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Penetrating "The Gap" Between Cosmos & Psyche!

"Psychognosis - The Knowledge of Self as revealed in the process of Being and Becoming and in the Death and Resurrection of Consciousness", Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View plus "Philosophy of Freedom"

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"Ours is an age between world views, creative yet disoriented, a transitional era[i] when the old cultural vision no longer holds and the new has not yet constellated." -
Richard Tarnas - Cosmos and Psyche.[7]

We are most certainly "between world views". This in-between state can appear as a "gap" that is so much greater than a generational gap as this gap appears between two Ages/Aeons. However this gap doesn't necessarily mean that the individual has to suffer a "gap" between their psyche and the entire cosmos.

"We constantly hear humans complaining that they are lacking something. They have yet to understand that the entire universe belongs to them. ..."[11]

The following quote is from a forward to a book that I have not read as of yet but intend to begin soon.

"Do you want to find that gap in the universe that explains truth by revealing it; and beauty, wisdom and love? Do you wish to mine for all the secrets of life? The gap in the universe is within yourself; for you are indeed it. Please go boldly where few men have dared to tread, for it is the sacred ground of your cosmic mind."[1]
[i] This "transitional era" is magnificently echoed by Ra Uru Hu in his presentation of The Human Design System.

April 22, 2019 - How Jon Rapport is Filling "The Gap" -

...I assume, as a fundamental, that every person has more capability and creative power than he knows. He can access it, and he can keep finding new levels of it. The individual WANTS to be more creative and free.

On the other hand, society and civilization always return to structure and organization. They deal in groups, populations, masses of people. They attract those who want to plan the collective future as if it were a board game filled with inanimate pieces. When this overall strategy reaches a peak of oppressive interference, the society declines and collapses.

As a corrective fix, re-establishing freedom and independence of the individual, as a social principle, can certainly help, but the deeper fix involves the individual himself. He finds and asserts his own freedom and independence---and then he discovers/creates a vision of a new life and seeks to make it fact in the world.

THINGS AS THEY ARE around us exert a tremendous amount of convincing conclusion: THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE ONLY REALITY, LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT, ADAPT EVERYTHING YOU DO TO THINGS AS THEY ARE. Families, groups, organizations, companies, governments support this "single-reality" fantasy to the hilt.


These points were driven home to me with indelible force during one year of my life ---1962---when I was painting on canvas, paper, board, wood, and anything else I could find, day and night. In fact, every article, book, seminar, lecture, and Matrix product I have authored since then has been an effort to flesh out what I learned in 1962 and "catch up to myself."

I took a detour with a primitive dip into theoretical physics---the collision of the particle theory of matter with the wave theory. Physicists had settled on a way to avoid a blunt series of contradictions. Taking a utilitarian pragmatic approach, they decided to deploy the particle theory when it was useful, and the wave theory when it was useful. I went in another direction---you could discover/invent an unlimited number of basic theories, each of which could explain a wide swath of collective reality...but more than that, you could also come up with theories that would essentially give birth to brand new non-collective realities---phenomena that were considered paranormal and "broke natural law," but only for the individual who invented and fleshed out a novel theory...

In other words, REALITY ITSELF was an entirely open proposition, instead of a shared consensus.

In this case, there was no single final reality. That was the myth of myths.

Over centuries and millennia, this meta-myth piled up like banks of clouds over mountain ranges; and then, finally, came the cleansing rain, and the opportunity to strike out in an entirely new direction...[13]

December 23, 2019 -

Rudolf Steiner presented workshops and books on "cosmos & psyche."


June 26, 2015 -

"... Because the modern view of the Universe held by Natural Science really gives a cosmogony omitting Man — recognizing him only as the highest of the animals, that is to say an abstraction — because Man is not in it at all, therefore to this conception the Universe appears as a mathematical picture only, in which the universal origin of Freedom and Morality can never be recognized. ..." -

"The gap" requires our standing in self- recognition. "... the saying of the Greek Apollo: 'Know thyself!'... is not intended a burrowing into one's own subjectivity but a knowledge of the whole being of man and the position he occupies in the Universe ..."[2]

June 28th-

"The present excited state of our Heliosphere exists within the whole, or entire, organism that makes up the Solar System; the Sun, Planets, Moons, Comets, and Asteroids, as well as the plasmas, and/or electromagnetic mediums, and structures, of Interplanetary Space.'[3]

I would add this as a very significant "footnote" in my understanding of Cosmos and Psyche!

July 1, 2015 -

Can you see that self-knowledge is required to know your relationship with the Cosmos? Can you imagine that your self-knowledge can extend through you to bridge "The Gap"? Would you like to gain your self-knowledge in a way that can also show you how you are able to connect with the Cosmos? You can have all of that by being introduced to your Human Design. If you would like that then I'd like to introduce you to your Human Design.

I'm reading something in a new Human Design course that encourages me about bridging "The Gap"! My encouragement comes from reading a description of my Human Design Personality Profile. We all have both a conscious and unconscious side to our Personality Profile. I've just now learned in the description of my unconscious side that I universalize the energies in my chart for the benefit of others. Knowing this now is validating for me in regards to my work with others! I deeply relate to this description!

