, 2017 -

"...The universe is the body of God, a body which he animates with his spirit. In the same way, the human being has a body which is a reflection of the universe, and the spirit which animates this body is a spark from the divine Spirit."[60]

We are microcosms of the universe with a glorious spark! Now if we can only receive a spark from that spark!

In my process of posting the entry of February 6th (above) I had done a search regarding "thurifer" and the page I found for that was of the Episcopal church[61]. From there I went to the home page and find a search option whereby I found the church where I was thurifer and contact for the rector whom I emailed and have had some correspondence with! The rector and most recently offered an introduction to her Human Design!

March 6, 2017 -

"...this is a different science, and one that surpasses all the others, a science which is the fruit of countless experiments..." and I would add that this spiritual science is a true science that is not subject to the corruption of greed, power-over and other like elements of the lower nature. On the contrary it is a science of refinement, transformation and therefore genuine alchemy which predates the materialistic sciences of the present age.

March 11, 2107 -

The bible says Jesus spoke in parables[64] and didn't always explain their meaning. Omraam spoke in allegory and most often gives explanation. In either case the purpose is to give the listener/reader entrance into a whole new "regions" of understanding. We need this extraordinary understanding in order to live and love as we were designed to. Today's "Thought of the day"[65] from the Omraam community emphasizes this vital need.

March 14, 2017 -

In today's "Thought for the day"[66] Omraam speaks of the ineffective use of force and how it impacts the lower nature of others with consequences. The Human Design System says "The emotional motor has an enormous impact in the world.”[67] (Those who have Defined Solar Plexus Center are especially advised to take heed.) Human Design teacher Zeno often speaks of the need for being aware of what our impact is on others. Understanding our Human Design can help by showing where individuals are vulnerable to impact.

I have a Defined Solar Plexus Center. Knowing that plus the need "To Wait" for emotional clarity before making important decisions has helped me to begin my de-conditioning process that includes letting go of my upbringing by an individual with a chronic anger syndrome.

March 19, 2017 -

Today's "Thought for the day" began with:
"To understand suffering and to endure it, do not start to consider it as a heavenly punishment."
It ended with:
"Cosmic Intelligence only uses suffering as a last resort when, having tried everything, there is no other way to make humans think." That got me thinking! I was inspired to research this however my initial search starting with the first line gave me zero results. I then abbreviated that line and eventually brought it down to:
"understanding suffering""enduring suffering" giving me 150 results! With another step or two in this process I landed upon a gem!:

Patricia A. Morley
Thesis presented to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ottawa
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy"

I also found this at another site:

March 25, 2017 -

The "Thought for the day" today begins with "To know, to want, to dare, to be silent."[69] I would present these "verbs" in this order: "To dare, to want, to be silent, to know" or "to want, to be silent, to know, to dare". Richard Rudd has a new series called "Dare to be Divine". This comes eight years after publishing Gene Keys. In light of all of this I like my second order more than the first.

March 28th, 2017 -

The spectrum of understanding (or the lack thereof) with regards to silence is profound! As indicated above I was raised in the Episcopal Church and served as an acolyte from an early age on to young adulthood. Silence was included in the church service. That experience was in polar opposite to the attitude of silence that I encountered in "The Local Church" I entered into in 1971. As an example - one of our songs included the line: "The dead praise not the Lord, the silent go down to." By the time I moved into a "Brothers apartment" I had heard the message that the loader one calls upon the Lord the better. I adopted that message in an absolute way and later learned that my "calling on the Lord" could be heard a block away! In great contrast to this volume there is the message of Omraam: "...true silence is the expression of a presence, the presence of the divine."[70]

When I was in the Episcopal Church I did not know how to mediate and so did not have a way to enter into the silence there. In the "Local Church" it seems to me now that my full volume shouting served as a cathartic release to some extent. Since then I learned to mediate and that allowed me to enter into the silence and then to know "the presence of the divine". Also I have one Human Design gate activated in my Throat Center and that is Gate 12: "Standstill - The Gate of Caution". Here's part of the description: "The articulate, mutative and moody voice of the Individual is restrained in Gate 12 by a natural caution. This caution keeps you silent until your mood tells you that you really do have something to say, as well as a unique, transformative way of saying it. The vocal vibration or tone of your voice speaks louder than your choice of words. Standing still, or contemplating a unique perception or feeling until in the mood to express it in a creative way, through poetry or music for instance, gives your message time to mature. ..." My acceptance now of my Human Design is the recovery of my unique Individuality. I am devoted to this "recovery" and not only for myself. I am devoted to the recovery of unique Individuality for all of us!

