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New Moon Cycle-Good Time For A New Seed Dream!

1.) Day One of an incubation of a new seed dream!

Date:   5/31/2014 7:12:23 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1517 times

September 15, 2020 - Plato -

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." - Plato


This Blog-writer knows his "Human Design" well enough to recognize the eternal truth of the above quote that is attributed to Plato. The beginning of anything is a seed and the beginning of any seed is a seed dream. A seed dream for anything to do with the evolution of humanity (as we are evolving now into a new "species" that is more harmonious with our Mother Earth) deserves to have a full gestation cycle of at least seven years in order to allow for sufficient de-conditioning from the old orientations that no longer serve the greater good of humanity. From the perspective of this Blog this "seven-year cycle" will be completed on May 31st of 2021!

May 31, 2014 - Greetings World! -

Everything that has ever been built by human beings began as an idea. And "great ideas do not burst upon the world unannounced. They are reached by a gradual development over a length of time usually proportionate to their importance."[8] I have an idea (and it is my "High Ideal" as well)!

Imagine a community/culture in which true healing is actively cultivated and en-cultured; that is built on an ever-enlightening awareness of our connection with Mother Earth[1] and that encourages and appreciates the transformative capacities within all The Arts[2]. Cultural Healing with Enlightened Ecology & Transformitive Arts - Enter CHEETA!

Cheeta is the vision and my living "seed dream" for the next cycle of my life! I am living for the distinct possibility of co-creating truly healthy community. Cheeta is my inspiration and she encourages me to dream, aspire, align, "act as if" and be grateful in my knowledge that my thoughts of Cheeta are alive. Cheeta lives![5]

This blog comes by way of understanding that things that are created begin with thought/s and that my Human Design is capable of co-creating community with my tribe. I may bring in "references for this in the coming blogs.[3]

I am now in the "Balsamic Phase" of my current progressed moon and able to review my last cycle and extract the seeds I wish to plant for my new cycle.

Community has been the over-arching theme of this last cycle. The cycle began around the "Harmonic Convergence" of 1986. I planted a crystal with an "enchanted gardener" and a lady with a last name that means "New Earth". I began living in the shared household where the "New Earth" lady and I had planted the crystals. Later I entered into a relationship with this lady. I left the household to live with Miss "New Earth".

There are volumes that can be said of all that has transpired between then in now. What is interesting to me is that I returned to the shared household and it appears that I might be completing my 29-yr. cycle where it all began!

I returned for greater community. In the last year I came to realize something that amounts to a monumental realization for me. That is that "dialogue is the new community". With my reading several years ago of Scott Peck's book: A Different Drum I immediately recognized that community is built upon communication. Therefore I was well prepared to grok that the kind of communication that true healthy community requires is actually "dialogue"!

January 23, 2015 -

The outer form of Cheetah takes an ecovillage:

August 8, 2015 -

The High Ideal of community:

"Steiner's view of the second coming of Christ is also unusual. He suggested that this would not be a physical reappearance, but rather, meant that the Christ being would become manifest in non-physical form, in the "etheric realm" – i.e. visible to spiritual vision and apparent in community life – for increasing numbers of people ..."[4]

December 18th -

Christmas - the birth of the Christ within

"Preparation is necessary before anything can manifest. For nine months, the unborn child exists in a kind of nocturnal state, in which everything is being made ready. In the darkness of its mother’s womb all the organs of its body are forming: its lungs, heart, brain… If the building of its body does not take place in the right conditions, the child’s life in the full light of day will be compromised, for the day of its earthly existence is dependent on the night of the gestation period...

Everything we want to manifest must be prepared a long time in advance. Make no mistake: to truly achieve anything in the visible world, you must already have worked in the invisible world for a long time.....
The activities that make us true creators are prayer, meditation, contemplation and identification. In our desire to elevate ourselves and enter into the universal Soul, we fertilize the light, the very matter of creation, with our spirit. Thus, our soul receives seeds from the cosmic Spirit and gives birth to divine children – to inspiration, joy and actions that are just, kind and noble. This is another meaning of the celebration of Christmas. ..."
- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov[6]

July 9th, 2016 -

The Cheeta vision entails a progression of several developmental stages.
1st stage: the farm (described in another blog entry).
2nd: the food freedom center (also described separately).
3rd: the new medicine health center.
4th: the school/s.
5th: the cultural center.
6th: Cheeta media.

August 9, 2016 -

More from Omraam Mikhaël:

"In the book of Genesis it is written that God created human beings in his image. ... The Divine dwells in all humans – in initiates as in the most ordinary of people."[7]

I often quote Omraam Mikhaël (in a number of my blogs) as I find validation for many aspects of my "High Ideals" and especially for my Cheeta vision. Omraam says the High Ideal may exceed one's life time and that is perfectly fine as it is not a matter of achieving that but only a matter of aligning with and dedicating oneself to the Ideal. Cheeta has finally become the "Harmonic Convergence" of virtually all my High Ideals that I have accumulated over my lifetime! The full manifestation of Cheeta as a vibrant eco-village may very well take the rest of my present lifetime to begin being built. That's perfectly fine now!

As I write this I realize that I have choices as to what my priorities are. In terms of today - I have said that I would send a letter to the UC Regents regarding their policy requiring all students to get certain vaccinations now before they attend classes this year (depending on which campus the student attends). At first this seemed to me to be a real important and urgent issue. However, now in terms of my "High Ideal" I doubt the "first appearance"! I have to ask myself: What real urgency and importance does a supposedly government-regulated education system hold in my Individual Destiny when I have a new vision where vaccinations are not only not required they are not necessary! Why would I need to spend all the hours that I have spent looking into this UC policy when I can redirect my priorities in greater harmony with the truth of who and what I AM - as well as toward sharing the gift that I have to give humanity?

What is your "High Ideal"?
Is it your priority now?

January 28, 2018 -

"... look for the divinity which lives in every man and every woman ..."[9]

And in the Gene Keys Society: "Commencing in 2017, and marking the seasons with it's wisdom; Dare to be Divine has been a rich source of contemplation and inspiration for Society members." Join the Society and catch up on the "Divine" series.[10]


[1] activated with a three-day intensive on what Gaia/Mother Nature/the Earth is.

[2] First on my list is Music Therapy followed by Art Therapy as well as the Expressive Art Therapies.

[3] According to the Human Design System I have "The Channel of Community" consciously Defined within the Personality matrix of my Human Design. This channel connects my Solar Plexus Center with my Heart/Ego Center. According to Lynda Bunnell (author of "The Definitive Book of Human Design" and director of the International Human Design School) - "Community lies at the heart of humanity's successful evolution."

There are two Gates to every Channel. The Gates in this Channel are Gate 40 in the Heart Center and Gate 37 in the Solar Plexus Center. "Gate 40 is willing to work to provide for those it loves, but it needs its rewards and its rest. Gate 37, with its gift of affection, is always looking for recognition and its place within the whole."


[5] Added the last two lines in this third paragraph the early morning after Thanksgiving Day, 2015.



[8] See the 11th paragraph at:




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