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Cheeta - The Harmonic Convergence of my "Highest Ideal/s"!

(Post #16) "Coming out" of a "visionary closet" - like attracts like!

Date:   4/1/2015 9:44:02 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 1492 times

This morning I've begun publishing Cheeta at scribd.[1]

I was motivated to do this in exchange for access to materials at scribd on Omraam-Mikhael-Aivanhov[2]. The following is a quote from his work: "The High Ideal":

"... look at where you stand, what you hope for and desire more than anything, how you envisage[3] things and then begin the work of inner pregeneration[4]. Decide to form this High Ideal within yourself and maintain it no matter what. ..."[14]

Thursday, the 2nd of April, 2015 -

Just submitted an inquiry with the Omraam online community and that I just joined this 9th hour.[15]

Saturday the 4th -

The Human Design System allows for deep perception and profound understanding of each individual's unique Human Design and thereby our unique function within the whole matrix of relationships, groups and the greater society. It was through Human Design that I came to connect with Gene Keys whose author Richard Rudd gives credit to both the founder of the Human Design System as well as to Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:

“…Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov has been a constant internal reference for me, guiding me from a plane beyond our own. It is his prophetic understanding of the notion of the Great White Brotherhood and the coming planetary synarchy that permeates much of the wisdom behind the gene Keys. …”

April 14th -

Cheeta most certainly is my most High Ideal and yet it is more truly a harmonic convergence of my highest ideals! The top five of these include:

Developing self-regenerative Biodynamic Permaculture Training Centers (BDPTC);

Building Community Supported Food-Freedom Centers offering nutrient-dense foods that are prepared medicinally in the most delicious and soul-satisfying ways;

Building learning centers for the "New Medicine" that I refer to as "Psyche & Health"[10];

Practicing Steiner-inspired pedagogy in BDPTC[5];

and embracing the deeper self-knowledge and knowledge of others by learning the Human Design System.

April 24th, 2015 - At the Heart of my "High Ideal" -

Inspired now to present what is at the "heart" of my "High Ideal" that Cheeta represents for me. Up till recently I have had something on the order of a universe of all important ideals that I had gathered over many years and that I knew were all part of the better world that I wished to live in and share with others - however they were not fully developed as one whole integrated vision. That lack of integrated wholeness has now changed since I made my declaration of Cheeta as my "High Ideal". Many things regarding this vision are coalescing for me now and I have already noted a few of those things in this blog.

Now I wish to begin noting what is both in my heart and at the heart of Cheeta (with the intention of developing this further). There is a background to this impulse that began consciously to emerge about twenty years ago when I began living with a Waldorf family. I got to have first-hand observations regarding child rearing over the course of about six to seven years while I played a role in sharing some of the parental responsibilities at that time. In doing that I eventually realized that the parent with the primary responsibility (probably most often the mother) has a deep determining influence on the child's development. This of course is nothing new among parents however I did not have prior experience as a parent before this time.

Take for example just one important aspect of parenting: "Nourishing Our Children". More often than not it is the mother who begins to nourish her children, typically as an extension of her own diet. If there are unmet nutritional needs or other inadequacies in the mother's diet then those most likely get extended to the child. (Keep in mind that nutrition has said to be about one half of the whole relationship that the child has with their food.)[6]

My approach to food and eating was not something I could easily extend to these children who had three to five years of their foundational development already established. I learned to hold back from extending what I had and deferred to the mother's way. Yet I still wanted to make a contribution to the health and well being of these children plus on a lager scale. I saw the possibility of a larger scale contribution with the schools that the children attended. I volunteered by starting a small gardening group to support interested classes in developing garden connections for the students. I also had wished to contribute to the food preparation lessons that were in the classroom. For instance - introducing the traditional preparation of at least pre-soaking whole grains (and ideally sprouting them) before baking bread.

