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Got Freedom?

The nature of freedom and the absence thereof.

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May 19, 2022 - Truly Free! -

"A truly free man has the right to associate or not associate with another man or group of men. The Declaration of Independence expresses this. ..."[58]*

April 14, 2022 - From I Ching to Freedom via The Golden Path -

"I Ching — The original ‘prima materia’ of the Gene Keys, the I Ching is a sacred Chinese text dating from around the 4th century BC. Many commentaries and versions of the I Ching exist and it is perhaps best known as a popular oracle. The Gene Keys are a natural culmination of all previous incarnations of the I Ching. They ultimately point to the truth that all sacred texts have their source inside us. The same truths intuitively grasped by the ancient sages can now be proven by modern genetics — that the universe is built upon natural codes and these codes can be deciphered and unlocked. The original I Ching was held in the highest esteem as a sacred text with the capacity to mirror living wisdom in every moment. Likewise the Gene Keys point us inwardly to seek the source of our suffering in our Shadows and guide us in transforming that suffering into creativity and freedom."[57]

March 13, 2021 - Light on "The Philosophy of Freedom" -

“… Steiner himself explicitly stated, his account in The Philosophy of Freedom did not seek to be universal, but only to map out for himself how he, the individual Rudolf Steiner, had walked that path. That is, each person … must make it his own.”:
“The light of the I: guidelines for meditation” - edited and introduced by Christopher Bamford ; Georg Kühlewind.

January 1, 2021 - Could This Be Notice of Impending Slavery? ......... -

"Technology gives you the ability to institute a complete control system and further centralize economic and political control. So I'll give you a perfect example.
The reason the african-american slave trade ended. There were two reasons in my opinion. One is you couldn't perfect collateral. So the banks in London kept losing money because the plantation owners when the commodities
market went down would sell their slaves west and the banks couldn't go get their collateral. So they would finance the purchase of a slave and say 50
loan to value ratio and then when the commodities markets down they'd sell the slaves, they ran away, and the banks would be hung - right and the banks couldn't prove that you know harry was their slave because they couldn't. They had no way of perfecting collateral. Okay.
So that was number one. The second was the Haitians rebelled and and the
europeans sent several armies in to try and quell the rebellion and never could. The Haitians were too good. Okay.

Now if
(21:14) you look at digital technology you can perfect the collateral. Okay.
And with space weaponry and and the kind of weaponry you have from space and
surveillance you can put down any rebellion, right? So the reasons that the slave trade - which was unbelievably profitable the history of the world is
slavery is the most profitable business it's more profitable than mining it's more profitable than narcotics. I mean it's it's more profitable than all the addictions. So if you have the technological capability of implementing slavery their attitude I think is 'okay let's do it right' and part of it is technology."[55]

August 31, 2020 - "The Other Great Debate 1.0" - By Anna Von Reitz -

We are familiar with the debate set off by the publication of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, but for well over a hundred years prior to that and continuing to the present, there was another such debate raging.

This Other Great Debate arose in the wreckage of the English Civil War, but unlike the debate over Darwinism which was (and is) a very public discourse, this earlier Great Debate was a different kind of ecclesiastical fistacuffs, touching areas that we were not deemed to be sufficiently interested to engage in public debate.

Listen and decide for yourselves if you are sufficiently interested.

This Other Great Debate centered on the existence of poverty. If God loves us, why does he show so little concern for the millions of impoverished, stunted, and miserable people on this planet? Is God a Deadbeat Dad? Or is there some other hidden meaning or benefit to poverty?

The Creationists (not the same Creationists who have disagreed with the conclusions of Darwin, but a name attached to the proponents in this prior debate, too) looked around at the abundance of the Earth and took the stance that if we were impoverished, it was because of our own bone-headed refusal to do the job that our Creator assigned to Adam. If we would act as better caretakers of God's abundant gifts, and share with each other as Jesus commanded us, then all would be well. Poverty as a systemic problem would disappear. Naturally.

Ben Franklin's irreverent reply is still part of modern culture: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

The Opposition, mainly clergy of the Roman Catholic Church, said, but, wait a minute. Our Lord and his Disciples were all mendicants, traveling from town to town, depending on the kindness of others to give them shelter and food. Is this not proof that poverty engenders virtue and is virtuous?

Oddly, after going a few rounds, one discovers that both sides of this argument center around one word: freedom.

There are two ways in which a man can be free. Either he has everything sufficient to support himself and his life and functions in a state of abundance, or, he has nothing, and so, is set free of worldly attachments and concerns.

The Founding Fathers stood with the Creationists and upheld the belief that if we accept "Adam's burdens" and care-taking responsibilities, everything is already divinely set up and ready to produce all the abundance anyone could wish for, and more than enough to provide every man, woman, and child with what they need to live happy and productive lives.

The Roman Catholic Church (and their Holy Roman Empire) took the other tack and adopted "The Doctrine of Scarcity"---attempting to end poverty by deliberately fostering more of it. Their answer to the Other Great Debate was that poverty is virtuous and leads to freedom from worldly cares, so the more poverty, the better.

Are you "burdened down" with your wealth, tired of managing your stock portfolio, yearning to be free of such responsibilities? The Church will take that burden from you, in exchange for food, shelter, and basic medical care.
Enter the modern welfare system and the schmarmy dark world of "social engineering".

In the process of relieving millions upon millions of people of their worldly goods, the Church has become unimaginably wealthy, has created the modern welfare state, and wittingly or unwittingly, also created a system of enslavement to the Church--- because when people are dependent upon you for food, shelter, and medical aid, not to mention, supposedly, the fate of their eternal souls, you exercise immense coercive power over them.