When you request your Human Design introduction from me I will include your Personality Profile if you refer to this blog post.

Continuing with "Closing The Gap":

"The I Ching stands alone among all the sacred texts. Based as it is on the original 64-fold matrix behind the space/time continuum, and mirroring the precise mathematical structure of DNA, it perfectly unifies the macrocosm with the microcosm."
- Richard Rudd[4]

Richard says: the I Ching "perfectly unifies the macrocosm with the microcosm" - When I first noted this I said: "What a contemplation!" However now (7/21/15) I think that to whatever extent this maybe true the fact of our discovering 64 I Ching hexagrams aligning/corresponding 64-fold genetically does not necessarily bridge the gap in the psyche. We need an additional component.

Then read: "In its early days the I Ching was used, in particular by the Taoists, as a precise contemplative tool to bring about higher states of awareness." ; ~ )

The source paragraph for the above quote inspired me to search "I Ching""spiritual path" giving me "About 793,000 results"! Fortunately I recognized the url's for the fourth and fifth results:

"When used over time, the correct use of the I Ching is a spiritual path in itself. It will guide you to listen to your innate, silent, intuitive wisdom – your ‘Yi’ (the Water Eye) above and beyond your human desires and longings – your ‘Hsin’ (the Fire Eye). Unfortunately, our modern global lifestyle is so strongly developed around the Fire Eye, that even the I Ching has now mostly become another toy for that restless longing inside us. We no longer realize the level of commitment that the I Ching requires of its students. Like most sacred and magical texts, it has now been taken far away from its original context, and its true secrets lie for the most part lost to modern humans."

This may be where the Gene Keys can come into play. The Gene Keys are presented as a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching and the Golden Path offers a structured and disciplined means of contemplation on the teachings themselves. The Golden Path contemplations allows you to take the Gene Keys deeply into your daily life. Your Gene Keys sequences are designed to be contemplated over a period of time so that you can absorb the insights and experience the transformational power.

The advantage of this form is that you do not have to change very much externally in your life. You adjust the teachings to your daily rhythms, rather than the other way around. As your contemplation deepens over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected changes and new vistas opening up before you. This is a process referred to as Self Illumination.

From "A Contemporary I Ching" by Richard Rudd, introduction to the Golden Path (with minor edits).[5]

Zeno (my original Human Design teacher) is devoted to teaches the Human Design System according to the original revelation. In her "Course in Human Design" She says:

"Hua-ching ni's - "The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth" is the basic reference used in this Course ..."

July 21, 2015 - More regarding "closing the gap".

"In thinking, we have that element given us which welds our separate individuality into one whole with the cosmos. In so far as we sense and feel (and also perceive), we are single beings; in so far as we think, we are the all-one being that pervades everything. This is the deeper meaning of our two-sided nature: We see coming into being in us a force complete and absolute in itself, a force which is universal but which we learn to know, not as it issues from the center of the world, but rather at a point in the periphery. Were we to know it at its source, we should understand the whole riddle of the universe the moment we became conscious. But since we stand at a point in the periphery, and find that our own existence is bounded by definite limits, we must explore the region which lies outside our own being with the help of thinking, which projects into us from the universal world existence."[6]

January 7th, 2016 -

Could this be the foundation for "Closing The Gap"?

"Since, in Design, the Incarnation Cross, or the opposition of the position of the prenatal/natal and natal/postnatal Sun and Earth, is important in conditioning the individual, it is important to recognize that the Earth during this critical 6-month period also moves 176 degrees of arc in the zodiac wheel. Thus, within the 176 degrees of arc considered in the Design calculation arc, the zodiac wheel serves to condition the infant through 352 degrees of the zodiac wheel. This arc programs into each individual the macrocosm of the universe as they integrate it within their own microcosmic perspective.

Once this concept is understood ... the dynamic way in which the other matrices integrate into the individual psyche become easier to comprehend."[8]

September 9, 2016 -

A couple days ago two of my "fellow gardeners" (a term I introduced at "The Enchanted Garden Onion") began reminiscing about the 60s as one of them had been a direct witness of Woodstock and the other was forbidden to go! I enjoyed all their reminiscing as I had missed Woodstock by a certain gap of time and space. I had attended the New Port Jazz festival some weeks prior and then returned to Chicago without any knowledge of Woodstock whereas my fellow gardeners were East Coasters at the time and one was a camp counselor walking distance from the event!

However, after that conversation I realized that there was more to the 60s than my fellow gardeners either realized or gave credit for. I say that now especially in light of the expanded recapitulation presentation we have by way of Richard Tarnas and his book Cosmos and Psyche.