Some time after my shared parenting experience (along with my initial outreach into the community) I had an introduction with a retired teacher who had devoted much of her life to running a pre-school. She expressed how children come first. I wasn't fully receptive to the thought at that time. Now more than twelve years later my vision has been "corrected". Now I clearly see that children are at the very heart of my "High Ideal". Laying the developmental foundation of the child's life is what Cheeta is truly designed for! I see how this foundation begins with the mother and therefore there is a great need to support the mother-to-be even before pregnancy. Preparation for motherhood is the first foundation for the next generation. Traditionally this preparation was integrated into the community. Now due to the modern lifestyle the preparation has to be rebuilt from the ground up. Rebuilding this foundation is what Cheeta is all about. Therefor the mother and the child are at the heart of Cheeta!

June 30, 2015 -

Inspired with thoughts regarding "soul satisfying nutrition" and "most delicious" as well. Researched about this for a couple hours and then completely realized that both "satisfying" and "delicious" are essentially subjective self-assessments. I then began thinking in the direction of objective indicators and then focused on brain chemistry as the chemistry can be "read" in a number of ways (including serum blood analysis). New search terms: "satiety food+'brain chemistry'" gave 35,000 results!

This is part of what I'm looking at now.:

"(Food) cravings are due to low serotonin levels. When the brain chemical gets depleted, we subconsciously crave the types of food that break down quickly into blood sugar, ... These foods spike insulin levels. Insulin, in around about way, allows tryptophan to enter the brain. Tryptophan transforms into serotonin. And serotonin, makes us feel good! These foods have subsequently become known as 'comfort foods.' ... Simply put, people eat these particular foods to feel better. They are in fact, self-medicating. ... there is indeed an emotional attachment and reward to this eating pattern. Unfortunately, this is exactly why our obesity rate is as high as it is. ...

The result: a nation that is 65% obese - and depressed. FACT: 98% of all diets will inevitably fail, unless you're able to maintain healthy levels of serotonin.

... Serotonin is a major neurotransmitter that not only controls carbohydrate cravings, but also naturally reduces appetite, as it's the satiety control mechanism for the body.

... The most important raw ingredient is the amino acid tryptophan. ... naturally found in dairy protein - and it's essential for the production of serotonin.

... Based on the lifestyle of most Americans, we are a nation that is, without doubt, suffering from what is now being recognized as 'Serotonin deficiency Syndrome.' ...":

Diet Failure...the Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight ...
By Phoenix Gilman[7]

This underscores my conviction regarding a "correction"[8] that I see is needed on a foundational level that allows for a whole new kind of "lifestyle".[9] Cheeta fully embraces this lifestyle!

Some science:

"Gastrointestinal Satiety Signals I. An overview of gastrointestinal signals that influence food intake" -

"... Until the last 25 years, meal onset was thought to be under the control of factors related to immediately available energy. The most popular position was the glucostatic theory, which postulated that a reduction of glucose utilization by sensor cells in the hypothalamus caused sensations of hunger and increased the likelihood of starting a meal. Food intake was hypothesized to cause a consequent increase in glucose utilization, the sensation of satiety, and cessation of eating (40, 41). Other hypotheses related to available energy have been based on body heat, fat utilization by the liver, and the generation of ATP and other energy-rich molecules by the liver and/or brain (34). For the most part, these hypotheses have not withstood the test of time, in large part because other kinds of signals were discovered to be more likely endogenous controllers of meals."

I quoted the above primarily regarding the hypotheses on: "fat utilization by the liver" as Dr. Tom Cowan (in chapter 11 on Weight Loss of: "The Fourfold Path to Healing") has referred to the satiety factor of fat as being primary. Personally I accept the "fat factor" very well and I would add the protein factor into the equation. In any case I am pretty confident that "real milk" can most likely be referred to as a prime example of a food that has inherent satiety producing factors. This is based on my own empirical evidence over the course of thirty-seven years in addition to my research and in depth reasoning. My "confidence" encourages the vision for Cheeta as a farm-based community lifestyle especially for young families and aspiring mothers![16]

July 1, 2015 -

"To be well-balanced and fulfilled, it is infinitely preferable for people to have access to the world of harmony, poetry and wonder and to strive to live there as often and for as long as possible."[11]

Some hours later -

"The Gene Keys offer us a vision of a very different world than the one we see today. They show us a world where human beings are governed by higher principals such as love, forgiveness and freedom. Such a world is not a dream, it is the next stage of our natural evolution and it depends upon each of us unlocking the higher purpose that lies hidden in our DNA.