As usual, what started out as good intentions and scripture-based logic on the part of Catholic clergy three centuries ago, has led straight to Hell. While the Doctrine of Scarcity has led to social welfare via a different route than communism, it has had much the same result---- deprivation, suppression of individual motivation and initiative, and misuse of coercive power.

What of the other side of the argument?

We have mixed results. The Founding Fathers were correct that the Earth is more than abundant enough to support us all and provide abundance for everyone. Unfortunately, the moral and educational basis behind their original concept was never brought forward into the popular consciousness. Instead, the opportunity they created was seized upon by Robber Barons.

These men did not embrace the concept of Adam's care-taking role, much less did they embrace Jesus's concept of sharing the benefit of mutually owned resources; instead, these Robber Barons sought possession and control of natural resources for their own profit -- the more exclusive the control and the more monopolized, the better.

Thus we have the specter of giant mining operations in which resources belonging to the entire nation are stripped and used to profit a few, transportation that is controlled and monopolized for profit-taking, electrical and water and waste management utilities that are similarly monopolized for exercise of coercive power and the profit of a few, medical and pharmaceutical industries that are centered on profit instead of health, and so on.

As the only goal of these men and their corporations was profit for themselves and their shareholders, society has suffered as a whole and the Earth has suffered, too.

The Founders were right about our ability to create abundance, but the moral imperative for doing so --- and the envisioned end result, freedom, was lost in the shuffle.

Nobody on the street understood that freedom was the goal and that the creation of abundance was merely a mechanism to create freedom via abundance for Mankind as a whole.

The other part of the Founder's vision was that we could, with sufficient initiative, easily provide ourselves with ample largess, enabling us to support the weak, the old, the sick, the mentally infirm, orphans, and others unable to support themselves -- not with coercive institutionalized welfare, but with love.

In a world of abundance, there is no need to feel burdened by the poor, the young, the old, or the sick. Rather, once set free of the hard-scrabble, we are also set free to open our hearts and to care for those in need in our communities on a private basis.

The Founders took it for granted that from whatever religious or ethnic or racial background we came from, we would at least have the moral and ethical motivation to take care of our own and share our resources within our own communities. Our republican form of government supports and expedites this outcome, by allowing us to marshal both our public and private resources in pursuit of the Public Good.

After 350 years, the results are in and have yet to be tabulated.

Contestant Number One, the Roman Catholic Church through its secular institutions, including the United Nations and its megalomaniac UN CORP, standing for institutionalized poverty, cradle to grave welfare state, the end of private property, universal pauperism, coercive power wielded by the Church using forced dependency and control of access to food, water, shelter, money, and other resources to compel obedience to whatever the Church aka UN planners want.

Contestant Number Two, the American Dream Team, through their individual efforts, vision of freedom through abundance, community spirit, and common sense and enterprise ---- salted down with much-needed control over corporations and a refurbishing of corporate goals and management objectives worldwide. Continuance of private property and private enterprise, community-based welfare, local control of natural resources, and self-governance.

You are the judges. You get to decide the outcome of the Other Great Debate.[54]

August 3, 2020 - "The Masks That Will Not Go Away":

July 2, 2020 -

"... People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights(i) for those who are not. This is not the first (or last) time that people who believe in superstition are screaming the loudest. The Constitution exists precisely to protect all people during times of mass hysteria.(ii)

The mask has become the most visible symbol of #socialconditioning to Americans determined to preserve individual freedom. Thus far most Americans have continued to give their consent to be governed. But you are trying our patience."[53]*

Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the frontlines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban, to the IHS. Her legal work has focused on conflicts between hospitals and insurers. She writes on a number of policy issues relating to law and medicine. She always leads with the facts. Read more at The Gold Opinion.


(i) "Constitutional rights" is a conventional phrase and therefore understandable for its use by the good doctor/lawyer - however this Blog-writer suggests considering the term: "Unalienable rights" - declared as a self-evident Truth in the first Organic Law for The United States of America - and what perfect timing now as we approach the 4th of July to celebrate the 244th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence!

(ii) Upon first glance the line: "to protect all people during times of mass hysteria" sounds appealing and on second thought one could ask: Isn't this what the governors of most of the States were attempting to do under the color of law? If so then consider that instead of protection (as in "protection racket") the governors consider the first two Organic Laws that express the original American ideal of non-interference with the freedom of the individual as long as they do no harm. Unfortunately that was not the ideal considered when the plandemic began to roll out upon the American shores.

May 3, 2020 - Bill Gates - Humanitarian? -

"Isabel Paterson, in The God of the Machine, one of the great books on political philosophy of this century, zeroed in on what she aptly called 'the humanitarian with the guillotine. 'The humanitarian,' Mrs. Paterson wrote, 'wishes to be a prime mover in the lives of others. He cannot admit either the divine or the natural order, by which men have the power to help themselves. The humanitarian puts himself in the place of God.' But Mrs. Paterson notes, the humanitarian is 'confronted by two awkward facts: first that the competent do not need his assistance; and second, that the majority of people, if unperverted, positively do not want to be "done good" by the humanitarian.' Having considered what the 'good' of others might be, and who is to decide on the good and on what to do about it, Mrs. Paterson points out, 'Of course what the humanitarian actually proposes is that he shall do what he thinks is good for everybody. It is at this point that the humanitarian sets up the guillotine.' Hence, she concludes, 'the humanitarian in theory is the terrorist in action.'"[52]*

April 3, 2020 -

"...what we most need is really good questions, and the freedom to answer them for ourselves."[51]

March 25, 2020 -

"... Everyone who tells the truth actually promotes the evolution of humanity and everyone who lies, obstructs it."[49]