April 7, 2017 -

"Roots, a trunk, and branches are not sufficient: a tree is only truly a tree when – having been worked on by the universal spirit – it begins to produce leaves, flowers, and fruits. It is the same for human beings. We possess a stomach, lungs, and a brain, but is this sufficient to call ourselves fully developed beings? ..."[71]

April 9th, 2017 -

Real encouragement:

"When you restore the spirit to its place within you, something tells you that no obstacle, no hardship, can destroy your balance, your peace or your love, ..."[72]

April 10, 2017 -

Time is "on our side" (to an extent). The right use of time includes self-refection.

"Because the consequences of their thinking and behaviour are not immediate, human beings rarely notice what has caused their misfortune. When they succumb to inner disorder or behave disgracefully, it is rare that a catastrophe befalls them at once; they feel no different, and sometimes they even feel better than before. Why has Cosmic Intelligence arranged things in this way? In order to give human beings the time and the opportunity to become aware of their errors and to correct them. Instead of allowing the law of cause and effect to come into play immediately, Cosmic Intelligence in its wisdom and love grants us credit; it gives us time to reflect and rectify our behaviour. ..."[73]

April 17, 2017 - Quality of Life!

"... Sensitivity develops in people who know how to reduce the quantity and increase the quality. ... The spiritual evolution of a human being is accompanied by an increase in their sensitivity. The more our sensitivity increases the more abundant and intense our life becomes."[74]

I'm reminded of "To see the world in a grain of sand ..."

April 18, 2017 -

"...someone who indulges in laziness, a life of ease and frivolous distractions attracts parasites. And what are these parasites? Dark entities of the astral world. They invade their body, will, heart and intellect, they suck up the sap that should nourish their higher self. ..."[75]

I have seen this ill effect on a man who disclosed to me the condition of his earlier "life of ease and frivolous distractions" which was the direct consequence of his neglected parenting. His mother was depressed and suppressed her emotional state with "self medication" of alcohol. The parents owned a liquor store. The father was possessed with anger. [I believe my father was similarly possessed (and fortunately he didn't have the additional burden of alcoholism or similar self-medication other than being a food-aholic).] The need for emotional healing is great. At least throughout the family that I knew and with most everyone I know as well! There may be a couple exceptions and yet I do not want t make any assumptions about that! We all have "Chiron" within us.

April 21, 2017 -

"Every day you are confronted with the manifestations of your lower nature. It is part of you, it presents its arguments to you. But beware ... "[76]

Reading this quote of Omraam is a relief for me. I was feeling discouraged and weary with the "manifestations". Now I feel able to accept the facts as Omraam states. As "A Course in Miracles" teaches - I can "choose once again".

May 2, 2017 -

I've mentioned Individuality here a couple of times and with that this blog showed up in my search results in my effort to identify where this theme may be most prominent among my blogs however - Individuality may actually be more "prominent" in my blogs on Human Design. For now I'm choosing this blog and as such I am introducing the poet E. E. Cummings here.

"Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel …
the moment you feel, you're nobody-but-yourself.

To be nobody-but-yourself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else— means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."[79]

Another "introduction" for this blog: Osho -

“Individuality is your essence. You come with it, you are born with it. Personality is borrowed. It is given by society to you. … Individuality is exactly what it means: it is individual. Personality is not individual, it is social.

Society wants you to have personalities, not individualities because your individualities will create conflict (in the systems of society). …

The ego is the center of personality and God is the center of essence. …

Personality is false. It is the greatest lie. And because the whole society depends on personality - the state, the church, organizations, the establishment - they are all lies. The western psychology goes on thinking too much about the personality, that’s why the whole western psychology is a psychology based on the basic lie. …”[80]

May 6, 2017 -

The core of today's "Thought":
"... to contact and trigger beneficial forces that will sooner or later produce some results"[81] -
has my highest interest!

May 16, 2017 -

I think the following quote (from today's "Thought") relates to the subject matter of this blog.

"... in order to attain a more complete knowledge, human beings were required to develop their intellectual faculties. To develop these faculties, they had to devote themselves to the exploration of matter, which meant placing themselves in conditions which temporarily diminished their perception of the spiritual world."[82]

However I will need to contemplate on how "the exploration of matter" relates to "Man’s Two Natures".