I hope as you enter and explore the wonderful labyrinith of Gene Keys that they will ignite the spark of your highest potential, and that you will embrace the beauty of your personal dream and allow it to grow inside you. And as your higher purpose begins to impact those you love and the world around you, may you join your genius with all of us who dare to dream of a higher and better world, and together let us make that dream a reality."[12]

The above quote from Richard Rudd very well supports my intention to identify what can attract individuals onto the "Golden Path" of their own evolution. The "vision of a very different world" that I have here with Cheeta is filled with golden paths! (Wow! Immediately upon writing this I flashed on Revelation![13]) I have something more to contemplate on now.

July 6, 2015 -

"... The only thing that is really important is the work we do on ourselves so that our weaknesses as well as our strengths may be at the service of a high ideal. ... Once you know what the ideal work is and make up your mind to devote yourself to it whole-heartedly, both your defects and your qualities will become excellent servants."[17]

Included in my "ideal work" is my deep understanding of others with the help of a few tools including:

The Human Design System,
Gene Keys,
The Secret Language of Destiny,
The individual's Harvest Cycle,
and more!

Happy Solstice! December 22nd -

"Continue your work with conviction, without worrying about the time it will take you to accomplish your divine ideal. You have the keys; you have the power. All the inner voices encouraging you to ‘Stand up, and walk towards the light!’ represent capital that you have accumulated over a long period of time, thanks to the efforts you have made. The need you feel to progress on the path of wisdom, love and truth is the result of all these past efforts. And what happens when you have made progress, however small, in the spiritual realm? Scattered, disorganized forces that have lain dormant in you for thousands of years awaken, as if answering a call. All of a sudden, you realize there was an absolute army living in you, waiting to be mobilized to come and help you. ..."[18]

May 21st (Full Moon) 2016 -

Light "From The Heavens" that illuminate the Soul's Purpose can only support us in actualizing our High Ideal. Heaven Bless our Illumination!

I am grateful for the additional light upon my Soul's Purpose as I have begun to articulate that here at Cheeta! Once again I am Blessed with recognition/validation via the Sabian Symbols and the language of light that these crystalline scenes emanate! My Souls' Purpose can be represented (at least in part) via my Rising/ASC in my natal "map". Here's the Sabian Symbol for that.:


KEYNOTE: The cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfillment.

This seems to refer to the use of the imagination and the value of fantasy in a collective setup. Men dream together as a preparation for acting together. Rituals related to the great aspirations of mankind are both sacred ceremonies and playthings for young minds; so also are court ceremonies and operas for the social elite, or baseball games for the crowds. Some men work hard at acquiring knowledge and providing society with what it needs to enjoy warmth and lighted palaces; others play at imagining themselves perfect spheres of multicolored radiance — soap bubbles so soon proven evanescent!

At this third stage of the thirty-ninth sequence we deal with another aspect of the cultural life made possible, in a sense, by the two just symbolized. It is a symbol of IMAGINATIVE PLAY, which foreshadows the idea of "global man," the man of plenitude.

The above scene is found in: the "Second Hemicycle" of the Astrological Mandala that has to do with: "The Process of Collectivization" in "ACT III: GROUP-INTEGRATION" and at: SCENE THIRTEEN: TRANSFIGURATION that spans from Libra 1° to Libra 15°. What is especially interesting to me about this 15 degree "arc" is that my Natal Sun is in the very first scene at 1 degree Libra! My Sun therefore underscores my Soul's Purpose that is "running" virtually throughout this entire 15 degree scene!