Therefore having put off the lie, speak truth each one with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.[50]*

December 28, 2019 -

"The further we progress along the path of truth, the freer we become. We must therefore strive to climb higher and higher. However, true freedom is found only at the summit, in God. ..."[48]

September 1, 2019 - "One must be able to confront an idea and experience it; otherwise one will fall into its bondage."[46]


If our true freedom originates within our independent thinking and if thinking allows the light of our awareness to penetrate ideas then we will want to develop our ability "to confront" ideas (and thereby experience that) if we wish to be free. If this is true then surely all the ideas of "the American dream" need to be reexamined. Possibly the most immediate "examination" needs to be directed to "money." If your idea of "money", what it is, what it is based on, has not been "confronted" and if you base your life on this unexamined idea then you have fallen "into its bondage" and when the next monetary crisis occurs it will destroy your mental constructs! Hopefully it won't destroy you in the process.

October 26, 2019 - Let's ask some basic questions, folks -

1. Are you an American or a US Citizen?

2. How free do you feel on April 15th?

3. How do you feel about getting stopped by highway patrolmen or other police?

4. Do you trust what you hear and see coming out of Washington, DC?

5. Do you get the feeling that there is a giant unseen struggle going on?[]

August 20, 2019 -

"Of The Four Organic Laws, The Declaration Of Independence And Articles Of Confederation Foster Freedom And The Northwest Ordinance And Constitution Of September 17, 1787 Establish Politics And That Is Why Freedom And Politics Don't Mix." Posted on July 16, 2011 by Ed Rivera.

"Freedom is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. as, 'The state of being free; liberty; self-determination; absence of restraint; the opposite of slavery.' Politics is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. as, 'The science of government; the art or practice of administering public affairs.'

My Students learn how to use the foundational and basic law the Organic Laws of the United States of America to define themselves as free inhabitants under the authority of the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777. Historians, alleged legal scholars and conventional wisdom must claim the Articles of Confederation repealed or replaced by the Constitution of September 17, 1787, but that fourth Organic Law merely permits the fake federal courts to refer to the Articles of Confederation as the federal Constitution. The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 is the first and true Constitution of the United States of America.

Don’t be confused by written law. Learn the Masonic secrets planted in the Constitution of September 17, 1787 and the rest of the Organic Laws of the United States of America."[45]

Chef Jem (Ed's student) says:
August 20, 2019 at 4:50 am

Thank you Ed for the thought: “Freedom and Politics Don’t Mix”!
It deserves sufficient contemplation to fully realize the truth of this!

In addition to Black’s definitions the non-legal definition for politics is also worth including here:
“the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.”

Due to the possibility that men can express their lower human nature I recon it was inevitable that politics entered the arena of “governance.” That “fact of life” only underscores why this student is all-grateful for receiving the lessons on Freedom and that the first two Organic Laws foster our unalienable Right to choose to be self-governing as free inhabitants!

July 2, 2019 - English Grammar 101 For Freedom -

Got inspired yesterday to make note that: English Grammar can be added as a perspective on the significant difference between (what some say are): "inalienable rights" versus what is actually written in the Declaration of Independence (DoI): "unalienable Rights"! By distinguishing the different meanings between "inalienable" and "unalienable" and adding our critical thinking with logic we can extend the reasoning for why the word in this instance can only be properly quoted as "unalienable."

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."[45]

Firstly - our "unalienable Rights" are our very own self-evident truths. That means we possess this inner knowledge and as such we don't really need any external agencies to "educate" us as to what these Rights are. Because if we allow our self-knowlege "endowed by (our) Creator" to be compromised or altogether substituted by the interpretation of an educational system that uses the term "inalienable" instead of "unalienable" then we unknowingly enter into a different relationship with regards to these Rights.

Secondly - our Rights to our "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" can only be fully realized when they're seen as unalienable. Otherwise when they're merely believed to be only "inalienable" by some form of external government then that excludes the "certain" element and converts the certainty into a conditional state whereby the State asserts claims over one's "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" as if these were mere privileges subject to the authority of "The State."

Thirdly - The Creator is our sole source of "unalienable Rights" and as such we have no business looking to any government for any granting of these Rights as government is incapable of granting us any of these Rights!

Fourthly - Once we have fully realized the difference between the terms (as presented above here) then we can have a more enlightened perspective in regards to the following: "... to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Three phrases deserve to be more closely examined: "these rights", "just powers" and "the consent of the governed." This would follow in a course on Civics, American History, and/or American Law that this researcher and blog-writer could teach. Today the focus was limited just to "English Grammar 101 For Freedom." I hope it gave you some food for thought!

July 1, 2019 - Freedom Is Real Food For The Spirit -

“The food of the spirit is freedom. But freedom has to be bought, and the money with which the spirit buys freedom is truth. Jesus said, ‘You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ If you want to set yourself free, call on truth.”
— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[44]

June 23, 2019 Freedom and Identity - A Quintessential Symbiotic Relationship -

In conversation with an Anthroposophical gentleman in the Society here in America in regards to an Anthroposophical conference held in Europe several years ago on "Freedom as the Way to Keep Human Identity."

This blog-writer inquired as to whether a conference on this subject matter could be had in the USA. Following is the most recent reply he made in this conversation:

IMO "Freedom and Human Identity" is at the heart "in all this" and possibly more so then anything else I can think of at this time. I believe this "heart" deserves to be respectfully approached in a number of ways here in America. I see at least three main themes in one considering both freedom and identity as deserving their own increased clarity plus their combined synergies (as expressed) throughout society. The individual themes have been introduced at my CureZone blogs over the last several years and now with the inspiration from the conference I can see their synergistic dynamics included from now on! It's suddenly all the more clear!

