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My Protocol (in the Making), My Theories and Goals

My science is well-rounded: I mix theory, practice, experience and intuition. Sometimes I just try something because it makes sense.

Date:   1/22/2014 4:37:56 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 4239 times

I've been a bit of a "health nut" for almost twenty years. I read about nutrition and natural medicine in my spare time, and I am forever increasing my commitment to only putting things into my body that are intended to be there. My list of supplements and herbs have grown phenomenally this year, after stopping the HIV meds, and in the past few months I have gotten more aggressive with my own self-care (in a good way).
If you know anything about medicinal herbs, you know that there are a limitless variety of plants with anti-viral properties. There are too many to count. It's interesting to me, then, that the medicine given for HIV is not to kill the virus, but simply to keep it suppressed by not letting it replicate itself. It makes more sense to me (in my uneducated mind) that attacking the virus and increasing immunity would be a goal in treatment, which is exactly what I am aiming for. Herbs have different ways that the interact with viruses, and I won't go into that here, because I am not an herbalist and I will sound like an idiot trying to explain it, and there are lots of wonderful websites that break down how herbs work on the molecular level, if you are interested.
I use my intuition along with information when I decided what to incorporate into my protocol. I cannot possibly take every herb or supplement that has "been proven to help with HIV". I read what I can find, and if it resonates with me, I'll welcome it to the family. From the beginning of this project, different natural medicines have presented themselves to me, often when I need them the most. Funny how that works! Right now the list of my most frequent immune booster is pretty long.
I strive to live by the "Let thy food be thy medicine" school of thought. I do have slips, but on a daily basis, I am going to choose foods that are whole, not out of a box or processed, but real. I actually prefer the taste of real food, so it doesn't take a lot of willpower anymore.
In the mornings I make tea. Lately it has been papaya leaf, mostly for its ability to build platelets. I have a triple-threat Holy Trinity of all immune boosting herbal tinctures that I made myself. Reishi, Cat's Claw and Astragalus. That's right. We are talking immortality here (under normal circumstances, but since I am, you know, fighting death, the tincture will probably only let me live into my nineties. Such is life). I put a few droppers full of that magic into my tea while it is still hot, so that the alcohol in the tincture will evaporate. Better be safe than sorry, and with potential liver issues, I don't want to be consuming alcohol daily, even in minute quantities. Next comes a big dollop of coconut oil. My boyfriend turned me on to this - if you blend it with coffee on high for a minute or two, it is the foamiest latte you have ever seen. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, and a lot of it. Some believe that lauric acid envelops the lipid-coated HIV virus and kills it. There are many claims that coconut oil has actually cured HIV, herpes, and other viruses. If you have managed to miss out on the coconut oil movement, I suggest you start cooking with it instead of other oils, and fill your pretty head up with all the amazing superhero capabilities that it contains. I actually bought a five-gallon bucket of coconut oil. I finished it in a week.
Just kidding about the second part - I think my boyfriend and I will get through it in six months.
I just started on a high Vitamin C dosage, so I am taking 2000 mg every four hours or so. I actually could increase the dosage, but this is ok for starters.
My understanding is that the majority of HIV lives in the intestines. Therefore, my GOAL is to get these virus-killing badboys into my intestines without getting eaten up by stomach acids. I just bought some coconut oil capsules, and they are monstrous, let me tell you. Are they burly enough to stay intact until they get past the stomach? I hope so! The vitamin C is to clean out the intestinal tract, and keep things moving. So maybe taking the coco caps (oh that is such a cute name that I just came up with!) at NIGHT would be most beneficial, if I am taking high doses of vitamin C that keep me running to the potty. The coco caps (come on, it's adorable!) would theoretically have time to hang out in the intestinal tract and do some virus-slaying while I sleep. God, I love that stuff.
I made some cayenne pepper capsules and I take one or two of those a day. This is probably the herb that I have researched the least out of my little arsenal. I know it is anti-inflammatory, and has some anti-allergen stuff going on, but on the more intuitive side, it feels like a cleanser to me. I have to be careful not to take it too frequently yet, or my skin gets weird. I feel like the cayenne is pushing toxins out, and I have learned the hard way to take it slowly with eliminating toxins. Yikes. Maybe I'll tell you some stories one day. I also take garlic oil capsules, and since my recent bloodwork, I have upped my dosage to 6 to eight a day. Again the idea is to get it to the intestines before the capsule dissolves.
I first read about garlic suppositories on CureZone, where you peel a clove, chop of the tips so the juices are exposed, cover it in coconut oil and pop that baby way up there. I have to tell you that I have never been happy about putting things up my butt. However, the thought of raw garlic just blasting the virus inside my guts overrode my squeamishness. The first time I tried it was before bed (same theory as with the coco caps), and it wasn't so horrible as long as there was plenty of coco oil on the clove. The next morning - I don't know how to describe it other than it seemed that my head was clear. My vision was clear, but not like I had put on glasses to focus, but more of a fog having been lifted. I'm a bit of a skeptic, believe it or not, and it was hard to grasp that my colon could affect my head, even though I do believe that everything is connected in some way. My friend who works in colonics said that this was very common. She told me that some clinics use garlic in their procedures to flush the colon. I've had a love affair with garlic for decades, but I had never considered getting so intimate with it. But we took it to the next level, and I'm so glad! Now we are more comfortable with each other, and the relationship has gotten less frisky, so we don't do it every night, but a couple times a week seems sufficient.
Have you noticed that freaking ANYTHING can be dubbed a 'superfood' these days? Chia? Yes. GOji berries? Probably. But broccoli? Really? It's a lovely vegetable, but it's not like you can eat the tiniest bit of it and completely flood your body with nutrients. Do you know Spirulina? It's the OG Superfood. The one who just did the work, did it well, and let all the other superfoods get the glory. Not only powerful, but humble. This stuff could end world hunger, and I am actually not making that up.

{This is where I tried to insert a link to an article on spirulina and world hunger, but this site won't let me post links. I'm actually relieved - I prefer that you find what you are looking for without my bias on what to read}

Spirulina is nature's multi-vitamin, and I can tell a difference in my fingernails within three days of taking it, just like I did with vitamins when I used to take them. It has an acquired taste, so if you buy it bulk (Amazon has fabulous deals) you can put it into capsules if the taste is too much for you.

I just ordered a zapper, and it should be here by tomorrow. THAT is going to be interesting. I'll document any noticeable differences in my body once I start using it daily.
There are other supplements that I take less regularly, like Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), but I would be here all day if I listed those.
Talk to you soon!

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