May 26, 2017 -

"A scientist will tell you that only those things which can be observed, calculated, measured, weighed, compared, and classified are real and credible."[83]

What fueled my attention and inspired my response here was the word: "compared". Yes, indeed Science does a lot of comparison and because of that Individuality is ignored in Science because it is uncomparable.

But what Science ignores of Individuality the arts can embrace. One song immediately comes to mind that expresses this:

"Rumor has it that the song, written in 1951 by Irving Gordon, was originally titled 'Uncomparable,' but Gordon was asked to change it (good call). Nat King Cole recorded the song in 1951, and it was re-recorded 40 years later as a posthumous duet between the late Cole and his daughter, Natalie, who went on to win three Grammy Awards in 1992 for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year."[84]

June 8, 2017 -

Omraam taught insightfully regarding the scriptures! "In the book of Genesis it is written that on the sixth day God created humankind and that he created them in his image." Although I have studied Genesis before including this particular passage I didn't have the contemplation that Omraam offers at the end of this "Thought for the day".[86] I rather like it and hope you will read it!

June 11, 2017 -

Continuing with the overall theme of "Man’s Two Natures" -

"So many tragedies are caused by people who claim to work for good, and yet cannot respond reasonably when faced with a minor offense or injustice! They mean well, but at the slightest provocation they create interminable conflict."[87]

In my reading of this "Thought for the day" I think of the vital necessity for dialogue - without which the door to psychopathy is left open.[88] The above "Thought for the day" quote underscores this need for certain communication that if not met at the first instance of "minor offence or injustice" tends to expand. Do you know what dialogue is? Do you include dialogue in your daily life?

June 12, 2017 -

"... true understanding is never separated from achievement."[89]

I'm intending to continue contemplating on this thought and especially in light of the "freedom" of an individual as well as whether or not the individual has a defined Heart (Will) Center.

June 17, 2017 - Additional sources on the theme of "Man’s Two Natures":


Man has a dual nature. The spiritual nature of man is higher than the carnal nature of man.

From Ballentine's Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition:
Spiritual. Pertaining to the soul rather than the physical body of man. The higher as distinguished from the material or carnal nature of man. The relation between man and God. As the word is used to define hopes and fears which may be held out to a person charged with a crime when a confession is sought, it has been held to mean that which pertains to the soul or higher endowments of the mind in its relation to the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, and that which pertains to our holy religion. The spiritual nature of man would be his higher self, not the carnal. Johnson vs State, 107 Miss 196, 65 So 218.

Scripture also identifies the duality of man, the spiritual and the carnal.

1 Corinthians 15:44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

2 Corinthians 4:16 For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

We can conclude that their are two constituents of man, the carnal aspect of man as well as the spiritual aspect of man. The spirit is the vital aspect of man, an eternal higher self and the principle constituent of man (the principle). In contrast the carnal aspect is the lower temporal self (temporary self).

It should be noted that the definition of man is ambiguous in legal dictionaries. There is a reason for this... what is legal applies to legal entities. Man is not a legal entity simply because he is a man. Man must wilfully and consentingly accept a "human existence" to be considered a legal entity. Man is not equivalent to a human, this is explained in exhausting detail in the next section. Man is spiritual (non-secular) and the human is non-spiritual (secular).

More indirect legal definitions...
Creature of reason. Man. Slate v Jones, 1 Miss (Walk) 83, 85. (From Ballentine's Legal Dictionary 3rd Edition).
Animal. In law, all animal life other than man. An inferior or irrational sentient being, generally, though not necessarily possessed of the power of locomotion. In etymology, comprehending all living creatures, whether brutish or human.
This definition clearly illustrates that man is not an animal. A human is not excluded from the definition of animal and the last sentence places the human within the definition of an animal. Do not make the mistake (at this point) of "assuming" that man is equivalent to the other. READ THE NEXT SECTION ... "Human".

Content Free to Distribute....................................................[90]

July 23, 2017 - the power of provocation.

"Until you understand how to resolve problems, you will provoke the negative side in others, which in turn will wait until you drop your guard and then come back to attack you. Study history and you will see that this has always been the case. From now on, learn to provoke the good in all those you meet."[92]

August 6, 2017 -

"... take a small amount of mercury, scatter it into droplets, then bring these droplets together, and once again they form only one drop. Now suppose that before gathering the droplets together, you allow a little dust to fall on some of them: however you try to reunite them, you will not succeed. Well, this is what happens to those who want to fuse with God but have not first purified themselves."[93]

If gold worked in the same way as mercury the above commentary would be all the more well representative of the divine nature. Silver represents the refined human nature. Mercury probably falls into that category (quick silver) in contrast to gold which is well representative of the Divine.[97]

September 21, 2017 - More 'Sun'!