I'm all the more inspired with:
"Freedom as the Way to Keep Human Identity" as well as "Human Identity as the Way to Keep
Freedom." After all: "We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident"!

May 10, 2019 - What Limits, Suppresses or Completely Denies Your Freedom?

"...the control covert op involves convincing people they’re stimulus-response organisms and nothing else. SPIRIT doesn’t exist. It’s just a fiction. Instead, fit yourself into a slot where you’re obeying more and more rules—ALL the rules. Spend your life adapting to the rules. THE RULES ARE THE STIMULUS. OBEYING THE RULES IS THE RESPONSE.

As part and parcel of that process, DON’T FIND YOUR VOICE. DON’T CREATE A FREE AND STRONG VOICE. Because, if you do, you become aware of many new things. You become aware of the fact that you have a lot more power than you assumed. You have energy in that voice. You can express all sorts of ideas; you can affect others—through contagion, they begin to tap into their own voices. ..."[38]

Serendipity continues with Jon Rapport's article (quoted above) as this blog-writer had previously made a mental note to review the Human Design Throat Gates in corresponding Gene Keys at the "Shadow" frequencies where fear-based survival programming is the order of the day. The answer to the question forming this blog's headline: "Got Freedom?" can now be restated as: "how much freedom can you express?" Knowing your Human Design and understanding the mechanics of how your are designed to express yourself through communicating with others can support your knowing as to just how much freedom you can express.[39]

June 16, 2019 - Steiner's Ideas On Freedom -

"One of the most important aspects of Steiner’s idea of freedom is that freedom is not static, but rather in a process of becoming. Hence, the question as to whether the human being is absolutely free or not cannot be posed in an abstract way. Rather, we should ask: How does the human being become free? How does it enact and increase its freedom? As Steiner claims:

'Man is an ever liberating being. And the more freedom he gains, the more he unfolds, which lives in him as an eternal essence. We are free because we are immortal; we are free with that part of our being with which we are immortal.'"[40]

Comment: Re: "freedom is not static, but rather in a process of becoming" -

"Becoming" can be seen as both an individual and collective process. Now we can consider the forthcoming evolution of our Human Design as it's indicated in the "Gene Keys"[41] regarding the mutation of the Solar Plexus center as the seat of potential emotional awareness.

"Books have been written on the question whether or not Man is free, but the manner of asking the question is wrong, for it can never be answered objectively-theoretically. The answer is given by a process of self-liberation."[42]

April 29, 2019 - What is Freedom? - OR - stated as a Dyad: "Tell me what freedom is."

"...the essence of freedom lies within choice and the responsibility that accompanies said choices. This is because humans possess the ability to think rationally and look out into the world and endeavor for themselves what the nature of truth is."[36]

Throughout a very substantial span of time this blog-writer has contemplated upon the true nature of freedom and most especially in the many numerous and various ways that freedom can be expressed. The idea of freedom initially was thought of just in the context of Individual freedom to which we may agree such consideration is natural as freedom can only begin within us as Individuals. However - the "Great Idea" of freedom includes virtually everything concerning Humanity. Therefore there is so much more to freedom than just that of the Individual - yet the possible "narrowness" of Individual freedom is not to diminish the sacredness of the Individual's freedom at all!

The inspiration for this writer to quote the above arose most especially in regards to: "endeavor for themselves what the nature of truth is" - which is very well known as another "Great Idea"! Also well-known is that freedom comes with "the responsibility that accompanies said choices" which double underscored the inspiration to quote this! Therefore in this "line-up" of "Great Ideas" we have Truth-Freedom-Reponsibility.

"The planet Uranus is tilted at 78 degrees and spins at this angle as it traverses the solar system in an 84 year orbit around the Sun. This radical tilt along with the fact that it was discovered unexpectedly and turned the traditional model of the solar system on its head[i], has led to its interpretation as the rebel or maverick planet.

Discovered in 1781 around the time of the French and American Revolutions, as well as the Industrial Revolution, these themes have also informed its meaning as a planet associated with freedom, independence, inventiveness and human rights.[ii]

Uranus (Ouranus) was the initial Greek Sky god, and as such also represents creativity. It has been suggested by a number of astrologers that Uranus should really be called Prometheus, after the god who stole fire and gave it to humanity. Uranus turned many things upside down[iii] when it was discovered and continues to do so today.

So the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus because of their similar connection to human rights, innovation, the future and freedom.[iv] Traditional astrologers dispute the modern rulership of Uranus over Aquarius as well at the modern rulerships associated with the other outer planets discovered after Uranus.[37]

Additional comments:
[i] Also turned the traditional model regarding the energetics of the "7-(chakra) centered human being on its head with the advent of 9-centeredness as per the Human Design revelation.
[ii] The associations with "freedom, independence, inventiveness and human rights" points to why astrology and Human Design can be included as worthy subject matters in the libraries of resources for students studying American Freedom, American Independence, American inventiveness and American human rights.
[iii] The synthesis of the Human Design BodyGraph draws certain insight from the Tree of Life that appears "upside down."
[iv] Aquarius - like what is presented in [ii].

December 21, 2018 - "Freedom is the space and the setting, from which the individual can generate the thought and the energy-pulse of a great self-chosen objective."[32]

April 21, 2019 -

"Your freedom and power emerge when the subconscious tendency is made conscious and can be seen in the light of day."[34]

I highly encourage reading the relatively short article by Jon Rapport from which the above quote originates.[34]

Chef-doctor Jemichel specializes in identifying "the subconscious tendency" via several methods (all painless ; ~ )

September 27, 2018 - Paranormal?

