Blog: DMPS Nightmare
by Damita

DMPS Backfire

DMPS Nightmare

Date:   1/27/2012 1:50:27 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 6286 times

D's Story: I'm a 42 year old relatively healthy stay at home mom with
an Autistic child who is recovering quite well. Therefore I have
researched numerous Chelation and Biomedical protocols for the most
natural ways to detoxify my 5 year old son. His Mercury levels were
off the charts. Hes almost fully recovered. I was wanting a 40
something check up cause I'm constantly exhausted. I was so impressed
by my sons Dr. that I had my turn to be examined. I was told that I
had underlining viral infections and Candida which was an indicator of
heavy metals. My blood tests indicated my depleted vitamin & mineral
levels had risen since my last appt and my kidneys & liver were very
healthy. I had two small silver fillings removed a few years prior,
however I was one of those "Brainwashed" people that thought Flu shots
were beneficial and got them annually in college and afterward till I
started having panic attacks. I was also a Metal Smith and had been
exposed to numerous toxins aka lead solder and to protect my self
received numerous Tetanus shots which also unbeknownst to me also
contained Thimerosal aka Mercury. The Dr. recommendation was a
provoked urine challenge test of both EDTA & DMPS with a vitamin/
mineral infusion over a 3 hour IV. I was told it was a "Win Win"
situation and that we would find out the levels and my body would be
rid of some heavy metals at the same time. I use a trans-dermal DMPS
on my sons feet to Chelate him. (least invasive way for a child) So
this sounded Great! And I'm aware of the phenomena called a "healing
regression" where yes when you detox the body has to process it and
remove it and there may be uncomfortable side effects while the body
is dealing with it. At first I was Euphoric. My scalp was tingling. I
felt like I had gotten rid of something and I became excited about the
process .Next day took all my supplements went to work out....then the
Mercury poisoning set in. Profuse sweating started...I thought
good...stuffs coming out. My Candida symptoms were over
the supplements to kill it brought on die off symptoms. Then my period
came spontaneously early. Each Day got progressively worse and worse.
I got the described feeling something was Very Very Wrong. Hear came
the panic attacks and weepy depression & Diarrhea, the glands under my
arms were painful. My guts hurt. My acid reflux was terrible. I
started UP-ing everything that I knew that could detoxify you.
Psyllium fiber every evening. I was Drinking a tablespoon of Sonny's #
7 detoxificant Beninite clay in a cup of purified water. Everyday! I
pounded water and anything to keep the kidneys happy (made parsley
tea) Loaded up on Bladderwrack and Kombu seaweed (which actually
binds well with metals in the gut and helps escort them out). Alpha
lipiotic acid, vitamin's and minerals, L-glutamine, aged Garlic,
glucosamine MSM, Anything with Sulfur in it! I was eating raw Cilantro
with everything...trying to chelate my Guts. Soon I was finding
undigested supplements in my loose stool. I lost my appetite. (very
unusual for me) I called the Dr. office, They said no one has EVER had
a reaction,(Sound Familiar) they do this all the time and that it was
all in my head. My liver seemed inflamed so I took milk thistle every
day. Things progressively got worse and I became acutely aware of
every pain in my body. A few days later the Hallucinations
started...this was Indescribably Frighting...I was losing it. I
couldn't read...lines giggled around. It took me numerous time to read
a paragraph. Short term memory was completely gone. I couldn't think
of what I was trying to say or where I had put anything. Had no
recollection of anything I just did. I thought I was
dying....Seriously...I started saying my goodbyes...I had a feeling of
death looming. To my dismay every day got worse and worse instead of
better But I kept up with the supplements & herbs & clays cause they
were the only things that were going to save me. (the damn Dr. sure
wasn't concerned) My husband was completely alarmed. I Called the Dr
again wanting to check vital organ status and nutrient levels
SOMETHING I was Frighted! They reported I had dumped a Magnitude of
Lead & Mercury and a little nickel probably at a very rapid rate since
I had been detoxing with my son so my detoxification pathways were fukin floodgates. The only relief was I would take Hot
Baths with detoxification Clay for hours. Alternating with Magnesium
oil baths while watching happy chick flicks on my sons portable DVD
player on the counter in the bathroom so I could forget how bad I felt
for a while. I had to submerge my head in it to keep from reabsorbing
the metals back through my scalp. The Best advice I got from my health
food guardians was to quit the supplements for awhile and detox with
organic food & herbs. They say the pectin in apples helps chelate too.
After about a month of Absolute Hell. The sun came out...I actually
felt better. my digestion has improved almost to normal. I can read
again. Hallucinations stopped, one thing I know now after extensive
research is that Candida actually binds and holds on to Mercury in
your guts, which exasperates any candida overload you may have and is
part of the vicious cycle between the two. I think what helped me the
most was moping up my guts with the things that bind with Both Toxins,
especially the sea vegetables and garlic and the Clays. Also what Ive
learned is if God didn't make it it's NOT supposed to go in you. (that
includes processed foods and pharmaceuticals) After discovering this
website. I'm grateful to be better. I'd like to consider my self
better cause I dumped some of my metal burden out. But until I read a
bunch of testimonials of people who have done lots of IV chelation
with no problems and their lives are improved and they removed all the
heavy metals (yeah where are these people? where ARE the success
stories?) After careful consideration and my personal educational
experience in Hell with IV chelation I think I will just stop with
this one IV DMPS treatment thanks to you all speaking up here. Being
that I have the rest of my life to detox, I plan to take a slower and
more natural approach. I may try the trans dermal DMPS/glutathion
cream that I rub on my sons feet and just take my time. God bless all
of you whom this protocol has injured. May you recover soon!

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