"...If you want to understand the highest moral code, you will find it in the sun, and only there. And since the sun represents the spirit within you, when looking at it, force yourself to rise to those regions within you where you feel that nothing can touch you. Because it is only from here that, whatever happens to you, you can continue to send out your light and your love."[95]

September 29. 2017 - Kindness

"...while kindness manifests itself by means of actions, it is something more than this. It requires several incarnations for human beings to truly succeed in developing this virtue which, in fact, represents one of the highest forms of intelligence."[99]

This "Thought for the day" inspired me to refer to the Gene Keys in regards to "kindness" and I'm so glad I did even though I didn't actually see "kindness" listed among the Gene Key "Gifts". Nevertheless I did make special note of three "Gifts" that match an inspiration I had the other day for a new acronym: A.U.M. which stands for Acceptance, Understanding and Mindfulness. I wasn't thinking of the Gene Keys at the time of this inspiration however now that I see these I am further inspired to research further regarding the relationship between these three.

Acceptance is in the 25th Gene Key and corresponds to Gate 25 in the G/Self Center. It appears that the Gift of Acceptance begins with Self-Acceptance.

Understanding is in the 33rd Gene Key (I like the numerology of 33!) and corresponds to Gate 33 in the Throat Center.

Mindfulness is in the 4th Gene Key and corresponds to Gate 4 in the Ajna Center.

October 15, 2017 -

"Atheists think that they show objectivity, lucidity and reasoning: they think that they at least judge according to what they see, hear, touch, measure and so on, unlike believers who they see as being so obsessed by their faith that they are incapable of being lucid. Well, no, however intelligent a person may be, if they do not accept the existence of God, the reality of the soul and the immortality of the spirit, they will always lack an essential element to complete their observations and judgments. ..."[102]

October 21, 2017 -

"...If you give in to haste, disorder and agitation, the forces and entities of harmony within you are repressed and paralyzed."[103]

I highly recommend reading the whole thought linked at: [103].

November 18, 2017 - Happy New Moon! Happy new growth and expansion during this new waxing phase! -

"...those who wish to manifest the higher degrees of love act with generosity and selflessness, and with consideration for the fulfilment and happiness of the person they love."[104]

The whole "Thought for the day" here is one that I want to give more contemplation to as it speaks of love and hate manifesting the same force. I hadn't really heard that before.

November 26, 2017 -

"You may become a victim of grave injustices on the part of human beings. If you are really innocent, do everything you can within to resist. Never give anyone the opportunity to harm you or destroy you. Why do you care about what these people think if they are so blind?..."[107]

Terry Cole-Whittaker wrote a book in 1988: "What You Think of Me is None of My Business"[108]

"What others say and do is a projection of their own reality their own dream." That is why "Don't Take Anything Personally" is the second agreement In "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

"Give thanks at all times for all things ..."[109] A couple days ago I received penetrating insight into the most significant turn-of-events in my relationship to "The Church" that eventually opened the door for my "exodus". On one hand I could say I was "really innocent" and in recent retrospect I finally saw that I had (innocently) said too much and that gave others "the opportunity" that fortunately did not destroy me although I did go through the worse hell as a direct consequence to how the situation was handled by the brothers. I learned a most potent lesson then and promised myself I would never ever let anyone "Lord" over me again.

Omraam continues saying: "Just listen to the judgement of the inner tribunal of your conscience, the Divinity that lives within you."

December 5, 2017 -

"We only achieve that which we have already envisioned and prepared in our minds. This is a matter worthy of deep reflection. The way in which we consider people and things is what counts and what is effective, and we can verify this in every domain of life. ..."

I appreciate this "Thought" is what appeared to me to be in contrast to a certain marketing presentation I had just listened to that I turned off before the end. Omraam continues saying: "if you see the person ... as someone who makes it possible for you to satisfy your material needs ... you are linking yourself to the lower forces of the astral plane, and you should not be surprised if, one day, you see all your dreams of happiness collapse."

I'm aware of the dynamics of projecting a materilaistic perspective on others. Omraam concludes with a suggested antidote of "make the habit of considering this person as a manifestation of divinity". This reminds me of a Tibetan Buddhist teaching I just read yesterday regarding the "diamond" within each individual. And reading that underscored a note I had made earlier to research the "crystal of consciousness" in the Head Center as presented in the Human Design System.

