Blog: Twisting the Cat’s Tale
by Savagegrace

Car accident anyone?

Odds are the officer that showed up spearheaded your accident.

Date:   5/5/2014 12:05:24 PM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1712 times

A dark Friday morning with no moon, early enough to get ahead of what would become a slow moving parking lot. A license plate I saw years ago described it best "FN91".

Once again my driving skills allowed me to get ahead of one of their cars laying in wait. I had completely bypassed the long line of cars waiting to get on the freeway. The car was hanging several car lengths behind me. Odd, no headlights and the damn thing was painted flat black. This thing wasn't hard to see, it was next to impossible. I toggled my lights off and on to see if the driver wasn't aware and would switch them on. Nope, but then I didn't expect him to. He drops further back in an attempt to hide his next move from me. Foolish.

I see a black light-less shape pass me in the carpool lane. A common routine for them of using the carpool lane in their efforts of stalking me. (The G2SC take a shotgun rider so as "not" to break the law, the TT are protected by the law, so why worry?) I continue on, I find the darkness again several car lengths behind me the next lane over, matching my speed. His lane opens up, I decide to move over and speed ahead. I check my blind spot and start to turn on my blinker and move over. My idiot savant abilities prevent me from doing anything but drive straight. The darkness has sped up and hides in my blind spot.

He had a clear shot on continuing in his lane, but slowed to match my speed. This is intentional and not unexpected. He wanted me to hit him and cause an accident. Over the last several months, time and again I have been targeted by the polices' TT automotive insurance fraud group.

Several weeks earlier on the way back from having our taxes done. I took a road I use to bypass a bad area of the freeway. They used 2 vehicles per team in setting up a justified reason for hitting your breaks situation.

As I am an aggressively defensive driver. I move ahead of problems. They are aware of this and attempt to use it against me to cause an accident. What was weird is they did the exact same routine but over and over again. You might believe having the same driving event happen 3 times a bit of a stretch if it happens within 4 miles of road, but 6 times? Has this been the only occasion, oh my no.

I wonder how many of you have had an accident and thought it was your fault because you weren't paying attention. Unaware you were in fact targeted with the long slow con approach. That in fact, the other driver or drivers (teams create reasons for hitting breaks or swerving into your lane) were waiting for you to shift your eyes to the radio or check your blind spot etc. And it wasn't a single person or team. It was half a dozen or more involving a dozen or more people. All targeting you on a single trip you normally make.

Before this they they used the G2SC and plain clothes officers to block my speeding. Explaining to the G2SC that my driving was reckless and I would do something foolish if I was hounded on the roadways and could then be arrested.

Too funny, over 90 percent of my maneuvering is to take a defensive position against them. The G2SC are unaware of the TT. The most likely scenario will be that a G2SC will have their attention on me and the TT will force an accident between the G2SC and I.

A few years ago a van that was stalking me almost ran over a dog, could just as easily have been a kid. A week later the same van is coming towards me on a residential street.
My abilities prevent me from recognizing the van but my subconscious knows. When the front of our cars get within 5 feet of one another the driver veers into me. This is classic TT behavior. One, TT always blame someone else when they screwup. It was my fault that they weren't paying attention and almost ran over a dog. Two, they always have to demonstrate one-upmanship to that person.

If these people had any idea how obvious their efforts are to me they'd crawl down a hole and die from embarrassment.
The idiot leading the Trade-craft in a vain attempt in concealing stalking while harassing me, has no idea what he's doing. It proves they know what they are doing is illegal, but are too stupid to realize the legal ramifications.

Oh! So what happened when the van veered into me? I automatically turned into the van. Then I blacked out. We didn't hit but I have no idea how close we came to doing so. Well, blacked out is not quite right. My brain was taken over to do real time 3D analysis. My gift. Why not veer away? You might not think so, but the consequences turn out to be much worse from a chess maneuvering stand point. Remember, it was a residential street, which is tight.

So what caused them to go from merely harassment to trying to cause an accident? Initiating the End game. A number of months back I had a chat with my companies HR rep. Let them know what was going on. Guess what? Didn't care, not their problem. They think we don't know how much they are involved. Then after several weeks we played a trick on the companies security. (We have cameras at the doors of our office). That generated a really dumb response. Later, we put a pointer to these posts on a zombie security car. Needless to say, it's interesting who's checking these posts everyday.

Some of the most aggressive road behavior has been when leaving work. Should I get into an accident leaving work I'll be suing my company as their security notifies these people I'm leaving.

Zombie security car? Ever seen a security car sitting in the same place for weeks? Yep, they got some company to pay for having an empty car sitting in plain sight for the sole purpose of scaring bad guys away. Every month or so they grab the car to get it washed. No security guard, just an empty car. Too funny.

Well, a helicopter strafed the house again this weekend. Both the wife and I came down with a very bad bug so had to stay home all weekend. (Assuming we weren't intentionally given it at a restaurant). Whenever we don't get out, so they can play their games, the house gets strafed. Just to let me know they care. Must be nice to have that sort of power.

Over the years, it's been interesting seeing how local police and Homeland In-Security have gotten in bed with one another. Local police now believe they are better than the FBI.

Hate to think how many cop wives lives are endangered should they go see a divorce lawyer. You did hear about the TSA agents fired for using the cameras for stalking?

Ah well, time to finalize things and retire.

Should I be killed over the next few weeks I would like to say goodbye to you all and that I have enjoyed Curezone so much over the years and all it's denizens...;-)

Your Humble Servant

Gracefully Savage

PS So, why CZ with this stuff? Simple, it's about the fabric and to teach HS a valuable lesson.

PS2 G2SC = Goody2ShoeChristians
lets just say JC would bad mouth them.

TT = Classic Trailer Trash mentality
very similar to machismo.
weak ego with need for one-upmanship.
please don't confuse living in a trailer
with TT mentality.

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