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I Love "I Am"!

Additional sources of inspiration to be acknowledged in my journey to loving more!

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June 4, 2018 -

"Love, true love, is not only superior to sexual attraction, but to sentiment as well. True love is not a feeling, but a state of consciousness. The attraction between two beings has to do with vibrations, with fluids; it depends on elements that are purely physical and is therefore subject to change. Feeling is already superior to attraction, because it may be inspired by factors of a moral, intellectual, or spiritual nature, but feeling is also variable: one day we love, the next we no longer love. Whereas love experienced as a state of consciousness lies well beyond circumstances and people. ..."[5]

My version of the second to last line in this quote above here would read: " ... one day we feel loving, the next day we may not feel so loving".

December 28, 2014 -

In addition to the seed of love that found its way in enough good soil in my "garden" that it has taken root and began to establiish itself - I've also been previously inspired with the "I AM" teachings over the years. There has been a resurgence of interest on my part most recently that includes some items that I will post here.

"Perhaps you would like to use a decree something like this: 'Beloved mighty victorious Presence of Almighty God I AM right within my beating heart, I love your happiness!' ..."[1]

July 23, 2015 -

I adopted a version of this that is now a part of my daily life and it has been a really great blessing!

Also of interest:

"While in the desert with the Israelites, Moses was made aware of His own Mighty I AM Presence and also that the real Name of God was 'I AM'. It was then that He received the statement 'I AM THAT I AM'.

Some time after passing through the change called death at the end of His physical embodiment in the land of Moab, Moses reembodied. He was in India with Gautama Buddha as Ananda. In that embodiment, He learned that service must be rendered in Love - which makes for Happiness. Moses re-embodied in China where he was known as Lord Ling. He Ascended at the close of that lifetime. He now known as the God of Happiness, having dedicated Himself to this aspect of God to focus an overcoming momentum of the Victory of Divine Love and Happiness.

Upon attaining the Victory of the Ascension, Lord Ling became One with His Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. Beloved Lord Ling is now an Ascended Master - a part of the Ascended Host of Light."[2]

Monday, December 29th -

"...Your emotional body is the largest of your four lower vehicles & it contains about 80% of the energies of outer consciousness. It extends the farthest out from the physical form & therefore is the first one which is touched by the energies of the outer world. Therefore ofttimes you feel the pressure of emotional irritation long before thought itself is able to distinguish from when that feeling came, whether it was from your own world or the world of another."[3]

May 26, 2015 -

The following is my personal transcription that I made while listening to the recorded message of Patricia Cota-Robles. The first paragraph is from the opening of here presentation and the second paragraph is from the closing.

What is happening now through the event of Pentecost we’ve reached a frequency of vibration (because of all the energies that had flowed into the planet over the past several decades and specifically amplified over the past three years since the birth of the New Heaven and New Earth) where we’re now able to receive even higher frequencies of light that greatly expand our divinity and the balance of our Mother Father God in our three-fold flame within our heart; moving us into higher frequencies of Christ Consciousness and all of this is preparing us for other activities of light including a tremendous influx of light in August from the 15th to the 20th that will initiate every individual further up the spiral of evolution, moving us into a higher order of being, allowing our "I Am Presence" to integrate through us, moving us into our higher aspect of our fifth-dimensional crystalline light bodies and our higher presence.

Cosmic moments come and cosmic moments go. The call for assistance must come from the realm for wherever the assistance is needed. … If those of us in embodiment in the physical plane don’t magnetize this light through our heart flames and project it on the holy breath in the physical plane we don’t experience the frequencies at a physical level and it passes us by. ... it is our privilege and sacred honor to serve humanity in this wonderous way.[4]

July 23, 2015 -

I am all grateful for the gift of this message and that "we’re now able to receive even higher frequencies of light that greatly expand our divinity!" I Am finding that it's really true!

I've "distilled" a new spoken contemplation.
It can be a contemplation if you take it slow with the intent to have direct experience/union with the truth of what you say here:

All Divine,
All I Am,
All One,
All Grateful,

September 16th, 2015 -

Do you know that you can reprogram your mind? One effective key is to adopt a consistency of repetition. After about 30 days of your daily reprogramming practice the subconscious will also "adopt" the change.

For some time I practiced saying "I love it" every opportunity I'd get that historically had triggered upset emotion. I'd repeat "I love it" until the reactive tendency would zero out. Often doing that would amuse me! Lately I noticed my technique occurs virtually effortlessly and that after saying "I love it" once or twice that my awareness moves to "I love myself"!

Having experienced this a sufficient number of times now I am confident in saying I have significantly reprogrammed my reactive mind! That encourages me to continue the work! Teaches of the Human Design System say it takes seven years to de-condition oneself - transform one's conditioned behavior. I have about seven years of experience working with my Human Design and I'm fairly convinced the process goes through layers upon layers and that although tremendous progress can be had within seven years one may find that there is still more to transform. My shift from "I love it" (as a counter to emotional triggers) to "I love myself" is definitely good progress! I look forward to it growing, extending to greater depths and heights!

November 19th, 2015 -

The "I Love It" transformational program has been continuing unabated in its full operational mode over the past sixty-four days! The number of times I may say "I Love It" in any given situation can vary between once and possibly about ten times, depending on how severely the mind perceives something. If I say the phrase more than once I am repeating it until I feel a palpable energetic/emotional shift. The shift happens every single time that I speak the phrase without fail! When I feel the shift a fresh, new and radiant expression naturally flows through my Throat Center; often with a sense of humor!

Last night I revisited "The Purpose of Your Life" by Carol Adrienne. One of the exercises in this book is "write down several activities that you love to do." Here's the start of my list.:

I love to prepare all of my own food.
I love sharing one-on-one communications with individuals.
I love to do dyads with others.

I love to play on high-end concert grand acoustic pianos.

I love to self-talk in loving ways.
I love to talk to the Holy Spirit.

I love to research things that I am freshly inspired with.

I love to introduce individuals to their Human Design.

June 4, 2018 - Update -

This above mentioned "I Love It transformational program" has permanently transformed a reactive tendency that used to have in predominant operational mode for most of my life since I was capable of swearing whenever I'd ****up something! Now my response typically is often: "I Love ... I Am ... My Divine I Am Presence". The former self-judgement has been virtually eliminated! All Grateful I Am!

January 13th, 2016 -

Have you heard of "Be, Do, Have"? Or - "Being, Doing and Having". If so do you have something you can present about that?

My version is Being, Having and Doing and starts with: "I Am", "I have" (my Being), and "I Give" (of my Being). I can also express this as "I Love, I Am, and I extend what I Am".





I find this "80%" figure impressive! It validates my experience of feeling the emotional fields of others in my environment!




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