December 7, 2017 -

"Life and death are so closely connected that there is always something in life that must die in order for something else to live. Like it or not, it is impossible to escape this dilemma...."[111]

So serendipitously interesting that I have received this message now shortly after a "fellow gardener" informed me of a red alert they got regarding an adverse weather forecast along with the possibility in their mind of having to evacuate the house and that obviously had alarmed my fellow gardener since later they mentioned what they thought was a possible scenario of "losing the house" to fire or whatever. Now I can wonder whether there is something in my fellow gardener's life that "must die in order for something else to live." I may never know. In any case I'm intending to consult the Sabian Symbols for a reading on this.

I just did the Oracle reading at Scorpio 20 degrees, Auspicious! This degree corresponds with Hexagram 43. Another serendipity is that the Sun transit at the time of hearing the "red alert" was in Hexagram 5: "Waiting - as an active state of awareness" at Line 5 - Joy. The following is what I find most insightful regarding my inquiry:

Waiting as an aspect of enlightenment.

Exaltation: To remain calm as the ultimate aesthetic and thus recognize the inner meaning of being. The power to be calm and to find one's place in the flow.

Detriment: Joy dismissed as an illusion, waiting as a failure. Disillusionment with recognizing one's place in the flow.[112]

January 14, 2018 -

"If some of the behaviour of human beings cannot be explained, it is because the relationship that exists in every human being between the lower nature and the higher nature is not understood. ..."[119]

August 9, 2018 -

"... People who really want to join an initiatic school must realize that the knowledge that will be imparted to them there is not intended simply to be added to the theories and opinions they already hold. If they don’t understand that, they will be like bottles that are already full. And what can be added to a bottle that is already full? Nothing. In order to follow an initiatic teaching, the bottle first needs to start to empty itself."[135]

The (3-Day) Enlightenment Intensive (EI) can be likened unto a mini "initiatic school". I attended an introductory talk in the Fall of 1980 (before participating in my first EI) where the "Master" gave the following demonstration: First he showed us a bottle filled with muddy water. Then into that he poured clear water. By continually pouring the clear water into the bottle the muddy water eventually was replaced and the bottle became filled with just clear water. This demonstration was very well received in my psyche and for a number of reasons - including the fact that I had spent the better part of the previous decade in a more extensive "initiatic school" where the same principal was applied as a way of life! That consisting of all the practices that we had to work with to bring in "clear waters" into our "bottle" that we were taught was created to contain the pure waters of life in the Spirit.

October 5, 2018 -

When you light a fire, a flame leaps forth and gives light. Fire and light are sometimes mistaken for one another. But when we speak of fire, we are referring to the cause, and light is a consequence – there is no light without fire. But what fire is in itself we do not know. We can only know it through its two manifestations: heat and light. The Holy Trinity is one of the symbolic representations of the great mystery of fire. Fire is the Father. And from the Father proceed the Son – the Christ – which is light or wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, which is heat or love.[145]

"... God is also a consuming fire." Hebrews 12:29.

October 6, 2018 - The Fallacy of Materialistic Beliefs -

"Some people say, ‘I only believe in what I see.’ This merely proves that they are not thinking, because, what are they engaged in day and night? In their own thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others. And can they see these thoughts and feelings? No. So why is it that they are so real to these people? ... And what about the soul and the conscience? Who has seen them? ... Humans believe in invisible and impalpable things throughout their lives, but they refuse to admit it. They think, they feel, they love, they suffer, and they delight, always for reasons that cannot be seen, but in the meantime they insist they believe only in what they see. How contradictory."[146]

October 11, 2018 - Relax! -

"... When you wish to calm yourself, to re-establish harmony and order within, watch your hands in particular, because although at times you may think you are relaxed, your hands remain tense. ... Keeping your hands still and relaxed is one of the most difficult exercises. This is why you should observe your hands carefully – if you can relax them, you will feel a sense of well-being, even in your solar plexus."[157]

In my reading of the above "Thought" I think of Reiki. I highly recommend getting initiated in at least Reiki first degree. Then begin giving yourself self-Reiki treatments as often (ideally daily). You'll transform your relationship with your hands quicker than any other method.

