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Like many of you out there I always assumed I was eating "healthy". Heck I was on a specific "athlete" diet per request of my coaches. Honestly, because I spent more time on the soccer field than I did in school I was able to maintain my weight at 5'4 & 130lbs. (I was a size 2 and still told by doctors my BMI was "over-weight"-bunch of bullshit). Well now that I'm in college the proof is in my body.n I kept about the same diet, with a lot less exercise. After a week of fast I am now 5'1 (doctors still don't know why I shrunk 3 inches) and 153lbs ---- in october 5'1 and 175lbs. I even started running.. ALOT more & no change.

Soo stop right now and take a look at your body. Does it look healthy?
Still think what your eating is healthy? Do yourself a huge favor and take a look at these….

1.Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman. (looks like a chicks book… but defiantly not)
- This book is all about what your REALLY eating…. arsenic, gasoline,
green, sick chicken & the list goes on and on. I read a few chapters to
my dad & husband, & that day we stopped eating chicken & meat.
2. Food Inc.
- All about what they are doing to your food & the animals. Chlorine &
Ammonia baths for your meat & chicken?
3. Forks of Knives
- All about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, effects of animal protein,
& how every one in the food industry is in bed with someone in the

I literally swear by these 3. Sometimes you read things and go OMG that awful, that can't be true. Well the best part of these 3 is that each one plays off each other, really giving proof to the things you read.

Now most people think that vegans were "earthy crunchy tree huggers" who love animals. I used to think vegan was going to an unnecessary lengths. Well I don't now, and I still get funny looks from people when i say I don't eat meat, or dairy ect. But honestly i LOVE a good piece of chicken, and hamburg or a nice filet; as long as its warm id eat it rare. Don't even get me started on cheese. To this day it is still my weakness. But after knowing what its really doing to your body i'm not sure how you could keep going that way. A lot of what confirmed it for me personally was that a was a 9 year old with a period… that I now attribute to glass fulls of milk everyday and the hormones associated in our food.

I like this quote.."One unhealthy meal doesn't make you fat, & one healthy meal doesn't make you skinny". So I cheat… about once or twice a week I have ONE meal with a handful of chicken or cheese. You really want to stick to 80-90% of you diet being vegan or vegetarian really.

FOR ALL YOU PICKY EATERS WHO THINK ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!! I am your most perfect example. I am allergic to healthy food (not literally, but I feel like it). I LIVE on green drinks… and I recommend them with the VITAMIX!! I know there really expensive (we paid 500$)- but you can trade in and upgrade & it has a lifetime warranty. Don't think its worth it? My husband and I are college students (His tuition is 50,000+ a year) and we still think its the best thing we have ever bought. I can't eat most veggies and fruits, I actually gag. So I began blending them..carrots, spinach, kale, cucumbers, oranges, pineapple, blueberries…the possibilities are endless.

Im not gunna lie to you, it was HARD. what really got me started was the books/movies, but still when I ate I thought I was missing something. SO i started using the boca chicken patties (nice quick meal) and almost any gardien product to help get myself off meat. I do not recommend you do this permanently. You will learn that almost all soy is GMO… and honestly is you can't pronounce whats in it…..and the expiration date is a good few months you probably shouldn't be eating it.

I like to put up little motivation quotes around my room for when Im feeling down, or quitting. (sorry, I am defiantly nike biased)

"Yesterday you said tomorrow "
"The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen"
"If no one thinks you can, then you have to"
"The voice inside your head that says you can't do this…is a LIAR"
"Runnings a pain in the ass…but it sure gives you a good one"
"Focus on how far you've come, not how far you have to go"
"You are what you eat"

1. DO NOT DRINK CHOCOLATE MILK…its cows milk that they can't filter clean (blood ect.)
2. A Human mothers milk it to fatten up/grow a healthy baby. As we get older it seems gross to drink a humans milk. So instead we go to Cows, who milk is to fatten and grow a 500lb cow……. think about it.

3. Coke can clean off rust, imagine what its doing to your insides.

4. Some ingredients in soda, are components of gasoline. While diet sodas can contain carcinogens. (Most sodas without ASPARTAME won't contain toxic ingredients

5. Some low cal sugars contain arsenic

6. When you say your addicted to cheese… you actually are. It has the same affect as crack on your body- you'll keep going back for more

It takes 21 days to break a habit. (I have almost 100% broken my addiction to animal protein, and have added my habit of working out. My goal on this fast is to change my perception & taste buds towards veggies, so maybe I won't have to blend them anymore)

Allow yourself a cheat without feeling bad, BUT pay attention to your limits.( It has been over a year since I have had any sort of sour gummy worms, or any of those delicious tummies covered in sugar. For me I can't handle it, I know its an addiction for me)

Listen to your body, it will change. No longer can I handle fried food, or non organic hormone free meat. I will be sick to my stomach and suffer from stomach pains. YOUR BODY DOES NOT EAT IT. (If you live in the Northeast I would highly recommend "PINELAND" mean, but as always check your sources. I travel to Freeport ME for work, so I have actually seen the cows that I eat. If a cow ever needs medication or hormones.. you will never eat that cow. & man can you taste the difference. AMAZING)


While I am not a lovey dovey person, I believe its important to love yourself, or love yourself enough to want to make the change for your health. I am still working on that, I have not know who I am the past few years & are just starting to find myself again. I love to go out with friends, drink (cmon I'm a college student) & exercise for days on end and I have lost that in myself & this is part of my journey. I would love to help people along their journey as well.

**AN IMPORTANT NOTE: LOVE YOUR SIZE:!!!! this is something in this day and age that has been so grossly distorted. I even heard on the radio that they are making a plus size barbie doll… double chin & all. I have never been a "Barbie size" but isn't that promoting bad health?

If you take a plus size person & they can run a mile, have healthy blood pressure, isn't diabetic or on medication than HELL YES! LOVE YOURSELF. I have family friends who meet that criteria. She eats WAY better than I do, no meds, & works out & she is twice the size of me, but maintained her weight since I have know her (From the time i was a child)….. But then there are those plus sizes that that don't meat that. My dad was a large man, not morbidly obese but with a beer gut and double chin, & who has always been on high blood pressure & cholesterol medication.( his problems are actually genetic, & go as far back). Well he made the change, exercise & clean eating….chicken & raw veggies, making most sauces/hummus in the vitamin*…. and his weight plummeted. Well systematically his blood pressure & cholesterol dropped and no longer needed meds. He then furthered his success with a raw/vegan diet.---although he has started to implement red meat & chicken into his diet again. We joke about it all the time now, but he looks like a frail old man, and I'm pretty sure he could fit into little boys clothes. He is probably about 5'6 & 140lbs. He is RIPPED and can bench twice his body weight.

So give it a try and make the change. Again, feel free to comment if you have questions or need advice.

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