"... If the brain and the body are just another collection of sub-atomic particles, then the capacity to make a free and independent choice about anything is null and void—unless the entity doing the choosing, YOU, is beyond those particles, beyond matter and energy.

When I say paranormal experience is everywhere, this is what I mean. Freedom exists. Freedom is paranormal. It always was.

It takes a severely limited state of affairs not to recognize it.

It takes a long, long history of repressive societies not to recognize it.

It takes a considerable amount of indoctrination and mind control not to recognize it.

The notion that various key political documents established freedom is extremely short-sighted. Heroic though the efforts were, they only uncovered what was already there in a natural state.

That natural state is anything but normal. It speaks of the human ability to move out of the chain of cause and effect and make choices.

Changing lives, changing futures.

For most people, most of the time, the sense of their own freedom is a rather dull given. There is nothing thrilling about it. They choose A or B within a grossly limited context.

This fact is, in itself, an indication that a monitor has been placed on their own experience, on their own emotions.

If, however, this cover is blown, a transformation occurs; and then they know, in an entirely different way, that freedom is, and is supposed to be, the most natural kind of ecstasy in the world.


Comment (12-21-18) The above is another piece written by Jon Rappoport that I would love to give voice to in a small circle gathered for script readings.

August 27, 2018 - Dr. Ed Rivera on American Freedom[30]

I've been one of Professor Rivera's students since December 2011 and looking forward to offically becoming one of his "advanced" students asap.

June 14, 2018 - The Need To Clarify "Domestic" -

"When dealing with the Federales it is important to remember that all their forms and all their communications are written from their perspective. Thus, when they say 'domestic' they are talking about 'domestic' with respect to them and their jurisdiction. We are 'non-domestic' and 'alien' with respect to them.

This results in some very odd ways of referring to us in their Federal Code --- for example, calling us 'non-resident aliens' in the Tax Code. They are saying that you are not naturally within their jurisdiction. You don't live in their territory and are foreign with respect to them.

The same applies with courts and juries. They, strictly speaking, have no ability or reason to address you unless you are a Federal employee or dependent. They cannot provide a jury of your peers and have no right to subject you to any of their statutory laws or codes, unless you trespass upon their turf---and what constitutes their turf is highly arguable. ..."[27]

April 2, 2019 - Clarify Your Terms So You can "Escape From Illusion"! -

"...If we haven't set aside any amount of serious time to dedicate towards working with our fellow neighbors to create a better world, we may be entirely within the categories of Unmanaged Survival or Amusement. This is exactly where someone would want us if they wanted to maintain control over us. And, if you recall, the once great Republican State of Rome was lost in the 'entertainment arena.

The only way to free ourselves from the confusion is to take full control of the tornado (identified by the author in his previous paragraph). Stop it on demand, and keep it stopped as long as it takes to find one thought or picture, isolate it, and accomplish a proper communication or reach a desired result.

The antidote, of course is to focus and organize. ...

Another major area of confusion is what I call the 'Babel Syndrome'.
Most of us aren't aware of it, but we're so close to the confusion that we can't see the absolute ridiculousness of it all. We need to step back and look at our predicament from a distance in order to see it clearly. We appear to be talking with each other, but we're not really communicating because we each have a different meaning for many of the words we're using - the definition of functional illiteracy.

For example, if you were to tell me that you fully support democracy, it's an indisputable reality that you and thousands of others each have a different meaning for the word 'democracy'. This also holds true for the word 'republic'. If you don't believe me, go out into the street right now and stop the first one hundred people you come across and ask them for their definition of democracy. Professional Amusement people like Jay Leno have successfully provided the public with great entertainment with these information-gathering street interviews. We all laugh because it is funny, but we don't seem to be able to find the time to think it out and see that we need to do something about it. Once we see it, and we feel the embarrassment, we know we have to do something about it.

To come back to your statement about supporting a democracy or a republic, you have not properly communicated to me what you really support. However, if you were to specifically define the word 'democracy' or 'republic' within your statement of support, I would clearly understand what you support and why you support it. And keep in mind that a definition is sort of like an iceberg: you have to define the whole thing - not just the tip that's seen above the surface. Regardless of how many other definitions for 'democracy' or 'republic' are floating around out there, I would then know exactly what you mean because you specifically defined what you mean when you use the word.

We've all heard the jokes about politicians and lawyers, but there's one thing for which they can't be faulted: They very carefully define the words they use. They really understand this. In every legal brief and every piece of legislation one can find a 'Words and Phrases' section. It's in this section where the author specifically defines the words or phrases that he or she is using in the text that follows accordingly for 'uniform understanding' purposes from their position. It doesn't matter how the
word or phrase is defined in any of the numerous dictionaries in the world.

In order to properly understand what the author is writing, only the definitions in the 'Words and Phrases' section of that particular brief or legislation matters. This becomes extremely important when the author is a 'law-maker' - a common slang term given to the legislative authority. And the court, with its full police powers of the state, can enforce it.
To make this even clearer, the "Words and Phrases" section is the "key". And if you wish to unlock the true meaning (intent) of what is written, you have to use the key. For example, if you read a quote from a law printed in the news paper, and the news paper failed to include the word definitions from the 'key', you could not fully understand the law - thus allowing functional illiteracy to run rampant, and adverse from originating intent. For in the quoted law the authors could have defined white as black and black as white for their own personal adverse political agenda.

