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Enjoying the Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Enjoying your life as a transformational journey into greater emotional awareness!

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I live in the order of my "being, doing and having" and have been for most of my life. I have resisted the conventional approach that reverses this order to "having, doing and being" or even "doing, having, being". Today I was inspired with my own realization that "enjoying" is a major part of the order of my life and at the heart of the truth of who and what I am!

At first, I thought the place of "enjoyment" was at the end of the "be, do, have" set but after reading the following article I realize that my own order best begins with "enjoying"! One thing I can say is that I am very well designed for enjoying! I also see that each of the above mentioned three parts of life deserves to begin with my enjoyment: enjoy being, enjoy doing and enjoy having!

"When you reach happiness intentionally you know that you have done for the others more than an army of philanthropists and hundreds of humanitarian organizations."

One way that I have found to "reach happiness intentionally" is through gratitude and appreciation. If you don't feel you have the ability to embody gratitude at will then do this "experiment"[1]

"A happy man, a man who is free, spreads health and wealth 360° around and creates the conditions for others to forge their happiness in life."[2]

And we can also look at the "beatitudes" that speak of "Blessed and happy are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens". Matthew 5:3

Thursday, May 3, 2012 -

Since I mentioned "Design" I will add some context to that. If happiness is a choice (that we each can make for ourselves) then the way that we make decisions (about any important matters in life) is probably going to impact the possibility of having happiness. I have just started a conversation related to this with my Human Design teacher: Zeno under the subject title of "the decision-making process" in light of Human Design that has just been moved to Facebook here[3]

CJ: Glad to find our conversation here, since it is wholly devoted to Human Design and I am happy to share this with others! It seems to me that I can at least speak for myself regarding the "personal decision-making process". I have a Defined Solar Plexus (AKA Emotional Center) that is connected to my Throat Center. That alone is a very significant "revelation" for me in light of having been conditioned (from very early childhood on) to deny my emotional expression, essentially denying my Design! Now I know, very well, that this Center is turned on and it is something that I can not "turn off" let alone avoid! Once again, that is a major piece of self-knowledge for me! So it makes the most perfect sense for me to wait for my emotional clarity before making important decisions. And since this Center is connected to my Throat Center that is a major sphere from where I can express from and that I now realize is something I need to be most mindful of in my communications with others since not everyone has the same Definitions and therefore not everyone has the capacity to ride the emotions that I am capable of creating!

And I think this realization is something I can readily share with others who have the same Centers Defined. Others, without the Solar Plexus Definition may have other Defined Centers that can be a consistent reference for them in their process of making important decisions. In any case, in our conversations in Zen HD can we speak in general terms about the topic of "personal decision-making process" or is all of that only possible within one's own self-discovery?

Added a comment[4]

Update on August 9, 2012 -

"Knowing your own chart is the most important contribution you can make to the environment if you take responsibility for how you impact others and equally, you learn to let go and yield in those areas over which you have no control whatsoever." -
Zeno in her current newsletter under:
"New Pages and a New Name For The Old Course Manual (now titled) "Human Design Revealed":

"I was originally pretty minimalist about acknowledging the subtle changes in the new Human Design Revealed that replaced the old course manual, but now I think they're significant enough that I make these pages available as a reference."

Update August 10, 2012 -

I've begun a search for HD+chi and just found the following at a page for UCSD:

"Human Design Instruction

Human Design is a therapeutic tool of self-awareness. It provides strategies you can practice to maximize your interactions with others and your environment. It also teaches you how to honor your unique, inner wisdom when making decisions and, most importantly, it encourages self-acceptance."[5]


One of the very best things that has come into my life has been understanding my Human Design and my entire discovery process began with Zeno about ten years ago! Zeno Dickson is my number one choice among Human Design teachers. First of all she is one of the very few teachers who follows the original revelation of Human Design as well as she knows it, she is devoted to the integrity that is inherent in that revelation. IMO, this is exactly what the people of the world need to free themselves from the tremendous conditioning that now exists and the devastating impact that has on people's lives. (At least I consider it to be devastating when one does not live the unique individuality of one's life.) Awakening can only happen within the individual and Human Design clearly points the way to where the individual's awakening can be cultivated.

Know and nourish your unique Design!

