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Is Your Canned Corn GMO Corn? Has Dr. Oz Been Discredited?

The inquiring mind of Chef Jemichel wants to know.

Date:   6/21/2014 4:45:17 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 980 times

My diet primarily now primarily consists of raw goat milk that I let naturally clabber for several days (and which I usually add a little whey by the time I bottle it) plus I add some of my home-made kombucha to make my own unique, nourishing and very satisfying drink. In my diet I also have grass-fed eggs, goat milk whey, goat cheese and usually butter.

My housemates do not eat like me. Occasionally some house mates will either bring home canned food items (or might let go of items they had stored in their cupboard) and set these items on our counter's "free zone" for anyone to have. In the last three months I have picked up one can of chicken broth however since I recently made chicken bone broth (that I have begun to enjoy now) I might return that can of chicken broth back to the "free zone"!

Tonight I picked up a can of corn (but without any interest to open it). I took the can to my office with a certain curiosity to research where the corn came from. The label says "Lakeside Foods". they have a dot com web presence. I sent them the following message.:

(Sent at 2:30 AM - PST)

Is your 'whole kernel' canned corn a GMO corn?

Looking forward to hearing from you!"

Update -
Tuesday, June 24th at 12:24 AM. No reply yesterday to my inquiry at Lakeside. (Maybe it takes them a couple days.)

June 26th - Still no word from Lakeside. Does anyone want to "bet" whether they will reply or not?

June 29th - Not a word from Lakeside! I don't know whether they got my message from a week ago although it was successfully received at their own site!

In any case I have resent my original message as follows.:

"I'm re-sending my original message of: 6/21/2014 that was sent at approximately 2:30 AM - PST. It is now Sunday the 29th at approximately 9:55 PM PST.


Is your 'whole kernel' canned corn a GMO corn?

Looking forward to hearing from you!"

And then their message says:
"Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.":

The list under "Boycott the Grocery Manufacturers Association Member Companies" Posted: October 1st, 2013 includes Lakeside Foods.:

Apparently "David J. Yanda, President and CEO of Lakeside Foods" in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (or should that be "WI" so that it better identifies the location as a "federal zone"?):

Oct. 6, 2015 -

"... Corn was held, in many cultures, as something sacred–a symbol of survival and sustenance, something that could be stored to see one’s community through the barren Winter. The corn that has nourished indigenous Americans for centuries has little to do with the majority of corn grown in North America (and shipped elsewhere) now. Genetically-modified, grown in petroleum-based fertilizers, sprayed with petroleum-based chemicals–this kind of corn is not a symbol of life, but of war and death.":
P.S. I never did get any kind of reply from Lakeside.

May 5, 2015

I'm subscribed to Jon Barron's Bi-weekly newsletter from The Baseline of Health Foundation. The current issue defends Dr. Oz against attacks made by what Jon calls "the Gang of Ten--led by Henry Miller of the Hoover Institution".

Jon continues: “… you would think that every single doctor who truly believed in evidenced-based medicine would actually stand with Dr. Oz on this issue and completely support open GMO labeling. Why? Quite simply, if there is no way of knowing what GMO foods people are eating, researchers will never be able to do a cohort study in the future to determine the long term consequences (if any) of eating GMO foods. Future research would be impossible because the data would not be available. Science actually demands the labeling of foods for this reason, if no other. For any scientist or medical doctor to oppose GMO labeling, they have to stand for willful ignorance."

My reply:

Read this with much appreciation, Jon!

"For any scientist or medical doctor to oppose GMO labeling, they have to stand for willful ignorance."

Isn't that the truth! - I think it's part of the game being played here. Isn't it the nature of most games that there be some things hidden and kept off the "game board'/"playing field"? In this instance I believe we see "modern medicine" consistently playing their game over network television and through the government two arenas where deception is an accepted art form and where the actors compete for mastery in this dark art.

This "medicine" is less about science and more about other interests.

And if the "game" analogy doesn't work for some people then how about: "Politics Is the Entertainment Branch of Industry"?:

In posting the above I see my original inquires to Lakeside foods re: their canned corn.

I submitted the following:


Would it be possible to follow-up on my inquiries from June 2014?



The message took at their site at 6:38 AM (PST) on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 with this acknowledgement: “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.”

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