The Law of Grammar is the very most important part of all of our written laws. It uniformly governs our written laws and uniformly clarifies their originating intent in the general public mind."[33]

April 23, 2019 - On Grammar and Written Law -

"... In Australia, in 1966, and in the United States of America in the 1960's grammar and Latin were removed from the school curriculum.
Latin is used in symbolic text, and grammar is the science of written language.
Without such skills, you will never know the difference between what grammatically constitutes a name and what does not constitute a name, landing you into a state of confusion.

(For Example:)
SYMBOLIC TEXT LIKE THIS [JOHN PAUL JONES] can not grammatically constitute (in proper English) a word or a name in any way.

No document stands as a fraud, for it is what it is, it is with the act of passing such a document off as something that it is not that constitutes the act of fraud.
Error, qui non resistitur approbatur - An error not resisted is approved."[]

March 12, 2018 - Jon Rapport on Individual Freedom as a Course of Study in Schools -

My comment:
Re: " would have to search far and wide to find, in one school, anywhere, on any level, a course that examines and promotes individual freedom."[18] - The closest I found to such a course was "The Philosophy of Freedom" offered in the Foundation Year at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California.

"...The individual has a natural right to exist, to be different from all others, to be an individual with individuality. In its deepest sense, freedom is individuality. Without freedom there is no individual character, no self-reliance, no self-determination, no development. The will to unity is the strongest defence of freedom, for this will must be built on freedom as its basis. True unity cannot be enforced and can never be won at the expense of freedom. The will to unity is incomparably superior to any psychosis that unifies all temporarily. It needs no compulsion, no force, for it is an indestructible sense of belonging together and solidarity proved in action. The will to unity makes any nation as strong and as great as it can be. Every part, no matter how small, of a nation is a part of the whole, a whole part of the whole. The will to unity brings about a whole and gigantic power for outer unity; a power different from any dictatorial enforcement, which always bears the seed of division in it. Oppression fosters no will to unity and no faith in the oppressor’s ability to fulfil his promises of paradise."[19]

True dialogue honors the Individual and their freedom. Without dialogue the door to "psychosis" is left open. Dialogue is the application of "the will to unity".

June 17, 2019 - "What makes The Philosophy of Freedom and the meditative path arising from it so radical ...

(and so different from many other paths) is its implicit starting point.

It starts where we are, with ordinary thinking consciousness and our given faculties of sensing, feeling, and willing. On this basis, it proceeds by a meditative, step-by-step process of increasing phenomenological self-awareness to an intensification of our cognitive capacities; that is, a metamorphosis of consciousness. Then, after a while, and if we persevere, the process may unfold further until it reaches a moment when we experience a new sense of self—the true Self or 'I am.' Therewith a new world opens before us, the real world: the world of love.

And then, of course, the real work begins: to make those 'I am' moments continuous and transformative of the world.
Starting where we are, we begin with our ordinary thinking. We notice that we never experience thinking, but only finished thoughts, finished concepts. We only experience the past; we do not experience the coming into being of thinking in the present. As Steiner puts it: 'There are two things which are incompatible with each other: active production and objective contemplation.' A boundary or wall seems to separate us from experiencing the 'empty' consciousness from which by intuition thoughts and concepts arise. Consciousness for us is normally only finished thoughts, finished concepts, ..."[]

March 22, 2018 - More From Jon -

"... If schools downplay the strength of the mind, if they offer a flabby flaccid curriculum over a period of years, the mind tends toward surrender. And the stepchild of surrender is dependence. ...

In the culture, these things used to be understood fairly well. That day is gone.

Now, it’s up to the individual."[20]

January 15, 2018 - Rudolf Steiner's "The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" AKA "The Philosophy of Freedom". -

"In 1891, Steiner received a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Rostock, for his dissertation discussing Fichte's concept of the ego, submitted to Heinrich von Stein, whose Seven Books of Platonism Steiner esteemed.:Chap. 14 Steiner's dissertation was later published in expanded form as Truth and Knowledge: Prelude to a Philosophy of Freedom[15] (German: Wahrheit und Wissenschaft – Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Freiheit''), with a dedication to Eduard von Hartmann. Two years later, he published Die Philosophie der Freiheit (The Philosophy of Freedom or The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity—Steiner's preferred English title) (1894), an exploration of epistemology and ethics that suggested a way for humans to become spiritually free beings. Steiner later spoke of this book as containing implicitly, in philosophical form, the entire content of what he later developed explicitly as anthroposophy."

July 4, 2018 - "... it was single individuals who deviated from the regular course, who advanced too far along the path to freedom, who were responsible for the fall into the abyss and the inevitable destruction of Atlantis."[29]

June 5, 2018 - Freedom Is A Matter of Trust in The Truth Of Self & Life! -

“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances ... It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.”[24]

“The process of learning again to trust in your intuition is nothing less than the dismantling of the illusion that you are separate from life.”[26]

“Perseverance is the most essential human attribute of the inner warrior because the darker forces of human instinct are so deeply embedded in our nature. Over time, through perseverance, love and trust, you will eventually attain victory and experience your own divinity.”[25]

June 25, 2018 - More On The Creative nature of Thought -

"... Everything I write in the story about your feelings running the program is all true! I had been teaching myself and experimenting with these ideas for years, and Amelia grew up with no sense of limitation whatsoever. So when she decided she wanted a horse, I didn’t tell her we couldn’t possibly afford one, I told her she could absolutely have a horse, but it was up to her, not me, to make it happen. She was seven years old, but it only took her a few minutes to understand the process (I’m sure she inherently knew it far better than I did!) I told her that her desire to have a horse was the first part (that was easy, and she had started riding at three, and had no trouble feeling what it would feel like to have a horse). Next, I told her to let go and allow her wish to come to her with no time limit. (I had never instilled in her the idea that anything was impossible, so she naturally expected things to come to her!) And finally, I told her it was her responsibility to focus her attention on being grateful and appreciative (as these feelings are ‘attractive’).