And so I pled my copy of the book down form the shelf especially to reread how Richard introduces the reader to the mega gap of our homogenized reality and the reality of the cosmos within which we live! Sure enough right on the first page of the Preface Richard identifies the terrain that must be crossed for humanity's continued evolution:

"Skepticism is the chasity of the intellect. ... The mind that seeks the deepest intellectual fulfillment does not give itself to every passing idea. Yet what is sometimes forgotten is the larger purpose of such a virtue. ... Only with that discernment and inward opening can the full participatory engagement unfold that brings forth new realities and new knowledge. Without this capacity, at once active and receptive, the long discipline would be fruitless. The carefully cultivated skeptical posture would become finally an empty prison, an armored state of unfulfillment, a permanently confining end in itself rather than the rigorous means to a sublime result.

It is just this tension and interplay—between critical rigor and the potential discovery of larger truths—that has always informed and advanced the drama of our intellectual history. Yet in our own time, at the start of a new millennium, that drama seems to have reached a moment of climactic urgency. We find ourselves at an extraordinary threshold. One need not be graced with prophetic insight to recognize that we are living in one of those rare ages, like the end of classical antiquity or the beginning of the modern era, that bring forth, through great stress and struggle, a genuinely fundamental transformation in the underlying assumptions and principles of the cultural world view. ... our basic understanding of reality is in contention: the role of the human being in nature and the cosmos, the status of human knowledge, the basis of moral values, the dilemmas of pluralism, relativism, objectivity, the spiritual dimension of life, the direction and meaning—if any—of history and evolution. The outcome of this tremendous moment in our civilization’s history is deeply uncertain. Something is dying, and something is being born. The stakes are high, for the future of humanity and the future of the Earth."

Tarnas, Richard (2006-01-19). Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View . Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.:
Also at:

June 15, 2018 - The Truth About "Reality" -

"...when we talk about ‘reality’, we are often speaking only of ourselves. Put several painters in front of the same landscape: their pictures will be completely different, for certain psychic factors prevent them from seeing the same thing. However great our desire for objectivity, we shape reality; we always add to it or subtract something from it. Subjectivity always has the upper hand. ... objective reality, whatever it may be, must necessarily pass through our subjectivity in order to be touched, felt, and known by us. We can never totally be cold, unfeeling mirrors of reality. ..."[10].

November 21, 2017 - Just Discovered! - The (I Ching) Gnostic Book Of Changes -

A Symbolic Key to the I Ching based upon the Insights of Analytical Psychology and the Western Mystery Tradition -
By “Michael Servetus”

The I Ching is not magic; it is science that we don’t understand. -- Terence McKenna


The I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the world's most ancient manuscripts. While some obscure Sumerian or Egyptian texts may pre-date it slightly, the I Ching is unique in that it is more available today than at any other time in its history: it has to be the oldest continuously published book on the planet. The editor of this study has no idea of how many translations, how many editions, how many commentaries must exist for this single volume -- many thousands, certainly, considering its long life. Continuing commentary on The Book of Changes by its millions of students is an ancient and open-ended labor of love.

Although the original Chinese text has been in the public domain for more than three-thousand years, the present manuscript (the fruit of over thirty years of intense study) is currently un-publishable because most of the English translations and paraphrases (included herein solely for purposes of scholarly comparison) remain under copyright.

The editor offers this, his personal study-guide, freely to those who wish to use and annotate it for their private, not-for-profit edification. This document is not for publication or sale: it is a personal workbook for students of the oracle to use and share with their peers.

Further annotations and commentary are encouraged.[9]

September 16, 2018 - On The Origin and Nature of The Universe -

"“… if the standard model of subatomic particles is used to attempt to calculate this dark energy, the theoretical value differs from that measured by the enormous factor of 10 to the 120th, a discrepancy that has been called the greatest embarrassment in the history of science"[12]



[2] See more at:





[7] "... does an excellent job of presenting one of the more well-formulated versions of modern astrology, which Tarnas calls 'archetypal astrology.' ... one of the more significant books published on astrology in the past century ...":

Also: "Over the last few months, I have been waiting for 'Cosmos and Psyche' with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, hoping that it would live up to the enormous promise of 'Passion' ("The Passion of The Western Mind") while fearing that Tarnas might have gone a way that I could not follow. However, I have just finished reading 'Cosmos and Psyche' and it surpasses all of my expectations.

I think it can be safely said, without exaggeration, that this book could initiate a global transformation of world views on the level of the transformations initiated by Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud. Not only is the argument the clearest, the most rigorous, and the most inspired feat of sustained philosophical inquiry I have ever read, but the sheer volume of the evidence that Tarnas presents blasted away the last lingering shreds of skepticism I had been holding onto. Anyone who reads this book will be stunned by the synchronistic (not mechanistically causal) correlations of events in human history with the movements of the planets. There are too many of these incredible revelations to list here. Just read the book. Even if you're ultimately unconvinced, which I find highly unlikely assuming that you're willing to question all of your most basic assumptions (the primary philosophical task), you will still be impressed by the consistently high level of discourse that Tarnas has brought to bear on this 'outsider' (at least academically speaking) subject. It's impossible to say whether this book will have an immediate catalyzing effect or whether it will take decades for it to come to popular consciousness, but I sincerely hope that its genius is recognized sooner rather than later.":





[12] pg. 5 of "Cosmos: A Co-Creator's Guide to the Whole-World", By: Ervin Laszlo.



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