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Curing GERD/Low Stomach Acid/Digestion Problems

GERD/Low Stomach Acid/Digestion problems frequently occur with candida issues. Given below is a remedy that should help to cure these problem.

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The GERD or Low Stomach Acid Protocol

The aim of this document is to address problems concerned with digestion that are caused by a lack of stomach acid in particular. The simple protocols in this document will help to cure GERD or reflux problems. They will also help to address other digestive problems such as an adult or a child being underweight or overweight even though they eat normal amounts of food.

This document will help people who have the following problems:

  • GERD or Reflux problems

  • Poor Digestion (This problem can also be caused by parasites or candida)

  • Lack of Bicarbonates in the Pancreatic Juices

An easy way to actually test if you are low on stomach acid is just to take one or two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar(or any vinegar) right before you eat your meal. Taking the ACV(which is acidic) will add and strengthen the acidity of the stomach acid -- it lowers the gastric acid pH in other words. And if, after you take the ACV, your digestion and reflux problems go away -- then you definitely have a low stomach acid problem. By the way, ACV is NOT the cure for low stomach and reflux problems -- ACV only treats the symptoms which is low stomach acid.

If you actually want to know whether you have low stomach acid then ask your doctor for the Heidelberg Test which is a non-invasive procedure that tests your stomach acid levels and strength. 

To treat and resolve the core reasons for your low stomach acid please take the protocol that is advised below.

If you wish, you can actually get your stomach gastric acid levels professionally tested and checked using the Heidelberg Test which is a simple doctor’s test that you can take.


Stomach digestion must occur in an acid environment. Proper pH levels of stomach acidity triggers pepsin, a protease enzyme. Stomach muscles mash the food. Proper pH levels from stomach acid kills all pathogens incoming with food(most important!!). The correct and proper pH acid levels in the stomach crucially triggers the secretin hormone which makes the pancreas secrete important digestive enzymes and alkaline bicarbonates into the duodenum(upper intestines) for Main Stage digestion to successfully occur. The duodenum should be at an alkaline to neutral pH – not acidic -- for proper digestion otherwise the pancreatic enzymes won’t work.



In the low stomach acid scenario, duodenal pancreatic enzymes are not triggered by secretin hormone from the stomach because of insufficient gastric acid amount or strength. Thus all pathogens incoming with food -- including bacteria, yeast/fungus, viruses and parasites -- are therefore not destroyed because the stomach acid is too low or weak to do its job. So no alkaline bicarbonate juices or enzymes are triggered from the pancreas into the duodenum for Main Stage digestion – and the duodenal environment remains dangerously acidic. So the duodenal enzymes are unable to do their job digesting food  in the duodenum -- which is not alkaline to neutral but is acidic. So the food or chyme in the duodenum remains acidic and stagnates – thus perpetuating a wonderful breeding ground for all forms of pathogens and disease. The duodenum rejects food giving rise to acid reflux while developing many other serious long term problems like Leaky Gut, IBS, Candida, arthritis etc.

To remedy these particular GERD or Reflux problems then everyday you must take the following:

(All given dosages are for adults)

Betaine HCL tablets at every meal(see below for dosage)

Pancreatin enzymes(with papain and bromelain) at every meal

Liquid Kelp Extract(for the iodine) once or twice a day with meals as recommended

Magnesium Chloride(250 mgs) twice a day with meals

Sea Salt(½  tsp per day in a glass of water)

Vitamin B50 complex(once a day) with a meal

Vitamin B12 at least 1000 mcg once a day with a meal

Vitamin B6 (50 mgs) with every meal.  

Zinc gluconate (25 mgs) once a day with a meal

Sodium Bicarbonate...An hour after finishing your meal you also should take ¼ - ½ teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda (using Arm & Hammer brand is fine) with water to ensure proper Main Stage Digestion occurs in the duodenum in an alkaline to neutral environment so taking sodium bicarbonate ensures that the duodenal environment is alkaline to neutral(not acidic) for proper digestion to occur. This protocol will also not affect stomach digestion which actually stops working about half an hour after you finish your meal.

How to Supplement Betaine HCL -- Important !!

When you first start taking Betaine HCL, increase the dose by one tablet at every meal until you get an immediate acidic feeling in the stomach. Then cut back by one or two tablets and stay at that dose. You stomach acid is now at the right acid pH level or strength. Your stomach will absorb the HCL from the betaine and heal itself over time and you will be able to reduce the betaine dose slowly to zero as your stomach heals GERD and helps to attain proper natural acid levels again over time.

The core of the above protocol is just the Betaine HCL supplemented with the pancreatin enzymes and you can use just these two supplements only if you wish. But in my experience I’ve found that the protocol covers alot more ground and works far better towards a cure with all the other added nutrients which are also much needed for proper acidity and proper digestion.

Just to also clarify that the above is a protocol that will cure low stomach acid, GERD(reflux) and digestion problems (eg too thin, underweight). Both Betaine and pancreatin alone should cure the GERD and Reflux issues. But if you have more serious digestion problems as well then I would strongly suggest that you take all the above nutrients as advised in the above protocol.

Summary of the Dangers of Taking Acid Blocking Drugs(PPI’s)

When you take PPI’s(stomach acid inhibitors) this will hugely lower your normal stomach acid and cause several serious problems;

  • The right high acid strength of stomach acid is vital and necessary to kill all germs, pathogens etc incoming with the food you eat. So if you lower the stomach acid by taking PPI’s then all manner pathogens and disease will be freely allowed to enter into the intestines. From there they will spread, unhindered, into the body to create disease.

  • The correct high stomach acid strength is also needed to hormonally trigger the pancreatic enzymes and juices for correct Main Stage Digestion(MSD) in the upper intestines or duodenum. If the stomach acid amount or strength is too low then MSD will not be triggered and will not occur and the food will just sit there in the duodenum, stagnating and fast breeding pathogens leading to the spread of even more disease.

  • Taking PPI’s wrecks proper digestion in the duodenum which could lead to excessive loss of weight.

  • Low levels of stomach acid over a long period of time can lead to many other difficult problems and diseases in the intestines – including bacterial or fungal infections, parasitic infections, an impaired immune system, hypothyroid issues and problems with iron in the blood just to name a few.


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