She followed the directions, and willingly moved back into gratitude and appreciation whenever I made her aware that she was beginning to focus on things she didn’t want. A couple of months later my husband came home with a sign from a local bulletin board that was offering a free horse. I had grown up riding and caring for horses, and after Leila was given to us I found pastures that were free or very reasonable. ...

... I told Amelia that she already knew how to ‘feel’ into existence the experience she wanted – and that’s exactly what she did!"[28]

I returned here to add the last line (above) as I had never heard the "feeling" component presented in this way and which evoked what I consider to be the quintessence of manifesting!

March 26, 2018 - "Evidence that you’re Not a ‘person’ whom the State legislature intended to or can regulate." - by David Robinson -

"Persons that State legislature CAN regulate, are State RESIDENTS, CORPORATIONS, and those operating in COMMERCE.

So a letter addressed to you WITHOUT a ZIP code[23] would be one such evidence. Or a Declaration of Domicil sent to the State Secr. of State. Or a demand for lawful money addressed to Secr. of State or a Bill of Sale using gold or silver coins.

I.e. these would be evidences to challenge the State’s (the plaintiff’s) standing in a court action = pleading (objecting) to plaintiff.

BTW. Under Common Law, you can (1) plead (object) to jurisdiction, (2) plead (object) to plaintiff and (3) plead (object) to the charges. But if you just plead (object) to the charges, you have WAIVED the first two pleadings (objections). I.e. you’ve ACCEPTED the plaintiff and the court’s jurisdiction as being VALID (as being without objection).

Of course, 14th Amendment US citizens in a State might also be considered as a foreign corporation subject to regulation. ..."[21]

April 10, 2018 - Article - "Legitimate vs. illegitimate restrictions – a motivational and physiological approach investigating reactance processes" -

Abstract -
"Threats to our freedom are part of our daily social interactions. They are accompanied by an aversive state of motivational arousal, called reactance, which leads people to strive to reestablish their threatened freedom. This is especially the case if the threat seems to be illegitimate in nature. However, reactance theory suggests that reactance should also be aroused when people are exposed to legitimate freedom threats. In this article we first aim to show that both illegitimate and legitimate freedom threats evoke reactance. Second, we aim to extend past work on reactance by exploring the underlying process of experiencing a legitimate vs. an illegitimate restriction. ..."[22]

February 6, 2018 -

"...Freedom is the space and the setting, from which the individual can generate the thought and the energy-pulse of a great self-chosen objective."[14]

January 27, 2014 -

Over the course of a number of months (from late 1989 to '90) I followed a most significant "vision quest" that included traveling through several of the states here in The U.S. of A.

In October of 1990 I arrived at Rudolf Steiner College (RSC) in the greater Sacramento area (in Northern California) and enrolled in the Arts Program there. A conference that I had attended the previous Summer on "The Healing Forces in Music in Waldorf Education" was most significant in my "vision quest" that brought me to RSC; however there was not a music program that I could enroll into at the college at that time. RSC is primarily a training center for future Waldorf Teachers. The two-year teacher training program began with a "Foundation Year" and participants in the Arts Program were able to join in with some of the Foundation Year studies. There is one of the Foundation Year classes in particular stands out for me now. The class was: "The Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner!

"... Steiner's most important publication, in his own eyes, was The Philosophy of Freedom (1896)[1], which was also his first major publication. In it he argued that the four major psychological faculties of the human organism known at (that) time in German philosophy: perception (or physical observation), feeling, thinking, and intuition, had important different uses. The former three cut the world into pieces, so that it could be digested and understood by a person, but the latter served to unite all perception by providing an overview of the whole situation -- an holistic perspective, so to speak. The intuition perceived the whole or innate self in another person, it reflected the same in oneself, and it's use promoted the integration of the self and the sense of a higher spiritual purpose in the self. ..."[2][8]

There is no other book in existence that I know of that presents the need to direct our soul consciousness as well as our intuition into the conceptual nature of thoughts, ideas (plus all the forms these take, such as our language, including virtually every word that we use) and into both the world of perception as well as the realm of feelings! The need is as follows. If we do not have our individually-earned clarity on the ideas that are operating in our world then we are subject to those ideas rather than to be the masters of those ideas![3] If you understand what I am saying here then you can begin to realize the awesomeness of responsibility that one may have by simply being clear about their own thoughts!

Inserted "update" April 8, 2014 -

"The transmission of belief, hugely celebrated in high-toned rhetoric about spiritual and cultural 'tradition,' is actually one of the great, unadmitted tragedies of the human condition."[4]

Also from[4] -

"It is now widely recognized that human beings in all times and cultures enact stories (scripts, or agendas) of six recurrent types: religious, racial, national, sexual, political, and familial. We look into the content and composition of these stories to see how they drive behavior. The power of stories is universally appealing, but even more powerful is the transmission of fundamental beliefs in story form."

"Story" appears to be intrinsic to what it is to be human however there are vastly different types, qualities and imbedded intentions in stories. There is a lot more I'd like to add to this and I may have to carry that over into a separate blog to do it full justice.

Have you ever consider what freedom is? What does freedom consist of? Have you ever considered whether you have freedom? If you think that you have freedom - then I am one individual who would like to know what your freedom consists of. If you don't think you have freedom then do you want freedom? If you want freedom then consider focusing your intention on clearing your own mind[5] because the work that you do in clearing your mind is the exactly where your freedom begins! You can begin this work by clearing all your terms!