Update May 6, 2012 -

In the process of signing up for a free tele-seminar by Zeno, I Just read "About Zen Human Design"[6]

and quoted to my cousin: "Knowing yourself, your design, your impact on others is the single most effective method to transform your relationships into loving, conscious, respectful and joyful ones." I see the potential for more enjoyment there! I also see the emotional sphere as the epicenter for healing work. I see this primarily as an individual path and at the same time knowing that the emotional sphere is where relationships exist as well (for good or ill). Therefore, our emotional awareness is the master key for our own transformational journey which then has it's immediate impact on our relations with others.

Later that same day -

I have always enjoyed George Carlin! I'm now thinking that I will look at his Human Design. He said:
"... There was a tradition of the trickster, and the trickster was a clown, a humorous fellow. His task was to trick the gods, to humor the gods into laughing, so that there was access to the divine – because laughter is a moment when we are completely ourselves."[7]

July 1, 2012 -

I've added two more Human Design books to my present library. I first ordered "The Human Design System - Ra Uru Hu" as it is known as "The Black Book" (published in 1991) under the impression that it may be the closest to the original revelation that we can get now (and especially since Ra has crossed the Threshold). I am really glad I got this! I'm only less than one fifth the way into the book and enjoying it immensely (as I am continually deepening my enjoyment of Human Design)! While looking at the example of a chart I referred to my own chart and then was inspired to revisit the chat of a friend. Wow! That led me to the second book by Lunda Bunnell that I was gifted with before the "Black Book" arrived. She writes on the Defined Channel that I was looking at in the example and at my friend's chart and says: "The Channel of Judgement's underlying purpose is the purpose of Human Design; to reclaim or recover the joy and love that have been lost in living a homogenized, conditional life." That's Channel 58/18 from the base of the spine (Root Center) to the Spleen Center. I already have gate 18 Defined and now, Pluto is transiting Gate 58; which gives me that Channel Defined now! My Root Center was Undefined before this transit of Pluto. Now I have all my Centers Defined!


You can get deeply connected with Human Design, especially with the support of a teacher who has dedicated her teaching to the original revelation:
The Human Design System[8]

Zeno says: "Your personality and patterns of behavior are mostly the result of your birth imprint, the conditioning from your parents and siblings, and your life experiences. The Human Design System provides a graphic image of this design through a chart that synthesizes centers (chakras), channels (Kabbalah...".

May 16, 2012 -

The Science Behind Astrology And Human Design[9]

Sub-atomic physics provides the science that explains how Human Design and astrology work. The mechanism that underlies both astrology and Human Design explains how the sun, moon and planets influence our lives. If you have ever asked, "How does astrology work?", Human Design can explain it.

Neutrinos and Superstrings

The physical agent that implements the characteristics described by the Human Design System is a sub-atomic particle called the neutrino. The neutrino was predicted in 1930 on purely theoretical grounds. Although its existence was proven in 1953, scientists thought that it had no mass. In 1987, when the Human Design System came into being, it stated that neutrinos imparted changes to our DNA, but it wasn't until ten years later that scientists confirmed that the neutrino does actually have a very small mass. The discovery that the neutrino has mass is important, because it lends credence to Human Design's assertion that neutrinos interact with our DNA.

According to superstring theory, neutrinos (and all other sub-atomic particles) are themselves composed of vibrating strings. These strings are unimaginably small, and their differing vibrations create all of the particles and energy that make up the universe. Needless to say, sub-atomic physics is a very difficult subject, but all we need to understand for this discussion is that neutrinos have a small mass. In other words, even though they are incredibly small, they aren't weightless and they do interact with other objects in our three-dimensional world.

The universe is filled with billions and billions of neutrinos traveling through space at nearly the speed of light. They are so small that they pass through planets and people with ease. There is no "neutrino shield." They pass through everything. One source of neutrinos is stars. The intense nuclear fusion reactions that power the stars create all kinds of sub-atomic particles, including neutrinos. These neutrinos race out in all directions bound for the edge of the universe.

We are constantly bombarded by these neutrinos. To get an idea of how many neutrinos pass through us each second, imagine that a neutrino is a molecule of water. Now imagine that you are standing at the bottom of Niagara Falls. The shower of neutrinos is immense. Unlike standing under a waterfall, the shower of neutrinos comes from all directions so that we are soaked in their flow.