June 15th -

The Prayer of the High Ideal

"To have a heart as pure as crystal, a mind as luminous as the sun, a soul as vast as the universe, a spirit as powerful as God and one with God"[19]

And surely a sound body naturally follows from the above!

April 13th -

I find it very interesting that Omraam states the date that Babaji and he met: "on 17 June" (1959) as that day is "The Master of The Mind"/"Master of Knowledge" Card (AKA King of Clubs) according to the Magi Cards.[20]



[2]"… I had never abandoned my desire to become like Buddha, like Jesus. This was still primordial in my mind and it was so beautiful that I was beside myself. To see such a being, with all those colors, all that light! He was almost invisible in the extraordinary luminosity that surrounded him. I found myself flooded with light. I was in a state of bliss, of ecstasy so immense, so powerful, that I no longer knew where I was. It was a delirious joy; it was heaven; it was the universe! Ever since then I have felt that if God were not all beauty I could not believe in him. It is beauty that remains in my mind as the one essential: neither power, nor knowledge, nor wealth, nor glory. Only beauty! (...)”:!biography

And -
‘When you eat, when you do your breathing exercises, when you pray, meditate, sing and go to the sunrise know that it is possible to absorb the divine quintessence.’:

The first reference that sparked my writing of the above was a mention of Omraam in a single paragraph description in regards to the "first full-length biography of the Bulgarian sage" that I most fortunately read in the current Spring issue of the journal for The Theosophical Society in America (thanks to the continued delivery of a former house-mate's mail who has the subscription! ; ~ ) . In particular: "His teachings speak of the quest for sanctity in everyday life". The name of the journal is Quest!

Here's a "thought for the day" from Omraam that I'd like to see incorporated as part of the spirit of Cheeta:

Another "thought" -

"... many people claim to possess the truth! They are not aware that there are objective criteria by which to judge whether this is the case. You can tell those who are in truth by their qualities, particularly their kindness, nobility and selflessness. This is why, when I see someone who claims to possess truth but is hateful, bad-tempered and vindictive, I want to say to this person, ‘Well, if that is truth, it’s not worth making the slightest effort to attain it.’ But humans rarely have such criteria. They see maniacs preaching hatred and violence in the name of truth, and they are ready to follow them and imitate them, even to the extent of committing murder. Never believe anyone who claims to have the truth if they do not show you their qualifications. And these are not in the form of a piece of paper. They are living qualifications that sages and even nature spirits can read from afar, because they shine and emit rays of light. When you meet such a being, you have the feeling you are being given light, warmth and strength. It is like being present at the sunrise." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:


[4] The word pregeneration is rare yet it is recognized:

"The work of inner pregeneration" is certainly the first essential part of the manifestation/creation process and therefore all the terms used regarding this first part (where it all begins) need to be completely understood. Maybe there are more terms in addition to pregeneration that can be used.

[5]Major festivals for the schools - "The equinoxes and solstices or, as I have called them, the four cardinal feasts, are the four most vital days in the year, and they are governed by Mercury (spring equinox), Venus (summer solstice), the Sun (autumn equinox) and the Moon (winter solstice). These are days of celebration for nature; the Angels and Archangels, all the forces of nature, even the divine Mother herself, all take part in the festivities. Only those who understand the importance of these high days and of the prodigious forces that flood the universe at these times can truly take part in the celebrations."

[6]See the Psychology of Eating


[8]One of the Gate activations in my Human Design is a particular kind of consciousness regarding what needs correction.

[9]More Re: "lifestyle" -
"A lifestyle of completing communications contributes to having a clear mind. Having the intention of communicating what is within your mind, whatever it may be, opens you up over time, until eventually you can say whatever is there for you to say. This outward flow feels wonderful and makes you an alive and vital person, where all of your ability is available for life. That, plus being willing to experience and deal with those things that come up that are hard to experience keeps the mind clear." -

From my Blog here at Cheeta:
"Deconditioning - A 7-year Process":




[13]"The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.":







and also mentioned here:



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