Your mind is simply a thought factory. Just like any factory there needs to be an onsite manager. Factories may have all kinds of machines running, automated processes, robotics and other advanced technology however, there needs to be consciousness presence there as well. More so with your mind (and for more reasons than I can possibly say in this one blog). Among the many reasons is this one. All your thoughts are creative! They have an inherent creative power imbedded within them that can produce the things that are imagined by the thought. That is a constant potential even without you taking any "action" to deliberately manifest the thought! Therefore it is in your best interest to clearly know what you are thinking and to deliberately think clearly!

In other words - it is in your best interest to be impeccable with your thoughts. If you were to realize that any thought you may have in your mind may possibly produce the thing that is imagined by that thought would you think a thought that is contrary to your own true personal good? I sincerely hope not!

June 16, 2015 -

I find this teaching of Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov harmonious with The Philosophy of Freedom.:

"It is important to know the exact nature of each thing. Just as chemists study the nature and properties of the physical elements, you must study the nature and properties of the psychic elements, and in doing so, you will see that it is in the nature of egotistical, self-centered thoughts and feelings to create a state of inner tension, restlessness and disorder."

Contemplating this is humbling![6]

September 3rd, 2015 -

More Omraam:

"... freedom of thought is one of humanity’s great triumphs. ... but only if we really know what thought is."[7]

November 23rd , 2015 -

"... before accepting an idea, it is so important to be vigilant, lucid, and to examine it carefully to know where it will lead you."[9]

February 1st, 2016 -

The Omraam community offers a "Thought of the day" with a title: "Convictions - ask yourself if they are well-founded"[10]

January 9, 2017 -

Added Omraam quote to Footnote #11. This underscores my conviction that my sanity requires a written Vision/Mission Statement for my next communal living situation. I became convinced through "the school of hard knocks" by not having a Vision/Mission Statement. The confusion, inconsistencies, unilateral decision making, usurpation of a shared household voice and more had impacted me (my Solar Plexus Center) in tremendous ways, often disturbing and sometimes shocking! Consequently I have learned (by default) the importance of having the highest possible clarity for my shared living/working relationships. My adopting of "The Four Agreements"[56] did not inspire others to do likewise. Our attempt last year to have a shared household voice was disregarded. Finally - eight continuous years in a shared household without the Vision/Mission Statement has qualified my graduation! Yippee!

December 5, 2017 - Added Comment to Article: "Einstein and the Poet on Intuition"[11]

What a gift to have Einstein's intuitive realizations/insights on thinking as a compliment to Steiner's "Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path".

December 15, 2017 - Liberty OR Freedom? -

Glad I found this article[12] as I did not know of the distinction between these two!

February 8, 2018 - John Stuart Mill

"The sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinion of others, to do so would be wise, or even right...The only part of the conduct of anyone, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns him, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign."[16]

Submitted the above as a comment at Jon Rappoport's Blog.[17]




[3] "Descriptive words come out of beings who are in charge of their minds. Evaluative language comes out of minds that are in charge of being." Brad Blanton in "Radical Honesty".


[5] "Mind clearing" (as developed by Charles Bernner) is a technique that I intend to introduce in this "Son Of Truth" Blog.


Also by Omraam: "before accepting an idea, it is so important to be vigilant, lucid, and to examine it carefully to know where it will lead you. In whatever situation you find yourself, only accept to work for a divine idea":


[8] The relationship between one's intuition and their Self is also shown in their Human Design (as per the Human Design System). Channel 10/57 is the one channel that links the Self Center with the Spleen Center. I have that channel defined in my BodyGraph!






[14] "The Individual, his freedom and victory" - by Jon Rappoport:

[15] "Truth and Knowledge - Introduction to The Philosophy of Freedom", by Rudolf Steiner:




[19] "The Philosopher's Stone", by Henry T. Laurency; Chapter 1 EXOTERIC WORLD VIEW AND LIFE VIEW.





Plus - More Jon Rappoport:

[23] no Zip Code within “The United States of America” -
“The United States of America” created/constituted by the Articles of Confederation include only the States of the Union. So far as I know, there is no proviso for territories or for a federal district (that became Washington DC) in the Articles of Confederation. I therefore presume that that to this day, there are no territories or Washington DC within “The United States of America”. I presume that means there is no Zip Code within “The United States of America”.










[33] "Emergence from Illusion - A Memoir of Ricardo Johansson"




[37] In the "May Insight" By: Michele Finey,

[38] "The lure of a stimulus-response world" - by Jon Rappoport - Shrinking-freedom is a Spiritual covert op:

[39] "Knowing Your Human Design Plus Dyads Supports Truth of Self!":

[40] "Rudolf Steiner’s Idea of Freedom: As Seen in the Panorama of Hegel’s Dialectic" - Terje Sparby;
Rudolf Steiner University College.

[41] See the 55th Gene Key in: "Gene Keys" By" Richard Rudd:


[43] "The Light of the I" By: Georg Kuhlewind.


Also see the "United States Code", published under "The Organic Laws of The United States of America" in Vol 1.






[50] Ephesians 4:25


[52] Quoted in: "Just War":




[56] don Miguel Ruiz: "With 'The Four Agreements', my intention was to create a messenger that can enter the imagination of readers and change their point of view. If you have practiced these agreements, you already know what they can do. They have the capacity to go directly into your belief system, into those thousands of agreements you made with yourself, and create a doubt. And just like magic, because they are magic, The Four Agreements slowly free the faith that is trapped inside your belief system. Little by little, you recover your integrity, and the real you starts to awaken.":




In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.
- Henri-Frederic Amiel 1828-1881


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