According to Human Design, these neutrinos have properties or characteristics. These properties may be caused by the vibrating superstrings that compose neutrinos, and the properties may be shaped by the stars that create them. When neutrinos pass through an object, their properties are modified, and the objects through which they pass are also changed. Large objects, like planets, have a significant effect on the properties of the neutrinos that pass through them.

Planetary Influence on Neutrinos

Some of the neutrinos that reach the earth have passed through the moon or one of the planets taking on characteristics unique to these heavenly bodies. As these neutrinos pass through our bodies, they impart characteristics to us. Some stages in our development, such as birth, are extra sensitive to the influence of neutrinos. That is why the positions of the sun, moon and planets are important at the time of our birth.

This explanation of the mechanism that underlies the Human Design System, also explains astrology. The sun and moon are very important in astrology. The sun is very large and is a source of neutrinos. The moon is very close to the earth and a significant percentage of the neutrinos that hit the earth have passed through the moon. The more distant and smaller planets will have a smaller number of neutrinos passing through them to the earth.

The sun, moon and planets influence us through the stream of neutrinos that pass through them and into our bodies. In Human Design, the earth is also very important, because a large percentage of the neutrinos that pass through us have passed through the earth. Neutrinos come from all directions, not just the sky.

Throughout history, things that were once considered to be magic have become science after discovering the mechanism underlying the phenomenon. Things that were once thought to be superstition have become science as human knowledge expands. In the past, metaphysical concepts were required to explain things that seemed beyond the range of human understanding, but as human understanding grows, metaphysics becomes physics.

This article may be distributed freely, but only in its entirety. It is published by Human Design Northwest[10]

(On August 31 I offered the following comment at an article regrading the current Pluto transit with another reader asking how astrology works.

chefjemichel says:
August 31, 2016 at 5:48 am -

We now have the neutrino factor to account for the active dynamic in “astrology”. This knowledge first came by way of the “Human Design System” revelation in 1987 that included a prediction on the scientific discovery of neutrinos which occurred several years later. I have a number of posts in this regards including:[16]

May 11, 2012 -

Do you remember this:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, ... that (we) are endowed by (our) Creator with certain unalienable Rights ... Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness"?

"When Jefferson spoke of pursuing happiness, he had nothing vague or private in mind. He meant a public happiness which is measurable; which is, indeed, the test and justification of any government"[11]

"According to Aristotle, happiness consists in achieving, through the course of a whole lifetime all the goods — health, wealth, knowledge, friends, etc., that lead to the perfection of human nature and to the enrichment of human life. This requires us to make choices, some of which may be very difficult. Often the lesser good promises immediate pleasure and is more tempting, while the greater good is painful and requires some sort of sacrifice."[12]

Also - "... he laments, 'the mass of mankind are evidently quite slavish in their tastes, preferring a life suitable to beasts (Nichomachean Ethics, 1095b 20) Later in the Ethics Aristotle will draw attention to the concept of akrasia, or weakness of the will. In many cases the overwhelming prospect of some great pleasure obscures one’s perception of what is truly good. Fortunately, this natural disposition is curable through training, which for Aristotle meant education and the constant aim to perfect virtue."

May 28, 2014 -

I am grateful that I did not enroll into the Jovian system of Human Design in light of the fact that Zeno and Chaitanyo now make a certification program available.[13]

Human Design - "For the good and to make the world a better place."[14]

June 5th, 2016 -

In addition to the astrological aspects of our solar system there is a profound metaphysical perspective that comes through solar yoga:

"... when you contemplate the sun, the centre of the solar system, you are restoring order to an identical system within you, you are reinstating your own inner sun, your spirit, and enabling it to regain its rightful place."[15]

I am so very grateful that my Spirit is the Galactic center of my universe! Just the thought of that alone fills me with happiness. That is a supreme happiness in my "Book"! Supreme I say as it is not dependent upon "climbing up a wall" or doing anything to become happy! My happiness is my choice not my pursuit! Start with happiness and life only gets better!

Regarding "Play": A professor friend asks me if I play. Now I replay that inquiry and in my own inner dialogue I say: I am playing in the great play of life!










[10] See the "neutrinos" link in the left hand panel at:




[14] Zeno - The Course in Human Design 2.1 - November 11. 2010



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