October 13, 2018 - An Analogy Re: The Need For Warmth and What Humans Resort To[158] -

"...true spiritualists are people who know how to connect directly to the power station of the divine world to set in motion their inner equipment. They turn on the switch and immediately feel a beneficial heat, a spiritual heat filling their heart. By analogy too, to warm themselves, the majority of humans resort to wood, coal, petroleum, and fuel oil, that is, to badly controlled feelings, emotions, and desires, and they must frequently discard the ashes and slag, and bring in new fuel. ..."

October 24, 2018 -

"...Until you learn to nourish your soul and spirit, you will feel unsatisfied, empty, and in a void. You should not have the same attitude toward spiritual science as you have toward other sciences. You study grammar, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on, and once you have assimilated the different notions set out in your books, you do not need to repeat them every day, you know them. Let us take grammar: once you have learnt how to conjugate verbs and so on, it is useless to review the rules or other details every day. But the same is not true of spiritual life – simply reciting what you have read does not mean you have truly understood it. No, spiritual life, on the contrary, is based on repetition. Every day you must go deeper into the same truths until they become flesh and blood within you."[159]

In reviewing old journals I find it interesting to see "repetition" of "the same truths" and to appreciate having "go(ne) deeper" and especially recognizing when "they (have) become flesh and blood within (me)"!

December 17, 2018 -

"... To the cosmic Spirit the universe is a vast harmony in which there is no dissonance. ..."[165]





































[36] The 2nd Agreement: "Don’t Take Anything Personally -
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering."

The 3rd Agreement: "Don’t Make Assumptions -
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.":
















[52] Forms of "worship" without the essential contact with our inner spirit/Higher Self may appear to be religious but what do these forms profit the individual?

[53] Transformations of this kind are evidence of the spiritual connection and can be distinguished from religious conditioning.

[54] 1 Thessalonians 5:17









[63] Also Steiner: "... just as the sense of Truth manifests in man's right relation to the physical body; just as a warm enthusiasm for Beauty expresses itself in the etheric body — so does Goodness live in the astral body. And the astral body cannot be healthy, or maintain its true position in the world, if man is not able to pour through it the forces proceeding from Goodness.":

[64] Matthew 13:34-35.
"Parables require personal investigation, pondering, and perseverance to uncover their meaning. ... Understanding occurs not just when the truth is perceived, but when truth penetrates the heart and transforms a person’s vital perspectives on life.":















"A Poet's Advice to Students" in E. E. Cummings, a Miscellany: A Miscellany (1958), edited by George James Firmage, p. 13:






[85] "... all initiations, past as well as present, wherever they take place, have only one goal: to unite spirit and matter.":









[94] See the old testament description of the temple (Solomon's) for the placement of gold and silver.






[100] This could make for a 2-part "dyad" contemplation/communication exercise i.e.:

"Tell me a point of view that you have that you are willing to defend. -
Tell me something you'd like me to know about where this conviction comes from."









[109] Ephesians 5:20



[112] Human Design quote from the Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu.










[122] If you Google: "The Great Within" you'll get "About 134,000 results" and although that will be more than you can digest it can at least add validation to the fact that this dimension exists within you right now - as "A Course In Miracles" says: this "Holy Instant".

[123] In "Earth 2012: How to Find Peace in a World of Chaos: the Ultimate Quest" by: Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD.

[124] I consider "The Human Design System"(HDS) to be the leading modern day science that directly supports Individuals in their discovery and actualization of their Authentic Self.

[125] I find "Gene Keys" as an HDS "fractal" devoted to illuminating how we can release the Gifts "that are undiscovered, and aptitudes that are as yet untapped". HDS and Gene Keys are two of my top tools for supporting each Individual in "connecting with (their) Authentic Self".




[129] There are a total of 128 Gifts and Siddhis presented in Gene Keys.:


[131] From "Line Companion" (Gate 15) which refers to: "the section on the Vessel of Love from the Glossary in Volume 2".


































[175] "Cheeta: Cultivate Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts!":













[188] The "First Agreement" of "The Four Agreements" By: Don Miguel Ruiz.














[202] That includes "Staples" (which I will do my best to avoid from now on):


[204] This is a sequentially consistent presentation of the current world's hidden history in the form of a docu-commentary that is most essential for providing a background to the events that culminated on November 22, 1963:



[207] Quoted at: "Introduction To Cheeta!":
where it was quoted from the source:




[211] “The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace”By: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov; Chapter one - Towards a better understanding of peace. Izvor Collection - No. 208 - Copyright 2010 By: Prosveta.

[212] "Gene Keys" page 37.:




[216] 1 Corinthians 3:11.
























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